Japan Trip 2016 Part 2 : L'Occitane Cafe, Harajuku, Make Your Own Okonomiyaki!

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Hello August!

I always love to start my month with something happy in hope that i will be having a happy month ahead :D! Nothing makes me happier than exploring new countries so, travel post it is! Continuing our adventure in Tokyo... Still Day 1 and i will take you to one of my very fave shopping spot in Japan : Harajuku!
Welcome to Harajuku! A place where i know i belong even before i even set my foot there T.T!
But before that, we go back from where we left off in the previous post. Still in Shibuya, my feet were throbbing due to unsuitable (but damn cute) footwear and my eyes getting droopy from exhaustion, it was still about an hour or so from the appointed gathering time with the rest of the group and i really needed a rest. We originally wanted to go to a Starbucks (which is the most strategic location to snap a pic of the famous crossing of Shibuya) but the line was longer than people lining up for free food in Indonesia (turned out Japanese really love lining up WTF. Stella told us if a food stall doesn't have a long line, then Japanese people would assume that the food sucks and they won't buy from it. The longer the line, the better the food is assumed to be *LOL*) so we decided to venture to L'Occitane cafe nearby.

Now, i am HUGE on thematic and brands cafes. I told ya i'm the ultimate victim of commercialism (and i am happy to be one). L'Occitane (which is obviously a cosmetic brand) cafe is not something very common and we certainly do not have one in Indonesia (i actually never seen other L'Occitane cafe before. I just did some research and i'm pretty surprised to learn that they also have a cafe in Taiwan. I don't think they have too many cafes exisiting right now? Do correct me if i'm wrong!) so i was quite intrigued by it.

Thematic cafes tend to be pricey, it's a given. The question is, how expensive? Well, let me tell you that L'Occitane cafe is definitely QUITE expensive. It's actually more expensive than Alice in Wonderland cafe that we went to later on *LOL*. Every person must order (at least) a drink and the drinks costs around IDR 100.000 each. It's quite cray, but then again TWG in Singapore was just as expensive. I didn't regret going there (i dunno about Silv tho hahahaha, i feel kinda bad for dragging her there. But i didn't force her to come okay!), but i personally think it's a one time kind of experience and not necessarily a place that i would re-visit.

Okay i am blabbing, let's see how the place looks!
The sight that greeted us once we reached second floor (where the cafe is). The first floor was their store (there's probably a part of the cafe too? I don't remember...) and i was too embarrassed to snap pics there. Plus it might not be allowed, i dunno. I heard lots of places in Japan don't allow photography, i'm never sure which one those are but that makes me quite paranoid to whip out my camera because i really don't want to be told off!!!
Whenever i go to thematic/brands cafe, there'd be mostly tourists filling up the place-not in Japan. I guess that's because Japanese are into this kind of thing? And because they're the ones who don't mind expensive menu maybe hahahaha. Anyway, most of the visitors of the L'Occitane cafe that day were Japanese youngsters (and there were us too of course. Also met other members of the group there too haha)
It was packed! But we got a table right away so we didn't have to wait-it wasn't ideal tho. Don't even dream about snapping pics of the crossing or whatever
We were seated right at the corner. You see people sitting behind the barrier? That's the line to the toilet HAHAHAHA. So sad. I guess beggars can't be choosers, we were lucky enough already to be getting a table at all!
Hunny is a HUGE fan of teas. He's just crazy about them i dunno why. Out of the two of us, he definitely has a more feminine taste than me WTF. Waiters always place his order on my place and vice versa.
Silv and i with our severely overpriced drinks hehehe
I don't remember what i ordered precisely but it was strawberry sorbet with rose jelly
It was okay, the sorbet was nice and refreshing. I personally am not a fan of flowers as drinks/food and it bothered me a bit how strong the rose scent was >.<. I dunno, i just find flowers are not to be consumed orally HAHAHAHA
Brace yourself for an endless selfies with my expensive drink
Because #kiasu . My God look at how shiny my nose was
OKOK, last one
Was even tempted to bring this flower home as a memento of the most expensive drink i've ever had yet. Not counting alcoholic drink, of course *LOL*
Silv's orange juice
I did say that was the last selfie but this one is a wefie :p. Is it just me or did i look like an elf in this pic -___-
Yep, that's it for the L'Occitane cafe visit. It's a brand cafe and not a thematic cafe so there were not much to see. The cafe was cozy and the decor very Parisienne chic and it was a pleasant visit, but like i said earlier, i don't feel the need to revisit haha.

Let's move on now!

Our next destination is HARAJUKU! The super famous district, well known for the patrons' fashion sense making it a popular name in pop culture! If you want to see Japanese youngsters dress up in their cool sub-culture styles, this is where you go. You won't see girls in full lolita just strolling around in groups in any other district, that's not the way they roll apparently *LOL*. We did see uniquely fashionable Japanese everywhere, but those with full garbs on were only found here (and Shinjuku, but it's a different style already).
These people in front of my camera are the tour group's member btw hahaha
If i remember correctly, we came during weekend-that's why it was so CROWDED! We came back to Harajuku on our last full day in Tokyo and it was nowhere near this crowded
I look super tired and gloomy, but that's our only couple pic in Harajuku so i am uploading it!
Even their McD's cuter than other countries' McD haha. Hunny bought a mushroom pie, it tasted like mushroom soup! Totally YUMS!
If you're a follower of this blog then you'd know my love for Daiso is true. Especially their makeup products. So cheap and yet so good (at least for me la, don't compare it to Urban Decay please WTF)! I heard that this branch in Harajuku is the biggest branch in Japan-it is SERIOUSLY massive! We bought a full suitcase of Japanese snacks and most of the souvenirs here. Sadly the makeup selection in Tokyo was actually worse than Singapore/Malaysia's Daiso, it's so weird. Maybe they get out of stock very fast because of crazy tourists like me, but i was definitely quite disappointed. Didn't buy a lot of stuffs here (hunny went nuts with the snacks tho) coz i already bought most of the interesting ones in a much smaller (but as well stocked) Daiso in Shibuya earlier
I did buy a lucky cosmetic bag (which was an amazing value for money!) from that store (the D'or one) across from the Daiso
Sweet Box is the most famous store for Japanese crepes in Harajuku, hunny did buy one but i think it was on our second visit
It was all about snacks and food for hunny (seriously, i kinda missed Thailand and plan to visit soon, hunny agreed and told me "I'm going there to eat" OMG). I didn't want to eat a lot because we were already going to have dinner, but i couldn't stop him from snacking FML. He was of course immediately drawn to the Calbee store!
The line to order your freshly made snacks. I didn't dare to snap pics of the store for the same reason as i already told ya before!
Here's what he got, it was quite yum! I just realized that i am not much of a crunchy snack fan, i guess that's why i liked this because the potato stick were mushy inside
The freshest potato chip you can ever ask for!
Uber cute candy store
Hunny and food... LOL. Look at how they made the faux noodle like a hand holding out the spoon instead of the other way round *LOL*
I am a huge fan of takoyaki but weirdly enough... I didn't buy any during our visit to Japan. That's upsetting! But we're going back soon anyway :D... Ok went to try out a takoyaki tho, and this pic was snapped by Silv. Strangest thing ever, we bumped into CL's old friend in this Takoyaki store! She lives in Surabaya mostly but i probably hadn't run into her in more than 10 years, not even accidentally in the mall or whatever-but we met here there. In a takoyaki store in Japan. World spins in a weird way...
I found a super cheap comfy boots around here (about IDR 100.000!!!) and it saved my foot that's already threatening to give up from pain in the first day! LOL. This is when i realized that it's not true that everything in Japan is very expensive, you certainly won't find such a good quality and comfy boots for IDR 100.000 in Indonesia! FYI, i am totally in love with Harajuku and i found some amazing stores (full with fluffy, pastel colored stuffs in bear shapes *LOL*) with affordable prices. I plan to only shop at those stores in our second visit to Japan!
Sad thing is, i was just already too exhausted to shop that first day *LOL*. Or maybe that's a good thing. I actually gave up before the appointed meeting time. But i think it was mostly my throbbing toes
I think i totally was born in the wrong country or something. I tots belong in Japan hahaha. At one point i was crossing the street and passed a girl in an amazing fluffy violet jacket, as i was gawking at her jacket... i realized she was gawking at my cat-boots *LOL*. Seriously, i found so many girls that look just like me there, i finally feel like i belong! Not a weirdo no more! LOL
After everybody gathered up, we crossed the street to a quieter, hipper part of Harajuku for dinner.
Yep, filled the suitcase and still had to lug more plastic bags >.<
Sorry for uber blurry pic >.<, sometimes Marshmallow do crazy things when it's dark and cold >.<.... This is where we're having dinner at : Sakura Tei Okonomiyaki & Monjayaki Restaurant
Is it just me but i find it really cute how they close this area with clear plastic cover >.<... Sitting in that nearest table were a group of super cooly-dressed ladies, it was like a costume party or something (except it's probably just a casual outing for them), i definitely want to join! LOL
The restaurant is uniquely decorated, it was like a mix of rustic feel and anime!
The thought of yummy okonomiyaki puts a huge smile on hunny's face hahaha
There was a little mix up in the beginning, i'm not so sure what happened... We were probably late or something (coz Stella had already booked for us) because they said they didn't have any table for us, to a point where we were about to dispense because we had to wait for 30 mins or something, but as we were about to leave they called us back in. Or maybe they thought we didn't have a reservation haha, either way it was settled quickly so everything's fine
Look, "trees" growing inside the restaurant :D
Stella explaining about what we're about to experience hehe
What's so special about Sakura Tei is that you get to experience making your own okonomiyaki! And also their other menus, if you want. The okonomiyaki is moderately do-able but the monjayaki is a bit harder to do, the chef's ready to help tho!
Hunny is a pretty good cook, while i am deadly afraid of stove (bad experience with our stove back in Singapore during my high school days. Totally traumatized me) so he was all excited about making the okonomiyaki hahaha
The ingredients
Mix mix
Cracking the egg like a pro
And done!!!
Nom! I was never a fan of okonomiyaki, but apparently that's because i hadn't have a good one yet! This okonomiyaki is TO DIE FOR! Seriously T.T, my saliva's pooling inside my mouth just thinking of the taste!
You can check out my short video of the okonomiyaki making below!
We also had yakisoba. Yea... It's better than any other soba i had in the past but i am still not a fan of soba. When it comes to noodle.... I'll take Indonesian noodles anytime haha
Next on the menu is Monjayaki. Something that we've never had before
This is what's called monjayaki. It doesn't look very appetizing, to be honest it looks like a green puke >.<, but i promise it tasted a lot better than it looks! It's gooey and strange, but totally addicting! Another video of the chef making our monjayaki below!
Group pic ^^
Every part of this restaurant looks different and very very unique!
Mr. Chef (he's probably the owner) who kept on moving so i only caught his blurry self haha
Happy tummy, happy us!
I think apart from scoring a great valued lucky bag (i am always happy whenever i get a good deal), our dinner at Sakura Tei was the highlight of the day! It was a truly unique experience and it was so so soooo good too! Highly recommending this restaurant if you ever find yourself in Harajuku! I am so going to drag my group here in our second visit! (Yep, it is already in the book! We are going back to Japan soon! So happy imma die *LOL*).
It was getting very late and all of the stores were already closing when we're done dining
Sorry, another blurry pic T.T
We head back to Kamata and then got horribly LOST because we got out of the station at the wrong exit! We ended up going round a HUGE circle and finally got to our hotel from the other side >.<! LOL. Needless to say, i pretty much passed out as soon as we reach our hotel, i don't even remember if i showered *LOLOLOLOL*. I think i did la, i showered once a day in Japan :p.

That's the end of day one, we're going to Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree and an onsen on our second day! I hope y'all are looking forward to that!

Toodles for now!


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  1. Gile rame banget harajuku ya
    gak pusing ya ngeliat org begitu banyak? Hehehe

    1. Mrk ngga nempel2, jejel2 or dorong2 sih Man, jd meskipun ruame engga kerasa tll stress hehehe

  2. Hahaha, after read ur post carefully, I just noticed if that rose is real >.<

    1. Yep, and there were real roses inside the drink too!

  3. aku mau travel bareng ko Chandraa isinya wisata kulineer XD
    Not just you ceee, aku barusan nggigit tangan Sam habis liat foto okonomiyakinya wkwkwkw

    1. Ayo kita berangkat2 bareng lagi Lilyyyyyy... Tangane Sam ga enak, tulang tok, nih ta kasih tanganku full daging hahahaha