Singapore Trip 2015 (Part 2) : Haw Par Villa

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Yes, i just got back from Japan, not Singapore-however i still haven't really touched the surface of our June-July Spore-Malaysia 2015 trips (seriously, lazy bug begone!!!) T.T and i can't start blogging about Japan before i finish my previous trips (the OCD in me is strong). I suddenly got the unexpected urge to write about my travels again (mainly because while we were in Japan, Lily suddenly said to me "When are you going to blog about this ya ce" because she knows i haven't even finish blogging about SG/Malay yet *sigh*. I was like, oh someone's actually looking forward for my travel posts? So yeah, thanks for the unintended mood booster Lily!) so here i am, dusting off the virtual dusts of our photos from half a year ago!

My second post about Singapore is all about Haw Par Villa!
With my big family! KC's missing because he was the one taking this pic!
I haven't been to Haw Par Villa since i was a kid, but i always remember about this place because their Ten Courts of Hell "ride" totally fascinated me (it still does). No need to remind me what a strange kid i was, all things supernatural has always been naturally attractive to me, even when i was 7. I can't explain why. Anyway, decided to go there because neither hunny nor Little O had ever been there, i strongly believe they should (mainly because they have strange tastes like me).

For you who has never been to (or even heard of) Haw Par Villa, it's actually described as.... a Theme Park. Kinda weird because when you say theme park, i immediately think of Disneyland or Universal Studio. Well, it's nothing like that. It is a park alright, and it's themed (Chinese mythology and folklore is the theme), but it's not really a kiddie's playground sort of place. Oh, unless you want to scare your kid into being good, then bring them to the Ten Courts of Hell, i'm sure they'd behave themselves (at least for a week after) teehee. You'll see why later, i'll show you in great details (when do i never)! (For reference, this article calls it Singapore's Most Bizzare Theme Park).

It has not always been like this, i remember there used to be a few rides (normal rides, like jet coaster kind of rides) when i was little-i thought i mixed the memory up with other places but upon some investigating on the net, i wasn't wrong after all. There used to be some rides when they started charging for entrance fee, but then the place went bankrupt fast *LOL*. Now, no more rides (for less maintenance i guess)....

Let's start from the beginning okay!
Haw Par Villa
 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628

From the entrance you can feel the super thick Chinese vibe already, right?
The weather was CRAZY HOT (one of the reasons why we kept on postponing our plans to go there... For years, nonetheless LOLOLOL), once we emerged from the MRT station exit we immediately :
Flocked the ice cream Uncle LOL
Need to cool ourselves from the inside! Btw around this time was also when we realize Little O has lost his (cheap) watch (bought by mummy a few days earlier in Bugis Street)'s face somehow zzzz. He's just as bad as his mummy and daddy, we cannot seem to stop losing our stuffs >.<
KC was already doing his usual antics :P
Okay loh, we're ready to face the heat!
Yes, it's free. And it's unique. The more reason to visit this place at least once when you visit Singapore
Oh, i should probably warn you that this post is very photo heavy and most pictures are of Chinese statues-because that's what this park is all about! No rides okay, just statues. Good for those who are interested in a more cultural thingy
Ten Courts of Hell IS the main attraction and also our main destination
We did get distracted on our way there haha
A bit about the park's history right there
Would you ever be interested to decorate your car with a lion's head?
We're finally got to the destination. Sorry, can't help ourselves!
Remember what i said about spooking your kids into behaving? This is nothing compared to what's inside...
This poor fella looks extra sad...
Not sure what this diorama means, do animals also have their own version of hell or something
Of course, Ten Courts of Hell is Chinese version of hell-mostly influenced by Buddhism. I am a Christian myself, so i believe in a different kind of hell-but i'd be lying if this place doesn't give me the creeps! And thinking that i should be a better human being right after each visit hahaha
The entrance. Ten Courts of Hell used to be a boat ride (and frankly, it was more mysterious and spooky back then. I think there used to be sound effects that made it extra terrifying!) but like i said, need less maintenance because they can't even charge for the entrance fee anymore. FYI, this place is very popular in local ghost stories, some even believe that the statues come to life at night and it's actually a portal to the actual hell -___-
But before we entered, we got distracted again by a wishing pond. We're Chinese mah, kiasu all the way, need to ask for fortune and success in any way we can *LOL*
Yes, that's my sis CW dressed like a crazy Cheena-woman because she's deadly afraid of turning dark -___-. As if we can be dark. I tried tanning and nothing turned my deadly pale skin darker for more than a week or so
Okay okay, who's excited for our visit to hell? Hehe
King Qingguang looks suspiciously like Judge Bao
Now we all know what awaits most of Indonesian' officials in the afterlife :D they should pack winter wears for their dead suits :p
Human BBQ, anyone?
There used to be sound effects of tortured people's cries -___- imagine being alone there, at night...
Sorry, it's very dimly lit in the "cave", sometimes Marshmallow acts up hence the blurriness in several pics -___-. Anyway, the punishments for not paying rend and disobedience's kinda harsh IMO *LOL*, so i have to be obedient to my siblings even when they're acting crazy? No way, sir! LOL
I found it hilarious how the guy in the tower had his hand on his friend's shoulder, like they're casually watching a parade or something. So there are break times in hell, i suppose...
This aren't part of the diorama, just us fascinated by them *LOL*
Sorry very blurry again, if you can't read it says the punishment for rumour-mongers and sowing discord among family members would get their tongue pulled out! Rapist and driving someone to their death would be thrown into wok of boiling oil
That's the ceiling, btw. The place's totally intricate and full of details
Is it just me but this pic looks more like the demon's feeding the guy...
OMG cheating during examinations would get your intestines pulled out! Wouldn't it means... 80% of all school goers? Yes, me included >.<!
You might not be able to judge from the photos, but most of the statues are quite small. Here's a pic for you to estimate the size
Those guys must be grateful to get to this stage, eh!
Okay done! How do you like our tour to hell? Disturbing enough? This post is not over yet though, there are a lot of other statues to examine outside the hell!
Again i'm not sure what these statues means... Maybe making animal fight for money makes us like animals?
One of the more disturbing statues in the park for me, the explanation's all in Chinese so i'm not very sure-but it's allegedly a daughter in law feeding her sickly, elderly father in law her breast milk -___-. I know it's supposed to picture a filial piety... But can't she at least express her milk into a glass or something...
How "Hell" looks from the exit
It looks's like a weird carousel for me
Tourist mode : on

How cute is my Little O and his owl backpack?
Tiger Balm! *insert advertisement*
I like how KC is looking up like that in this pic, like he was in despair "Must we climb all the way there? Seriously? In this heat?" LOL
Before i take him to China for real let him pose with this first, ok?
Seriously, i felt like we're somewhere in Mainland China
Again, being totally Chinese and kiasu, flocking to the Money God and grabbing his golds!
Thinking of striking 10x for extra everything, but then got worried that the gods would punish us for being kiasu...
Told ya, wherever there's a word "for wealth" or whatever, we just gotta do it! It's in the makeup of our D... N... A #sings
Memorials for the original owners of the park
There are like, MILLIONS (okay, exaggeration alert) more statues in this place but of course i only snap pics of 10% of them or so la
Dunno why this part kinda reminds me of Chinese cemetaries -____-
I love the blue depicting the sea... Somehow this part looks very cooling.. Unfortunately it only LOOKS cooling, it's boiling hot here as well of course hahahaha
Lots of tiny grottoes and caves for you to explore, makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at them though... I don't really like cramped placed at all!
Eh, also dunno why there's Liberty statue here haha. But there are statues representing countries around the world in this park as well
There's a Chinese Zodiac wheel with basic description of each zodiac's personality. Surprisingly well matched! Pigs supposedly honest, kind, a peace maker, speaks truthfully and to the point (i'm not praising myself la hahaha). Firm believer in justice and law and order. Can be quick tempered (tell me about it) but hates quarreling. My mum was like "But #Pink likes to argue!" which can't be further from the truth *LOL*. I cannot stand unfairness and would argue when i see one, but actually i always prefer to avoid conflicts when i can. Especially when it involves unreasonable, older family members. I usually try my best to swallow my arguments and walk away, doesn't mean i am happy about it but i still try!
And with that Sumo pose photo of Little O, i am ending this post! My next post would be about S.E.A Aquarium, hope y'all excited for it! In the meantime, what do you think about Haw Par Villa? Interesting? Weird? Twisted? 


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  1. haw par villa emang interesting banget!!! :) gua pernah ke sana pas pertama kali ke singapore, th 1996! 20 tahun yang lalu. hahahaha.

    btw yang gua terkesan banget tuh ada 1 rumah yang dulu punya orang kaya gitu (kalo gak salah) dimana dia punya 7 istri yang selalu mati nya nyeremin. jadi di sana diliatin patung2 gimana istirnya mati. kok gua gak liat di foto2 lu ya. apa udah gak ada lagi rumah ini?

    trus setelah liat2, kita dibawa ke ruangan makan trus kita semua duduk disana. lampunya digelapin sampe gak liat apa2 trus kita pake headphone. ceritanya di tuan rumah ngajak makan, trus ntar kita denger suara2 setan kayak ada anak2 lari di belakang kita dan yang paling serem kayak ada yang bisik2 ke kita dan ada angin2nya kayak beneran dibisikin gitu. walaupun semua omongannya in chinese dan gua gak ngerti sepatah kata pun, tapi tetep merinding. serem abis! hahaha.

    1. Hahhhh apaaa itu Mannn, gue gak pernah masukkk... Dan sekarang sdh pasti tutup deh soalnya kan sepi banget, semua nya yg pake suara2 gitu udah d off. Kata suami gue ada 1 tempat rada gede yang tutup, kayaknya itu yah! Sayang banget, gue jd penasaran banget, sounds so creepy but delicious hahahahaha

    2. Ada yah man yg bagian begitu?

      Aku selalu serem loh kl liat haw par villa. Pas pulang suka mikir, gw kl ampe orang yg masuk neraka gmn ya?

    3. Iya dulu ada. Mgkn skrg udh gak ada lagi ya. Padahal asli serem lho walaupun cuma denger suara doang. Hehe.

  2. Ngeliat poto2nya serasa saya diajak mengunjungi sana juga
    TFS Mbak :)

  3. keren tempatnya ^^ duh patung kepalanya bikin merinding :D