Event Report : Puspita Martha Examination on Stage Show

3:30:00 PM

Hey guys!

I have a very backdated event report for ya, it's so backdated i feel ashamed of myself >.<.

Anyway, it's here now, it's all that matters, no? 

Not, really, coz i just realized that the event went down last month!!! >.< So sorry Puspita Martha!

So anyway, last month (>.<!!!) i was invited along with a few other fellow bblogger to Puspita Martha's event.
The event's titled Exam on Stage Show and it's literally Puspita Martha (in case you're not familiar with them, Puspita Martha is a beauty school under Martha Tilaar company)'s graduating students practical examination turned into a show!

I'm definitely quite an on-time person, so i was quite freaked out when i thought i was running late (the invitation stated 11 AM but apparently it was just for registration-which took me literally a minute. Oh wait, it was 5, but the other 4 was me standing around like a crazy person because the Puspita Martha staff handling the registration was busy attending a potential student. Obviously she was more important than a mere blogger like me, so i was made waiting for some time. Without even the luxury of getting a seat *LOL*, i totally felt like an uwanted third wheel), the event was supposed to start at 12 and i reached the venue at 12.15 or something... Well yeah, the event didn't start until well passed 1 PM >.<.

Since the timing was at exactly lunch time (with no lunch provided, not even refreshments FOL), i even managed to escape for a bit to accompany hunny to the foodcourt upstairs, there was absolutely no sign of the even to begin, and even when Limas messaged me telling me she thinks the event was about to begin.... Yea... NOPE. We waited for another 15 mins or so *LOL*.

Surabaya bloggers are mainly (with the exception of a few persons) very on time, so maybe next time a brand is considering inviting us to an event... Maybe just ask us to come later? LOL.
Long story short, you have no idea how relieved i was when the MC finally opened the event. It was one of the longest time i've to wait with nothing to do for an event to begin, i almost walked away to be honest with you...
The MC introduced some reps from Puspita Martha Jakarta
And then one by one the students walked on the stage (there were not too many of them that day) with their models to the stations already ready for them on the sides
And it's time to get working!
Look, i get why brands sometimes get pissed with me. I am too honest *LOL*. And when i have constructive criticism, i'm not afraid to voice it. So i really hope that Puspita Martha doesn't take this the wrong way, but i've been to a few examination (or graduation) shows of different beauty schools/academies before and they are usually a lot more brief than this.

I get that they have their own concept, but usually with other beauty school-the actual makeup applying process (which was pretty long) went down behind the scene. I know this is supposed to be examination on stage, but for the audience-i think i can honestly say that i represent all of us that we don't find the process all that fascinating-especially when we have to watch it for so... long.

It's purely from media/audience POV of course, and maybe i was losing my patience (and the feeling on my behind) after having to wait more than an hour for the even to start so i did not have any spare left by this stage hahaha.
Of course, during the exam, we were also entertained by a brief hair demo by one of their alumni
Then there's also a show by Puspita Martha trainers
I sorta wonder if the concept was goth bride?
I find this one fascinating, with the gold lining making the model's hair looks like a hat
The trainers with their creations
Next up was the press conference explaining more about Puspita Martha Beauty School (the Surabaya branch is quite new and it's a direct branch from the Jakarta one)
Puspita Martha International Beauty School is the only beauty school in Indonesia that is already internationally certified (CIBTAC, CIDESCO and Pivot Point).
They have School of Makeup, School of Hairdressing, School of Beauty Aesthetic and Spa and Personal Makeup Class and their goal is for their alumni to be an entrepreneur (since they will be working in beauty, they wordplay it to Beautypreneur)  instead of just people working for beauty companies
Another thing that is unique about Puspita Martha is that once you graduated from their school, they do not just let you go into the world by yourselves. You can join their Alumni Club which is an organization for their Beautypreneur. Here you can interact and get (exchange) important information that can totally be beneficial for you and your job.

And now it's time to see the result!
The only student from the traditional Indonesian bride makeup class' result, totally stole the show
I think this one is the result of personal makeup? But this is the model not the student hehe
Last but not least
And it's a wrap!
Except that it wasn't! LOL. The event was still going on (actually it went on until very much later, after we left the venue) and we did not know how long we were expected to stay (because their rep did introduce herself to us before the event started, but that's all)-we were all getting super uncomfortable and strarted fidgeting on our seat.
And we decided to stay for the alumni club's show
I LOVE this one. The dress, the makeup... just on point! Reminded me of Black Swan
The alumni and their models
There were still other shows going on but it was around 5.30 already and we're really tired of sitting down (not to mention thirsty and famished. I seriously don't understand how brands expect us to nourish ourselves for events that's basically take a whole day!) so we scurried off (nobody paid attention to us anyway *LOL*).

It was an interesting show (albeit very slow, very long and not very straightforward) and thank you Puspita Martha for inviting us... I don't know if i can survive another examination on stage kind of show though >.<... Sorry, just being real here!!!

I didn't even have the energy to take a pic of ourselves like we usually do during events, so imma just steal borrow this wefie Redha uploaded in her IG :D!


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  1. And the struggle is real when we have to stay there for hours. I hope they give us at least a cup of mineral water. >_<
    Mana ban bocor pula. Nyampe rumah jam 10 masa :3


  2. the all looks very great ^^