Unboxing : Beauty Treats Indonesia Special Box (All About Makeup)

5:45:00 PM

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

My Chinese zodiac was not under the luckiest star last year, and even though i do not actually believe in zodiac (Chinese or not) and/or fortune tellers, i did notice that i got sick a lot (for long periods of time) and i also spent a lot of money (even though we're super blessed and get a lot more back in income, hundred times over!) and lost a lot of my precious possessions (i do not want to think about it anymore though) so... I'm pretty relieved that year of the Snake's over (although the bad lucks are not supposed to go away until the 3rd of February, according to the prophecy hehe)!

2013/Snake year was amazing for me, but i believe 2014 and the horse year (which is supposedly a good year for those under Pig Zodiac. #Undecided told me that the more we celebrate *anything at all* the more we will gain in return. If it doesn't indicate a fun-filled year ahead i dunno what does!) is going to be even more amazing (well, of course i know 2014 has been going on for a full month, so far so good)!

Anyway, i will tell ya all about my Chinese New Year celebration soon, but for not now. Lemme do this unboxing thingy first before January 2014's truly over!

So, i got an e-mail from BTI earlier in mid January :
Dear January Beauty Treats Indonesia subscribers,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuing support for Beauty Treats Indonesia and especially by subscribing to our box. As such, we deeply regret that due to logistic issue and change in our system, we will not be able to deliver your surprise box as planned. However, to remedy this situation, we have come up with three solutions:

OPTION A – Refund We will refund your whole amount of subscription fee along with delivery fee. Should you choose this option please provide us with the following details:
1. Email address that you use for registration
2. Full name
3. Delivery address for the box
4. Bank account details for refund.

OPTION B – Switch to special box with higher retail value Switch your surprise box with the delivery of our special box that is IDR 135,000 to subscribe, which is pricier than our normal monthly surprise box and contains up to 8 products inside.
Should you choose this option, please choose one of the following special boxes:
1. Smell Deliciously Good From Head to Toe (see details here)
2. All About Makeup! (details available soon)

OPTION C – Refund with BeautyTreats Indonesia or Secret key e-voucher
Want to get more out of your money? Choose this option instead!
We will refund your IDR 125,000 in the form of e-voucher that you can use for shopping at bothwww.beautytreats.co.id or www.secretkey.co.id with higher nominal!
You will get IDR 150,000 voucher for either of the website that you choose to shop from.

My initial reaction was : WTF? A beauty box that claimed they cannot send out their BEAUTY BOXES? What kind of joke is this??? LOL. Well, as we all know, BTI has been going from good to bad to horrible in a few short months so... I wasn't too shocked or whatever when i received this. My own subscription to them was also already finished last December (Thank God), but like you should already know-i got two free boxes (January and February) from their affiliation program.

I decided not to ask for the refund because : 1. This was a free box, what if they tell me i cannot ask for the money since i never paid for it in the first place? 2. We all know that BTI's CS aren't actually the most accommodating and communicative CS in the world, i wasn't interested to go through all the hassle of making sure they really send the refund (or fight with them if the drag it on, or make a scene about it being free). 

I was also not interested to option C, i would surely spend even more money if i choose this option (as i might get dragged and shop for a lot of stuffs instead), so i went to the most logical option (for me) : B.

The "Smell Deliciously Good From Head to Toe" didn't interest me at all, i know both boxes in option B would contain stuffs we already received in past boxes and i was not especially fond of the ones they featured in that box, so i went for option 2 (there was no explanation for the contents of this second option back then). I was attracted to the "All About Makeup" theme and was hoping it'd be full with full sized makeups or something *wishful thinking, i know :p*. And here's what i got in my box :
Yeah, well... Snoozeville. LOL.
I kinda expected the box to be quite colorful (all about makeup should be fun and colorful, don't you think?? Unfortunately the name's a lot more fun than the actual box haha)
Make Up Forever HD Blush (4 sachets)
I have three plastic-sets full of these HD blush samples by now. I received them twice before (also from BTI) in here and here . I was excited the first time i got this, the third time? Not anymore *LOL*. At least with 12 sachets i can move them all into a jar and probably have enough to make my own travel sized sample hahaha. And plus i finally get the hang of using cream blushers (after years of being frustrated by them hahaha. Nothing a good dose of blog-walking, Googling plus a little chat with fellow make up enthusiasts-in this case was Lina-can't fix!)! Should finally try them out soon.
Secret Key Snow White Cream and Let Me Know CC Cream (2 sachets each)
I received them before here. You know how i feel about sachet samples, they should've sent more of each, then i'd be happier. LOL.
Kay Beauty Dual Sided Eye Brush
I got them before here. Do i need so much eye brushes? I dunno, i get by with what i got now (which are not a lot, at all). Maybe i need to use more brushes so i can feel a bit more legitimate and professional. LOL. I still use my fingers a lot to apply make up, whatta crappy beauty blogger.
Utama Spice Clay Face & Body Mask
One of the only two items in this box that i've never gotten before. I don't really use other types of masks other than sheet masks, but clay is supposedly good for oily skin and to prevent blackheads so, yep.. Pretty good item i guess.
Caring Colors BB Cream (2 sets)
I received the same exact sachet sets twice (all from BTI) here and here. I actually don't mind though, each sachets are filled with pretty generous amount of BB Cream, having four sets probably equal one full sized BB Cream by now *LOL*. I never really think about putting sachet samples in jars until i read it in some blog, having a lot of the same sachet samples ,i think this is a fantastic idea. Will incorporate it soon!
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks in B43 Toffee Cream
I got the same type of lipstick twice from them, here (in another shade) and latter here-unfortunately the exact same shade as this one so i most probably will give this away. I always love getting full size products, especially make ups. If only they sent me a different shade i'd be pretty happy to get it!
Secret Key Deep Moisture Energy Facial Oil (10ml)
The second (and last) item that i've never received before. It's pretty interesting, i never had any facial oil and honestly had never really thought of trying them out mostly because of the obvious and common reason : suspicion of what a facial oil would do to my already super oily skin, will it make my skin even more oilier? I read that people with oily skin shouldn't be too scared of facial oil though, and i had the same reservation towards oil cleansers and hair oils (both that i ended up really loving!) once so i will definitely give it a try and see if i actually would like it (like oil cleansers and hair oils) or hate them (like body oils).

All and all, very boring and uninspiring box if only because i have received most of the items once or twice before. If i received all of the items for the very first time i think i'd be pretty happy though. And it's not a surprise box afterall, being a "special" and fixed box... i think it's okay. I'm not jumping up and down in excitement (but i do not feel like flinging the box to the sea either :p). This box also makes me suspect them trying to clear out their stocks of old samples/products and whether or not they will continue to be a beauty box service (you've heard about First Blush going belly up right? After FOUR boxes or so?) since they don't seem to have any new brand partners and keeps on sending out products from the brand they are now selling in their online shop (i have my suspicion that they will change direction and become an online shop only sometime soon). You know, Secret Key. Seems that you'll only see Secret Key exclusively now in terms of new products!
That's all for now, i hope everybody's having fun on Chinese New Year (whether you celebrate it or not!) and wish you all a wonderful year ahead filled with prosperity, luck, happiness and love!
Our little family celebrating Chinese New Year's Eve (with the rest of the family, of course) in The Pavillion, J.W. Mariott last night. This is an unfortunate angle for me, but most people doesn't know how to take nice pictures of me *sigh* anyway and my boys look adorbs here so i guess i just have to suck it up!

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  1. astaga ceee... udah pernah dikirim sampe berkali2 gt.. sampe kedobelan bolak balik..
    nemen pol lho ituuu -.-a
    btw apaan itu artie snoozeville ce? >.< haha

    1. LOL iya makae Shel, tp ya wes lah namae box gratisan hahahaha... Mau protes jg ga isa. Snoozeville? Saking boring e sampe lsg snooze ing *grokk grokkk phiuuuu* mari buka box e, lsg brkt ke snoozeville deh LOL

  2. I guess that apparently they are doing a clearance sale to finish off all of their stocks since they won't be working on beauty box anymore. What an epic fail way to end up their journey. I've got enough of the disappointment from BTI hahaha. Wish they could be better.

    Anw, what a nice blog you have here!
    Would you mind to follow each other? :)


    1. Yeah, it's so sad, they seemed to be so promising at first. Wonder what went so wrong. Thank you, dear :)

  3. I fail to understand why some beauty boxes die that way!
    the post was interesting to read, though! wish you a happy year!


    1. That seems to be the problem with Indonesian's beauty boxes though, they do not have longevity *LOL*, most of them seems to be dying even before reaching a full year!
      Thank you, dear :D

  4. Untung dulu waktu milih mau subscribe beauty box (antara BTI dan Lolabox) ga milih BTI (waktu itu BTI masih lumayan bagus isinya). Liat review BTI tiap bulan makin lama makin ga jelas isinya *sigh*

    1. Hahaha iya, untungnya subscription ku juga udah abis dr dec, jd "cuma" sempet dpt skitar 2 box yg bener2 ngaco isinya (kalo ini masih bisa di bilang untung sih) LOL

  5. Disappointing bgt ya?

    Tapi beauty box di indo itu emang susah karna ribet di bagian import katanya kak, coba google deh, ada yang tulis artikel ttg itu, bahwa bisnis beauty box di indo dipersulit sama susahnya beacukai dst

    1. Ya kalo emg susah mendingan ga usa pake acara bikin beauty box2 an deh drpd disappointing gt :). Menurutku sih kalo emg niat, bisa kerja sama dengan brand2 yg ada di Indo koq, bahkan local. Buktinya awal2 bisa bagus koq isinya meskipun ga pake brand2 yg hrs berusan dgn bea cukai :)

  6. yah skr nggak ada beauty box di indo lagi T.T
    tp minggu lalu aku nemu beauty box korea, isinya lebih gede2 size nya, n best of all ships to Indonesia. tp rada mahalan $23-30 an.

    1. Yeah, it's so sad. I don't mind slightly more expensive price if the products inside's worth it, tp jujur aq agak2 males kalo hrs psn dr luar, deg2an nunggu n bea cukai yg ngeselin itu loh...