Life's Trick #2: How To Properly Meet a Dog and Their Owner(s)

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Hello people!

It's the 2nd edition of my Life's Trick series (yes I know, it's been a while, but you can read the 1st installment here), and once again it's about DOGS.
Because if #Pink's world revolves around pretty pink things, mine revolves around these two.

You know, one of my pet peeves is when I'm walking my dogs, some strangers would walk up to us, start cooing and mindlessly caressing their heads. Okay I get it, my babies are gorgeous, but how would you like it if I come up to you and start touching your head out of admiration? You'd be pissed, right?

Well, why would you think it's any different for a dog?

In dog's world, they identify others by scent. So when your dog sniffs some other dog's butts and vice versa, they actually are "shaking hands"... 
Meeting in progress - photo courtesy of google

No need to panic and start pulling on the leashes to stop em, just pay close attention in case one dog tries to dominate the other one (2 males meeting and one tries to dominate will result in a fight for sure!)

So how do a human meet a dog? 

By letting the dog uses their nose (I'm putting what I learnt from Cesar's show to good use here, yay me!) and sniff you. In dog's world, it's NOSE, EYES, and then the last one, EARS, so no need to call their names or whatever, just let them sniff your hand. And that's it. 
Put your hand in front of his nose. Let him sniff ya. Don't panic or back away when they do this for they just want to identify your scent. Jerome was quite baffled when I shoved him my hand (ACT, JEROME ACT!!) for he knows my scent by heart by now hehehe...

Once the hand is sniffed, caress their NECK.
Like this...
The cheek is also okay...
Or like this with both hands... BTW Ellis, Y U SO CUTE?!

People have this misconception (that is passed from generation to generation) that dog loves it when we pet their heads. Well sure if you've known them forever, but not when you first meet them. You might notice how a dog would pull their head back when someone tries to touch them. When your dog does this, don't scold them. But instead remind the human that they're being disrespectful towards your dog.
This is NOT how you pet a dog when you first meet them. Sure Jerome didn't mind my hand. But obviously not some stranger's hand no...

It's simple really, but what I've been saying here applies when you're meeting a BALANCED dog.
Balanced dog: relaxed stance, ears back.
LOL I have no words for this pose hahahaha...
HOWEVER, when you're in front of a dog that is staring at you intently; or barking ferociously, (if you don't have experience handling unbalanced dogs) it's advisable to consult the owner first about how to approach their dogs.  
Moving on!!
2nd pet peeve of the day is some stranger telling me that something is wrong with my dogs.
Example (this is a true story which just happened last week FML): Hubby and I were hanging out with Jerome and Ellis minding our own business then one uncle approached us. This is how the convo went down:
Uncle: "Wow what a big dog *pointing to Jerome* How old is he?"
Hubs: "He's one and a half year old *smiles*"
Uncle: "Ah... so young yet so big leh" (why am I picturing him speaking in Singlish accent!??! LOL)
Hubs: *smiles*
Uncle: "But he's quite short yea?!"
Me: "No uncle, he's around 65cm tall which is the maximum height for GSD's standard. If he's even taller than he is now, he won't be eligible to compete in dog shows.
Uncle: "My friend has this GSD and he's massive! Much taller than yours, yet won so many awards la!!"
Me: *irritated because I know for sure that the friend does not exist* "Ooo..."
Uncle: *clearly missing my disinterested tone* "And his hind legs - why not straight leh - looks odd"


Note: like I said above, there's a height limitation for a GSD to compete in dog shows. And Jerome is right on the limit (thank heavens he's no longer growing!!). If a dog is taller than him, he would be disqualified from the dog show for being too tall!
This is how a GSD's hind legs should look - not straight as his front legs!

Hubs: *disinterested tone, staring at me intently to stop me from saying something mean to the uncle* "Oh that's normal for GSD - the sharper the angle, the better"
Uncle: "so weird leh"

Then he continued to look at Ellis.
Uncle: "That's a Golden Retriever, right?"
Me: "No, that's a sheep" 

KIDDING!!! I DID NOT SAY THAT LOL. I said, "yep..."

Uncle: "How come the coat is so short?"


Seriously uncle, I barely know you, but you're balding, would you like me to point that out to your face?!

And no, Ellis' coat is not short!

People, for some people dogs are like their own kids. Please do not insult them. If we want your opinion, we would ask. If not, please keep your comments to yourself (unless of course it's "oh they're so cute" and the likes then it's okay to utter them LOL). For me personally, I have no interest in discussing my babies with someone that clearly doesn't understand dogs, and trust me, two lines into the conversation I would know whether you do or don't...

If you don't have anything nice to say, you are more than welcomed to pet my dogs, but don't be offended if I'm correcting you (in case you pet them the wrong way) because:
1/ I love my dogs and I don't want them to be disrespected (comments that say "but they're just dogs, you're exaggerating" will be deleted, so don't bother!).
2/ I don't want you to be bitten. Sure Jerome and Ellis are balanced and (most of the times) they wouldn't mind, but other dogs might not be so forgiving...

So to sum it up. Please just have some respect. It's very simple... Put it this way: to you they might be just dogs, but to their owner, they might mean the world. 
My world!
One more just because :D

After all, how would you feel if I touch the person that you love so much with my foot?!

Things to think about, everybody...


*PS: GSD = German Shepherd Dog 

** Bonus photo of Ellis' first swim time

*** Ignore hubby's tattoos LOL.

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