Full Face Using Kids Makeup Challenge (and Review of Amara Winx Club We Are Fairy Beauty Kit)

10:36:00 PM

YES, i did the Full Face Using Kids Makeup Challenge!!!
With these uber cute kit! Sorry for the way-too-bright-and-blurry pic, Marshamallow decided it didn't want me to take nice selfies with the kit for some reasons T.T and i was in a hurry so i couldn't keep on snapping!
Disclaimer first, finding kids makeups in Indonesia is very very hard, you can't just go to the mall and expect to find kids makeup available-not even in toy stores. We also have Claire's (just a shabby little counter inside a department store for Surabaya, but they have stand alone stores in Jakarta) BUT they do not sell any makeups (i think that's because it's really hard to get cosmetics into Indonesia, even Daiso also do not carry their makeup line in) whatsoever-i had to go online and the only thing that i could find are those beauty kits, definitely no base makeup (except for powder) so i had to imporvise and use a few non-kids product makeups. If i could find every single item from kids makeup department, i totally would use them all.

Now onto the story. I was not aware of this challenge until my niece pointed it out to me. She actually sent me Nikkie Tutorial's link to her video doing the challenge (yes, i know the whole ruckus about how it was first started by Makeupbypita, but Nikkie's the one making the challenge popular without a doubt). I was immediately intrigued. I mean... How cute is this challenge??? As someone who still uses kids products (mainly kids accessories HAHAHAHA) without batting an eyelash, i thought this challenge is the funnest challenge i've ever heard yet.

The only problem? I am cheap. And like every single person who decides to do the challenge, i quickly discover that kids makeup are EXPENSIVE. Of course, they're especially safe for kids skin and all-but for someone who's only buying for a challenge, i wasn't going to spend a fortune on them. I love the concept so much tho, the next few days were spent on watching countless videos from different Youtubers doing it. I got even more tempted. Then i spend the next few days browsing for cheap but proper kids makeup. Aaannddd.. i stumbled into this :
Amara Winx Club We are Fairy Beauty Kit. It's from the same company that produces Purbasari (in fact when i received the package, they were using Purbasari-stamped cardboard box) so it's by a local brand (but manufactured in China) and already registered in BPOM (Indonesia's FDA). Various sellers sell them at different prices (but mainly they are sold for IDR 95.000 to over a hundred K), i was lucky enough to stumbled a wholesale seller who caters solo purchases too and it was only IDR 70.000. That's cheap enough for me *LOL* so i went and placed an order
So so SO CUTE. Makes me sad that i did not have these kind of stuffs back when i was little. All i had were those plastic makeups that were literally made from plastic. I would rub those plastic lipsticks over and over again on my lips, imagining turning into a stunning Princess WTF. Poor little silly #Pink
Actually i'm not actually going to review this, i mean... Who'd go and purchase kids makeup to actually use it... Actually i would, if they're cute enough and they shows on my skin HAHAHA. But most people won't, so i won't really be reviewing it or whatever, i'm just going to briefly tell y'all how i feel about each products as we go. You know, in case you're curious. Or you plan to buy one for your daughter/niece/friends' kids
List of products featured in the kit
Ingredient list
Winx club is... like a tv series right? Excuse me, i only have a son so i know more about Ben 10 than Winx Club
These are all the products featured in the kit
First imma pop the crown ring on my pinky
And they also work as midi rings hahahaha. FYI i really went out and wear them both. That's just how i roll, peeps
They also provide little brush and sponge tip applicator for little fingers
In comparison to my sausage fingers HAHAHAHA
I decided to film the whole thing, it's a very dodgy video using my phone please don't judge, i just think it'd be much more interesting in video format so you can see how i genuinely react to the products hahaha.
Did you watch the video? I find filming a video where i am not told what to say is actually quite fun, i didn't feel crazy at all! I still don't know if it's something that i'm gonna do more in the future (coz i'm too lazy to learn how to set up my camera n all for a proper video) but you know, i do get video requests for some reasons (which i personally can't understand coz i'm definitely no beauty guru) so if i'm prompted enough, i might as well do hahaha.

My filming skill is sad tho hahaha... My photography skill is at least better than that, i took lots of pics of the products. Mainly because they're cute, of course. What else?
Tiniest little compact powder ever
Texture wise, it's not the worst in the world and i would still use it (coz i've used worse) but the shade. It's YELLOW. Like, a real, proper yellow. I look totally jaundiced when i put it on -___-
The thing i was most excited of : the eyeshadow
Oh yea, they actually have little information on the back. It just stated what it was tho, you can't expect kids makeup to come up with names, can you? They should tho hahaha. If i'm a little girl from this age, i would demand the full experience. I want a makeup kit with fancy names like my mama's!
LOOK! Isn't it just the cutest!!!
Some of the colors (blue, purple and green) are actually pretty pigmented, they look much more vibrant in real life my camera just refused to capture the vibrant-ness zzzz
I used all five colors on my eyes because why the hell not. Must go all out while we're at it
The thing i was worried the most : the tiny blushers
Because they're so tiny (i had to use my fingers because the applicator looks hopeless and i can't swirl my own brush on the pot, it's smaller than adult's eyeshadows!) and the colors look so pale on the pan. I was wrong tho, it was quite pigmented, totally shocked me when i first dab it on my cheek. It's like, proper Barbie pink smack in the middle of my cheek. Not very blendable too FML, thankfully my lovely RT brush was able to blend it so i didn't look like Annabelle overdosing on blushers
The color turned out to be very sweet actually!
Then there's also this uber cute lippie
The bullet is so skinny i was afraid it would snap when i apply it. It didn't tho hahaha. I thought the color was off, i mean... With the colorful pastel eyeshadows and pastel pinky blushers, shouldn't the lippie be Barbie pink too or something? Instead it looks brown-ish and a little to grown up on the bullet
It translates very sheer and natural looking on the lips, maybe they don't want little kids to look too crazy? But isn't it too late already, with all the Barbie colored eyeshadows and blushers?
Cutest shaped lipglosses ever! Seriously, i thought they were nail polishes before!
Very similar shades. It goes clear on your lips, of course
I added my own black eyeliner and mascara (as well as BB Cream and concealer beforehand) to complete the look
Other than the crazy yellow powder, i actually love how the look turned out!
You can see how harsh the powder is in this pic, look at the side of my nose!
Rocking the little girl rings HAHAHA
I personally think the makeup turned out fine (the eyeliner helps, obviously) and even tho my face was yellow, the other colors helped balance it and nobody even notice it (yes, i went out the whole day right after). G said it looks like my usual makeup hahahaha, i guess i am a bit too fond of my pastel rainbow eye makeups... I put on my boho white dress and pastel floral bracelet and necklace (from Accessorize. I think they're kids' accesories too hahaha) and i'm good to go. I would put on like, tiara and all while taking pics and filming if i had more time!
Under direct sunlight
It was so so so much fun to do :D! And i think Amara's products are not bad either! Any little girl who longs for her own makeup collection would definitely be happy with this kit! I personally would buy the kit for my (little) nieces (not the grown up ones, please) for sure, it's so much fun and it can't hurt knowing it's safe for little one's skin!

I dare all of you to do the challenge too! Please leave me a comment with your links (video, blog post, IG photo, whatever) if you do, i'd loveee to take a look!
Don't you think i look a bit too happy? Hahaha. The little #Pink in me was over the moon when i got the kit alrite!

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  1. Ya ampun cute banget ci Mindy, dulu aku sempat mikir mau beli makeup kid ini juga gara2 packagingnya unyu banget gini tapi dia kayak ringkih banget gitu ya packagingnya.


    1. Hahaha iya plastic semua Rim, kayak mainan gitu... Tp ngga ringkih2 banget kok

  2. hahahha, kalo mekap anak2 di indo ya beneran menantang. kalo yg dipake niki tuh mekapnya aja mahal trus kualitasnya juga nendang jadi kayak yaaaa gaada bedanya aja wkwk. bedanya sih emang kalo mekap anak2 disini foundationnya gaada ya hihi


    1. Hahahaha iya disini Claire's nya ngga jual makeup juga, brand yg bener2 bikin makeup anak2 jg aq cuma tau satu ini d sini... Foundie ga ada sm skali dah hahaha