Our Malaysian Adventure

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Hey guys!!!

If you're following me on Instagram then you'd already know that i am currently in Malaysia! I am in KL now but will be flying back to Singapore for a few more days before going back to Indonesia (i actually miss Surabaya already! Or maybe just the people i love there haha). We've been in Malaysia for about a week and had quite a wonderful time (until today. Because whenever we're about to fly my mum would  always pick a fight with me, i have no idea why fear of flying must means getting angry at oher people for no reason whatsoever, i seriously think she needs to see a shrink-i mean... It's not exactly okay!!!) putting our best tourist faces on!
That picture was taken on our second day in Penang at Penang Peranakan Mansion. We didn't do anything much on the first day (because we arrived pretty late in the evening so most touristy places were already closed) other than wandering in the malls nearby and did some shopping (mostly at Watsons and H&M). 

Other than Singapore, Malaysia is the other country we frequently visit. One, it's nearby Indonesia, and two, it's a very cheap holiday destination. Seriously, most things are so cheap here, even compared to Indonesia. Although i don't really buy clothes here (i dunno why, their fashion's so different from my style!), i never fail to go crazy at their drugstores and of course, my beloved Daisooooo!

I won't be doing the day by day blog posts like when i travel to other countries, but i will blog about some of the places we went to (mostly in Penang because we didn't do anything but shop and eat in KL, we've been to their touristy places many times in previous visits) so i'll just summarized some of the things we did while we're in Malaysia-with pictures mostly taken from my IG (let me remind you, it's @Mgirl83 *LOL*).

We ate at hawker centres :
Must be very non-Malaysian looking (or we act very un-Malaysian) because people knows we're tourists from a miles away. And i stick out like a sore thumb around Penang crowds *sigh* (but then again i'd probably only fit in Japan?). We also kept on getting excited at their food prices *LOL*, especially because we're just from Singapore and their crazy prices (esp with their cutthroat currency exchange!)!

I also kept on insisting on taking holiday OOTD slash "i've been there" shots :
Still at Penang Peranakan Mansion. I took loads of pics of the amazing place (it's actually a family resident turned heritage site slash museum) and will definitely be blogging about it, but for now please enjoy the silly ones i took with my Ipad, like this one of Hunny and KC pretending to smoke opiums (directed by the local guide, he even provided the "opium pipes" LOLOLOL) :
Even taking selfies with Au in their souvenir shop :
The song "Genie in the Bottle" plays on repeat on my head that day -___-. I also made Baby Boy pose everywhere as usual :
That's in the mansion's kitchen area. I like how they allow us to interact and touch the things, as logn as we're being respectful and careful of course!

We shopped for local delicacies (errrr, not me. My mum and CL mostly. I only bought white coffee in this store but the statues were just too cute to pass) :
Btw, we rented a car on our second day at Penang and the nice driver took us to these tourist places (contact me if you want his number in case you need a driver to take you around in Penang, he is highly recommended, Mr. Louis). After the mansion, we went to the Reclining Buddha at a Thai Buddhist temple :
Here's the reclining Buddha :
Not only that, we also went to Kek Lok Si temple (lots of temples in Penang!) to see the giant bronze statue of the Goddess Guan Yin :
Yep, that's my 'rents of course.

Selfie with my cray cray big bro. There were various ribbons with good wishes so we just had to grab some (it was mostly RM 1 per ribbon and we were very kiasu so we got like, 20 each!). FYI, i have a very multi-religion family, while i (and my mum, and hunny) am a Christian, my dad and KC are Buddhist so they spent sometime to pray while we were in those temples. Kill two birds with one stone and all.
Again displaying our kiasuness by hanging the ribbons at the top branch *LOL*. 

Apparently i've been to these places before (i mean, i remember that i've been to Penang before, but i seriously can't remember visiting these places!), but i guess i was there when i was really little (we went to Penang again during my teenage years but only went to shopping malls and eating areas) because i have no recollection of the visit whatsoever so i felt like i was there for the first time (which is great!)...
Went to Penang Hill next  :
Rode a tram to climb up and see the cool view, enjoy the breeze and snacks *LOL*
Admiring the huge hibiscus :
And getting angry at a rude group of people who bitched about us in Cantonese on the tram on the way back. We queued up for a very long time because they kept on passing people with purple ribbons (members of a private function going on while we were there) first, and after we waited for so long it was finally our turn to get in, we had to run because people were running in like there's no tomorrow. This stupid group of mannerless family came out of nowhere and snuck in when their turn should not be until the next tram-and then they had to audacity to bitch about us not giving our seats to them even though there were little kids (not so little either, around Baby Boy's age WTF). My mum understood a little Cantonese and informed us that they were calling US mannerless so i got very very angry and (as expected) started to curse at them in Indonesian, Malay, English and a bit of Chinese. That shut the shit out of them. DAFUCK. Why should we give our seats to crazy people who cute queues and had no manner whatsoever??? Crazy bitch. 


We were staying in Armenian Street Heritage Hotel because they have an affordable family rooms (with two big beds) and they looked promising on the website. I should remember that i need to run a mile away after reading the word "heritage" when i'm travelling with my mum *LOLOLOL*. It's of course, located in an old building (but the room's pretty modern. Well, not VERY modern, it's mostly wooden furniture and all) in the heart of Georgetown, the OLD city. It feels like a very old Chinese neigbourhood and a good ole, vintage neighbourhood would have anything and everything-including Funeral Services and coffin sellers *LOLOLOLOL*. My mum demanded to move to another hotel (which is new, but hey-it was built on a ground where there used to be old buildings too. And then she encountered a rather paranormal experience in that expensive hotel room and i stayed cozy and comfy in our huge room in the old hotel *LOL*).

Here's how the hall looks like :
They even had an old tricycle in the lobby as part of the decor :
Baby Boy enjoyed sitting in it so much that he preferred to sit there instead of the sofa *LOL*. The hotel also connected to some stores, one of them sells clay and Burmese jade accessories and i had to get one for myself :
Been wearing it nonstop ever since i bought it. As a Christian, i obviously don't believe in talismans, but  i like the idea "ward off bad luck"? Sounds like something very fitting for travels! And for someone staying at a supposedly haunted hotel (yes, someone wrote that in their Agoda review LOLOLOL and CL thinks their room was haunted too hence them moving FTL with my mum LOLOLOL) *wink*. It's (much) cheaper than renting another hotel room.

Btw, the hotel also connected to a very affordable, great quality (both the  very polite and prompt service to the yummy foods) kopitiam (it's actually more like a coffeeshop) called Beans Heritage where we had our breakfasts at. I had half-boiled omega eggs with buttered toasts for two days in a row :
They're just so YUMMY!!! And so was their Nasi Lemak :
We also had a "break time" and had something sweet there, Beans Heritage is probably the best thing about the hotelm, IMHO!
I definitely have a thing about gula melaka/brown sugar...

While in Malaysia, we've also been gorging ourselves silly, i mean... i actually got so stuffed that i got tummy aches (very bad ones!!!) and felt like i was in a food coma *sigh*. Here are some stuffs that we had :
Lor mee, and lor bak (wonder what lor means...) :
We also went to Sushi King and got high on Japanese foods :
Baby Boy's putting his mind on trying out chopsticks and nailed it at the first try! This boy can do anything he wants to, it's the want part that needs prodding! Darn, why is it so hard to make him want to be able to do something!!!

Btw, how cute is he in this hat?
Nope, didn't buy it coz he'll never wear it and it's not dirt cheap!!!

On the third (and final full day in Penang), we went to Tunnel of Time, the History Museum. Was quite shocked at how small the museum was...
The most fun part's definitely the trickeye area (esp the anti gravity-show you in the full blog post okay!
I randomly spotted this little bridge in the middle of nowhere and couldn't resist...
On the fourth day, we were going to Cameron Highland-of course we wanted to be early so we arranged the pickup with Mr. Louis at 11 (the bus' scheduled at 12.45 but never left until 1.30 *LOL*) and we were more than just a little bit early so we took a detour to the Snake Temple :
Where Baby Boy took a pic with a huge, very heavy snake :

Then we're finally otw to Cameron Highland!
Thankfully the hotel that i picked was a lot less disastrous than the last one. It even has a very cozy living room :
The view from our hotel :
Camerond Highland's a lot colder than i anticipated, but at night only! It's surprisingly warm in the noon.
I don't know what it is with Malaysian and sweet corn, they use them in everything like bread and even ice cream :
Snapped this pic at a small patisserie in Cameron Square (the very deserted mall in the same building as the hotel we're staying in)) :
Cameron Highland's famous for their steamboats so that's what we had for dinner!
And spent the rest of the night at the arcade (with old video games and carnival games) playing silly games because the family karaoke's way too expensive!

We had a few hours before our bus leaves for KL in the next day...

So we had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee, also in the same mall...
Went to the neighboring Bee Farm-where we spent majority of the time SHOPPING. I had a real nice honey ice cream (but honestly i tasted the lime so it's very sour, but i love sour things!) and also some honeycombs (which is very famous lately, thx to Japanese soft ice creams!) :
And went to the Butterfly Garden despite my fear of butterflies (i'm more scared of dragonflies though).
The butterflies were HUGE and they had no problems flying nearby human beings. I, however, was scared out of my wits zzzz.
There were a lot of other animals too including these "marching" lizards :

Loads of plants and beautiful flowers too, love these pink hydrangeas!!!
Then we went to KL, arrived pretty late again so we just went for dinner. Today i went totally cray cray at Daiso (bought 42 pcs of items, 90% of which were makeups, lots of them are for my friends though #defensive )... Bought some more makeups at Watsons... sigh... Can't help myself, whenever i see brands that aren't available in Indonesia....

Anyway, that's pretty much how our trp in Malaysia went down! It's very late so i better go to sleep now, hope my mum would be in a more normal mood tomorrow (shouldn't bet on it, we'll be flying back to Indonesia within days! She'll most definitely pick another fight with me ARGHHHHH so effing frustrating!). 


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