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Who ends the month with a haul post??? MEEEE *silent scream*....

Yeah, i haven't been doing haul posts for a while eh... Not gonna be blogging about our Japan Trip just yet (won't even be thinking about it before i clear out SG-Malay Trip!)but i figured i should just get the haul part out of the way first.

I actually did pretty good and "maintain" in Japan, much to my own surprise!
Okay, so it's not exactly very little, but compared to my Singapore (read here and here) or Korea haul, this is actually not bad at all!
I spent the most at Don Quijote (the famous discount store) and the most expensive item that i bought in Japan was a Samantha Vega bag. Admittedly, i omitted a lot of what we bought from the picture above, but that's because those are mostly snacks! Hunny reserved a whole (full size) luggage for Japanese snacks, and he actually followed through with the plan -___-. I don't find snacks to be very interesting to be featured in a haul post, not to mention we nom most of them/pass them to family and friends already.

I also bought a lot of nonsense for Little O and he already grabbed his loot before i even thought about taking any pictures. Then also the souvenirs for family and friends, i simply don't bother taking pics of them. Oh and clothes, i tots dislike showing my clothing haul, i also dunno why. I only bought clothes from two stores in Japan though, H&M which was having a crazy sale where i ended up with a cardi and dress for ¥700 each, and Wonder Rocket.

Oh Wonder Rocket how i love thee... I honestly wasn't interested in buying clothes in Japan because the ones i found attractive are quite expensive (plus we went in the middle of winter and most of the clothes available are super thick) and y'all know how i feel about expensive clothes (i don't do them, because i only wear my clothes once or twice), but on our last night in Japan, we went back to Harajuku for Daiso (my love for Daiso is eternal) and a sweater (which i ended up not getting because i got stuck in Wonder Rocket and couldn't find the store before it's too late)-than i saw a rack of clothes with the words ¥1000 for 2 (and a bunch of Hiragana that i didn't understand, didn't need to the numbers were enough hahaha). HAH WTF, i couldn't believe my eyes so i was like "SUMIMASENNNN, is it 2 for ¥1000???" and the kind sales lady nodded enthusiastically...

It was getting really late and they're actually getting ready to close the store up, so i grabbed everything in sight while they patiently waited on me to finish shopping (while i don't think ALL Japanese people are as nice and polite as i read on blogs, most of them-especially in retail-are), i still looked around longingly while paying for my goodies (i spent around IDR1.000.000 for 6 items, some of them are not even on sale-and that's like crazy cheap even for Indonesian standard alright!)... If i have an hour in the store i'd go home with 30 clothes, easy.

Now i cannot stop thinking about Japan and when i can return (ASAP please) and shop at Wonder Rocket until i drop.

Oh yeah, the haul *trying to focus*. I didn't buy a lot of cosmetics this time round, not only because they're a bit more expensive than what i'd normally pay for (i'm pretty cheap, i know), except for the crazy cute Sanrio/Sailor Moon stuffs, i actually find their cosmetics to be similar to each other and the packaging to be quite generic. You know i love my packaging more than anything so i surprised myself by preferring Korean cosmetics (with their cheap prices and never ending gimmicks) than Japanese ones.

Like i mentioned earlier, i spent the most at Don Quijote
I almost never buy neutral colored eyeshadow (because i'm not a fan * i'm drawn to colorful stuffs instead*, and although i use those colors a lot, i feel like the ones that i already have are more than enough) but i cannot resist value packages. I don't remember how much this Kate package was (it was not very expensive at all) but i'm interested to try out Kate anyway so i grabbed it *you can't see it from the picture but it actually also comes with a lip brush*. There were also crazy sale for perfumes (all original, don't worry this is Japan okay!)-i saw Anna Sui perfume sets going for as low as IDR 250.000 too bad i already have all of the variants on sale! Then i saw the Juicy Couture perfumes going for
¥1000 each *faints*. I bought one for myself and another one for my mum. DHC Cleansing Oil was so cheap i gotta buy it and also the hair oil. Also two lip balms... Sigh... I can never stop buying lip balms. I was standing for the longest time in front of the lip balm section, longing to grab them all. I must've looked like a nutcase ZZZ. Managed to force myself into only getting two, even returned a lip crayon back #feelingproud
How can i resist Disney Princesses' Body Milks? All in pastel colors... Also comes in body creme, but Don Quijote was our first destination for the day and i didn't want to break my hunny arms by buying heavy lotions in bulk :(...
These colorful palettes.. They were like super cheap (can't remember the price, UDR 135.000 or less), how can i resist???
Got this one because Stella recommended it, and because i cannot resist anything with milk on it
We wandered off to the top floor of Don Quijote, which were full of household items that got me bored within a few secs, but i managed to find this cute doughnut soap dispenser too cute to pass on!
Furry socks... Also got a Monster Inc one for Little O
I don't normally wear hats, and it's not even cheap but it's not often i find a hat that suits me let alone something this cute!
Comfy winter boots are crazy cheap in Japan (i wore a very cute boots with a cat head attached on it but they were super painful that i bought a shorter version of this one on our first day in Japan! Only for ¥900 and it was so comfy i don't even!), this was around ¥1000 or so! I actually bought three boots in Japan #sigh and we don't even have winter in Indonesia. Oh well, all the more reason to go for winter holidays annually :D
Now this is the kind of packaging that i cannot resist... Bought the Gudetama powder (which is hunny's current obsession, the Gudetama not the powder ) and Little Twin Star blusher at Donki but got the My Melody powder at Matsumotoki Kiyoshi
I dunno how i will ever have the heart to use it...
Sailor Moon eyeliner from Matsumotoki Kiyoshi (too bad i couldn't find any other Sailor Moon cosme cute enough to buy!) and Cinnamoroll lip balm from a Sanrio store
One of my favorite thing about shopping in Japan? Fukubukuro or lucky bag. I pre-ordered fukubukuro anually from a local online shop that sells Japanese products, but in 2015 i skipped it because even though we went to Japan in the middle of January, i was hoping i could still get some fukubukuro. And i did!!! Not many options of course, but the good news is i didn't have to queue and most of the fukukuburo were opened so we could take a look on what's inside and choose to our liking!

There's this cosme store just opposite Daiso in Harajuku where i got most of my fukubukuro from. I got a crazy deal, a fukubukuro for ¥1000 each with 7-8 items inside! People freaked and told me that one pack of falsies are already worth the entire price of the fukubukuro! I disassembled them and gave most of the items inside (mostly nail polishes, nail stickers, fake nails and falsies-also from another fukubukuro that only costs me ¥500) to my friends as souvenirs, but i kept these for myself :p :
I bought those on our last day in Japan but i actually already got myself a fukubukuro from the same store (they added more fukubukuro when we returned) :
7 cosmetics for only around IDR 200.000. That's... insane!
I don't normally buy expensive cosmetics because i'm the queen of bargain, but sometimes the packaging are too pretty to be passed.
¥3500 for a liquid lipstick is definitely expensive for me *LOL*. I was quite obsessed with La Duree cosmetics for a bit a while ago and promised myself i would buy the petal blusher when i go to Japan, unfortunately somehow i lost my interest once i went to Japan! (This is unusual because i'm the type that get quite fixated on something and i would only move on once i have them) I think i like Jill Stuart's packaging more now, hence the lipstick...
Oh here's another great fukubukuro i got from a store (which i do not remember the name but it was a bit strange. My Decor or something. Sells quite various type of things, but i obviously like their cosme section best) in Kawagoe, ¥1800 for three K-Palette products is not bad at all i think! (I'm scratching my head real bad trying to remember the store's name zzzz. I also saw a branch when we went to Disney Sea so it's pretty common in Japan. If anyone knows what i'm talking about please please please let me know in the comment below, the not remembering is driving me insane!)
CW asked me to buy her this Elixir facial wash from Shiseido, strangely not very easy to find in all of the Matsumotoki Kiyoshi branches that we went to (maybe because it's very popular so always sold out?), i finally found one if Kawagoe but in travel size and must be bought in package, i thought okay la i'll use the cleansing gel myself
In Japan i was busier buying cute nonsense, i go gaga whenever i see a Sanrio store -___-.
Hello Kitty silicon coin puch, My Melody wet tissues with removable head, My Melody and Little Twin Stars' hair clips. I don't care if i'm too old to wear them, i will wear them anyway.
Only in Japan i would buy a mineral water for almost IDR 50.000. Because i want the bottle, of course
Yes another boots, can't resist the pink cuteness and it was on a crazy sale (it's around IDR 200.000 only!) and so was the matching gloves. I do not own a nice looking gloves yet, the one i bought in South Korea last time was the only pink ones available and i really needed it, but it's for skiing and really ugly -___-
My Melody charm. I love Hello Kitty but apparently when it comes to stuffs, i prefer My Melody or Little Twin Stars, maybe because they're less readily available outside Japan? Or because of the color scheme la
I also bought some Sailor Moon charms from the same store that i cannot remember the name of. Oh, and a "lucky box" with mystery Sailor Moon necklace in it, you'll see it later on
Of course, i also shopped at Disney Sea, i love Disney merchandises!
Uber cute Stich headband that sadly wouldn't sit on my head properly because it's too heavy!
If you follow me on Instagram you'd know i purchased this uber cute, soft and fluffy violet Minnie Mouse hat. It's clear to see the only hats that suit me are the ridiculously cutesy ones -___-
Super cute Winnie the Poor ears' hair clips
Alice in Wonderland's necklace and Toy Story's earrings. Loads of pretty accessories are available but they're super expensive!
Of course, i shopped at Daiso too. But hunny shopped more at Daiso than i did, mostly snacks :p. I was really enthusiastic about Daiso, for the cosmetics section-sadly they're kinda disappointing. I was quite shocked when i realized that the cosmetic section in Singapore and Malaysia are much bigger than the ones in Japan!
I only bought a blush on, but the brushes sections were quite big and i always need a new foundation brush so i got two and one blush on brush
Some falsies
And masks just because they're there *LOL*
Hello Kitty falsies storage, gold manekineko charm and some hair clips

More hair clips, clear earrings (coz they're weird hahaha) and some scrunchies that i would use as bracelets instead
I love those fake-books boxes, i use them a lot to store my broken palettes. Oh, they can be used to make my own palettes too! Plus some red packet sleeves for CNY
A day of our tour's day was shot by NHK for their Kawaii International program (our tour leader Stella Lee is a Kawaii Leader for Indonesia) errr you can see the episode on 28th February (if i'm not mistaken) if you're keen. I'd rather you don't, i'm afraid on how i would look like on it -___-. Anyway, they gave us some gifts by the end of the day, mostly are Domo-Kun merchandises :
Japan is full with kawaii stuffs that made me swoon, i found a store full of pastel products (not very cheap, so i only got a few things. This is the store that made me return to Harajuku, btw) it's so divine!
That's where i got the baby blue teddy bear (it's a huge bag charm and a pouch) and the violet pompom choker (only in Japan i would buy a pompom choker for almost IDR 80.000 -___-). The goat bag charm was bought in a store in Yokohama
When we were in Tokyo Sky Tree (where i most possibly lost my Blackberry #stillsore), i got very tired and insisted on waiting at the waiting area in front of the toilet while hunny went to tell Ok and Silv (our travel partners!) where we waited. When hunny returned he handed me this and said "It's a gift!" :
Because it's so unique and sweet (can't get any sweeter than a REAL CANDY made into an accessory okay!) he immediately bought one for me. He said he was the only male in the store and all the ladies were staring at him, the sales lady even asked if it's a gift hahahaha. It's super sweet of him, and at times like these i am reminded that i have the best husband in the world (i must remember this next time he cannot be talked to because he's busy playing games/having his blur days/is too hot to function)
Various accessories i got from all over (Yokohama, Kawagoe, Asakusa). I am big on memento and my preference are those i can wear so accessories are the obvious choice. The Sailor Moon necklace's from the mystery box i was talking about earlier
I bought quite a few bags this time round :
ShellieMay bag and pouch, only available in Tokyo DisneySea. Only Disney can make me spend IDR 600.000 on merchandises and not even blink
The most expensive item : Samantha Vega bag. It's not even that expensive, spent IDR 1.750.000 for the bag AND the charm. I wanted to buy Liz Liza but i was always all over the place when we were in Japan (my brain was scrambled, i kept on losing things and i got very confused) that i didn't even manage to visit any Liz Liza store in the entire 7 days we were there zzz
Cecil McBee's bag. One of my fave blog's Cheesie's and she made me feel familiar with Japanese brands that i want to have something from them all. Cecil McBee is actually very affordable, especially during sale!
Also bought this Smir Nasli bag. 70% off, plus 10% if you buy two (Silv also bought a bag), it's only around IDR 300.000! WOW!
Gachapon from DisneySea, Chiki charm as a memento from our visit to Nissin Cup Noodle Museum (coz everything's so expensive in the store!), Dragon Ball charm coz they're like Sailor Moon to me for hunny and a panda charm (lots of panda stuffs in the Chinatown) for MT coz he's nuts about pandas
How adorable is these dolls dressed in Star Wars' villains costumes?
Random gachapon items (and an Ariel nail polish that i bought because of the top), we have plenty more because we're kinda obsessed with gachapons but mostly are already hanging on our bags/phones/etc (got the Sailor Moon's mirrors too but i forgot to include them in the pic). I always wanted a fuchiko ever since i learnt about it, i got this basic one and then a better one wearing kimono-then i lost/misplace it WTF i'm so annoyedddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! I vaguely remember hunny handing it to me when we (well, i) unpacked and i told him to keep it, then we can't find it anymore. ARGH. Please tell me we only misplaced it, anything is better than losing it zzz. Oh well, i just gotta return to Japan sooner and buy 10 more gachapons yea!
Well, that's all! Really not so bad rightttt... What do you think about my Japan haul? I can't believe i spent probably less than half of what i spent in South Korea. Who says Japan is expensive?


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  1. omg this is sooooooo great =D


  2. wow.. i really enjoy every post of your haul. they're always and always massive !!


  3. Gudetama yang terakhir ga khukhu ce.. aaaaa gemas 😂

  4. aaah lucu-lucu bgt! apalagi yang soap dispensernya :((

  5. ceceeee u sure shop a lottt ��������
    but I did find samantha vega while I'm not, hiks! abis pulang baru ngeh sama samantha vega *nangisbombay* design nya verry pretty cc. ����

    1. Masa sih a lot, engga ah >.<! Samantha Vega banyak ketemu, tp lupa sama Liz Liza... Gpp aq mau brkt lg aja hahaha

  6. hello just stumble upon your blog because of sociolla blogger group . it seems like we're having the same interest on Japan hehehe
    nice to meet you btw :)
    i'm really enjoy reading this post esp love the Cecil Mcbee bag♥


  7. Ko Chandra obssesed sama gudetama juga ya sekarang XD Itu Fuchiko pake kimono yang ilang itu yang dapet di Yokohama kan ce? Fuchiko ku yang dari sana juga ilaaang T___T Wakakak dan Cecil McBee nya ituu yang perlu bisikan setan sampe akhirnya dibeli. Ga sabaar nunggu Japan post nya aaakkh >w<