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Hi guys!

OMG, this post is so backdated i can't even *but expect as crazily backdated posts like this, expect them abundantly LOLOLOL* explain... Like i said in my Bali OOTDs post, i plan to do this kind of travel OOTDs posts whenever i couldn't show you proper OOTDs in the actual travel posts. It serves as a journal for me and to help guide any of you (who're interested) to dress properly for those destinations (in the weather at the time that i went, of course).

Now, this is my OOTDs compilation of our Taiwan Trip from August last year (don't choke. I still have OOTDs from longer that i kinda forgotten about but still want to post :p) and it was at the PEAK of summer. It was super HOT, summers in Surabaya is nothing compared to that summer in Taiwan -___-.
First thing first, flying outfit :
I almost always wear the same style whenever i'm flying, comfy long tops, tights/leggings and sneakers!

Carousel Long Top : Online, Patterned Legging : Mangga Dua, Jakarta, Bag : Fiorucci
Closer look at the print. I fell in love with the carousel horsey (i'm all for whimsical, fantastical prints for sure!) that it justified the price of this top, which is a lot more than the amount i would usually pay for tops!
FOTD, which like always-would be the same FOTD throughout the trip (coz i always bring only one item per makeup!) with the only variation being the eye shadow color (coz i brought an eye shadow duo instead of a mono *LOL*)
Outfit #2, which i wore to CKS Memorial Hall and Hello Kitty cafe :

I'm all for themed look, so when i'm visiting Hello Kitty Cafe of course i have to dress in a Hello Kitty something! I ended up trading the pink tierred skirt with a grey loose skort since you can hardly see the skirt anyway, i feel like it'd be such a loss (coz the skirt's too cute) to be hidden like that. And i would've worn a hello kitty bow if i had any-i didn't, so the baby pink devil horns should do!
Grey Inner Top : Random FO in TP, Hello Kitty Tank Top : P. Atum, Pink Tierred Skirt : Aegeshii (now defunct)

FOTD. Told ya i just changed my eye shadow into a baby pink one hahaha
Outfit #3 and #4 that i completely forgot (and no time!) to snap a proper pic of...

Sulley Hooded Top : Giordano, Grey Skort (yes, i re-wore it, couple of times. Whatevs, you can't be 100% hygienic when you're traveling :p) : Magnolia, Yellow Knitted Cardi : Online, Sneakers : Nike, Turquoise Sunnies : New Look.
Wore it on the way to Hua Lien and the night market

Ruffled-arms Inner : Forever 21, Popeye Tank & Shorts set (it's actually a couple set, i gave the Olive Oyl's to #Undecided but she said it was too tight for her *sigh*) : Online, Fedora Hat : New Look, Pink Floral Slippers : Sungei Wang, KL.
Wore it the whole day at Hua Lien (Part 1, Part 2)

Even though i wore that skort a lot in this trip, i also packed some girly dresses because let's face it, i'm the girliest girl there is and i feel the most like myself whenever i'm wearing them! (Yep, i went to Taroko National Park which required us to walk a lot and even some minor climbing in a dress, LOL) That's why outfit #5 and #6 are both Zara dresses (that i bought in Jakarta when i went to that "business trip". It's actually very uncommon for me to wear something that i just bought, i usually hoard them for months, or more accurately years before i wear them-simply due to the fact that i have hundreds of unused new clothes queuing to be worn... And i hate to wear the stuffs that is "trendy" coz everybody's wearing them too!)!
Floral Cotton Dress : Zara. Sorry, i didn't realize that the material was super easy to crease!!! And please don't mind my super bloated tums, the last time my tum got  that big was when i was 7 months pregnant LOLOLOLOL. Mainly water retention and wind (that i peed out within 2 days after i got back to Indonesia. WTF i know, so weird). I may have gigantic arms and thighs, but a big tummy is definitely not something i am used to :p. I wore this the whole day until Shilin too! (i am not your typical "Life's too short to wear one outfit everyday" kind of fashion blogger, obvi)
My constant companion in that trip : the New Look fedora hat! And ice cream of course, i think i consumed ice creams almost everyday when i was in Taiwan, can't stand the cray cray heat!
My fave outfit, outfit #6!!! Super simple but girly and feminine, just the way i like it...
White Chiffon Dress : Zara. Wore it to to Good Cho's and Tamsui!
The chiffon dress was light, airy and totally perfect for the crazy Taiwan heat! Anyway, to emphasize the fact that i don't really check the stuffs that i bought at all, i didn't even know that the back of the dress was completely sheer (that you can see my striped navy bra clearly) until half the day when i accidentally got a glimpse of my back on Taipei 101's bathroom mirror! LOL. That sheer back only makes me love this dress more!

The last outfit... i didn't planned carefully. What i thought was a dress *yes, i packed half blindly, just grab whatever i thought would work and be done with it. I wish i am a more careful planner, but i am just not LOL* turned out to be a long top. Thought i could just wear it with a tights and be done with it, but obviously it was too short *LOL*. I wasn't armed for this wardrobe malfunction so i just wear my security shorts and act like it's part of a carefully planned outfit. Nobody made a comment about my strange outfit (i guess they're just used to me looking crazy...) so i think it was not that cray?

I also completely forgot that our flight was very late at night and dressed for a cold airport/airplane, not weighing in the fact that i still had to roam Taiwanese melting heat the whole day in the very same outfit! LOL. So this last outfit is actually somewhat a "What not to wear" in the peak of Taiwanese summer!

Again, no clear picture of the outfit, i think i looked to crazy to take a decent OOTD pic :p.
Black Inner Top : Random FO in TP, Bunny Long Top : Online, Patterned Tights : Mangga Dua (Jakarta)

And that's it! My advice if you are traveling to Taiwan at the peak of summer? Wear comfortable, airy and light outfits! LOL. Sadly i am not one of those fashionistas that still dress up to the nines with different bags/shoes/accessories every day to make sure they still look stunning in their travels, i prefer to pack as light as possible and dress as comfy as possible as well, but i do try to look decent!

Hope you enjoy this post and learn from my mistakes on what NOT to wear! LOL.


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  1. I have almost the same fedora hat. It's best to wear in summer. How hot is hot? You should have brought sleeveless shirts as well. :D

    1. It was around 39 degrees at the peak? A lot hotter than what i am used to (but i mostly stay inside a full air-conditioned rooms in Indonesia anyway LOL). Well yeah, i have huge arms and sleeveless anything is not an option for me haha

  2. followed your blog !
    please follow my blog back :))
    cute outfit :*