Alice Through the Looking Glass Looks Collaboration : Princess Mirana Inspired

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Hey y'all!

I present to you... Alice Through the Looking Glass characters inspired makeup collab :D!

Devita as Red Queen
Wulan as Mr(s?) Time
Kathy as Mad Hatter
and me of course
Now, i think i told ya in the past that i am not that into fantasy look simply because i am not all that good at that (if at all >.<) but once in a while, a character speaks to me in a way that i can't help but be tempted to attempt to recreate the look (granted, if the look is simple enough for someone like me to recreate haha, please don't expect a full on FX style look from me!!!)! 

I originally wanted to recreate the White Queen makeup, i even did a trial once (and wore it to the mall, much to my hunny's horror *LOL*, hey it's not my fault that White Queen's makeup looks like vampires!!!) and then we got invited to Emina (they're having a collaboration with Disney and have special packages with Alice's characters on them! Will tell you more about it in the event report-coming up soon!) events and i was prepared to go all out (picked the outfit and all) and then... A few days before the D Day, the formal invitation came to my inbox and the dress code was bright blue or pink -___-. My plan went kaput.

After shedding a few tears *dramatic* *dramatic*, i picked myself up and went for second best.

Still the same character actually, before she became a Queen :
Princess Mirana, the future White Queen
 That's not how she looks like in the movie though, her makeup was a lot less dramatic in the movie
This... looks like my everyday makeup -___-
And where's the fun in that? So i decided to recreate the look on the poster instead. 

What i translated from that look? Very pale skin, reddish-pink kabuki style eye makeup, very high up blush on and pink lips (Trixie said it's Rose Pink, Kathy said it's Dusty Rose. What #Pink said? They all look pink to me WTF) and here's the result :
Yes, it's very subtle. But i was going to PTC for the movie screening and event, since nobody else would go all out with me, i diluted the look down alright

I would say it's a very wearable version of Princess Mirana makeup? LOL. I still prefer White Queen's tho, i even made a video of the White Queen makeup attempt -___-, i had no time to film this one...

Anyway, i think it's not bad at all, if i may say so myself, and if anyone's interested here's the low down on how i achieved the look :D.
Started off with clean, bare face. And a smidge of Makeover Corrective Base Makeup (the green one, i love it!)
And here's the base to create a very pale facial skin. I used Dior Extreme Fit foundation, Zoya Blotting Powder and Anna Sui compact powder (plus Clinique concealer for under eye)
Resulting in this disturbingly pale skin *LOL*, i would avoid looking like this normally but for Mirana inspired look, it's suitable enough :p
Then i used this light pinkish-purplish shimmer color as a base all over my eyelid (this is NYX Spring Fling palette, btw), i also used the white one on my browbone
And then used the hot pink eye shadow on my lid (this is Aphrology 88 colors palette)
And i extended the color all the way out, also applied it on the lower part of my eyes
Then i used the dark red color (from the same palette) on my crease and deepening the overall look
Mirana has defined, strong eyebrows, i used Zoya cosmetics' eyebrow pencil in brown (ys, my eyebrows are naturally uneven like that, one is more archy than the other i have no idea why). I'm not sure how Mirana uses her eyeliner i can't really tell from the pictures so i decided to draw a less dramatic wing than usual
Mirana also seems to not use any blush on on the poster (on contrary to the movie where she sports a very pinky, very dolly blush) and if she does then it's applied very high up unde her eyes. I look sorta like corpse bride with my reddish eyes and super pale face i decided to liven up my complexion a bit with a little pink blusher applied much higher and lighter than how i usually apply my blush on. ANd yes, in this pic my hair was half curled and half straight and you can sort of see my maid curling my hair in the back :p
I used the blusher from the same NYX palette
Dramatic eyelook will not be complete without some dramatic falsies, here i am using Kael false eyelashes and i topped up the eyeliner with Revlon ColoStay Skinny Liquid Liner in Amethyst (i like to draw my eyeliner shape with black eyeliner then fill it with this liner nowadays :D)
Then i applied this Just Miss lipstick that i purchased especially for this look (it was only IDR 19k, why not...) in shade J-19
For the finishing touch, i contoured my nose a bit, pop in a bit of a highlight on my nose and in the inner part of my water line. I am falling in love with highlight nowadays (it's my current obsession, thanks Jeffree Star!) but Mirana has very matte skin so i held myself back from applying highlighter anywhere else >.<
The Kael eyelashes makes my eyes look super dolly!
I quite like the way it turned out even though i think i look  more like i was rocking Momoko makeup instead hahaha. I'm sure i wouldn't look out of place if i join Lolita girls in Harajuku in this getup and makeup
All of the pictures in this blog post were taken using hunny's Samsung G-Note 5 (soon to be replaced by Note 7 haha) because it simply performs better indoor with my selfie right light compared to my camera (i don't have sufficient lighting in my walk in closet so the selfie ring light really helps!), it just annoys me how the the selfie ring light keeps on sliding down and cover the camera grrr (it fits snugly on my iphone, but Iphone front camera sucks!)
I even purchased this tiara headband just for the look (okay i lied, i  would buy it regardless because i have a thing for childish head bands. If i ever have a daughter, she'd have a crazy supply of head bands already)
Mirana doesn't have bangs and she has blonde hair, but i work with what i have, okay? I even took the extra mile and curled my hair! Okay, so my maid did it. But still!
Don't call me #Pink if i don't go all out and dressed to the occassion. And i wouldn't hesitate to wear a floor length fluffy gown if i'm not worried about disturbing my neighbor during the screening (Dyta had to fight my big and stiff skirt for the arm rest, sorry Dyta :P!!!), oh and if i had one (i don't) haha.
I wear this three layered organza skirt and was super worried about being overdressed for PTC so i wore a very simple, semi see-through pale pink cotton top with it.
If i had a company as crazy as i am, i would wear the tiara too. But i went nuts solo (ohhh, how i long for a crazy side kick to dress up with to events...) so i discarded the tiara and used two blingy hair pins to pin my hair to the sides ala Mirana :D. Even sans the tiara there were kids (actually teenage boys -___-) calling me Princess at PTC -____-. I almost said "Princess your ass, i'm old enough to be your aunty!" LOLOLOL
Well, Emina customers actually approached me and asked to take pictures with them coz they said they liked my outfit, so maybe i can work as Princess impersonators at parties now >.<...
My actual look for the event ^^
Outfit details :
Pale pink top (yes, i wore a hot pink bra underneath in purpose, i guess i am slutty that way) : Chic Simple
Three tiered pink organza skirt : Custom made at IG online shop 
Clear Chanel Bottle bag : online via Kathy
Pink glittery shoes : Bugis Street, Singapore    

Complete the look with some pink and silver accessories ^^
I had sooo much fun recreating Mirana's makeup, this is my first time ever to attempt this kind of thing so don't be too harsh on me okay! I would love to do more makeup recreation in the future, if there's a character that speaks to me like Mirana/White Queen did. 

Actually i still want to recreat White Queen's makeup, maybe for Halloween?

Have you watched Alice Through the Looking Glass? Who's your fave character? Mine's actually Red Queen hahaha...

Don't forget to check out my friends' looks too!


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  1. all ouch bangeets hahaha sampe pake outfitnya ceee hahahha :D

    1. I'm an all or nothing kind of person, dep hahaha

  2. Ci Mindy niat bangetttt,btw aku agak takut sama Hatter soalnya dandanannya agak serem._.

    1. Hehehehe masa serem sih Isthi, apa kabar kalo nonton film hantu nih?

  3. super cute! hihi.