Event Report : Profira New Treatment Launching and Makeup Demo

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Greetings, earthlings!

I hope the first day of the week doesn't struck y'all too hard and nobody's having too bad of a Monday blue!

Alright so, last week i got an e-mail from Yendy Hartanu (Operational Dir.) of Profira Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic inviting me to their new treatment launch (plus a make up demo) in their clinic in Jl. HR Muhammad 41, Surabaya. I have this crippling fear of attending events solo (an apparent flaw in a blogger, i know...) so i asked my event-going-partner-in-crime to accompany me (with Yendy's approval, of course), G. Yendy was even kind enough to let me bring my blogging friends, Katherine, Sabrina and Yozellyn as well (thank you, Yendy!)-we were joined with a few other bloggers that were invited personally by Profira as well :).

Not only that, she was also patient enough to reply my obsessive-paranoid e-mails (because the girls agreed to come one by one and i had to register their names to Yendy multiply times. G even bailed and then at the very last minute decided to come anyway zzzz, still Yendy didn't lose her cool *LOL*. I counted and there were like, 15 e-mails back and forth OMG).

So anyway, we attended the Total Lift Launching & Makeup Demo (J-Pop Style) last Saturday :
Katherine, moi, Yessy, Sabrina, Yozellyn, Stella Lee, Xiao Vee, G and... errrrr.... Widya, wasn't it?
 I was running a bit late (what's new) because i had a little nail polish emergency (damn this super hard to apply purple nail polish from Collection as well as my crappy current top coats! I'm so going back to Revlon's Top Speed and stop experimenting!) but thankfully there were very minimal traffic jams to the West (because it's on a weekend, thank God) and we arrived at around 11.20 (the invitation was at 11)-the event hadn't even started yet, yay!

We quickly made our way to the second floor with no time at all to absorb the environment of the clinic's lobby, but no worries-i took my time AND some pictures after the event :). To be completely honest with you, i have never heard of Profira before (and had the hardest time remembering the name) so i was glad for this opportunity to get to know Profira and their services. When i told my mum about this, she actually said "Ohh, there..." coz she knows all about it. I like to think that it's because of the Anti-Aging tag on their name so it's more familiar for the older generation, not that my mum knows more of hip places than me...

The view that greeted us. There were fingers food and drinks served beautifully at a buffet table at the back, but i was too much of a numbskull to remember and snap it (and it was BARE by the time the event finished *LOL*).

Bloggers gotta do what bloggers do... (Well, G is not a blogger, she's a... Blogger's sidekick! LOL)
With Sab2, Xiao Vee and Zellyn. No signs of the other girls yet

The event was opened by this (hilarious) MC
Whom i cannot remember the name, but i do remember he kept on asking to be called handsome... LOL
The MC introducing the doctor that's going to do the Total Lift presentation and demo
 Dr. Aji Bayu Chandra, starting the presentation
I was quite surprise to learn that this is the doctor! Not only he looked quite young, he's also very trendy with his green jeans!
What is Total Lift? It's a new, non-surgical face-lifting treatment using toothed/clawed threads (made from Polydioxanone or PDO, totally biodegradable and safe. It would self-dissolve within 8 months to a year. PDO is mainly used for sewing hearts, so that's very assuring!) that would claw+grab your skin and lift it up in an instant. Total Lift's perfect target audiences are those in 40s and 50s, doesn't mean that people in their 60s cannot benefit from this treatment-it's just not going to be as effective and probably would require more threads to do so.

Dr. Aji then proceed to explain a little about aging-and how in Profira they strive to help people to NOT look 30 years younger (with no expression from too much botox *LOL*) or something equally aggresive (not that it cannot be reached, he said) but more on to help people to age GRACEFULLY. To grow older with grace and make them still look attractive (and even more charismatic as they age like George Clooney or Jamie Lee Curtis). Aging is a natural process, it will happen to everyone but it can definitely be slowed down. 

Aging skin would be dull, and the main culprit are  hyperpigmentation (from sun rays, etc), skin losing regeneration power and skin's ability to shed dead skin cells decreasing. The things you can do to prevent dullnes are with the right home care (slap on those moisturizers, people!), using sunblock, and also with peeling and laser treatements.

Other than dull, aging skin would definitely get wrinkles. What causes wrinkles? It's muscles' constant pull to skin, skin losin  dermal matrix so collagen contents decreases and the weakened support on bone or fat layer. What can you do to smoothen out wrinkles? Botox injections, of course! It rests muscles therefore muscles' pull to skin decreased and wrinkles would we smoother-preventing dinamic wrinkles to set into permanent wrinkles (so you must tackle it before it's too late!). Urban legends about botox are quite famous, that botox is toxic or cause cancers, etc. Dr. Aji said that botox is actually FDA approved and he can GUARANTEE that botox will NOT cause cancer. I'd feel secure to be handled by such a confident and assuring doctor!

Aging skin would also make one's face become concave, therefore very un-refreshed. With this volume loss, you can tackle the problem using filler injection (with hyaluronat acid). Dr. Aji claimed from all of those years performing filler injections, there was only a single allergic reaction that went away quickly with a medicinal injection, it's like 1 in 10.000 cases or more so it's nothing to be concerned about.

The last sign of aging would be sagging skin from gravity, the support has lost so the skin hangs down from one's face. The right treatment for this problem is with Profira Comfort Thermage Teraphy with RF Wave causing collagen contractions, making skin tightened and lifted. This treatment can be applied on both face and neck, you know how sometimes people with botox would have smooth facial skin but turkey neck? Totally unattractive! You can avoid that with this very treatment.

Because there are so many different ways to tackle aging problems, the right way to get the perfect result is by multi approaches. How do you know which treatments are right for you? Now, that's the doctor's job to examine and find solutions for you! They have to look at your skin condition to know what's best for you, that's why there are such things as consultations, you know! Dr. Aji also mentioned that for people with severe aging skin, it would be best to combine both Thermage Therapy (that has improving effects on skin) and Total Lift (which would grab your skin all at once but has no skin improvement effects).

Dr. Aji then proceed to start the live demo of Total Lift, while the preparations are under way he asked the audience if there're any question. The lucky three who were picked not only get their questions answered, but they also got a nice present from Profira.

One of the lucky audience, who sat in front of me so i could snap a pic easily hehe
Then the Total Lift demo started *my heart started to pound crazily, coz you know... I'm quite scared to see needles and blood T.T*.

The lady who Dr. Aji would perform Total Lift on, already had topical anesthesia in advance for the preparation of the treatment
The nurse cleaning off the lady's face
Getting ready *i think i was more nervous than the lady herself...*
Started with anesthesia injection. Can you see it? No?
You're welcome. LOL
We were then motioned forward to take closer pictures, i didn't know if i was supposed to laugh (coz it's what bloggers do right, we need to get the clearest pictures possible) or cry (coz i'd be seeing the horror at a much closer promixity) hahaha. Dr. Aji already smeared the area where he's going to make a hole (HUHUHU!) with betadine.
(Btw, at this point there was a lady in veil who stopped and asked me about the lipstick i was wearing. I already told her it was from Tony Moly and promised to let her know the shade number but she left before the event ended so i never had any chance to. If somehow the nice lady ever reads this (or more likely, her daughter..) : it's Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in 02 Pink Wink)
...... *i am speechless*
Then Dr. Aji started to insert the clawed thread carefully
In and out
And her face's immediately lifted! For reals!!!
There was a roll of skin on the side of her mouth before, and it's immediately gone! With only one thread! Ideally for the patient Dr. Aji would use up to 8 threads on each cheek (Total Lift can only be applied around the cheek and neck, not forehead) but since this is just a demo (with very limited time), he only did that one there.

A pic of the instruments
The clawed thread *faints*
The MC asked Dr. Aji about the pain level, and i really love his reply "Beauty is pain, but pain is beauty's best friend". LOL. It indicates that there is a certain level of pain involved (i love that he's being so honest instead of brushing it off and say that it'd be totally painless. I mean, even the anesthesia injection would be painful, if a little!) but it'd be all worth it.

There is no long lasting side effect caused by Total Lift (except for looking younger with tighter skin, of course!), but there would be some soreness that would lasts for 1-2 days. You can wash your face without fear (be gentle though!!!) of ruining anything, but you should not massage your face for 2 weeks (so no facial or any other treatments during this time frame, please!) until the threads all settles. If your skin is extremely saggy already, there would be some bumps (caterpillar looking, i must add :p) at the places where the threads are placed *like the model lady's case* but that also would disappear within one week. If your skin condition's not that severe, the bumps won't even be visible at all.

And that signs the end of Total Lift Presentation and Demo. I felt a bit faint from both the sight of needles, threads and blood (well, if one's making a hole to insert the thread, you cannot expect no blood to be present, right?) as well as the lack of nutrition *LOL*. G came to the rescue and get me some nourishment *double LOL*.

Like i said, i didn't manage to snap a picture of the spread but in found this picture from their Facebook! Photo credit : Profira Facebook.
I like how they put an effort to make the spread pleasing on the eyes, a detail not many events in Surabaya bother with :)
Nom nom nom!
The second leg of the event was a make up demo (J-Pop style) by Stella Lee (sponsored by The Body Shop), mostly known as a beauty blogger from Jakarta (introduced by the MC as a beauty writer and an MUA). If you're familiar with Indonesia's beauty bloggers then i think her name should be pretty familiar already.
Say hi to Stella Lee :)
Without further ado, Stella started her make up demo. I didn't know that there were two sessions *LOL*, this first session was for Shibuya girls look.
Always start with a clean face, Stella showing how you should tone your face-using only one finger as to not add too much pressure on your face. Something that i myself find very hard to do coz i have no patience! LOL
And use the toner-infused cotton pas to dab the face lightly
BB Cream
Stella used 2 different toned BB Cream, the lighter ones to highlight the higher planes of your face
Blend the BB cream and set with powder
Next is the eye brow. Japanese girls usually have colored hair so the most popular brow color in Japane is brown
Then use light eye shadow colors (coz it's for everyday look, Japanese girls usually use light eye shadow colors and focus more on the eye liner and lashes)
Falsies are very important in Japanese inspired makeup, all of the make up used in this demo were from The Body Shop but Stella's using Japanese branded falsies (was it Dolly Wink? I'm not sure)
She prefers Japanese falsies than local ones because usually local falsies have uniform length while Japanese ones have different lengths, the most dolly looking ones are the ones with longer hair towards the end.
Preparing an eyelid tape..
Someone on the audience asked about the double eyelids tape Stella was using and she revealed that she's using her own brand. Apparently she's branching out to create her own line of double eyelid tapes! It's not sold for public yet, she's still working on the packaging and all...
Can you see the lady's eye become instantly bigger and doll like?
Next is the blush on!
I didn't know what's going on because a bunch of us sneaked into the bathroom and by the time we got back Stella's working on this other lady *LOL*. I think she's letting this other lady try out her double eyelid tape?
The final look for the Shibuya Girls Makeup. On a completely different matter, i think the bow in this lady's dress is super cute! Hehe
Like i said, i wasn't aware that there were two sessions for the make up demo, so i was pretty confused when a tall and exotic looking model sashayed into the seat once the first look was done. LOL.

This second session was themed "Smokey Brown Eyes", a party look this time round.
Stella went for a sexy, cat liner and to make a perfect line for both eyes she said to measure your eyes using your brush/pencil/whatever in a 45 degrees angle
The completed cat liner

Then she's working on the complexion
Using Kim Kardashian's contouring technique with triangular shape under the model's eyes
The result with natural, nude lips
And you can jazz the look up with sexy red lips
I think Stella was explaining about pearly colors to highlight the inner eyes, etc in this picture. And that marked the end of the demo!
Remember i told you we sneaked into the bathroom? To do business lah, but a selca is a must, right?
The audience was given a chance to asked questions and given nice gifts! One of the lucky lady was our very own Sabrina who got a very nice looking bag! Darn, i should've asked something! LOL
I was wearing a Cotton On (bought ona HUGE sale years ago for SGD 10 LOL, never been used of course. I only wear new clothes when i go out, mind you *LOL*) with a cut out on the abdomen (not bare, there's a mesh fabric on it. Completely see through, of course) then the super late Kathy (who arrived during the make up demo LOL) arrived with a cutout outfit also so we decided to snap an OOTD picture hahaha. Yozellyn then claimed that her jeans also got cutout so we posed together :P

Later on we realized that Yessy was also wearing a dress with cutout details on her arms *LOLOLOL*
Bloggers (+a sidekick LOL)
And one more with Stella Lee
There was a The Body Shop booth downstairs so we decided to take a peek.
There were instant consultation booths on the first floor
Oh, hello again Dr. Aji :D
TBS Booth
They're having a pretty huge sale at the moment (in all branches). We didn't get anything there coz they only accepted cash payments (we don't bring cash around, you know *LOL*)
Then before we left i snapped some more picture of the pretty lobby!

Dominated with white and yellow color. So fresh, sleek and pretty!
And here are the goodie bag from Profira :

The plastic bag on the bag is a goodie bag especially for bloggers while the smaller one's for every attendee
The small bag contained this ceramic (right? You know i'm bad at materials...) container from Gleneagles
And an IDR 100.000 voucher. Anyone's interested? You can have it! Just drop me an e-mail at mindypauline@gmail.com ! (No spamming and no promoting, please. I hate to be so snooty, but please do not send us e-mail offering 50% off or whatever on your shop in exchange for a post *____*. We only welcome full sponsorships *again, sorry for being so brutally honest!*)
While in the blogger goodie bag there was this black backpack (which is very nice, but not exactly girly LOL)
And being a (sort of) beauty blogger, this is my fave item : A Crystal Facial Mask! Can't wait to try it out :)
All in all it was a pretty nice event, if i can insert a little bit of a constructive criticism it'll be the very opposite two themes. Both the Total Lift launch and the J-Pop makeup demo were very interesting and informative, but since the Total Lift treatment is targeted for the older audience (and the majority of the attendee), it was not a surprise when most of the audience left before the whole event was done (i honestly can't see people around my mum's age to be interested in J-Pop make up!). So while it's very nice for the beauty bloggers (with me being the oldest of the bunch, the J-Pop demo was smacked at the right age-range for the bloggers) i think it got "lost in translation" to the older attendees.

Still, it was a very nice event and i would like to thank Profira for having me (and Yendy for personally inviting me as well as letting me bring 4 friends with me!). All the best for Profira Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic!

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  1. cc dress nya lucuuu *salah fokus* ahaha
    di sby kayanya ud mulai banyak event yaa, envy >,<

    1. LOL thank you Icel, Cotton On emg lucu2 deh hehehe
      Belakangan lmyn sih, don't jinx it though ntar malah kabur semua LOL

  2. Haha I had the same thought about the doctor. My dad has almost the same color of jeans. So trendy! My mom wants to experience botox to look young. She's very conscious about aging skin and might be interested in this treatment.

    1. Right! Green jeans! Wow, your dad is very trendy too, then!
      Yeah, botox is something i'd want to try when i'm older... I've been offered a (free) botox a few times for a review but i'm just too scared of needles *and getting botox at 30 seems excessive, at least for me!*!!!

  3. i see u going to all these fun events,, i did go fr one too recently where they were showcasing all beauty and make up treatments.. Thanks fr sharing.. :)

    1. Yeah, there's been some events back to back lately :). Thx for reading!

  4. iya bener, it was Widya lol
    nice post, lengkap banget and nice to meet you :)

  5. Aku ga dapet goody bag yg kecil T___T
    ce aku ijin grab foto2 nya yaa ^^ thank you ;;)

    1. Hehehe kyknya mrk ngira kita sdh ambil krn di tengah2 acara tamu2 lainnya udah pada heboh ngambilin goody bag nya gitu...
      Iya silakan...