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It's been awhile since the last time i joined a Make Up Challenge, i usually have a specific reason on why i would join an MUC (why? I'm just too lazy to be bothered to most of the time >.<), usually because i really like the theme. However this MUC hosted by my fellow blogger, Winda, actually has a theme that i would normally run a hundred miles from *LOL*. The challenge is to recreate a K-Pop (*gasp!!!* *faints*) make up. I finally decided to join this challenge (aside from the fact that i really am not a K-Pop fan) because i was personally invited by Winda and also because i think it's about time that i at least challenge myself to do something outside my comfort zone! This MUC is hosted by Beauty Korea, as much as i'm not into K-Pop, you should also know that i have an undying love for Korean cosmetics!

MUC by The Journey and Beauty Korea

This MUC is open for Indonesian resident only and will be closed at 31st May, so hurry up if you're interested in joining! More details about the rules, please click here.

I was really stressed out because my knowledge to K-Pop's limited to those who frequently guests in Running Man *LOL* and because the time frame's a bit short (i mean since i know about the MUC to the closing date) so i decided to find the simplest, easiest look i could find (not that i nailed it anyway, LOL!). I Googled for "K-Pop Makeup" and after staring at seemingly endless pictures of K-Pop girls and getting dizzy, i found this picture :
Source :

I had absolutely no idea who this girl is, so as i knew Katherine is into Korean thingy, i sent her this picture and she told me that it's Hyuna from 4Minutes. Now, i thought the look was easy enough to apply, very peachy cheeks and lips, soft and natural eye make up, glowy face (i also think that this look is so spring-y, therefore matches perfectly with the theme "Blooming Spring"!)... NOT. LOL. I was having a hard time making the GLOW shows in pictures, and even though my blush on was already really thick in real life, it's looks very soft and pale in the pictures *cries*.

Now, i already know myself that i didn't nail the look *LOL*, increased furthermore by the fact that our features are so different (different face shape, different eyes, nose and lips shape, basically different everything hahahaha) *LOL*, but i did my best :p.
End result :p, don't be too harsh on me!
It's so hard to bring out glows in pale skin, especially when you don't even have the appropriate tools (i prefer matte makeups in my everyday life)
Anyway, please do not expect me to copy Hyuna's pose as well, i don't pose well *LOL*, i'd simply look crazy if i try too hard :p. Even though i don't think the look i re-create looks anything like the inspiration pic, i personally still thinks the result's nice enough *shameless* LOL. Softer and more calm than my normal makeup (i love bold eyeliner and gyaru eye makeup with white pearlescent liner in the inner part of my eyes to make my eyes appear as round as possible).

I decided to record the step by step of creating (or rather, recreating) this look, just in case there's any of you who just began to wear makeup and want a simple (and super easy) tutorial for a natural, peachy, spring appropriate look?

Prep : cleanse your face thoroughly, put on toner+moisturizer+sunscreen (but honestly i only used toner :p) and get ready for your base. I am completely bare faced in this picture, i think my dark circle's much better ever since we had that Eye Revitalizing Peeling in Miracle Clinic!
Step one is base, in the picture above i was holding my weapons (but i have yet to apply them) :   Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to prep my lips and The Skin Food Lemon Foundation (which i'm desperate to finish haha). I have only a few base make ups that i am currently using and i chose this Lemon Foundation because it's one of the least mattifying base i have, as you can see from the "inspiration" picture, the goal is very glowy, flawless skin!

After light foundation and Vaseline (my skin looks immediately more even), getting ready for step two
Conceal any imperfection. In my case it's my dark under eye areas and a few old hormonal spot scars on my chin. I'm using my usual Clinique All About Eyes Concealer (01) and DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer.

After concealer. I always feel more human as soon as i keep my dark circles under control *LOL*
Step three is using cream peach colored blush on and cream highlighter (i am actually still struggling to learn how to use cream highlighters. If i apply it over my powder it'll be cakey and disgusting, but if i apply it before powder then the glow will be muted! Not applying powder at all is NOT an option, my make up would melt within 30 minutes max since my skin's super oily! Anyone has any suggestion?). I applied the highlighter as crazily as i dare (i am not used to glowy makeups :p) on my brow bone, nose bridge, cheek bones, chin, even the inner side of my cheeks (coz the "inspiration" has very glowy cheeks!). I am using Collection Blush & Highlight Cream Duo in Peaches and Cream.

Sadly, the highlighter hardly showed in my pale skin *LOL*. It's a lot glowier in real life but super hard to catch on camera! GRRRR

Hmph, you can only see the highlighter on my nose, can't you? LOL
Step four is skip-able for people with dry skin, but it's totally impossible to skip for me-that is to set the base and cream make up with powder. I used my current favorite pressed powder, Essence Mattifying Compact Powder, avoiding the highlighted area. I set the highlighted area with Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder, this powder is very shimmery so it didn't completely killed the glow, but i did mute it a bit.

After powder
Step five and six would be explained together because... I forgot to take pictures of the fifth step :p. Step five is to do your eyebrows. In my case, my eyebrows are really thick already (and i really am incapable of doing anything to them anyway, i cannot for the life of me draw or reshape my eyebrows!) so all i did was color them with Face Shop Color My Eye Brow (02 Light Brown) to match my hair.

Step six is eye make up. The inspiration picture sports a very light eye make up, almost bare. I couldn't detect if the girl was using eyeliner on her eyelids (i think she did, very lightly) but i cannot live without my eyeliners *dramatic* so i added a little twist on my own to suit my own face better *LOL*. I applied e.l.f eye primer followed with nude colored (slightly shimmery) eye shadow from an old Revlon eye shadow duo. Then i lined my eyes lighter than i normally did (not easy for me, okay *LOL*, i love my eye liner thick and dramatic!!!) using Mai Doll Liquid Eyeliner in Brown (this is my first brown eyeliner, i used to fear i won't like brown eyeliners since i love my black eyeliners so much but it's not bad, dark enough to still be in my comfort zone but not super dark so it's softened up my make up-in a good way).

After eye primer+light eye shadow+eyeliner. Seventh step is mascara! Hyuna's eyelashes looked very natural but luscious, i probably should've worn a falsies but... I didn't have time hahaha
I wore Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
Lots of people are crazy over this mascara, it's a pretty nice mascara but sadly isn't my cup of tea. I will review it sometime in the future :p. I also lined my waterline lightly (the inspiration pic also wore a very light liner on her waterline) using a brown eye shadow.

Eye makeup done!
Step eight is to set the cream blush on using a peachy powder blush on. I am using my old and well loved Etude blush on hahaha. IRL i looked super peachy already, but why in the pictures i looked a bit pale still *hiks*. I couldn't load any more blush on since i was actually going out afterward, i don't want to look like a crazy lady!

Close up on the light eye make up

Final step is to apply light peachy lip color! Hyuna's lip color's very soft and juicy, that's why i prepped my lips with Vaseline earlier. I find Vaseline super greasy texture's good to dilute lip colors if you don't want a super pigmented lip color.
Final look after lip color. I used Collection Lock & Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance

And that's it! Super simple and easy. It might not seem like it in the pictures, but my face was actually super glowy and dewy looking, it's definitely not something i am used to! I had to blot my face a lot since my skin became super greasy super fast *LOL*, but i actually kinda like the whole result.

My first ever attempt to copy Korean make up style *LOL*, i'm so sorry it didn't look anything like the inspiration pictures, but i tried! I actually have another (very different) style i'd love to try to recreate, but since the deadline's so close already.... I don't think i'm gonna make it :(.

Hope you enjoy my little tutorial and don't be harsh on me okay, i am no expert especially anything K-Pop related! 


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  1. waaa, cantik kok Mindy :) thank you ya udah join :) good luck :*

    The Journey

  2. HyunA's blush is located higher up on her cheeks, but otherwise, this was a great attempt at recreating her look! Oooh and is Collection available in Indonesia too? What are the prices like?

    1. I know sweetie, problem is... I'm very self-conscious and i was going out afterward, i was afraid i would look like a crazy person >.< LOL... Collection's trying to get here, i worked for them part time for the project, it's very hard to get new cosmetics brand to Indonesia though so it's still on progress, might take years :(...

  3. Ah pretty you ce min... Mulus as always deh mukanyaaa... :3

  4. Great Post.
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  5. i loved the end result.. u look super pretty like a doll xo

    1. Aww, thank you Natasha, you're always too kind :)

  6. I'm also not much into Kpop but I'm a fan of Korean cosmetics. They make skin almost poreless and just beautiful! You did a great job in makeup this time. But I know with more practice you can make it better.

    1. Yep, me too, but i'm all for them mainly because of their cute packaging and cheap price hahaha. LOL, thx, i'm not much into recreating/imitating looks though, i prefer to usual, boring make up hahaha