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Hey ho!

We didn't actually watch as many movies as we usually do in May, mostly because i was pretty darn busy the whole month (i'm not complaining, i was busy having fun!) but we ended up watching only great movies, so it's a GREAT thing! 
Quality over quantity, right? Let's start with the reviews, shall we?

I mentioned this movie briefly on last month's movies reviews (i'm confusing myself on end with this, should i call this movie reviews of movies review? Or movies reviews? Coz i just review them all at one go? ARGHHH) that i really really liked this movie and that it's a must watch, i stand by my words, completely puzzled on why it only scored 6.6 in IMDb!

Carly (the ever hilarious Cameron Diaz) discovered that her sexy, thoughtful and downright perfect boyfriend is married, and while she is trying to get her scrambled life back in track, she accidentally meets the wife of that very man. When they realized that they had so much in common, an unlikely friendship blossomed between the two. They then found out that there is YET another woman, together they planned a payback for their cheating, lying, three-timing hubby/boyfriend.

It's HILARIOUS. There aren't that many female comedies out there but when the rare ones like this comes out, it totally leaves an impact! Of course it's not exactly believable (really, is there any woman as gullible as Kate? Well, maybe there is but i'm sure there aren't that many of them! I hope...) and there are plenty of plot holes, but it's a freaking comedy movie, people! There are more holes in any Adam Sandler movie than a sieve but that doesn't stop people from watching his movies, right?

I LOVE Cameron Diaz, she's definitely one of the funniest hot woman out there that makes other women want to be her friend rather than bring her down (coz she's so hot and all), and Leslie Mann... Can she be any more ADORABLE? I do agree that Kate Upton is the weak link in this movie, but man.. It sure feels good to see someone that's nowhere near skinny to be the epitome of sexiness and be deemed the most lust-after one instead of the skinny ones haha. I'm highly recommending this if you want to have a little mindless, nonstop laugh. Watch out for a bit of water works towards the end!

Okay so i was a bit skeptical (Alright alright, a LOT) about this one because the last few of Donnie Yen's movies... The word BAD comes to mind when i think about them *LOL*. But this one is actually very entertaining, unexpectedly funny and engaging. Still you need to remember, it's one of those crazy, fantastical and comic-book type of movie, don't expect deep, meaningful plot and super believable story alright! 

He Ying (Donnie Yen) was a high ranking imperial guard framed to commit some crimes he never did. His sworn brothers were ordered to hunt him down but all four of them accidentally got burried in an avalanche. Apparently they were not dead, 400 years later they defrosted and continued the battle that was never finished back then.

I read some bad reviews especially from Westerner viewers, but really... This kind of movies would always be hard to be accepted in non-Asian minds! Not everybody gets the very Asian jokes and jabs in the movie, it got totally lost in translation, culturally. But for someone who grew up with crazy, silly Chinese movies (i love Stephen Chow, what do you know), i really did enjoy this movie and laughed nonstop. I especially love how the men from 400 years ago struggles (not for long though) to adapt to the modern world. Stupid but hilarous, to sum it up perfectly.

If you enjoy silly Asian comic-style movies with some mind blowing martial arts (it IS Donnie Yen after all), i'd recommend you to check this movie out. 100x better than the stupid Monkey King movie, LOL.

Yes, another Indonesian movie this month. I've always liked Raditya Dika's movies (and boy, is he productive or what? I think he has like two to three movies in one year at some point!) because of the simpleness, silliness and the great heart they always have. And this one's no exception even though Raditya Dika himself is more like a supporting cast in this movie that's based on his fourth book (about his younger self back in high school).

This simple (but hilarious) movie tells the story about young Raditya Dika (played by Christoffer Nelwan) and his old best friend, Bertus (played by Julian Liberty, who TOTALLY stole the movie) and their adventures to be cool in high school (in Dika's case mostly to impress this girl named Ina). They tried lots of different tactics and failed miserably until one day they (alongside another member-a girl, Cindy) formed a detective club and began solving multiple "cases". 

I couldn't stop laughing from start to finish of this movie, what i really like about Raditya Dika is he's never afraid to let people laugh at him (instead of with him...). His simpleness is what makes him unique. And he scored when he casts Julian Liberty who totally brings the funniness of this movie to another level. It's a shame that he totally overshadows the guy who's playing young Dika, but i don't think it's a bad thing since he saved what could possibly be a very bland movie if played by the wrong actor into something that we all (hunny, KC, CL, Au and Mt) enjoyed from start to finish. I totally admire Raditya Dika as he single-handedly built Indonesia's stand up comedy scene!

I don't know where i've been but i honestly didn't even know they were remaking Godzilla! LOL. Since i really disliked the previous remake, i wasn't too thrilled when hunny's announcing we're watching this movie *LOL*, but then i saw someone tweeted that it scored 9.8 (it's now fell to 7.2 though haha) in IMDb, i was intrigued.

A scientist working in a Japanese nuclear plant (Joe Brody) lost his wife when there's an unexplainable (later deemed as earthquake) unusual seismic activity. Not being able to let go, 15 years later his now US Navy officer son had to fly all the way back to Japan because Joe was arrested for trespassing to the quarantined site that used to be their living and working area. Little that they know his research actually connected to an unknown, super powerful and scary monster-like creature (that gobbles up nuclear as a snack WTF) called MUTO that soon turned the world into chaos and only Godzilla can face it.

Like so many other previously silly and kiddish movies, Godzilla's turned into a much darker, more serious kind of movie. Of course, the very idea of a Godzilla itself is still pretty silly, but they way they packaged the whole thing makes it a lot easier for us to imagine there's a very distant (VERY) possibility that this might happen *LOL*.

I myself find this movie to be quite okay, a bit draggish at parts actually (maybe because i find scientific dialogs boring?), but pretty entertaining and engaging as a whole. The CGI was awesome of course, a far cry from the previous remake, but it's not something that i'd want to watch twice (quoting my hunny when i asked him to describe movies he finds epic), i still prefer Pacific Rim over this, actually. But there's this guy :
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Super easy on the eyes eh? A bit too generically handsome for me but enough to keep my eyes plastered on the screen *LOL*, still i was wondering through out the movie why this guy seems so damn familiar? Little that i know...
That THIS was also him
LOLOLOL. Seriously, i always thought he looked stupid (but had a great body in the second one) in Kick Ass, who knew underneath those nerdy persona and crazy curls there's this hot guy waiting to come out? Anyway, he's right at that age limit that #Undecided and i set to be "untouchable" (that is if a guy's born after 1989) because drooling over them make us pervertic pedos (not that he'd mind, knowing his wife is more than twice his age. Yes, i stalked him on the net LOL). 

Oh, back to the movie! It's pretty entertaining and all (i'd say it's a guy's movie though) so it's worth a watch. For me personally, the hype's just a bit too exaggerating but then again i don't have a pair so it might cloud my judgement for this genre.

Okay so, boys movies or not, if it's played by one of my oldest crush, Tom Cruise, then it's a must watch for me. I mean...
Tom Cruise
So what if he's old enough to be my dad? LOL. Okay2, #slaps self. Where was i? Right. His newest movie. 

The world is invaded by a highly intelligent, perfectly evolved alien race called Mimics. Major William Cage (the ever so handsome Mr. Cruise) is an officer that's never been on a single combat in his life (i take it he's more of the military's spokesperson, with his good looks and all..) was forced to join what seems to be a suicide mission. He was killed within minutes but found himself thrown into a loophole where he's living the same battle over and over again! But with every death, he's learning and increasing his skill. Alongside Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) he's fighting and finding a way to get closer to the enemy, and closer to a chance of defeating them.

I find the concept really really interesting (not so with some of the viewers who didn't bother to read the synopsis before watching it and exited the movie complaining about the repeated scenes!), the movie itself super entertaining, gripping and cool (it would be even better if the couple sitting beside us didn't bring their very young daughter who yammered, sings to herself very loudly and scrambled around whenever there's no loud banging on the screen)! I guess there are guys movies, and there are guys movies that girls can find interesting too! It's also super refreshing to see Tom in a more comedic light in an action movie! For once he's not the always cool, undefeated, brave beyond belief lead role, instead he is silly, a total coward, annoying, but the character definitely grows and you learn to root for him.

Definitely my fave movie in the whole May (along side The Other Woman!), highly recommending this for any sci-fi action lovers, heck-i actually think non lovers would enjoy this too, i hate alien movies usually you know!

And that's all! Just 5, wow... I think it's the least amount of movies we've watched within a month in a long long time! We watched X-Men : Days of Future Past yesterday (due to no nanny for more than a week), i will feature it in June Movies but i can say this : i like that movie the best out of every X-Men movies we've watched!

What about you, what movies did you watch last month?
Very red looking (i was still recovering from an eye peeling treatment when this photo was taken LOL)

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  1. maleficent! :)
    bakal masuk daftar tonton lu dong bulan juni? :D

    sekarang kita lagi nungguin how to train your dragon 2

    1. Ya donk... Baru aja main nih Maleficent di Indo, segera di tontonnn :D
      Wahhh, smg cepet main dsini juga HTTYD2 nya!

  2. Thanks for sharing ur list of fav movies.. the other woman is what i wud watch.. xoxo

    1. Hehe, it's actually the list of all the movies we watched in the cinema in May :)..