Lip-Talk 12 : Misslyn Shiny Lip Color in M24.50 Creme de Cassis

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I haven't found that mojo to blog as diligently like i used to, it's like i lost some of that excitement along the way... I think all bloggers feel this way from time to time so it's all just normal. Having said that, this is actually the third post i am writing today, it's been a while since the last time i went on a writing binge like this! Since i have no idea when the next time this kind of mood would return, i decided to make the most out of it!

Well... I don't do reviews enough but i actually come to number 12 for the lippies category (not counting the ones i did before i start categorizing them!), it's safe to say i am a lip product junkie T.T. I just love them!!! Anyway, the one that i'm going to review today is from the Germany brand, Misslyn :
Misslyn Shiny Lip Color in M24.50
This is one of the products that i received in my goodie bag from their event (read the story here), and also the first product of theirs that i've ever tried. I was lucky enough to receive all the colors that i liked (not everybody was as lucky as me haha) for every product, so i was naturally excited! The thought of trying out new brands always do, i guess that's pure beauty junkie for you!

At first i though there's no name of the shade in the lipstick, only the code M24.50, which is pretty weird for me (usually the numbers would not have a divider like this, no? But i guess it's their own coding so i shouldn't complain haha) but when i googled for the stock photo, the sites actually refer to this color as Creme de Cassis (which is pretty fitting to the color). THEN i realized that there is the name "Creme de Cassis" written in the little sticker stuck on the cap. Stupid me!

As usual, let's talk packaging first! Misslyn Shiny Lip Color comes in a slightly taller than regular lipstick, slim tube. It has an opaque black body encased in a transparent outer body as well as a clear top, all made from plastic. The plastic is nice enough to not feel super fragile or makes the lippie looks cheap.
When it's brand new, there's a plastic wrapper ensuring its newness
At the bottom, there's the shade's number (this is the only area i checked at first and like i said, no indication of the shade's name here!) and other little info. It is made in Germany and contain 1.6g of product inside
The writing and the little decoration under it are all embossed prints and it seems to be pretty easily scraped, but i had the lippie knocking around in my makeup pouch for more than a month (mostly when i travel, some more!) and they're still intact so i might be mistaken!

As the cap is clear, it's easy to check the lippie's color, in case you have more than one of these. The cap closes and opens easily but not so easy that you'd know it'd come loose soon so nothing to worry about :D. I also like how from the first time, the lippie is safely inside the bullet. I hate those lippie that is showing out of its bullet already because i ALWAYS nick them when i open them, it's frustrating coz i hate misshapen products >.<!
This picture is taken after i've been using it for quite a bit, hence the rounded shape it has became. And i just realized that my nail color was very matching with Creme de Cassis!
Creme de Cassis is a burgundy (leaning more to the purple category) color lipstick with fine shimmer on it. Let's take a look at how it looks on my lips. First, my bare lips :
As you can see in this pic, i have a baby pink colored natural lips (when i'm healthy. Most of the time it's a lot paler than this >.<). Please excuse all the dry flakes surrounding my lips, i went through period of dehydrated skin in Singapore, it went bat nutz!
I always have either this blank expression or a disgusted one whenever i apply lippies *LOL*
Creme de Cassis on my lips
Misslyn Shiny Lip Color has this fruity, bubble gum scent. I am not the biggest fan of the scent, nor hating it. It's much better than those weird, plastic-smelling lipstick of course! It's not very strong and it goes away once applied. 

It's light and easy to apply, as it glides easily and not dragging on my lips-even when worn by itself without lipbalm underneath. It is not the most pigmented lip color out there, i was quite surprised at how light the color was when i first applied it, but it is quite buildable. The color on the picture above is the result of a few swipes since one layer was a little uneven.

You can see clearly on the bullet that this lippie has a generous serving of fine glitters, i am not the biggest fan of glittery lippies (i love glossy, but glittery/shimmery is not really my thing for lips!) so i'm glad when i see that it's actually not that visible when worn. It looks more... like a shiny lip color (very fitting to the name, i see!) with some metallic thrown in. 

Staying power is quite well on my (but remember, most lip colors stays forever on me! I very rarely feel the urge to touch up unless i wipes my lips after a meal/only wearing lipgloss that would dry out after a few hours). It is comfortable enough to wear on its own, the fine glitters are very fine so it's not gritty at all (i can't feel anything when i apply it, so that's a good thing!)-but it can feel a bit drying after some hours so i prefer to use lipbalm beforehand (all lippies feel better with lipbalm alright!), of course applying this lip color requires a lot more work on top of greasy lip balm as the color becomes even sheerer, so just go for those less greasy lipbalms instead.
From most angles and lighting, Creme de Casis might look a bit uneven because of its shininess, if that makes any sense. For instant, in the picture above. I applied evenly on my lips already, but when i took a selfie-the shimmer makes it look kind of like a reverse ombre-lighter in the inner rim of my lips. But it's actually not! Here's another pic taken the same day, just on a different lighting :
Now it looks darker on the inner rim *LOL* (this second pic is taken under natural sunlight).

I brought this lippie on my Singapore-Malaysia trip on June/July and wore it in various ocassion :
S.E.A Aquarium
Penang Peranakan Mansion
Now, i have a mixed feeling for this lippie. It is comfortable to wear, it's affordable (i actually don't know the price >.< as i received it as a gift, i tried googling it but no price comes up, but i know for a fact that it's under IDR 100.000 *edit : it is IDR 100.000 exactly, i saw it when i was in TP. They often have discounts too!*), it has 7 different colors in its line, but it's not pigmented (which is usually not a big deal, but for this particular shade i prefer a stronger, more opaque finishing. You know how i love my dark lips!), it looks uneven under most lighting... So i'm torn. I like it enough, but i am definitely not crazy about it.

According to their website :  shiny lip color is actually a hybrid between lipstick and lipgloss (that explains the weak pigmentation!). It claims to be ultra glossy and gives lips an intensive wet-look to make them appear fuller and smoother. It also claims to have a gel like texture and melts and glides smoothly over the lips like a balm and very light. It is free of lanolin. 

Wet look? Well, it certainly isn't matte, and i guess it does look kinda wet in the pictures, but in real life it's not that wet looking. Again, more like, shining metallic. It is very light (not thick, uncomfortable feeling some lipstick can give) and comfortable to use so i guess they kinda do have those qualities they claim to. 

I'd recommend Misslyn Shiny Lip Color in Creme de Cassis for those of you looking for a darker, purply/burgundy lip color but not bold enough to go all the way yet. This lip color is subtle enough if you use it normally to ease you to the bold color territory with a price tag that won't break your bank (although admittedly, not exactly cheap either).

Not recommending it for those who are looking for a very bold, strong, striking color as this lippie's color's quite weak. And those who hates metallic shine on a lippie. 

Would i purchase this with my own money? Maybe not this shade, i don't mind the formula but for this shade, this kind of formulation is not my fave. 

Would i purchase another shade from this line? I would, but i prefer to try out their other lippies (their regular lipstick and lipgloss are tempting) first. Besides, i have so much lippies on my stash, i have no idea when i'd buy another of Misslyn's lippies *LOL*. Maybe if they're having a big sale or something (i can't resist sale!). 

Well, that's all for now. I still have their eyeliner and nail polish to try. Should i review them too?


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