Basic-O-Base 07 : Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak (Foundation) in 01 Natural

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Hey guys!

It's weekend, yay! What y'all doin'? I had an early start today because i had to attend an event pretty early in the day (early for me. As in i had i to wake up at 8 *gasp*. Yes, 8 AM is a total atrocity for me :p) combined with the fact that i cannot sleep before it's like 2 or 3 AM... Well, needless to say i am very tired pretty early on and decided to spend the night in. Not before i crammed 15 minutes shop-and-dash at the mall (for Indonesian : Magnolia's having some of their cool stuffs on 50% off you guys. Go. Now) before hunny picked me up for... Wait for it, Church. LOL. Yes, it's been a while since the last time i went, i'm so horrible >.<.


I got a request (actually i got quite a lot of requests for reviews lately that i'm a bit panicked *LOL*) a while ago to review this product after i featured it in my 100k Makeup Challenge. After a (not-so) slight delay, i am ready to serve :p.
Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak (it's Indonesian for foundation, FYI) in shade 01 Natural
If you've been following this blog for a while then you'd know that i haven't reviewed that many foundation... Actually i just checked and i only reviewed TWO WTH . Mostly i reviewed BB Cream i guess, but even that's also not that many (just checked again. Nope. Apparently i also only reviewed 2 of them HAHAHA). The reason is because i don't experiment with my base makeup much, i prefer to use one (or, now that i blog, a few. Like, 5 or 6) at a time, and it takes me a LONG time to finish up one bottle of whatever base i have. Also because i guess i find foundie/BB Cream boring unlike, you know... Lippies :D.

I also never really purchased foundation for myself before OMG. I have plenty from events/endorsements that i simply don't find the need to buy one for myself. Until i decided to do that challenge. Obviously i had to purchase a low priced foundie.

Then i found this Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak. Actually, in case you're not really that familiar with local brands' foundies like me, Indonesian drug store type of cosmetics' foundation prices are quite insane. Insanely cheap. I was so surprised that most of them are priced under IDR 20.000. Like this one, it's retailed at IDR 9.500, and that's before discounts (local cosmetic stores usually have permanent discounts, that makes me wonder why they don't just put the after discount price as the permanent price. But then again knowing Indonesian mentality *we love discounts*, i kinda understand the marketing plan behind that).

Now that we know that it's cheaper than a plate of fried rice, let's see if it's any good!
Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak comes in a petite white squeeze tube (containing 35ml worth of product) with twist off orange top. Instead of printed on the bottle, the branding and the ingredient list were just printed on stickers. It's very very simple and i can be honest, not every appealing at all *LOL* but i guess for IDR 8.550 (how much i paid for it), you can't demand too much okay! Oh, you can also see MUI stamp on the sticker, meaning it's Halal and can safely used by Moslem ladies
Packaging wise, i'd say it's quite travel friendly. As long as you can make sure things won't squeeze it badly hahaha, i can imagine it bursting in my luggage when pressed too tightly with my stuffs >.<
Stickers with product information and ingredient list on the back. I just realized that they stated this foundation to contain UV Filter but no actual information on the SPF range, so i guess it'd be better to make sure you use a separate Sun Block before using this!
To use simply twist the cap off and squeezeeee
The shade that i bought was 01 Natural, which looks crazy dark BUT actually blends well into my pale skin. Weird, but true. You can see how it seems to be at least 2 tones too dark compared to my hand (and my hand is darker than my face!) but when i blend it, it disappeared into my skin! They only have like, 4 shades btw. The other two are more on the yellow side and my skin tone is leaning more towards pink than yellow (they are called Kuning Gading and Kuning Langsat respectively and the fourth color is brown called Cokelat Eksotik) so they all look super crazy on me. Needless to say, the Natural one is the best choice for me.
Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak looks quite thick when you squeeze it out from the tube, you can see how i dolloped quite a bit on my hand and tilt it to the side like that-it didn't drip or move BUT when you dot it on your skin, you can tell it's actually very light instead. It glides on my skin easily, the consistency is quite thin but not as thin as some other foundation i've tried (like Estee Lauder Double Wear which has very runny consistency). Like most base product with light consistency, i find it slightly hard to blend using my usual foundation brush (i suppose a sponge/beauty blender would be nicer), it's very streaky. I usually finish up blending using my fingers because my brush definitely leaves steaks on my face.
Like that!!!!
The coverage of this Alas Bedak is quite... low. I would say it gives very light coverage >.<. You need to apply quite a lot for an even application, and it's not buildable-i would hesitate to even call it medium haha. It performs better when i used face primer, but it's still very light coverage. It does manage to even out my skin mostly (and reduce redness), but i won't conceal your pores (if you happen to be "blessed" with bigger pores like me) let alone any pimples/acne scars. 

It has a very perfumed scent, not like super horrible for me, but quite strong and frankly a bit disturbing. If you are very sensitive to scents, you might want to avoid this foundie hehe.
A closer look
I wouldn't say this foundie is horrible, it's actually quite nice (nicer than i expected for the price) and it feels very light (almost like i'm not wearing anything)-much lighter than my BB Creams even-it's something that i would not mind wearing on a daily basis, for running errand or stuffs-not for a night out or events (but me being me, i wore it to an event anyway hahaha, mostly because my skin is quite clear and doesn't need that much coverage in the first place), but if you're looking for coverage then maybe this one's not for you. 

Oh, it doesn't keep my oily skin at bay too, but if you use face primer and decent powder with it then it'd stay put. Just don't even think of pairing it with low quality powders, i did that (on that aforementioned 100K MUC) and my face was a hot mess just 2 hours after application. It doesn't break me out or anything, but i did notice a tiny pimple appearing a day after usage (twice)-not sure if it's just unfortunate timing (it was around my period) or this foundie was the culprit. No major break out tho, so i don't feel too alarmed but if you have sensitive skin... Well  maybe you'd want to avoid this product.

I would recommend this product for people who are looking for very low priced (won't even call it affordable, this is like... USD 50cents), very light foundation for everyday wear and doesn't have sensitive skin. I wouldn't recommend this foundie for you who are looking for higher coverage than light, sensitive to strong perfumed scents on your products (and/or has sensitive skin in general), looking for oil controlling product.
How it looks with full makeup (which i wore to Bangkok Beauty event). It looks pretty flawless and it's not the filter okay :p
In this photo i am wearing it with MakeOver face primer and set it with Marcks powder combined with O'Mary compact powder
Would i repurchase? Well, i honestly don't love it enough to repurchase it >.<. I do love Purbasari tho, but i'm going to stick to their decoration products instead haha. 

You can purchase Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak at local cosmetic stores (for Surabaya residents : try Palapa) or some Guardians. If you still cannot find it (or too lazy to hunt for it) then just buy them online like here.

You can also check out my review of their lipstick from the same series : Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in shade Z16.

Okay, i'm off to play Cooking Dash now, tha!


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  1. Most of all Indonesian cosmetics product are cheap, yet so far I only noticed their lipstick product which is goes viral lately :D

    1. Yes, but the foundie is like, abnormally cheap hahaha