Event Report : Soft Opening of Bangkok Beauty (PTC Branch)

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Hello hello...

How's everybody's spending your Saturday night? Painting the town red? I actually spent my last two Saturdays on back to back events, it was pretty tiring and since i have a whole day planned for tomorrow we decided to keep it low today. Only went out for a few hours to buy some cheap Chinese "Lego" for Little O, supplements for the grandma and grandpa (i'm talking about hunny and i *LOL*) and also Dunkin Donut! LOL. We got a bit of a donut crave situation needing to be taken care of >.<.

Anyway... Today's post is all about that said event last week, the Soft Opening of Bangkok Beauty PTC branch :
Bloggers, influencers, media and Bangkok Beauty Reps
If you've been following this blog and my IG, then you'd know about Bangkok Beauty already since i write about them pretty often. For those of you who haven't heard of Bangkok Beauty, it's a beauty salon specializing in hair removal using SHR technology. They opened their first salon in Klampis two years ago (you can read more about it here) and now they are expanding to the other side of the town all the way to PTC!
We were invited to a small and intimate gathering last Saturday
Bangkok Beauty PTC Branch
Pakuwon Trade Centre (PTC)
Ground Floor #C7-28 Surabaya
Phone :
+62 813 577 57 628
Not only hair removal, they also now provide eyelash extension services, plus you can also get  express nail services here
They're still having special prices for now, after the grand opening all prices are going to be adjusted (obviously it's going to be more expensive haha) so if you're interested in getting their packages i suggest you to move FAST
Oh yeah, Bangkok Beauty accepts both MALE and FEMALE customers, you know how some hair removal salons only caters to women? Not here, whatever your gender is, you're welcomed here!
Yep, they are also selling some fake nails and falsies. Those falsies are from their own brand, btw
The treatment room
Yummy cupcakes and mini tarts with Bangkok Beauty's colors : orange and grey!
Wulan went to my home and we went to PTC together that day (with L), we were the first two there. Look how happy she looks when there are food around *LOL*. How irritating it is that she eats like a cow but stays so slim pfffft
Goodie bags for the invitees ^^
You know, bloggers gotta be bloggers
Redha busy at work too
After most of the invitees arrived, L as Bangkok Beauty rep welcomed us and explain the nature of this event 
Followed by more explanation about SHR and Bangkok Beauty's services by Di. I won't repeat myself coz it's only gonna bore you guys (you can learn more from my post for Bangkok Beauty's first branch's opening event which i already linked earlier, if you want). Btw, sorry for the clutters of people behind Di, space was not much so uncluttered photos are out of question >.<
We were also "treated" to a little demonstration so we could see how SHR is perfomed
Then we feast!
Di happily giving out vouchers >.<
And here's the fab goodie bag :
There's the Kael eyelashes. Imma tell ya more about them in another blog post, kay!
Congratulation again Bangkok Beauty! Now y'all West dwellers don't need to go all the way to Klampis for Bangkok Beauty's services, yay!


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