Lip-Talk 21 : MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in 011 Baby Bombshell

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Heyllow everybodeh ^^...

Been a bit lazy again to blog lately zzz i'm kinda busy with social life (and events... Oh no, event reports...), but i got anxiety that it's already the 4th and i only had one post up #ocd *sigh* so i just want to review something real fast. Okay, that's a lie. My post can never be fast (read : brief), i'm always so long winded about everything WTF.

Anyway. Today's another lippie review >.<, it's MakeOver's Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick's turn and i have the shade 011 Baby Bombshell that i received from their event's goodie bag.
Me using MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in 011 Baby Bombshell
If you're Indonesian and is into makeups, i'm pretty sure you've heard about MakeOver cosmetics before, although it's relatively quite new (not that new, but not old either *LOL*) it is already well known for their high quality products. Prior to this, i've already used a few products from them and i am especially in LOVE with their pencil eyeliner. It's actually my Holy Grail eyeliner FYI (which i haven't gotten to review >.< my bad) so i'm all excited to try out more products from them especially in my fave category : lippie :D!

How does the lippie fare? Is it as good as their eyeliner? Read on to know the answer :D!
MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick
The lipstick comes in a sleek black cardboard box with black and white lettering. You can see that it contains 2.5 gr of products, however the website stated 3.8 gr-wonder if the older batch had more products compared to the newer ones? Baby Bombshell is actually quite a new color from this line, Ultra Hi-Matte lipsticks used to only have 6 colors selections but MakeOver's now expanding their collection. I'm not sure how many colors are available now, but they even have BLACK now! How awesome is that??? I dunno why they don't update their website...
Information on the shade and manufacturer
Ingredient list also available on the box
Expiration date etc
A hole where you can check whether the actual bullet inside is the right shade hehe
The Ultra Hi-Matte lipstick itself comes in a velvety slim black packaging (11 cm in height), it looks very professional and luxe. Unfortunately the matte black packaging is quite attractive to dirt so it looks a bit shabby after spending about a month in my makeup pouch >.<.
But it's still a nice looking packaging (you can see how dirty it already is in this pic :p) especially if you're into the professional makeup looks. I'm more into the cutesy type but i definitely don't mind this
The lippie looks a bit darker in the photo than in real life. It's actually quite pale, dusty pink with a slight hint of brown in the bullet
I have to be honest that i actually thought the color was very boring in the bullet, but it turns out to be quite nice once worn! I would say that the bullet is not true to color, but for me this is actually a good thing because it looks better! Here's a swatch on my lips without wearing anything else (i usually wear lip balms before using any lippie, but for this blog post i skipped the step so i can give a more accurate review) :
It translate into a rather gorgeous nude pink color on my pale pink lips ^^!
With simple makeup
I am honestly not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks (i love glossy lips! I'm totally into lippies now, but i prefer creamy/satin finish), and in my experience most matte lipsticks in stick form are usually quite draggy. MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte lipstick, however, is actually not draggy. It glides on relatively easy-not as smoothly as creamy/satiny lipsticks of course, but still tolerable. It is scentless (i guess) and does have a bit of a crayon-y scent, nothing too bad and i never actually notice the scent when i applied it, i just realized it smells a bit like crayon when i intentionally sniff it just now haha!

As you can see from the close up pic of my lips, it does settle into the cracks of my lips-but it doesn't look bad or dry, on contrary it's actually quite pretty! Nude colors can be quite patchy or uneven, this is not the case with this lippie. It's also super lightweight and is probably one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks i've ever tried. It's so light, i almost feel like i'm not wearing anything! As it is a matte lipstick, it does feel a bit dry-nothing worse than the feeling of a bare, dry (as in normal coz you cannot have wet lips all the time, no? Unless you   keep on licking your own lips, which is a bit gross haha) lips tho! At the end of the day when i removed the lippie, my lips doesn't get dry or anything, so that's another positive ^^.

When used on its own, it last pretty long. The website stated 8 hours, and if i don't eat heavy meals then i can safely say it would stay on that long, i wore it a whole day (like from morning to evening) with multiple drinks and snacks-it stayed put. If you eat heavy meals then you'd definitely have to reapply, since it's not drying or clumy, re-application is not a hassle either. Oh, it also doesn't transfer!

I still prefer to wear it with lip balms (because #habit hehe, and i feel like lip balms can only make my lip condition better), if you're like me and gotta use lip balms, my advise it to go for non-greasy, moisturizing lip balms. Greasy lip balm would turn the texture a bit creamy (it does mattify back) and it would actually look patchy and streaky, not a very good thing (plus, it totally transfers if you use lip balms with it)!

The only thing that concerns me is the wind up mechanism, i'd suggest you not to wind it too far up because i just did and it wouldn't come down -___-. It can be pushed down gently manually *LOL*, but it's still scary! Just twist it up a bit, enough for you to be able to apply it, there's really no need to twist it all the way up to check how long the lippie is, you'd risk ruining it!

Since Baby Bombshell is quite nude for me (not to a point where i look pale wearing it tho), i also like to use it to make a pastel ombre lips :
Here i'm using MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in 011 Baby Bombshell as a base and added Zoya Lip Paint in Pink Powder in the inner part of my lips
A clearer look of the lip. Totally forgot to snap a closeup pic
I think it's definitely a pretty awesome matte lipsticks! It has a sleek, luxe looking packaging, it is actually matte (coz not every lippie that claims to be matte is that matte!), comfortable, long lasting, and quite affordable at only IDR 89.000! Since this shade is not true to color, i would suggest you go to the counter to swatch them before purchasing to avoid any disappointment!

I'm not so sure how many colors are already available right now, but the only color chart that i found is this (Edit : i think they currently have 17 colors, you can buy them in their counters or online like in Sociolla):
And this is defo not complete coz i there's no black one that we swatched in the event!
Would i buy this with my own money? Well, like i already stated before-i am not a fan of matte lipsticks so i won't necessarily buy matte lipsticks for myself (unless it's on a huge sale/has a very tempting shade/packaging), if i am-then definitely i would. However, i think the product's still amazing therefore i would definitely purchase their other lip products (really want to try out their Ultra Shine Lipstick and Liquid Lip Color!) in the future.

Highly recommending it for all matte lipstick lovers! Not recommending it for... Well, non matte lipstick lovers hahaha. But even non-matte fans should have one or two in their makeup case, this one can sure be a good choice!

Have you ever tried this lipstick or other products from MakeOver? How do you like them?

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  1. warnanya bagus sekali, kemasannya jg bagus. sederhana tapi terlihat mewah menurutku. kenapa lipstik racun banget sihhhhh, pengen beli lipstik terus:(

    salam kenal ya:)

  2. banyak banget ya min yang rekomendasi iniii, makin baca makin tergoda :")

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. Iya nihhh, beneran bagus kokkk #makinmenggoda hehehehe