Body Tale 04 : Vivelle Virgin Coconut Oil Treatment Body Lotion 9 Pomegranate+Olive Oil

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Heyllow, dearies! 

Have you ever heard of Vivelle ? It's a local bath and body cares (they also sells body mists) brand readily available in local supermarkets and drugstores. I was already attracted to them when i first spotted them (if i'm not mistaken, this is not a very old brand, CMIIW) thanks to their vibrant colored plastic errr... tubes (i am having a hard time describing the container LOL, is this considered tubes?)! Then i bought one and promptly forgot about it (it got burried under tonnes of other body products inside my closet....), then i accidentally read somewhere that this lotion's actually very good (i honestly didn't have a high expectation of it) that made me unearth this lotion and finally gave it a try.
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I actually brought it to our Taiwan trip and first used it there. All of the pictures were taken in our Hualien's hotel room and the lighting was yellow so... Please excuse the quality :p.
Vivelle Virgin Coconut Oil Treatment Body Lotion 9 Pomegranate+Olive Oil, yep super duper long name

The lotion came with a pretty sturdy plastic errr tube (is this considered a tube or a bottle? Ohh i'm killing myself here grrrrr). The real color's hot pink like the official picture above, the lighting made it looked light pink instead. It clearly stated to be produced by PT Easton Kaleris Indonesia and was manufactured in Jakarta.
The simple flip cap

The opening was easy to open, even so-it's actually safe to travel with (i know, i've traveled with it already!). First thing i noticed when i first opened this lotion was the strong, perfumey scent! I was immediately reminded of my Bodycology body mist -omo i just realized my typo in that old entry, i wrote Shower Petal instead of Sweet Petals *LOL*)! I just checked, i put both of them side by side and sniff them simultaneously and they smell EXACTLY the same! I asked hunny to sniff them both and he agreed that they 100% smell the same!! (Now, i always says that the Bodycology body mist reminded me of something else i've smelled before, if only i can remember the original thing that smells like this!!!).

Consistency of this lotion seems quite light when i first squirted it, but just because it looked light i shouldn't have underestimated its power! It goes on smoothly and leave a very strong trail of moisturization (or in other word : grease haha). It absorbs nicely but never fully penetrated (because it's so rich, i guess) and it leaves a strong sheen on my skin, as well as hunny's super dry skin (only strong body butters actually leave this kind of sheen on his skin, anything else would disappear FTL into his always-thirsty skin)! I'd actually say this lotion's power's almost like that of a body butter! That's how rich and moisturizing this lotion was for us.

It works really really well, both my and hunny's skin looked healthy, glowy and very moisturized, and the only downside would be the greasiness. Even my hunny complained that it left the floor greasy and slippery whenever he sit on the floor, even quite sometime after i applied them on his skin! While it's really good for dry to very dry skin, someone who hates greasy lotions like me-wouldn't exactly enjoy the greasy part!

When i actually paid attention to the main ingredients of this lotion (which happened much latter after i purchased this, yes i buy things purely at face value and didn't actually check the ingredients or whatever...), the virgin coconut oil part already gave me the indication that this lotion contained good stuffs, upon closer observation i realized not only it contained virgin coconut oil (which i always heard to be very good for your skin as well as hair), it also contained Olive Oil! It does seem to be a little excessive for me, two different strong oils in one product? But it seems to be working together very well, considering how nice this product really is!

Another downside for me (this one, again, is purely personal) is that i'm not exactly a fan of the scent. I know, i have a body mist that smells exactly like this (i didn't check how the lotion smells when i bought it :p), how can i say i'm not a fan right, i did like the mist in the first sniff, but after a while i realized it's too strong and musky for me. I prefer my fragrances to be lighter and fresher, i do like strong fragrances (for night usage and whenever i feel particularly sexy ahahahahahahaha what a joke) too-but this one's a bit cloying for me. Having said that, i know a lot of people who would actually enjoy the scent as it is NOT unpleasant, i just am not a big fan (i am not appalled by it either though).

This got me thinking, if you're a fan of this Vivelle lotion's scent, you can always purchase the Bodycology body mist (which is very very strong-i feel like it's as strong as an EDP instead of a body mist, a few spritzed lasts a whole day!) to layer the fragrance! Or if i were you, i'd check out Vivelle's body mist collection first in case they have the same scent as well :p. For IDR 10.000 (the body mist price listed in their website) you can buy 8 of them in place of Bodycology (which is around IDR 80.000) hahahaha. The lotion itself has a very strong *as strong as the Bodycology body mist really* scent and it lasts very long on our skin too.

In short, i actually am very very satisfied with the performance of this body lotion (never underestimate local products ever again!), it actually performs a lot better than a lot of imported higher end lotions! I prefer to use them on hunny (and his skin's very fussy, this is the second best performing lotion on his skin after Vaseline! It didn't eliminate his dry patches like Vaseline does, but it still works as well as The Body Shop's body butter on him!) because as much as it works well on my skin, it's too greasy for my liking. I will be trying the other variants they have (there are four variants) on my skin too though.

It's super cheap too, i can't remember the price obvi, but according to their website-it's IDR 18.000 (like USD 1.5 LOL) for the 150ml tubes (like mine) and IDR 11.000 for the mini tube (which is very mini and cute, very travel friendly i'd say!)-you can get them even cheaper when they are having a promotion (which happens all the time with drugstore brands)! I'd be sure to stock a lot of them up next time they are having one!

I would highly recommend this for people who are looking for cheap but amazing body lotion that is very rich and moisturizing, this can actually be an alternative to body butters as well! As long as they don't mind the strong scent and the greasy trails!

Would not recommend this for people who dislike strong, cloyingly sweet floral-y scent (but really, i know at least three products that smells like this-obviously this is a popular scent so lots of people must be liking it!) and greasy residue. But even for them, i'd tell them to have an open mind and give it a try, it's worth it!

Would i repurchase this? Of course, i already stated that i'm gonna stock up (like crazy), didn't i?

Four thumbs up, Vivelle! I hope to discover local brands that performs as well as Vivelle's body lotion in the future! Support local products, y'all :).
Almost bare-faced (i was wearing powder+blush on haha) #Pink

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  1. I'm curious how this virgin coconut oil will smell like. With the skin benefit, I've hear a lot about it. good thing it is inexpensive.

    1. Yup, it's almost dirt cheap down here haha. Smells pretty strong, not my cup of tea but i don't mind since it's so good :D

  2. love your hair color :)