Review : Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap

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Hey guyssss :D!

Trying my best to get back into my normal blogging rhythm, and it's totally time for a review! 

I was lucky enough to win another campaign by Kawaii Beauty Japan and Cowstyle, and this time round i got to try out Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap!
I'm not gonna lie, i've been eyeing this body soap ever for the longest time (pretty much ever since i first heard about it long long time ago) but i had too much soaps in my stash and needed to clear them out first before purchasing anything new, luckily i got sent this so i can finally try it out!

Let's see how Bouncia works for me!
Of course, gotta talk packaging first! Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap comes in a big pump bottle made from high quality, sturdy plastic. Although the packaging is simple and generic enough, i am highly attracted to it because of the mouth-watering image of whipped cream! It makes me super interested because i imagine that i can bathe with whipped cream-like lather hahaha. The blue gradation also very pleasing to my eyes!
All of Cowstyle's products are made in Japan (SQUEAL! I thought after going to Japan, i would either love Japan more or not so much, well... The previous happened *LOL*) so top notch quality is to be expected! Prices for Bouncia varies in different stores, but it's around IDR 75.000 (more or less) for 550ml which means it's actually super cheap!
Like most pump bottle soaps, all you need to do is twist the pump to open it, and silly me only recently realize that it can also be sealed back (if hunny didn't show me, i probably would never know :p!) so you can bring it to travel if you want, but who travels with 550ml bottle of soap??? I'd move some into travel bottles, if it's me!
The consistency of Bouncia Body Soap is slightly runny (not as thick as most shower creams) with pearlescent white color.
I prefer to bathe using shower puffs, Bouncia's super easy to lather-just a few quick squeeze on the puff would result in bountiful, dense bubbles like pictured above! Since the lather is very dense and fluffy , it really does feel super creamy and sort of  whipped cream like *i loveeeee!* :D and because of Bouncia's dense and bouncy leather particles, it can penetrate skin pores so our skin's always clean and the moisture level is maintained.

Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap is enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen and milk butter to maintain skin's natural softness and hydration therefore it's very suitable for those with dry skin. I have normal skin and it's totally loving Bouncia-my hunny on the other hand, does have very dry skin made worse by our recent winter trip to Japan (although he loves cold weather, his skin doesn't react well to it!). I am trying my best to help him regain his skin's healthier condition and Bouncia's definitely helping with making sure that our body soap isn't making the dryness worse, but helps to restore his skin's moisture level instead. 

Not only that, Bouncia also contains licorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizate that can help replace dead skin cells. 

Another thing that i LOVE about Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap is the scent! It has this classy floral scent (and i'm not the biggest fan of floral scents!) that is very pleasing to my nose (it's not super strong that it bothers your nose, don't worry if you're not a fan of strong scents!). I'm not exaggerating, i always take a deep breath now whenever i shower because i enjoy the scent so much!
Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap is also available in refill form (retails around IDR 35.000)
For Indonesian, Bouncia can be easily found at Guardian, Papaya, Metro, Watsons, Yogya Super, Setiabudi Super, Grand Lucky, AEON, Ranch Market, Century and Hypermart. Also available online at Sukamart and Nihonmart. 

I truly enjoy my experience with Bouncia and i definitely would buy it with my own money. I highly recommend Bouncia for everybody (i personally think it's suitable for the whole family, except for very young children), it has lovely scent, it's kind to one's skin, and it's pocket friendly! I can't think of anyone to whom i wouldn't recommend this body soap, maybe only those who cannot stand scents in their body products?

Follow Cowstyle's social medias for information and updates (they often throw giveaways too!) :

Thank you KBJ and Cowstyle for letting me try out this awesome product!

Since this is a Japanese product, imma leave you with a selfie of me with my Mori girl hair that i got to try on my trip :D

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