Lip-Talk 05 : Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Energizing Orange

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You should know by now that i absolutely am obsessed with Maybelline's Baby Lips, so obsessed that not only i own every single one of the colorless and tinted versions available in Indonesia, i also hunted the Glow version that's available in a few other Asian countries (i saw them in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, to name a few). But that's not all, when i learned that they have a Neon variant in States, i also managed to get my hands on them (only one so far, but i have every intention to collect them all!). I also would love to own all of the US  version *LOL*. I have no idea why i'm so cray cray about them, they are just lipbalms after all! I guess it's the combination of the cuteness (some people say the packaging is very nostalgic, reminiscent of lip balms we use as teenagers!), affordable price and function? I don't know, i just know that i love them! 

So you guess it, i will definitely review every single Baby Lips that i own, starting with Energizing Orange!
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Energizing Orange (photo from Google)
Now, i actually got this Baby Lips (and other flavors >.<) long before they arrived in Indonesia. I told you many times that i have this curse, whenever i see an interesting new product i'll go gaga and hunt them overseas (most  of the time they wouldn't be available in Indonesia yet), and soon after i got them, they become readily available in Indonesia, for a fraction of the price. FML. Yet, i never learn.
So i got it from Malaysia for RM 10.90 or roughly around IDR 36.000. Colorless Baby Lips in Indonesia is like IDR 18.000. WTH. Kill me kill me now! It's in a normal sized tube containing 4gr of lip balm
They contain SPF 20, great! I never even thought about shielding my lips against harmful UV rays! Bad bad #Pink!

Unlike USA (and Europe, i think) version where they come with transparent cap, the Asian (and i heard Australian) version come with full opaque plastic tube with little cap. Energizing Orange's tube has the combination of orange and purple that looks super cute!
The lip balm itself is white (it IS white, right? My eyes' not playing tricks on me? Coz the Smoothing Cherry's balm's very light pink! I'm staring at my Energizing Orange right now, convincing myself it's not very light orange!)
I have used two variants so far (this one and the Smoothing Cherry) and they both have slightly different characteristics for me.When i first opened Smoothing Cherry, i can smell a strong scent immeditely, but this Energizing Orange one didn't smell like anything! So weird. By the second usage, i can smell soft orange candy smell (very artificial smelling) but nothing too strong. This confused me because i read some other reviews and the reviewer complained about very strong, room freshener like smell!

I admit if you sniff it real hard then it MIGHT remind you of room/car freshener hehe, but mine has a very faint smell and definitely nothing too offensive. Now i wonder if the Indonesian version has a stronger scent (you know how the exact same items can perform differently when being manufactured in different countries? But the Indonesian version's also made in China like this one...), or if mine is a dud? Either way, mine doesn't bother me, scent wise. In fact, i wish the scent is slightly stronger so i don't smell the waxy lip balm scent (it kinda overpowers the soft orange candy scent), you know how Chapsticks smells like.

Not only the scent was concealed when i first use it, the lip balm itself was kinda tough and solid that i made it hard for me to use. But as the scent pops out in second use, usage also became very easy. The lip balm turned very soft and even melty, wonder if it's the heat?

Now, it is colorless (but when you apply too much there would be a white waxy layer on your lips, so use sparingly!) so a swatch would be useless, but i want to show you the magic-like effect it has on my lips so i took pictures anyway. My camera's a b*** when it comes to taking close up pictures,  therefore the photos are very very blurry, i'm so sorry! But i think it'd still be able to give you a general picture of the effect.

You can't see it in this stupid blurry pic, but sometimes my lips gets REALLY REALLY dry and parched. Like, super dry with huge crusts >.<. I tend to forget to drink on days i am not working out zzz
I applied Baby Lips Energizing Orange generously, you can see how the balm clings on the super dry parts in white chunks. LOL.
Within a few minutes the balm melted into my lips and SOFTEN my lips tremendously, the super dry patches softens (and sometimes peels off. I know some people hates that, but i really don't mind the peeling part) and my lips looks super juicy and healthy! This was taken just a few minutes after the earlier picture! Crazy, right?
I have LOTS and LOTS of lip balms, while some of them do a similar job to this Baby Lips, a lot others are not strong enough to soften my lips to that degree in such a short time. So Baby Lips are definitely the lip balms i reach for a lot when my lips are dry!

The texture of the lip balm is, of course, very balmy. It is very soft and not super waxy (it does feel a bit waxy like most thicker lip balms, but not overwhelmingly so). It doesn't just sit on your lips making a layer of protection, but it actually sinks in and soften your lips but doesn't disappear once your lips' softened. This lip balm is pretty glossy (don't worry, it's not crazily so), so when i use it under my lips i don't have to add lip gloss on top of them to make my lips look glossy. This is a good thing for me but i imagine it'd bother people who like matte lipsticks because if you wear Baby Lips under your matte lipstick then it wouldn't be matte anymore! If i do not eat or drink, this lip balm  (with or without lipstick) would last pretty long (for hours and hours!), i can feel my lips still feeling moisturized and plumpy after 4 hours! That's pretty impressive for a lip balm :).

But this lip balm is not perfect, one thing that i do not like from it is the taste! Of course i don't go and taste my lip balms, but you can't help but taste them sometimes when you drink or eat! It's super yucky tasting! I don't mind tasteless lip balms (i prefer them, actually) or sweet tasting ones like EOS, but this Baby Lips... *shudder*... It just horrible, taste wise haha.

The claims : 

Instant 8 Hours Moisture : Shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long.
Well, it sure stays and moisturize my lips pretty long, but not 8 hours and definitely not all day long! I'd say it definitely moisturize my lips for at least half of the time they claimed or more! It really does shed away roughness in almost an instant so the latter claim's definitely justified (remember, this is MY experience. Different people might get different reactions!)

In one week rejuvenated lips : The centella essence would reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and suppleness.
Unfortunately i am way too lazy to apply lip balms when i'm not going out (hence the constantly dry lips-on top of my tendency to forget to drink!!!) so i never use it for a week continuously! I however did wear it every day for a week or so (when i went out everyday haha), and in my case if i do (using this or any other lip balms) wear it daily then yes-my lips are definitely super smooth, supple and healthy. I don't think it's a REMEDY though, as in if you stop using it then your lips would not retain its great condition-you need to CONTINUOUSLY use it to maintain it.

I would highly recommend this Baby Lips (in Energizing Orange particularly and all variants in general) for every girl (and woman) out there! It's cute, simple, fuss free, cheap (seriously, it's IDR 18.000!!! That's cheaper than a rice package in McDonald's LOL!), and it works really well! 

Not recommending this for those of you who hates artificial scented lip balm (to some nose it might even be as bad as room/car fresheners although i couldn't smell it) and yucky tasting lip balm (just avoid eating them! LOL. Btw, i just read another review that described it as tasteless. Now, maybe i am overly sensitive, but it's quite yucky tasting for me hehe). But seriously, i hate the taste but i still love it and use it a lot! LOL.

If it's not apparent yet, i LOVE my Baby Lips! I aim to collect every variant available world wide (i want the USA version, they have so many other flavors it's not fair!) and you can expect a lot more Baby Lips reviews!

The other two flavors would be next!
Do you have Maybelline Baby Lips (it seems like everybody does!)? Do you like them?


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  1. Looks yummy..u look lovely..nice detailed review
    My recent post:

    1. It's a nice lip balm :D, but not yummy really! LOL

  2. What?! Why is it more expensive in Malaysia? And double the amount too! So unfair! I bought the limited edition NYFW one a while ago but it didn't impress. Should I have gone with Energizing Orange instead?

    1. Whoops! LOL. Actually i worked for Collection (cosmetics) on their research program a while back and found out that Maybelline Indonesia has the lowest price range, EVER! I think they tried (and succeeded) to be the #1 international drug store in Indonesia :). I think they perform similarly though, so maybe it's not the right lip balm for you (sadly)?

  3. salam kenal mindy :) saya juga pake yang orange ini, karena suka ma jeruk hehe, ohya bisa buat campuran liner shadow buat jadi cream eyeshadow (kalau ga punya vaseline petroleum jelly)

    1. Salam kenal juga :). That's a very nice tip, kalo sy pribadi ngga bisa pake cream eye shadow sih *krn bentuk matanya* pasti langsung creasing haha

  4. Love Maybelline and I am a big fan of the babylips

  5. i loved your review! i'll try it! =D

  6. my wife love this lip balm, when she used it her lips has a little color on it a little bit pink, last a long time, she still have this until now since i purchased this.. she loves it...