Eye Stories 07 : More Contact Lenses in Queen Blue (SPONSORED)

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Hello hellooo ^^...

After a long long while, i finally have another contact lens' review *LOL*. It's actually only the second contact lenses review that i've done! And it's :
More Contact Lenses in Queen Blue
This pair of More contact lenses are kindly sponsored by Eyecandy_Id also known as Tomato Online Shop. As a frequent user of contact lenses who actually NEEDS them (to see!) instead of just wanting them, i was very happy when the owner offered me to try out one of their contact lenses *LOL*. 

I'm not very fussy when it comes to contact lenses (but my eyes are -___-. They wouldn't accept some brands zzz), my only requirement is a large enough diameter since i enjoy the look of circle lenses and don't really want to go back to normal, smaller diameter contacts! I asked Eyecandy_id to show me some of their more unique lenses and when they did, i fell in love with this one :
Isn't it oh so pretty??? Array of pastel colors on my eyes, this must be a dream!!!
I honestly never heard of the brand MORE before (then again, i don't really follow contact lenses trends. Like i said before, they're more of a necessity for me instead of just accessories so i tend to be more practical with my purchases), but like always-i'm excited to try out new brands (for me).
The contact lenses case arrived with the contacts, i love that because that means i don't need to purchase a separate case
The contact lenses came with a usual small cardboard box dominated with purple-ish pink and white color
More contact lenses are made in Korea
The variant's type is Queen
Yes, my myopia's pretty bad >.<
The contact lenses are encased in these pair of blister package
Sorry it's so blurry, but you can still see the information in the blister. More contact lenses are made from Silicone Hydrogel and have 48% water content
I actually squealed when i saw the contact lenses in real life for the first time because they're just sooo pretttyyyy.... I can see baby blue, light green, violet and even pink color in the contact lenses. Queen Blue has thin, black outer ring sun bursts black patterns. 

I just checked at Eyecandy_id's website and i'm quite shocked to learn that these contact lenses' diameter's actually 20 mm!!! I never wore any contact lenses bigger than 14.5 mm before and frankly, these don't look THAT big. I mean, they're big of course-but i didn't expect them to be 20 mm! 

Oh yeah, i totally forgot to take a pic of their under side-they're kinda white and plain in that side-i think that is to make sure that the colors would look vivid and not diluted by the wearer's natural iris' color.
My bare eyes. My eyes are actually not that small, but i do have small irises and i don't enjoy the way they look "hanging" when i stare. FYI, i am not crossed eyes, i just find it very hard not to be crossed eyed when i take close up pics of my eyes *LOL*. My natural irises are brown and not black, as you can see in this photo
One contact lens in, immediate super enlarging effect!
Wider, more awake eyes immediately. I LOVEEEE it!
The black ring is quite thin, and that makes my eyes looks even dollier somehow
I have no problem whatsoever inserting these contact lenses (i already been wearing it for about two weeks by now and i just learned that they're 20 mm!) even though they're quite big, i also love how they don't make my eyes alien-like or protruding even though i don't wear any eye makeup at all (some enlarging contact lenses can never be worn without eye makeup because they make me look so scary!).

Most circle lenses are not all that comfortable (probably due to their size), and i do have quite a fussy pair of eyes-fortunately i mostly find no problem wearing Queen Blue even for a long period of time (of course, using any contact lenses for a very long period of time is not very healthy, but sometimes i can't help it when i have a very long day/am traveling. I don't like to use my glasses outside my house *coz they make me groggy!*, so i just make sure i always bring my eye drops around!).

I know the pastel colors look very dramatic close up, but they're surprisingly subtle enough (as subtle as an East Asian girl with blue eyes can be, that is) from a distance.
I think they look mostly blue (well, it's Queen Blue, after all) from a safe distant
More contact lenses in Queen Blue is definitely one of the most unique looking contact lenses that i've ever tried and i ABSOLUTELY loveeee it!

I would definitely recommend them for those of you who are looking for a dolly looking, not very usual but still subtle circle lenses. Not recommending it for those who wants very natural looking lenses (like duh...).

Please note that every eyes are different, and what works well for me (in terms of comfort) might not always work for other people so it's kinda trial and error type of thing. I cannot guarantee that everybody would be a good match for these contact lenses like i am. I just need to clarify (the obvious thing) because lately people seems to hold me responsible for them when i write something that i've experienced for myself -____-.

I would definitely buy it with my own money! Would i repurchase? I would, actually. But i'd like to try out different contact lenses first...

More contact lenses in Queen are available in three colors :
Grey, Green Brown and Blue
Queen contact lenses are IDR 145.000 per pair at www.tomatoonshop.com and can be used for 6 months.

Thank you Eyecandy_id for the chance to try out this awesome pair of contact lenses!

Instagram : Eyecandy_id
Phone/Wassap : +628175077553

I'm leaving for our trip tomorrow, and i haven't been very productive lately so that means i don't exactly have plenty of drafted posts lining up as usual-i'd still try to post when i can but they'd be sporadic at best. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram for updates on my trip ^^. Hope y'all will miss me :D!


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  1. Patternya cantik banget :3


  2. Bagus banget di kamu Mindy:0
    Selalu pengen coba pake softlense tapi selalu gagal krn uda takut duluan matanya kenapa - kenapa.

    Glowlicious.Me | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog | Lily Widjaja

    1. Makasiii ^^. Hehehe sbnrnya gpp kalo pake yg dr optik2 gitu, tp kalo ga berani jgn dl deh hehehe