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Hey peeps ^^!

I'm so behind not only with my posts, but with my actual work-doing accounting for our hotel T.T. I resent this job so much i'd get a headache every time i finish up a month zzzz. So, i procrastinate... Until i am 5 months behind i have no choice but to do it. NOW. GAHHH u hate numbers, i hate accounting (why else would i fail Introduction to Accounting on multiple times in Uni? And i was one of the top students in my year! FYI, i aced everything else okay...) *rage* *turn into a pink hulk*.

Anyway... I want to blog about our long forgotten mini vacay back in March >.<, but my energy's all depleted thanks to that awful accounting thingy (and only one month down T.T) that i cannot deal with long posts yet, so i decided to blog about the outfit instead!
Weeeerrrrking on my inner fashion blogger hahaha
Like most of my outfits, i have them for years-but never worn them yet ahahahaha, all still brand new with tags on them (told ya i have too many new clothes to keep up with myself, and yes-i keep on buying as well WTF), this creme and orange striped maxi dress was purchased eons ago when maxi dresses were in rage (remember then?), i love maxi dresses but with my stocky shape i always secretly worry about looking like a tent -____-. But when i'm with my family, i can hardly care about what i wear... And surprised myself because i actually love how it looks on me!
Hm, on second thought it looks more like a teepee than a tent
To match the orange in my dress, my makeup was dominated by peachy hues :
Of course, simple is the way to go on holidays!
This has got to be the greenest outfit post yet hahaha
All pictures were taken in Eco Green Park, Batu-Malang. It was during weekday (Little O got a break from school after getting his report card) so the place was deserted-perfect for outfit photo taking without getting stares!
I literally got to pose in every nook and cranny!
Posey, posey LOL*
One thing about loose maxi dresses, they are incredibly comfortable! I definitely could sleep in them!
The wind was blowing, like it's cooperating with the photoshoot (taken by one very grumbly hunny hahaha)
Practicing my model face HAHAHAHAHA
Outfit details :
Orange and creme striped maxi dress : Random FO in TP
Bunny bag : online store (the strap it originally comes with was too short for me to sling #rathertallasiangirlsproblem so i took a strap from another bag and exchange them!)
Sunnies : gift from L (VNC)
Bling sandals : Matahari Department Store (bought in Makassar, what do you know!)

Oh, and the necklace and this matchy bracelet :
Were bought in Krisna (Bali), they were around IDR 5.000-10.000 each *love cheap stuffs*. The white glittery knot hair ties is Lulla, obviously.

Btw if anyone's wondering where i get the title of this outfit from, it's because it reminds me of that milky orange lollipops, the color's so similar except the candy's pattern's swirly, obvi!

K, that's all for today folks, stay tune for the actual post of the mini escape, soon!


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