House of Dura Clinic Visit and Dura Micropeel Review (SPONSORED)

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Hey guysss :D!

Today i want to share with you my experience getting some treatments at House of Dura Surabaya!
House of Dura
 Jl.R.A Kartini no.135 Surabaya
 Pin: 5A9D142C 
WA: 081901111830

Honestly speaking, i've never heard of House of Dura before, that's until Lidia (who's also a beauty blogger and their marketing ^^) contacted me, thank you again Lidia :D! House of Dura also kindly allowed me to bring a blogger friend alone (i always feel better when i have company!) so i dragged Nessya along :D!
It was a gloomy, rainy day (but we had lots of fun so that didn't reflect our moods hahaha) and that's Nessya coming towards me hahaha
Don't be confused, their entrance is actually on the side hehe. Took this pic of the front from inside the car because it was drizzling and hunny barked at me when i tried to get off the car -___-
Before we even managed to open the door, a staff member was already opening the door for us and all of the front office staffs warmly greeted us. FYI, this is before we even informed them that we're invited bloggers, so i can safely say that it's the way they greet all of their customers. I also saw a (i assume) regular client whom they greeted enthusiastically by name. Love the personal touch! I'd take friendly, warm type of clinic any day over those which try so hard to look exclusive that they come off as cold and indifferent.
The reception area
Super cozy, sparkling clean, comfortable and inviting lobby
Upon introducing ourselves, the receptionist helped us to fill in some form with our needed details
Lidia herself and House of Dura's resident doctor (dr. Maria) immediately welcomed us as well and then dr. Maria kindly gave us some presentation to explain about House of Dura further.
Every individual must have skin problems (be it acne, wrinkles, etc) and that's where House of Dura comes in. DuraSkin products are all tested by Laboratories in San Diego, USA and can be found used all around Asia. House of Dura itself is a national clinic with branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang Alam Sutra, Denpasar, Pontianak, Manado, Palembang, Pekan Baru and Makassar. Please note that there's only ONE House of Dura in Surabaya (in Jl. Kartini), any other clinic using their name is not to be associated with House of Dura.
Why do we have to get ourselves skin treatments? As we age, skin's regeneration declines with signs such as dull skin and aging signs therefore skin treatments are very vital such as daily treatment using products everyday at home and periodic treatment at least once a month in clinics. Both must be done to reach the best skin condition, one without the other would not resulted in maximum result
Facial is a lifestyle/premier need at the moment for some people, it is needed to maintain one's good appearance and also to prevent premature aging
DuraSkin products are secure, they're FDA approved and also BPOM approved, of course. DuraSkin treatments can also take care of skin problems in short period of time with maximum result if compared to regular cosmetics. Dr. Maria likens it to drugs vs vitamins. When your skin has problems (like we have a sickness), we'd need drugs to cure ourselves, we can't possibly get well with just vitamins (which is what over the counter cosmetics are like). When our skin is cured, then we can use "vitamins" to maintain our skin's condition
DuraSkin's using Nano technology, which means they have smaller particles to penetrate our skin easier-therefore we're only gonna need a smaller amount of product and still get a better result. They're also using Alpha Arbutin, which is the safe active ingredients for more effective, faster and safer skin lightener-as well as other plant-based ingredients
All of their equipments are sterilized with tools to make sure we experience less pain and all of their staffs (doctors and beautician) are experts in their field. Dr. Maria stresses how a good clinic depends on three things : the products, equipment and operator. If one of those does not excel, it's impossible to reach maximum results
Some skin problems we might be facing
They also have hair removal treatments. So sorry for the blurry image, i had to snap the pics using my Iphone since my camera does not zoom in (i thought we were just getting treatments so i brought Marshmallow instead of NX-300!)
Dura Aqua Peel is one of their current products, Nessya got to experience it-you can read her review in her blog soon
Got wrinkles? Want to get rid of them safely? You can get botox injections in Dura too!
Like i mentioned many times already, botox is something that i would definitely be getting when i'm older. I mean, i'm quite old now *LOL* but i don't think i need them just yet
Of course, they also have filler injections too
After dr. Maria wrapped up the presentation, we got to try out the treatments immediately. Let's see how my skin condition was before the treatment :
Not a lot of problems with my skin when you see it with naked eyes
Except for the red zit that just popped the night before on my chin. Oh and my mole-people keep on scolding me for picking on it and creating a noticeable scar on it *sigh*
But if you look very closely (and touch it), you can tell my skin is infested with crazy amount of black and white heads >.<. My skin is normally very oily, but after a week in wintery Japan it got a bit dehydrated (plus i kept on forgetting to wash my face properly in the morning before putting on makeups :p) and sensitive. I know it looks oily in the photo, but that's just sunblock hehe
There's also a spot on my cheek that's not quite a zit but very hard and annoying
Look! OMG, disgusting whiteheads! You can also see how huge my pores are zzz

Change into tube tops for the treatment, not a very good news for flat-chested me, i had to change into the smaller one because i kept on flashing people with the first one i had on!
Nessya getting ready for treatments!
First step was cleaning my face thoroughly, of course. Meet Ms. Eka, my beautician of the day. If you ever go to House of Dura for treatments, i highly recommend you to seek her out! She's very friendly, and i love how thorough her work is. She's not afraid to spend a lot of time to make sure she got every single blackhead out! Definitely my fave kind of therapist!
When our skins are thoroughly cleansed, dr. Maria came to check our skin out to determine the kind of treatments suitable for our skins.
We were asked to look at the screen where our skin is enlarged (100x?) so we can see how our skin condition is. Nessya recently got her skin irritated after using some herbal skin care that didn't suit her skin so dr. Maria suggested Dura Aquapeel using Diamond Microdermabration with water and vitamin ampoule to soften skin and reduce irritation as well as helping to maintain skin's hydration
As for me and my black and white heads-ridden skin, dr. Maria suggested Dura Micropeel. It also uses Diamond Microdermabration technology which functions to remove dead skin cells, reduce scars and continued with nutrient applications using vitamin ampoule and mask
Then i was given a very very thorough and relaxing face massage (not only face, down to the neck, shoulder and upper back)
Dr. Maria performing Micropeel on my skin. I had the same treatment in another clinic before but this time it's less harsh and i felt a lot more comfortable, maybe that's because dr. Maria's also very friendly and love to joke around with us ^^. Dr. Maria also notices the recent zit scar on my chin as well as the mole and she gave me Rejuvenation Flash or R-Flash on those spots. R-Flash can help stimulate regeneration of new skin cells in dermis layer so dull skin, skin texture and uneven skin tone due sun ray's exposure can be reduced. Dr. Maria told me that the skin on those area would darken then peel off, it happened within two days and immediately the scars are lighten considerably!
Followed with the ouchy part, extraction! I would never be able to say extractions to be painless (unless i'm lying!) but i can safely say that extractions in House of Dura is totally bearable. I went to another skin clinic where the extraction was crazy painful that my face's always swollen and numb afterwards, no such problem here!
After extraction was done, High Frequency (HF) was used to sterilized facial skin so the opened pores can close up and prevent infections
Because of my skin condition at the moment, i was given the vitamin ampoule for sensitive skin
They have Whitening and Green Tea masks
I was given the green tea mask (which is a bit runnier) for sensitive, acne prone skin. Not a fan of Green Tea scents, but this one's very milky and actually smells yummy hahaha
Hello Aqua Man... Or Frog Man more like it?
After the treatment, i felt very... Clean *LOL*. No, seriously, i've been quite stressed out with my skin texture lately, i wanted to cry whenever i wash my face because i can feel how bumpy they are so even though my face's all red (this is very normal for me after each facials) and some spots are sore, i felt light and cleansed!
Yes, it looks very red and all but not to worry, all the redness subsides overnight.
There are two fresh wounds because two of the spots became zits (also normal for me after a facial) that popped within two days. Almost all the scabs also fell off within days, leaving my skin smooth and bump-free again!
My only concern is the red, hard bump on my right cheek that doesn't seem to be improving yet *sigh*, well maybe i should be more patient
Whatever's left's easily covered with makeup hehe. Sorry lah, after so many unflattering pictures within one post, i must upload one that makes me feel better okay!
Overall i am highly satisfied with the treatments and top notch services by House of Dura! Thank you for giving my skin back #dramatic ! They even kindly gave us goodie bags as well!
Super happy with everything! I would definitely be highly recommending getting treatments in House of Dura and i can honestly say that this is the kind of treatments that i would definitely pay with my own money for!

Thank you House of Dura for having me, special thanks for Lidia and dr. Maria ^^!


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