#Pink and #Undecided's Taiwan Trip : Day 2 (Hello Kitty Cafe)

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Happy Monday, Everybody!

I know that Monday is supposed to be an annoying day, so here we are with another joint entry to entertain y'all. I promise (this is #Undecided, btw) that this entry is NOT WORDY AT ALL *poke A* hehehe... 

Anyway, we left you last time with Boss Re's family enjoying the (not so good) street ice cream in Part 1. After that we went underground again to take the MTR and then we had to walk for a bit, and finally.....
We saw THIS!!
This is #Pink and welcome to Hello Kitty Cafe, everyone!

As you can see, i dressed up for Hello Kitty cafe! I don't have Hello Kitty ears/bow headband so the furry baby pink horns should do! I got it from Warna in Jakarta. Put on Hello Kitty long tank for obvious reason! Random inner, Magnolia skort and baby pink floral slippers from Sungei Wang, KL.
I'm a die hard Hello Kitty fan, and ever since i read Xia Xue's (and friends) blog entry of her visit to this Hello Kitty Cafe in Taipei, i knew i HAD to go there some day! Some day came much sooner than i expected when #Undecided told me they're coming to Taiwan for her and her hubby's honeymoon and invited us to tag along! I begged, pleaded, threatened and forced her to agree to go there! I'd love to visit Barbie Cafe too but i can do that in the next visit, but the most important one's Hello Kitty, obvi!

Hello Kitty Cafe's very famous and always jam-packed *mostly by tourists i guess*, so we were very lucky because one super sweet lady, Ashley, very kindly booked us a table long before our actual visit. Thank you again, Ashley!

As soon as we entered the pink and pastel colored cafe, i immediately squealed over the super duper triple uber cute Kitty cakes!
My ultimate fave, but it's too big to have by myself obvi. Would love this kind of cake for my bday but then again i might never cut it because it's too cute!!!
We arrived earlier than our appointment time so we had to wait for a little bit for our table to be ready.
Super cute place *SCREAM*, and love the waitresses' outfits as well!
Here's the cashier area, equally as cute!
And the bartender!
As for me, well, I'm not super into cutesy stuff, but I could appreciate all the hard work people put into making this place. The detail is superb. They clearly knew what to do to make you feel like you're truly in Hello Kitty's world. 
Had to snap quickly due to the heavy traffic to and fro upstairs (the place was packed!!) hence the blurry photo.
#Pink was clearly in her element that day hahaha
This is how the second floor of the cafe look like :)
We were lucky to get the cutest corner. Thanks again, Ashley!!
I'm NOT shy! I'm showing you the menu hahahaha
Our corner!
Do you see the super cute Hello kitty head lamp?
This is how it looks like up close and personal. Can you imagine how one had to prop themselves to be able to capture it from this angle? Haha
This is a coaster, can you believe that? I had to "rescue" as much as i could (and yep, i brought it home obvi)
#Pink asked Boss Re to pose for this pic but truthfully she only wanted to snap the waiter's uniform hahaha... Sorry Boss Re :D 
(Actually not only the uniform but also the waiter himself, he looked like he belonged to one of those girly boybands my niece Au loves so much, i wonder if he's wearing BB Cream LOLOLOL)
Remember what I said about details... See!
Every corner has a different decoration
If I can only complain about one thing though, it's the wait time until we get our cakes. We literally had to wait for around 1 hour before they started serving the appetizer/kitty pudding (which was weird because it was high tea time!). 
Boss Re and wifey lookin bored
Andddd down he went. Hahahaha...
#Pink made the most of the waiting time with cam-whoring around the upstairs LOL
Am so in love with the super cute star studded pink bench!
Xia Xue (and QiuQiu, Aud and Cheesie, basically all the bloggers that went there together) all said that the desserts were super bad, they're barely edible! I remember someone even said that it tasted like plastic WTF hahaha so we were quite worried lah. Oh, in case you're interested to come here someday, they (like a lot of Taiwanese cafes and restaurant) have a minimum spending policy. Each person has to spend at least NTD 300.

Ordering were proven pretty hard because the waiter (and 90% of Taiwanese we met during our trip) doesn't speak a word of English. Even after we painfully finished ordering (like, 15 minutes in total LOL), we had to re-do because apparently they have a much more value-for-money package, where you pay NTD 300 and get a cake+drink. Thank you Joe for helping us order hahaha... 

Like i said, we were worried about the taste. So when the cute milk pudding arrived everybody tentatively took a bit, and let out a sigh of relief. It's not fantastic or whatever, but it's not bad at all!
Yes, i cam-whored with every single item i could find there
After the (free) puddings were served, we had to wait a LOT longer for our orders to arrive! And cam-whoring session continued...
Almost everybody in the cafe also shamelessly moved around taking pictures in every booths, nooks and crannies so there's no reason to be ashamed hahaha
Errr... Joe, why did you cut out portion of #Undecided's face here? Hahaha
I even went to the bathroom to explore and cam-whore hahaha. The bathroom's a must visit okay, super cute!
With amazing lighting!
Even after all of the puddings and the (loads of) photos taken, we HAD to wait some more!! Now not only Boss Re dozed off.
Both Boss Re and wifey did! Hahahaha...
Even hubby!!!!
Obviously #Pink and I didn't want to doze off because who knew what kind of picture THEY might snap of us (you know, for revenge LOL), so #Pink took out her Bio Essence's Bio Spring Water and started spritzing it on our faces. Joe was intrigued and surprisingly he was SCARED of spritzing it on his face hahahaha... Look at his silly expression. 

And AT LAST!!! The cakes started arriving. And their appearance didn't disappoint! Now we KNOW why it took them forever to prep. We jokingly said that maybe they would redo the detail if there's a smudge or if they misplaced the chocolate dusting LOL.
Hubby's plate. I personally think that the dark choco kitty is the CUTEST just because it's not pink (the color ya, not the person) hahahahaha
This is a cheese cake with Oreo crumbs. The taste: (to be really frank) yucky! LOL. Worst cheese cake I've ever tasted. 
My plate!
Another brown kitty and I LOVED it!! This is a Tiramisu and even though it wasn't spectacular (a bit bland!), it was okay, I could finish it LOL 
The choco dusting. Super pretty yaa...
Yes, that's a macaroon behind the slice of apple and strawberry, but it was extra sweet. Didn't finish it.
Super cute straw but highly impractical! Every time i took a sip, it will spritz coffee all over my white top! WTF. I ended up obsessing and scrubbing my top with wet wipes for hours HUHUHU
Again, look at the detail! Very thoughtful, don't you think!
This is hunny's cake (i might force him a little bit to order this coz it's pink...), it was surprisingly quite good! It's called... errrr... toffee something2 hehe i forgot
A grown man's annoyed expression of being forced to eat a pink cake hihihi, oh and i dressed him in that pinkish peach Uniqlo dry tee to match the theme today
It's soft and not too sweet, pretty good!
And the cutest of them all, MY order!!!
Poor Kitty got discoloration on her head though *PFFFTTTT*
My FOTD for Hello Kitty Cafe, soft and simple. Soft pink eye shadow with black and white eyeliner, soft violetish pinky cheeks and SilkyGirl's Pop Soda in Strawberry lips topped with VOV lip care in Cherry
The consistency was pretty similar to hunny's, very soft! Mine was... haih i dun remember the name lah, but it was sweet and sour-so maybe it was peach/strawberry flavored. It's tiny (thank God) and not too sweet so i wasn't nauseated and finished the whole thing! Yes, the white chocolate Kitty included! It was not spectacular *as expected* but still much better than i thought it'd be!
Then we went to cam-whore some more in the toilet hahaha
I don't usually show public toilets in our blog *yuck*, but this one's baby pink and cute and blog-appearance worthy!
This is how i dream how my baby girl's nursery would look like, what baby girl though? Hahahaha
I think this one's used to serve when you order their high tea set or something?
We're done eating our desserts, and guess what... #Undecided's hubby whined already, he kept on saying he wanted to go to his old university. I was a bit puzzled on why he wanted to go there, was it to show off his uni? WHY? Apparently i was wrong, he wanted to go there JUST FOR SOMETHING TO EAT. Yep. So we went for lunch, followed by high tea in Hello Kitty Cafe, and then straight to have dinner! WTH. No wonder our tummies bloated so crazily the next day (thank God my tum's now back to normal, i was worried it'd never flatten back again!)! And thankfully the place's quite far from central, it took us more than an hour to reach the place. Will tell you more about it in the next post!

Before we said goodbye (hikhik, i wish we never had to leave) to my dreamland, we cam-whored a little bit more!
Quite possibly my fave pic of all, it's pinky and dreamy *LOVE!*
Yes, we cam-whored in every different designed-booth, every body did-don't judge us :p
And that's our visit to Taipei's Hello Kitty Cafe! We had tonnes of fun, and even though the guys moaned and complained, i don't care! Hahaha. Especially #Undecided's hubby *coz our respective hubbies loves nothing more than to annoy us-her hubby to me and mine to her* who kept on complaining about "How expensive" it was. Really, NTD 300's like IDR 105.000, for one cake+one drink it CAN'T be categorized as expensive, not by a mile. You'd spent around that much too anywhere in Indonesia, puh-lezee. But he couldn't dampened my excitement. Hello Kitty Cafe, i heart youuu!

I hope you love reading (or more like browsing the photos haha) this as much as we love snapping pictures here to show you! Don't forget to look forward to out next Taiwan adventure's entry!
#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. OMG everything's so cute and pink!!! <3 <3 too bad the food is mediocre and the waiters don't speak english :(

    1. Oh yeah, i (#Pink) was in heaven hahaha... Yep, it's mediocre but that's still much better than we expected hahaha, gimmicky places tend to serves horrible foods -___-...

      Yes, 90% of Taiwanese we met didn't speak a word of English, haish...

  2. It looks really cute!! Wish that I visited there last time I traveled to Taiwan...

    Would you like to follow each other on Google+? Take a look into my blog and let me know!
    Makeup review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

    1. Yes, i'd be devastated if we didn't go, it's one of my MOST visit place haha :)..

      Sure, just let me know if you've followed us and we'll definitely follow back :)

  3. lucu banget!!!
    makanan2nya terutama... rasanya sayang banget buat dimakan ya.. hahaha

    1. I know right!!!
      Sampe nyari yg kira2 ada mainannya (soalnya ada blogger yg blg dy pesen yg apanya gitu bisa d bawa pulang, mug nya or something) yg bisa d simpen tp ga ketemu huhuhuhu

    di korea jg ada ci ^^ lucu2 banget hehe, sayang wkt itu aku ga bs banyak camwhoring saking capeknya T^T
    postnya -> http://www.xiaovee.com/2013/05/miss-flower-korea-trip-day-1-seoul.html

    1. Yesss, so much cuteness it drove me NUTZZZ hahahaha
      Yahh sayang bgt yah Shelll, will be checking your post :)

  5. Following you back now !

    By the way, I want to invite to attend my giveaway!
    Giveaway: Lioeles Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++ 50ml

  6. Absolutely every little thing is so super cute!!! Not that impressed by how long you guys had to wait and the fact the food was OK rather than really yummy. I think you both did so well to even get your guys to agree to go in there with it being so pink! :0D

    1. Yes, super duper cute! Oh well, we went there for the decor and the experience though, kinda expected the food to be mediocre so we weren't disappointed :). Oh yeah, we dragged them screaming and kicking hahaha :D

  7. With blogs like this around I don't even need website anymore.
    I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.