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So, here i am, ready to talk about hair stuffs again! What an improvement, no? While i still have no intention to blog about the usual hair stuffs i use daily (yes, i wash my hair daily, i cannot stand even the thought of a smelly scalp, IYUCCCKKKK!!!), you know... Whatever shampoo and conditioners Pantene or Dove has (i tend to buy whatever's on a promotion, anything from those two brands works well for me), at least not for now (i am entitled to change my mind sometimes y'know...) but whenever i'm using something (a variant i mean) new-ish, i decided to review it. And this time it's :

Sunsilk Co-Creations Shampoo Frizz & Weather Defense (Picture courtesy of Google)
Now, even though i've never tried this variant before, Sunsilk is definitely not a new brand for me. Not by a long shot. Sunsilk is one of the best known drugstore brand in Indonesia for their shampoo and hair cares, so much that plenty (including myself when i was younger) mistaken it as a local brand (or at least no longer recognize it as non-local). It performs well and very easy on the pocket, i don't think there are any Indonesian who have never heard of Sunsilk!

I myself used to be their super loyal user (of the yellow one, was it Soft & Smooth?) for YEARS. I never even dreamed about trying something else for years and years (i think it was for more than 5 years). Until one day, it stopped working for me, my scalp became super oily and itchy whenever i used it. I guess my hair got too used to it (apparently it's a common thing that can happen if you've been using one product for a very very long time) so i gave up and moved to Pantene (until i discovered Dove and now i alternate between the two brands while recently began trying other brands as well). I didn't dare to purchase any Sunsilk shampoo anymore (i still use their conditioner and hair treatments once in a while) because i was too traumatized by how the yellow shampoo made my head so itchy in the end until i saw this in the supermarket.

Yep, the trick to get me to buy stuffs : feature an interesting bonus. LOLOLOL. I know, super kiasu right! I was a bit hesitant to use it at first but i was like "Ehhh what the hell, i already bought it! Let's try it anyway! If it's horrible i can always pass it to my maid or something." So i did.

Comes with the usual, boring looking bottle with slanted top
Yeah... i'm not into hair trends or whatever so i have no idea who Teddy Charles is and if he's even remotely any good hehe
I really hate the bottle's color hahahaha. I usually quite like blue, you know... baby blue, robin's egg blue, navy, whatever. But this blue, seems to look very cheap and fugly for me

The usual flip cap, which closes and opens easily. i have bad experiences with flip tops (too hard that it hurts my fingers trying to open it, too loose it won't close properly, material too frail i snap it off after the first use, the list goes on) but this one held itself pretty well until i finished the last drops

First thing i noticed when i used it? How PRETTY the actual shampoo was!!! LOL. It was  iridescent baby pink!
Yep, i'm a little girl at heart as you know, i pretty much squealed happily when i tilted the fugly blue bottle and beautiful baby pink liquid poured out! It actually made me happy whenever i used it *LOL*. And the second thing i noticed? How good it smelt! It's very cheery-smelling, and to my nose it smelt a lot like fruity candy! I think it's one of the yummiest smelling shampoo i've ever used (because i'm used to a regular, boring smelling ones of Pantene and Dove that pretty much all smell similar)!

Consistency was runny, it lathers up easily and heartily. Didn't have to rub so hard to create a full head of lather! It didn't say anything about being suitable for oily scalp hence my further worries upon trying it on, but it actually works pretty well for my oily scalp! It even left my scalp oil-free longer than Dove and Pantene that i can stand not having it washed longer (okay, by longer i meant 1.5 day, or 2 tops. But i really very rarely leave my hair unwashed for more than 24 hours though!). Another thing that i noticed was that it left my hair less limp (makes it feels very lightweight) and a teeny tiny bit more volumized than usual! It wasn't sticky and didn't cause any itchiness to my scalp (my scalp can be quite sensitive, i got bumps all over it when i first used Dove because it was a bit too rich for me).

It stated to control frizz for 24 hours, my hair's not frizzy at all in the first place so i can't really say anything about it, but i also see nothing but good thing of its performance on my hair! Weather defense's also quite fitting since it helped me go through super hot weather better than my usual shampoo (you know, keeping them fresher for longer) so i was actually very satisfied with this shampoo! Totally performed better than i expected. I'm no so sure that it would be very suitable for very dry and damaged hair though. When i used it before adding up conditioner, my hair felt a bit dry and straw-ish, and my hair is very fine and straight to begin with, i imagine it'd be worse for dry hair!

Would recommend this for people who are looking for a cheap, sweet smelling, great performing, fuss free drugstore shampoo that works for oily scalp and limp hair who wants more lightweight and volumized hair. Not recommended for people who hates candy smells on their hair hehe, also in my opinion-not suitable for people with dry hair.

Please note that i am recommending it in lieu with my own experience, therefore i can only tell you how it's working on my hair type (oily scalp, very fine, colored hair, dry at the end). Sadly i cannot tell you if it'd work for very frizzy hair or not.

Will i repurchase this? I think so, if it's on promotion or better still, comes with a bonus again! LOL. Lemme show off the little bonus that the main reason why i purchased this shampoo in the first place!

You actually get to choose out of the three but i only spotted the bracelet. I have lots of freebie nail polishes from Veet and i don't wear bandana (they won't stay on my slippery hair!) so even if all three choices were available i'd still go for the bracelet!
Half golden metal and half yellow rubber band with Sunsilk's logo as the hook
Pretty unique looking and good quality for a freebie! And the shampoo's price already very cheap in the first place
That's all for now, hope i'm not so horrible at reviewing hair stuffs :p, i think practice makes perfect so i will do another one (hopefully) soon haha. What's your favorite shampoo? Are you a drugstore/supermarket brand hair care user or more of a high end hair products lover?

PS : I want to thank everyone who took their time to read my photo-less and very wordy (and probably whiny) last post about mummy guilt, i've also received a lot of sweet and encouraging responses that makes me feel even better! Since my heart-pouring posts seems to be received well, i will try to do that type of posts more often, but maybe not too often because it really requires me to have a specific kind of mood and determination to write. It's always easier to talk about trivial stuffs and just paste lots of pictures you know haha. Thank you for being such wonderful readers! Virtual hugs for everybody!

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  1. ak dulu pake sunsilk yg itemmm ci hahaha cm gatau knp lupa jd ganti2 skrg~
    cobain tresemme yg keratin ccok ga ci? ak suka pake itu hihi :3

    1. Aq skrg jg suka ganti2 Cel hahaha, tp plg sering pake Pantene sm Dove sih. Tresseme ada sih dpt dr Vanity Trove gt tp krn stock shampoo banyak jd blm kena giliran nih Cel hihihihi

  2. Oooooh the shampoo sounds superb for my dry and frizzy hair. I would love to give this a try!I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
    Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win stunning accessories worth $25!. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

    1. It's certainly pretty nice, especially for a drugstore brand :)