Last December...

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We went to celebrate my cousin L's 30th birthday *welcome to the big 3 club, cozkie!* :

Dinner was at Zenbu Japanese restaurant (my second time dining there, while the food was quite nice i've already had a negative impression about it and would be quite annoyed whenever you mention this restaurant because of their rude refusal when we tried making reservation for my dad's birthday dinner there. They said (may i add, very smugly so) "We're FULL on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Even if you already come then we'll have to ask you to leave after 2 hours." Really? Even if we're still halfway eating? WOW! You're still packed because you're kinda new, kiddo. Give it half a year tops and see if you won't beg customers to come at your place. Zenbu restaurant, you're in my BLACK list).

It was always interesting to see who my cousin would invite on her birthday celebration because her set of friends dynamically change almost every year *LOL*. I find it fascinated because my invitation list hadn't change much over the past 10 years or so. This year's not so bad lah, it's just slightly different from last year 
My cousin L is one of the friendliest person i know, so friendly that in her hubby's words "Sometimes even people she hates thinks they're her BFFs". She always have LOTS and LOTS of "close friends" but i'm not sure if she has any real BFF (do you, cozkie?), maybe she doesn't need one haha.

With the birthday gal. How i envy her skinny arms and collarbone. Everything else under her collarbone (and skinny limbs) she can keep for herself because i prefer my own. If only human parts are interchangeable like Lego parts, i'd really like a new pair of skinny arms and long neck hahahaha

Hm... This is my blog so i can write whatever i want, right? *and fingers crossed that the person i mean never read this blog, but even if she does i don't really give a furry rat's behind* I... almost never really like any of L's friends *LOLOLOL* (don't judge me, there's always a possibility that L herself might not like that person much. Like, a 50-50% chance. If not now then maybe soon in the future). And i managed to dislike someone (new) in the dinner almost right away *LOL*.

Maybe it's got to do with the fact that for the very first time in many many years someone can actually guess my real age (i dunno why L really like to quizz her friends stuffs like this). It doesn't bother me actually (because it's my real age after all), before i learned her own age. Coz she looked 35 or something to me, turned out she's 27 (WTF). So she thinks i look older than her? Errrr... Now i am offended. LOLOLOLOL. Sorry ah, i'm just being vain and unreasonable, but i can't help the way i'm feeling right? Not only that lah, the person really annoys me throughout the night lah. And even though i accused #Undecided to be stubborn (as in if she hates someone then there's no way in hell you can change her mind), i guess i actually have the same flaw :P (one among many).
We wanted to pose with the Christmas tree, but there were too many people (and some of us were pretty tall) and we ended up covering the tree FOL
Look how L and i had to half squat so the top of the tree was still visible *LOL*

This picture was snapped before anyone's ready, but i think it looks really funny and not too idiotic (like how most of my candid pictures are). Look at my accidental duck face and how happy L looked
Another one with NX300, same pose different camera *LOL*

Before we went to Zenbu, we were at GM watching Walking with Dinosaurs (review here) and then A BBM-ed me telling me she's there, with Baby Luca!!! It's Baby's first official time out (except for his pediatrician's check ups of course)!!! So excited. Of course i rushed to met them up for a bit.

Look at Baby Luca's super adorable expression!!!! Too bad Baby Boy blinked (which happens like 9x out of 10 whenever his picture's taken)!!!
And again. ZZZZZ
I gave up and snapped one of Baby Luca himself hahaha
And we get into the whole holiday atmosphere (miss it already :(... But of course i do not wish for the season to come back soon which mean the year's going by way too fast, faster than it already feels!) and dress up in festive colors

This is taken by a PROFESSIONAL photog okay!!! LOL. Kat2 IS a professional photographer (i can hook you up if you need one!) and hunny was pestering her to teach him to use his new NX300 because he's completely blind about it (just want the gadget-zero skill *LOL*)
Last December also marked the time where every mall compete to bring in the "coolest" characters for a Meet & Greet and entertain the little ones.

Ice Age characters in Grand City
Can you spot Baby Boy, covering his ears with his hands? He really hates loud noises (i wonder if he'll ever get over that) and always anticipates the loud confetti cannons during these kind of shows by covering his ears long before it blew. Like, right after the show started *ZZZ*. He also hates people talking on the microphone, or singing on stage. SIGH!!!
It was called Sid's Adventure Camp
Am a HUGE fan of Ice Age, it's one of my fave animation movie (s) of all time, but i just realized that Sid's a friggin sloth (after Baby Boy asked me what kind of animal Sid was)! LOL! Stupid stupid me, i just never paid any attention! And in my defense, he was way too fast for a sloth anyway :p
Then Baby Boy begged to be let to play in the "snow playground". The long-sleeved top i bought (on a huge sale in Oshkosh!) on the spot, i was also looking out for long-sleeved tops for him to wear on our upcoming Hong Kong trip, so... two birds with one stone!
The snow looks almost believable in this pic haha
This is my fave pic, Baby Boy looked so cute with the wind blowing up his hair and his smiling unaware expression only adds up to the adorableness!
Bored mummy cam-who'ing :p
Baby Boy may looked super happy in the pictures, but as soon as we left (we decided to check out some stores while he's playing) his nanny called because he was bawling like a banshee. Guess what, he got into a fight with a mean (no, seriously, she has the meanest face i've ever seen on a little girl, it was quite disturbing) little girl ZZZZ. She went and grab a toy from his hand and shoved him hard (OMG, she's like what, 4? And already a bully to a much bigger kid!). Baby Boy was super angry but i guess he's not going to fight a little girl off so he just started bawling *LOL*. But seriously though, that little girl was... grrrrr... 

Managed (barely) to calm him down (because he's very much like me, it's not easy for me to snap back into happy mode when i am really really angry) and since we got another free voucher for a photo corner and hunny and i aren't too keen in such photo shoot, Baby Boy was the willing victim :D :
Hahahaha act so demure :P. He posed by himself without any instruction! Cheeky boy :p
Also went to CW to check out the HUGE Santa Lego :

Christmas Pressiee...?
Baby Boy (who's a huge fan of Lego) spent hours ogling at these little "worlds"
You can also donate (IDR 20.000) for the Builds The Hope foundation and get yourself a tiny little Santa Lego. Baby Boy got two (one from his daddy and one from his gramps) and was so inspired by the creative little dioramas that he began creating some for himself with his collection (he has a HUGE collection of Lego. I might snap pictures for y'all one day... He's as horrible of a hoarder as me...) and the new Santas as soon as we got home
The Santas
Let's pretend you don't see my skirt hitched up that high because of my bag hahahaha
Baby Boy and his creation
Cutest little hands *bites*
Clearly his daddy was as fascinated as him and took lots of pictures. This is the diorama that inspired Baby Boy the most hahaha
There was also a Meet & Greet in CW that day with Winx (you know Winx? Kinda like a rock n roll fairies to me hahaha) but we realized it belatedly and Baby Boy was busy playing at the arcade, totally refused to budge even though i'm totally sure he'd enjoy seeing pretty (they were Caucasians so more believable to be the "real" Winx comes to life :p) girls with wings dancing and singing on stage (he has a thing with fairies, he once insisted on queuing up to take a picture with a fairy from La Vie show in Sentosa, totally ignoring the other characters hahaha).

We also bought crazy sized popcorn+soda combo while watching 47 Ronin and hunny made me hold it when we walked into the cinema and everybody starred at me in amazement *so embarrassing FML* zzz.

The crazy combo's size in comparison with my Baby Boy
Then we made appointments for our New Year's Eve dinner

And cam-who'ed with BB while waiting for our messed up booking/CW throwing her wrath at the waiters there LOL
We met up with #Undecided and her hubby (and their friend Evan, who turned out to be my nephew CV's friend WTF. After finding out that Oline was my other nephew D's ex classmate and now this, why are we hanging out with my nephews' friends now???) in GM as well that day because #Undecided and i wanted to buy body mists packages from Victoria Secret (definitely the hottest new store in town hahaha) before going to SPI (which located on the other side of town, super far away FML, i was at the peak of my insomniac days back then and was super exhausted zzz) because Baby Boy insisted on going to Yupi's Candy Land there *double sigh*.

But it was Pororo's Meet & Greet first (i can't help but thinking about Haroro whenever i saw Pororo nowadays, thanks Running Man!)

Of course, bored mummy cam-whored while trying to ignore her throbbing feet (wearing high heeled sneakers might feel comfy at first, but not 6 to 10 hours later..)
We went to this Candy Land thing at Landmark Mall around two years ago and it was so much better (you do have to pay IDR 40.000/person for the entrance fee), we got to take little trains and enter a "magical" Candy Land with characters in costumes you can take pictures with, i was totally expecting the same thing here... Big disappointment (but thankfully Baby Boy was happy and not disappointed at all) there! The "Candy Land" was just an area with styrofoam statues (and gummy candies stuck on them) for the little ones to cam-whore at. But you don't have to pay to get in there, you just need to buy IDR 25.000 worth of candies and three persons can enter.

LOLOLOL at the sour expressions of those mbaks photo-bombing this pic
With mummy (who's looking disshelved already)
Yea... i wasn't very happy seeing him holding and sticking close to the candied statues, i saw some kids trying to lick them at some points -____-
I think this one's one of the best spot, with the colorful bird and the tree behind it
What an annoying pose *___*
Look how the statues were missing some candies, i hope nobody actually plucked and ate them *yuck...*
Baby Boy being Baby Boy, he noticed the decapitated deer behind immediately and pointed it out...
Scary looking Santa...
Giant Lollies, yum! Haha
While i was busy cam-who'ing, look at the naughty Baby Boy climbing the stairs without us noticing
Hunny playing with his new camera and was snap happy, managed to capture this pretty shot
My fave candied Snow Man, super cute yes?
We also heard about the Candy drop event in conjunction with the Pororo Meet & Greet and the Candy Land so we were so confident that it will happen once the Meet & Greet finished (i envisioned them raining candies on the kids as soon as Pororo said goodbye. Pfffftttt), apparently not! The Candy Drop can happen at any time and you're supposed to wait or something. 

OMG! I was so exhausted i wanted to throw myself on the ground at that point already, but Baby Boy was so excited about the Candy Drop (yep, he burst out into tears when he realized that his grandpa finished his candies at the New Year's Eve-totally made me think about the Halloween prank Jimmy Kimmel started on the kids, except that his candies were really eaten *LOL*. His grandpa overcompensate with giving him money enough to buy like, a truckload  of candies zzz) and the attendees all kept on saying "It's happening soon" and there were people waiting around ready with plastic bags (which we copied instantly hahahaha) so we decided to wait zzz...

That box was where the candies were supposed to be dropped from
Finally they announced that the candy drop's happening soon but they "moved" the events to the other side of the area.
Crowd starting to from
Instead of dropping, i immediately spotted their workers practice throwing candies from the top floor -____-, seriously?
Can you spot Baby Boy?
People were going crazy. Imagine if it's raining money instead of candies!
I really hate having things thrown at me so i ran from the throwing area instead of towards it hahahaha
As i suspected, they kept the real "drop" for last, people were running around like it's raining gold hahahaha

The drop was pretty disappointing though, instead of "huge rain" of candies it was pretty much of a drizzle hahahaha

Didn't stop people from going mad though

Baby Boy and his loot

And with that last picture, i'm wrapping up this entry. It was fun, December... See you in 11 months!


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