#Undecided's Birthday Luncheon

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Hi people!!!

The mother of all backdated celebration post is here, #Undecided's bday luncheon! From back in June! LOLOLOL. I asked her to please blog about this before my bday (which has come and pass), but alas.... Combination of pregnancy induced laziness and hectic work schedule prove too strong to fight *LOL*. Here it is at last :
Us and the gank at Latte... Minus G and W
W weren't there for obvious reason : she lives in the village 5 hours away from us, and G... Well, she got an emergency call from her boss asking her to get to the office. On a Sunday. FHL. LOLOLOL. Anyway, this luncheon was done before our flight to Singapore! And no dress code i think, preggo's too lazy to think up for one?
Our baby boys accidentally were matchy matchy in reds!
One more
You know, i call this the "circle of life", or sometimes the "devil's circle". Baby Boy loves to bug his older cousins (who used to bug me when they were little) and they found him to be a total nuisance, and now he is surrounded by younger "cousins" (we're all adopted family to each other hahaha) who bugs him on end! Baby Luca abused and followed him around when we were at Latte, and then when the girls had a play date while W was in town (while i was in Singapore), Baby K took the turn to abuse and bug Luca on end! LOLOLOL. Seriously, the perfect example of what goes around comes around :P!!!

So true! And it was so funny to watch how Little O tried so hard to be patience to Luca... Aaand failed miserably at it... Hahaha... Now he basically just avoids his younger cousins whenever there's a get together, probs thinking better be safe than sorry LOL.

Anyway, coming up with venues for birthday celebrations is proven problematic from time to time... Lucky me this time A suggested Latte. Dropped them an email and they quickly responded - even phoned me a little reminder (seriously, pregnancy brain!!) when I delayed advising my set menu choices. They were very very helpful. Even asked me if I had a specific theme in mind so they could decorate the table accordingly (to which I obviously said no and just asked them to wing it LOL). The place itself is nicely decorated and when we came, our table was set nicely with my menu selection printed. I totally recommend this place - no doubt!

a glimpse of the table and the decoration; and our hubbies posing with them as prop.
Not our table (see there's no black table cloth unlike ours) - just using them as a photo corner.
See above caption LOL.
Pretty sure he was pointing at the lighting - he was obsessed at lights by then if I remember correctly hehe...
Little O's bday was approaching and we had the idea of wearing a white top with our photos on it - this was when the photo sesh took place. One of A and him.
While Mommy was busy posing, Aunties had to appease the baby so he didn't scream for her hahahaha... And btw, this was the first time he let us hold his hands and walk him - a milestone!
Next it was my turn to pose with Little O - we both hated how the pics turned out so I ended up picking old photo of him and hubby instead.
Still not happy with the photo - we both looked weird, no? And don't even get me started with that bread he was holding and my weirdly positioned hand!! LOL.

Back to the party!!

Here you go with the yummy part of the story - lunch time!!
The table set with the customized menu selection.
 So cute, no? We're definitely not used to local restaurants to make the extra effort (without any additional charges, that is) 
Hubby's appetizer: Black Sliders!!
He ended up sharing them with Pink's hunny I believe - they may looked tiny, but they were quite filling!
The majority (me included) picked the Cesar Salad for their appetizer - cutely put inside a huge mug...
... that quickly became photo props! Hahaha... Salad was yummy - loved it!
When it comes to soup - Little O always comes to mind. Quite sure this is his. I took a few spoonful myself - also very yummy!
This was probably my main course - I was at that pregnancy stage when all I ate was what I craved. Can't be totally sure. #Pink, can you help?
I can't remember anymore BB but yeah, i do think you ordered pasta
Pretty sure this was hubby's main course. He made a rookie mistake by ordering stuff with buns twice in a row LOL. The wagyu beef was cooked with teriyaki sauce - it was good, but a little too sweet for my palate. 
And this is basically a very similar dish to his appetizer, no? All those little burgers (which-if combined, is probably almost as big as this burger!) and this gigantic burger is proven too much for even a big eater like #Undecided's hubby *LOL*. He needs to train with Yuka Kinoshita (she's a skinny girl who can eat 10-20 people's portions at one go *LOL*, i am hooked to her Youtube channel and can spend hours watching her gorge down mountains of food)
This was #Pink's main course - all day breakfast set. Now I want this just looking at the scrambled egg... *drool*
Yum... me too. Not a lot of local cafes can get the consistency of scrambled egg right, they usually become more of a very dry fried egg *LOL*, this is just right!
Eh. I don't remember what this is called, basically one of the three available desserts. We decided to order different ones so we can try each dishes #soasian . But really, Indonesian are not used to three courses menus i think (at least, we're not), we tend to eat one big portion of main course-and then snack once in a while. But appetizer, main course and dessert at one go (with big portions) are just too much for us. We pretty much were in food coma by the end of the meal. But Latte has some really good dessert, this one is heaven for those chocolate lovers (not me, i enjoyed the taste but couldn't down more than two spoonfuls, too rich!)
Now, this one's more my kind of dessert. Not that i remember what this was though. Panna cotta i think, it's lighter and not as sweet but every bit as good!
Yes, this was their Panna Cotta - yum yum!
Av's Ovomaltine Cheesecake, i don't actually remember it but i can read this one's name from the menu's photo while the rest was concealed by the napkin
This one was also yummy - and the portion was generous.
Asked Av to snap a pic and she snapped like, 5 from different angles. Artistic people. Can't decide which one to post so i post two *LOL*
Gigantic spoon toast, #Pink and #Undecided style
Nom! LOL. Super gluttonious looking
Check out their tums
Oh yeah, #Undecided wanted to custom make a designer skirt as her bday pressie so we just gave her "ang baos" with the usual bday allowance *LOL*. While the rest just transferred the money, Av purposefully packed hers in this Frozen red packet to annoy #Undecided (who hates Let It Go with passion)
LOL to birthday allowance!! Hahaha... And yes, I was annoyed alright LOL.
Didn't i say that in each celebration, there'd be a silly thing that became the main attraction? Well, this time round-no exception. It's #Undecided's hubby's silly pose when playing an online pool game, which lots others began to copy.
Seriously, how stupid does Av look? LOL
The original (but he toned down the crazy pose coz he knew i was taking his pic zzz)
Av's turn for tee shirt photoshoot haha
And we want to show you the bill...
 Because the number's the same as #Undecided's bday! It's 11th June, right? (i had my doubt when i saw all the numbers, like... which one is it???)
Sigh, yes, it's 11 June... Seriously #Pink and dates *smh*
Can you believe that on your next bday Blobbie would be out, BB? We'll have more kids around! I hope next year you'd be a bit more diligent with blogging, and not wait 4 months before blogging about your bday!

LOL yeah... It's crazy how lazy Blob makes me... And it's crazier how I'm typing this wearing a dress (I avoided this before since maternity dresses are so... maternal looking *ew*) because finally I look so preggers and wearing pregnancy trousers is no longer comfie... Can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait for Blob to pop out mainly because she's so heavy as of late!

Oh and yes, it's a GIRL!! *grin*

#Pink and #Undecided a.k.a Preggo

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