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It's very rare that #Pink and I (this is obvi #Undecided, HELLO!!) find ourselves in love with one particular thing, at the same time. You know, because our styles are very very different... But one of the things we do have in common is oily roots. 

Hi guys! #Pink here! Yup, it's only the second time we're doing a double review and #Undecided's 3rd product review (in almost 2 years LOL) because she's the kind of person who would rave on something she's crazy about and nothing else (or extremely disappointed of! It's always the extremes with her haha).

Right... LOL. Anyway, we can't go a day without washing our hairs. They will go so oily and limp. Totally unattractive, not to mention disgusting especially when you wear your bangs like us, major ew since they practically are in direct contact with our faces LOL. 

It had been one constant battle, us against our hairs. Right until we found Batiste.
Behold. My true love.
This one's the Original. There are other variants, but for first tries, #Pink and I both opted for the Original ones.

I've always been interested in the idea of a dry shampoo, to be honest with you. The possibility of prolonging a salon blow dry, or not having to deal with crazy oily hair that i just washed the day before (for example, if i am going for yoga today then i would wait until yoga's finished then i'd shampoo. That'd be at night and my hair would already be super disgusting in the afternoon! That's when the dry shampoo would def be my hero!) is just... heavenly! It's quite hard to find dry shampoo at stores locally (not to mention people who goes like "Dry shampoo??? For what??? Isn't it for sick people who can't wash? Duh, what century is this now?), i've heard of Batiste for a while but most of the online shop that stocks them refuse to ship them to Surabaya (Juanda, you sucks...)! 

Me too!! Especially because I always always have to blowdry my hair (I have lots of em, okay, and they're VERY thick so airdrying them will take hours and I cannot sleep with wet hair without getting severe headache after), and I always wash them at night - so time consuming, I could be making out with hubby / snacking / lazing around but instead I have to sit and do nothing (can't watch TV either, you do know how loud blowdryers are right LOL) but my hair for at least 30 minutes... So annoying...

And about our quest for dry shampoo, we even searched high and low for Batiste in Taiwan to no avail, remember, bb?! 

Yeah... I was so desperate i had to resort to Etude House's version of dry shampoo, which was a MAJOR disappointment (review in the future, when i have the mood to write negative reviews haha) and almost put me off dry shampoo for good but i decided to give Batiste a chance. If you've been following this blog for a bit then you'd know that i went to Jakarta again on June, that's when i took the chance to order Batiste (i was kiasu and ordered two) from an IG seller and i've been in love since the first spritz :p. I raved about it to #Undecided and she managed to find a seller who would send Batiste to Surabaya, and now we're both in love!
Yes yes, it is perfect.

I'm guilty of NOT following the "30cm from hair" rule LOL.
Me too, you'll see from my pictures later :p

Ingredient: magic. LOL.
Sorcery :p
And just like any other aerosol-filled-bottles, don't use em near fire!
So as kiasus, we both managed to get our hands on the bigger sized can with 200ml worth of magic dry shampoo. It comes in a tall aerosol can that feels sturdy and weighty (unlike the Etude House one that shocked me when i first got it, it was light as air! No wonder it ran out after my 8th use or less WTF).
The original variant is dominated with all shades of green swirl. I am personally not crazy about green but i do love mint and neon green, so i still find the can quite pleasing on the eyes and cheerful looking.
It has a great nozzle that makes application easy (not too hard to push that you'd hurt your finger trying to use it!) and non-messy.
Me spraying the can on my disgustingly oily, limp and stringy hair! That's def not 30 cm, #Pink!
You did better, #Pink! When I use it, the bottle is so much closer to my head! Even got some of the powdery product on my forehead on my first try LOL.
My hair-before. I dunno if you can see it, but when i blow up the picture i can actually see oil beads in my scalp! IYYYUUUCCCKKKKK!!!
My hair AFTER
Like the instruction suggested, it's SUPER DUPER easy to use! Just spray the dry shampoo to your scalp in sections, rub it freely and then comb! Viola! Bouncy, light and airy hair immediately!
Before and after!
The texture of the dry shampoo is... well, powdery! I think most of you know that the DIY version of dry shampoo is by dabbing loose powders on your roots? Yeah, it's a bit like that, only the powder is 10x finer, it's not messy and so much more simple as you do not need any other tools! The stupid EH dry shampoo was not powdery enough, they leave my hands feeling sticky while Batiste's definitely leave powdery trail on my hands after rubbing them in.

I am also in love with the fresh, citrusy scent that is good enough for even a non-citrus scent fan like me, yet not too strong that it made me dizzy (again, that EH one. Seriously) or clash with my perfume. The 200 ml one also stores enough dry shampoo for me to use 3-4 times a week, and i think it's still more than half full after more than a month.

In short? It's P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Yeah, and in my case, I don't even comb my hair after application. I just use my fingers to massage the dry shampoo onto the scalp and then voila!

Here, let me show you! 
This photo was taken after W's baby shower (will write a post about it later). FYI, I washed my hair the night before. Pinned my bang up (had to wash my face) for around 3 hours because I was using my nano spray before nap.
This is what happened after 3 hours. Quite oily and they refused to be combed down.
One nice spray of Batiste Dry Shampoo Original.
Massaged them in a bit - follow the arrow to see some of the product not massaged in thoroughly yet.
End result!! Fab bang - just like how it looks when I finished straightening them, even bouncier if I may say so myself... And oh, I just have to say that we just did another coloring session with Ndaru and as per usual, I'm loving the result!! Thank you, Ndaru :)

So, the all important question we ask ourselves when writing a review, will we repurchase them? 

A big fat YES!!!

Tell you a little secret, #Pink already has 4 bottles (a true hoarder LOL) and I already have 2, but I really really want to buy the other variants especially the Dark Brown and Lace!

I actually bought my 2nd bottle as a baby shower gift for W, which I forgot to bring to the party LOL (more on that later). Maybe it's the universe's way of letting me have both to myself hahahaha...

This dry shampoo is perfect for everyone with oily scalp (just as yours truly), and I highly recommend it to new moms whom have to follow the rules of not washing their hairs for a month or so after giving birth (now I can cross that worry off my list IF I ever decide to be preggers LOL).

My bottle goes with me everywhere now. So, in love?! TRY OBSESSED!!!


Our fab hairs say hi,
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. katanya sih batiste banyak dijual kaya di mothercare gitu, di toko2 baby. ga tau yah di mothercare sby ada ga. shipping dr olshop jkt yah? jadi hrs pake ekspedisi darat kan? punyaku juga lg ontheway nih hehehe.. cant wait to try^^

    1. Oh.. di Sby di baby shop ga pernah kelihatan sih, di mothercare jg ga ada hehe. Tp ada bbrp stalls yg jualan tp agak jarang jd nya ya beli di IG aja :) lg an OS kyk nya lbh murah ya... Iya dr Jkt kalo ga salah, yg psnin #Undecided sih aq ngikut aja hehe

  2. Aku juga sukaaaa ini ce min + ce pauline... Aku punya yg blush.. Krg suka bau e.. Krg seger.. Trllu manis...

    1. Ohh kalo ga suka yg manis cobain yg original ini Sab, seger2 gitu :D

  3. Ahhh jd tambah pengen nyobain >__<
    btw lucu baca kalian ngomong2 ndiri di post ce.. wkwk
    mungkin ada baiknya lain kali tulisannya diganti warna gitu ce? XD biar lbh gampang mengidentifikasi c mindy dan c pauline

    1. Kalo di ganti warna takutnya clashing sama background nya malah nyusahin pembaca nya, makanya di bedain font sama kalo ganti org jd miring tulisannya :)

  4. Looking at how the bottle is packaged, I thought this was a mosquito sprayer! Haha whoa it looked very unconventional as shampoo. I've never tried applying dry shampoo before and this is so interesting. Wouldn't you have dandruff though?

    1. Hahaha, looks more like a hair spray for me! No no no, no dandruff at all! It disappeared into your hair (and absorbing sebum at the same time) after a few secs.

  5. must have item banget ini, aku pake blush dan puas banget. useful banget buat rambut gampang lepek dan berminyak hihi. anyway yg original baunya nyegrek gak?

    1. Iya, we love Batiste! Original wangi nya seger tp ga nyegrak kok :)

  6. I've heard good things about this batiste product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.