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Hey guys!

Geez, the last post on the series was back in March, i'm totally swarmed with other posts that i again abandoned this series (which i really enjoy writing, more than most other subjects to be honest with ya!) *sigh*. Anyway, since it's October and Halloween is coming up at an alarming rate, i couldn't think of a better timing to bring it back!
We don't really celebrate Halloween here but i can join in the fun by telling scary stories too, no?

Anyway, unlike my previous ghost stories where i recounted supernatural stories that i (or people around me) experienced long ago, this very incident occurred very recently, on October 1st to be exact. Although we in Asia don't really recognize October as a particularly scary month (like it might be in the USA, maybe not scary scary, but still got the special atmosphere as being rather mysterious? Chinese people-even the descents like us, usually got spooked more around our own version of Halloween-that's the Hungry Ghost Festival which you can read more in my previous story here ), the incident actually happened on Thursday night, and for Indonesians-Thursday night is sort of scary and most ghost stories take background on that time frame.

This story is a story that happened to a young girl i know (i will not tell you her relationship with me, nor her name or post her pictures *but you'll see parts of her haha* here to protect her privacy) and until today we're still not sure of what exactly happened. But here it is, as she told me.

That night, she was studying for a test for the next day until pretty late at night, one family member then entered her room to give her some vitamin. She drank it then went to sleep, nothing seemed amiss so far. But sometime in the next hour or so, she suddenly woke up feeling like someone's smothering her with a chloroformed cloth, she kicked and struggled real hard but because it was dark and she was dizzy, she couldn't really see her attacker.
Her kick sent the attacker (which she described as being big built and dark) flying, but he soon went back up and smother her again. She kicked and clawed her way off him, and ran to the door-but he jerked her back and threw her in the floor. The last thing she remembered was lying in the cold floor before everything went dark.

A few hours later, she woke up-she's lying on her askew bed, on the OTHER side of the bed where she always sleeps on. She immediately threw up, still smelling the chloroform or whatever it was the attacker used to incapacitate her. She tried to contact her parents who were out of town but it was like 2 or 3 in the morning so they were clearly sleeping so she contacted her friend (who's living in the USA so was awake during that hour) who tried to calm her down. 

What she noticed when she woke up was this :
Her middle finger, the nail was torn off and you can see her flesh there. The torn nail was actually still hanging by its side so she yanked it off *arghhhhh!!!!*

Now, when i heard about this incident, the first thing that came through my mind was : burglar!!! And i was very worried that she'd been raped or something. The fact that her nail broke off fighting the attacker should mean that the attacker was solid, a human being.... right? But explain this, her room was locked FROM THE INSIDE. The door's totally fine and when she came to she immediately inspected the door and it's STILL LOCKED (yes, from the inside). The windows are all closed and no sign of forced entry can be seen.

And other than bruises on her legs and a hug blister on the left side of her face, she did not feel any pain in other parts of her bodies-not in the nether region as well, thank God. 

She felt numb on the right side of her face, she even drooled because she couldn't feel it. She took a picture of her face and this is the condition of her left side cheek :
Yes, this is all that i can show, sorry!

Her lips were also cut, in short-she was totally battered. She was so scared (because to her, the attacker was very real and despite the fact that he can enter and leave her locked room like a magician, she felt like she couldn't trust anyone in that house) that she kept mum and went to school anyway. She told her close friend who immediately seek help from their teachers and school's nurse. She was then taken to the doctor and was checked on thoroughly, including a CT Scan.

Now, what makes this a ghost story? Well... She was actually home with her close relatives (i, for once, refuse to entertain the idea that a close relative with no bad blood between them would do anything to harm her!), her room's next door to her relatives who were still awake around the time of the attack-who heard NOTHING. She was kicking and punching so hard, the attacker and her repeatedly fell and bump into things, the bed was actually SLANTED the next morning (it's the very heavy type of bed which would require a very strong, buff man to move an inch of). Yes, there is photographic evidence too, but i can't show you to protect the family's privacy.

Next, if someone living attacks a young girl, i can only think of two things to propel this. One, to rape her (which didn't happen) or two, to rob her (none of her possession went missing. Plus the door's still locked from the inside. There is a duplicate, but only one and it's kept safely by another relative who was out of town during the attack)-which also didn't happen. So why would anyone attack her for no reason at all, and leave after knocking her off without doing anything further? Strange and stranger!

Her parents were understandably hysterical by this incident, but after calming down and recounted the accident blow by blow... There's simply no possible explanation for this! Since Asian are mostly (not all) strongly superstitious, they decided to consult a medium. The medium is a middle aged Chinese woman and she immediately asked help (yeah, from the other side) to visit the house where the incident happened to contact the spirits guarding the place.

Indonesian mostly believe that every building is guarded by spirits, some are kind (they protect your house, they get angry when the house is unclean and sometimes makes a visit to show their displeasure), but some can be harmful. 
A kind spirit (who helps the medium) entered the medium's body and began describing the house, which is rather weird because they don't know the medium at all beforehand so there's simply no way for her to know the nooks and crannies of the place. 

If i remember correctly, the spirit told them that there are five spirits guarding the house (one of them is in squating position at all time WTF scare the shit out of me when i'm told!!!)-one of them is a newcomer (as in its not originally there like the others who were there long before the house was even built) to the place. It looks like the newcomer was the one who attacked the girl, the reason was unclear. It was said that the spirit was already attaching itself to her for a while, but it might meant well because the check up that she went through after the attack revealed a few problems that if not tackled early, might be harmful to her in the long run and it would definitely go undetected without this incident.

Another relative, upon hearing this incident-also contacted a... let's say a spiritual guru (because he is not a bomoh) he knows. The Chinese medium and the Javanese spiritual guru are living in two different cities, so there's no way that they might know each other or whatever-but still, his version is very similar to the Chinese medium's-down to the number and types of spirit guarding the house and the particular place where the entity is suspected to reside.

According to the spiritual guru, it's also the newcomer that attacked the girl. It was a genderuwo (which is a very tall, black and hairy spirit) that took shape of a person who attacked her. Apparently, the girl accidentally kicked the genderuwo's kid's toy (??? WTF) and it was very mad so the spirit took a revenge to warn her. He also said that she actually has an undeveloped sixth sense (that she doesn't know she has) and she can astral project too. 
How genderuwo is usually depicted (photo source)
FYI, genderuwo is well known to be the diguiser, often take a form of people close to you (and the girl actually thought the attacker was a family member because of that). They like to disguise themselves as someone's husband and then have sex with the wife @___@, some sort of incubus i guess.

So what really happened? Only God knows, i guess! There's just no way to really know what really happened, but we all know that living humans cannot enter and exit a locked door (i repeat, from the inside) without breaking it. I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to mediums and bomohs, but when two of them from different backgrounds and locations give an eerily similar stories without them having any connection whatsoever is strange.

Oh, and the blister on her face? It turned like this after a few days :
Even doctors can't explain what caused it. If someone punched her face, it should be black and blue, not blistering like that. If someone in the house attacked her, he should have a scar because she even broke her nail fighting him. If a burglar broke in, why are the windows and door all closed and in perfect condition? There are other people in the house, why nobody heard all the commotion going on? And when the Chinese medium gave her hu water to drink, her face started to heal.

I cannot count how many times the hair on my arms raised when i type this story! 

With that said, we've come to the end of the story (if you're concerned, she's okay now. I mean, not okay OKAY, but she seems like her normal self again). I have plenty of strange and supernatural-laced stories to tell, i hope i won't be too lazy to pen down (or rather, type) another one before October ends-preferably on Halloween!

Do you have strange and unexplainable or plain scary stories happening in October too?


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