My Massive Singapore-Malaysia Haul

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Hey everybody!

So... Yeah... My plan to go back to regular blogging... It's not really going to happen this month *LOL*. Seriously busy with real life so virtual life gotta take a back seat for a while! 

Anyway! As what some of my blogger friends call me (errr. Haul Queen WTF), i certainly live up to that nickname in our trip to Singapore and Malaysia. I went stark mad *sigh*. I know some of you are waiting for my haul post (it's been a while!), aside from the busy part-i was also postponing unconsciously because i do not want to deal with "When are you going to use all that????" comments. Lemme answer it now, i don't plan to use them, i just want to buy them cannot meh? LOL. Sarcasm, obvi. The real answer is : I also have no idea when. But i love shopping so much and it makes me feel so happy-i don't see why i should stop when it's not hurting anybody!
So here's a compilation of (SOME) of the stuffs i got during that trip. I didn't bother taking pictures of everything together because it was just too... damn... crazy. 
Like i said, some. Not in this picture are the clothes (which i'm not going to show you in this post. Too much work, i don't feel like unfolding and refolding them all, to be honest!) and some other beauty stuffs+accessories
I totally broke my own record of never surpassing my baggage allowance! I mean... I mostly fly budget and all, so i'd usually (and correctly) just determine beforehand how much i was going to shop in the destination and buy as much allowance as i thought i would need, i never guessed wrongly! Until now, that is. 

I came with 20 kgs worth of stuffs (for a whole month. And for a whole little family too) so i purchased 40kgs of allowance for the return flight because i only planned to shop at Daiso-then i went absolutely mental in Singapore (totally unexpected. Last time i hardly bought anything in Singapore because everything's so darn expensive with the crazy exchange rate, i brought home more than half of the SGD i exchanged! But this time round, came in the middle of GSS... All hell break loose because all those crazy SALE means everything's darn cheap now OMO -____-) so i asked hunny to call Jetstar and add more allowance-already added 20 kgs so our total baggage allowance was 60kgs...

THEN the (very unfriendly, i must add) ground staff of Jetstar told us that we're still 13kgs over weight... WTF. I would never pay for crazy rates for excess baggage they charge so i sat down like a mad person in the middle of Changi airport and rummaged through the suitcases-how i managed to measure and took out EXACTLY 13 kgs of items i would never know. But yep. Call me the master of packing y'all!

We lugged our stuffs in... errr... laundry bags :p (on top of three other carry ons that we already brought in the first place!) and hunny was adamant about buying another cabin sized luggage (we only have one) and that's how we ended up with this cutie :
Oh well. We do need it (i hate it when hunny's right *LOL*)
Okay, let's take a closer look at the stuffs i got!

I already planned to go crazy at Daiso because ever since i tried their eyeshadow, i found out that they really have very nice makeups (at least for someone with very unsensitive skin like me who's crazy about cheap but safe makeup)-for less than 2 bucks, i don't think you could go wrong! Sadly Indonesian Daiso have no makeup range (i'm sure they simply don't feel like registering to BPOM since it's so much hassle and the profit's probably not even worth the process) so i was looking forward to visiting Malaysia's Daiso.
Most of these i got from KL's Pavillion Mall's Daiso (i checked out with 42 items hahaha, 39 of of 42 were beauty related items!)
I know i got a LOT, i practically just chucked in every variant that they have in one or two colors *LOL*. Honestly, the Daiso in JB had a lot more makeup items than Pavillion, but since we're not going to JB.... Yeah, Daiso actually is a good enough reason for me to plan another trip to Malaysia. Stuffs (and food) in Malaysia are seriously cheap, even compared to Indonesia. Anyone wanna join me?
I got these Lavender Body Cream and Body Mist for Sabsab because she's into bath and body products and she mentioned she likes lavender's scent (i don't). Two items for less than IDR 20.000 (Malaysia's Daiso's rate is around IDR 18.500 with current exchange rate-that's even cheaper for Indonesia' IDR 25.000!!! Not much, but multiply it by 42, that's quite a significant number). Pretty curious to find out if they're any good, but Sabsab hasn't begin using it so we'll just have to wait!
Lip Care set, one for Oline (who just celebrated her 19th bday last month) as part of her oleh-oleh slash bday gift parcel haha-and one for me lah. I have to buy souvenirs in multiple, remember? Coz i'd always want one for myself *greedy B*
More eyeshadows. I already have two from this range and i actually have the Lilac one-then i broke it and my heart was totally broken too so i had to replace it (i'm still using the broken one though coz it's actually still usable as loose pigments!)! I LOVE these eyeshadows, they're actually my fave eyeshadows if you can imagine! Buttery, shimmery, soft and crazy cheap-what's not to love? If you're a fan of shimmer and soft colors, i HIGHLY recommend this!
Errr even more eyeshadows. I just want to try everything they have lah! Btw the Pearl one i also already have (in brown. It was a gift my mum got from her friend-of course she gave it to me right away. Her friend doesn't know her at all *LOL* coz my mum only uses branded makeup!), it's just so so but still acceptable. I might review the brown one in the future, if i'm not too lazy
Pretty blush ons!!!!! I mean... They're pretty even in more expensive brands' standard! I got every color, of course (i've been wanting them ever since i saw it somewhere in the internet but i am definitely not paying IDR 40.000 for Daiso products, especially since i go to Sg/Malaysia so frequently anyway) but nope, i didn't buy the same colors for stocks okay (i am not that crazy, i promise). 3 of the same colors are Winda's (we're having a swap!) and the final pink one is for Kathy
Errr. More blush ons, they're not as pretty but i still want to try them out. This whole beauty blogging thing is making my shopaholic disease worse.
Yes, more blush on-but this one 's for #Undecided. Do you know that it's #Undecided's fave blush on? From Daiso! Told ya Daiso's awesome! (Daiso should hire me to be their marketer i think) Didn't buy any for myself because... I still have stocks of this type from last time #embarrassed
BB Cream. Curious lah, how...
And powders. Same reason, of course. See how nice the black one is??? Again, for 2 bucks... That's insane! I am grateful that my skin accept any kind of makeups without protesting (but this doesn't apply to skin care!)
Smooth Base (i never purchased any primer you know, currently i have three others in my collections and they're all hand-me-downs from my fam and friends *LOL*) Hanataka powders-which is for nose highlighting. I cannot live without nose highlighter now!!!
Nail products. All base coat/top coat/insta dry ones (yep, got them all in every variant WTF)-the gradation twin nail is for G
LIPPIES MY LOVE!!!! Last time (just two years ago) i still didn't use lipsticks (mostly lipglosses) much so i wasn't even interested in buying any lippies from Daiso. Oh how i have changed...
That's the end of my Daiso beauty craziness (still got more stuffs from Daiso though. Anyway, i'm a bit sad because i couldn't find the eye makeup corrector that Shu Ann recommended in all the Daisos i visited), but sadly not the end of my beauty madness. Coz i still got these :
Darn you SALE! I didn't buy them all at the same time lah okay, mostly i buy one of two only per day... But i was there for almost a month so... Shocked myself when i put them all together and filled one huge plastic bag with makeup >.<
Marry Me! by Lanvin perfume was on promo in Sasa for only SGD 30 (there were other options too but i like this one the best) and Enchanteur Paris Princesse i got in Malaysia because... I like the box and the name WTF. I don't even know how it smells...
Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz from Watsons' sale in Bugis Junction. I tried MUFE's finishing spray once and i loved it so i've been wanting to buy a cheaper alternative, haven't tried this one but i hope it'd work decently. I would've bought their lippies and all (like, in dozens) too because they're cute and affordable, but i slapped myself a few times to bring some sense back. I SHOULD STOP BUYING MAKEUPS (but it's never going to happen)
Errr. At the same Watsons' sale. 3 for SGD 5 leh WTF is wrong with Singapore!!! Those are Sasatinnie makeups btw... Wait, i thought Sasatinnie is Sasa's product? Then how come they were sold at Watsons' sale? Hm.. confused...
I suspect Topshop's pulling their makeup line from Asian markets? Because they're having crazy clearance sale in Singapore (actually most of their branches doesn't/no longer carry makeup range anymore. I only found the counter at their ION branch) and also sale (less crazy) in Malaysia? These were SGD 10 for 6. WTF. Regular price more than twice that per item! All those Sheer Lips? I'm only keeping two for myself (because they only have two shades left, that's why) the rest are gifts for my blogging friends and relative
I'm obsessed with makeups from fashion brands. These are from RUBI (Cotton On), the smokey eye palette and lipglosses were on sale for i don't remember how much while the lipsticks were SGD 15 for three. I swatched them and fell in love with them, had the hardest time deciding which colors to buy. If i haven't spent SO MUCH already i would buy 6. And yes, i bought BLUE lipstick hohohoho. I've been wanting crazy colored lippies for a while! There's also a mint green one but there's no tester and i remember Shu Ann from Tried and Tested said the mint one is really bad (but the blue one's really nice! The texture and color i mean, i haven't tried it on my lips so i dunno how i'd look with it yet)
In2It lippies and blush ons (Malaysian brand, i think). I LOVE their lip tint, i have one in hot pink and it's my fave lip tint (knock Tony Moly's off the yard for me!) so i've been planning to get more colors the next time i go to Malaysia. Then i spotted they also have lip crayons (yes, still obsessed)... And the blush ons also so pretty and affordable... Btw, the lip tints are RM 9 something (it's less than IDR 35.000)-and they're awesomeeeeee!
Swiss Rituel Lipbalms (on sale at Sasa) and Christian Breton lipstick actually part of the 3 for SGD 5 from the Watson's sale
Essence eyeshadow palette, 1028 Hello Kitty compact powder and Beauty UK blusher. The blusher's from the same Watsons' sale in Bugis Junction and i spent half an hour contemplating on buying it-it's very cheap (SGD 7.90?) but i seriously bought too many makeups already! But i really wanted it (so pretty!) so i reasoned, i pay SGD 7 for ice creams in Singapore, why torture myself over the same price for blush on??? FYI, blush ons makes me happier than ice cream WTF. Nothing haunts you like the stuffs you didn't buy, right???
Forgot to feature the bling Essence eyeshadow so i retook the palette's pic as well (sorry for the repeat). I love Essence but i hate Indonesia's Essence (i will tell you all about it in another-very backdated-haul post. Basically they're upping the price unofficially and the BAs use dirty tricks to get you to shop!)-not only they're more expensive (which is ridiculous. Maybelline and Revlon are like.... half the price of less in Indonesia) and misleading, the collection's also pretty sad! I just wished that they have the Cinderella edition too :(... Would've bought everything *LOL*
Bought these in Malaysia, i love local brands and items that i cannot find in other countries. Never heard of the brand Safi nor Doll Lips before. Used NuTeen facial wash before (read the review here) and all (cheap) BB Cream attracts me. Sadly the Doll Lips lipstick case's dislocated itself from the base and so the top of the lipstick's all dented :( i couldn't check because it was sealed :(... It was also more than what i'd usually pay for unknown brands' lippies (it was RM 26 or something) but i swatched it and fell in love. Oh well, should check right after i pay next time :(
Yea... HUGE fan of Baby Lips (purely from the name and packaging *LOL* it's just a normal lipbalm actually IMO-read my review of the colorless one here) and i have this desire to collect every variant (they have so many of them too *cries* only three variants are available in Indonesia-the colorless, the colored ones, and the Electro Pop-but only red and orange!), the only thing stopping me from buying every color (and the other variants) is the fact that Maybelline's so much cheaper in Indonesia (for example, for the price that i paid for this one, i would get two of the same variant in Indonesia)! But i heard that the formulations of Maybelline Indonesia's different (worse :p) so i decided it wouldn't hurt to get one :p. I plan to buy the two colors available in Indonesia but since Maybelline's always having promotions, i'd wait for one! I hope they wouldn't bring this Berry Flavor one to Indonesia too soon, usually that's the story of my life!
Catrice Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes and All Matt Oil Control Powder. I never purchased anything from this brand and of course, got curious (ohhhh i feel like being a beauty blogger is a curse at times like theseee)-they're very affordable too. The powder's... SGD 6.80? The eyeshadow palette's about the same. I am forever searching for an affordable mattifying powder, i do love Essence's (read my review here) but having more options never hurts!
Eeeekk, MUJI eyeshadow... Just because. I have these colors (maybe 10 of them in different brands) already but i really want a MUJI one (for no reasons at all other than the fact that i like to own and try different brands, especially brands that you don't normally expect a makeup from!) because Shu Ann said they're pretty good (yes, i love Shu Ann)-i would normally turn my nose at paying SGD 12 for such a tiny eyeshadow palette, but it's Japanese brand leh!
Too bad H n M and Forever 21's makeups are not available in Asia :(. Oh, i buy majority of my clothes in H n M (LOVEEE H n M), i got like... 12 pcs of clothing for around IDR 1.100.000 SCORE!!!! Also got a party dress (which imma wear to Au's Sweet 17 this weekend) reduced from SGD 99.90 to SGD 25!!! Others i got from Bugis Street (but i only buy skirts) and like, Chinatown-not that many either-so 70% of my clothing haul in this trip's from H n M!

Moving on now! I don't know if i ever write this, but i actually try to stop buying nail polishes because i have probably a hundred new ones and i've actually lost track of what color's already in my collection (how about ALL, #Pink???) ... Yeah. Didn't work either.
Because this happened FML. Mostly Essence's and Rubi's, there's also TopShop's, Model Own's and Ciate some other brands.
Rubi nail sets, so cheap and colorfullll! The multiple ones are for gifts okay, only got the bright colors left in Cotton On i went to later so i got them for Av and Silvi
Essence nail stuffs. Mostly i was attracted to the gel line lah, wonder if they'd really last longer than regular polishes? I just got every single one that they have *LOL* plus a few gel nail polish (these are the ones that you don't have to cure using UV/LED light)
Forgot to put this with the others. Butter London's selling at IDR 180.000 for one in some online shops, and i got these from Sephora for SGD 12 for two (so was the Ciate one). Crazy. Sephora's sales... so awesomeee. BB got NYX's Revenge palette collection for SGD 26 (selling in Indonesia for IDR 500.000 or so), so cheapppp! Too bad the colors in the collections didn't appeal to me!
Usually i'd shop for more bath and body/cleansers/grooming products instead of makeup overseas, but that fact is definitely starts to change in these last two trips >.<
Nivea Makeup Clear, Nano White Fresh Cleanser, Vaseline spray lotion (for obvious reason : the unusual packaging!), Cream Silk conditioner (it's a Philippines product, found it at a Value store!), some whitening tooth polish/paste (i am obsessed to whiten my not-so-pearly-anymore teeth!), Fa Yoghurt body cream and Oxy+Mia Care acne patches
Sheet masks and eye masks. Also got the the deep clean clay mask because i was (still am) horrified with my skin condition while i was in Singapore, it was full of white heads!!! My cheeks were super bumpy (not pimple though) to the touch, it's so much better now but i still definitely desperately need a facial!
Some other stuffs i got from Watsons and Sephora. The body butter was on sale and the deodorant sheets are hunny's. I got so desperate about my skin and i was convinced that i needed a peeling product-but i couldn't bear to pay SGD 50 for Cure so i decided to try out Bio Essences' (for half the price, admittedly it's also a lot smaller in size)-and i liked the smooth result so i errrr have to stock up. Stumbled into a discounted one with bonus (the last one!) in Bugis Junction's, sometimes different Watsons' have different stocks of products and brands!
This one's deserves its own pic hahaha. I finally found my holy grail mascara, Majolica Majorca's Lash King! Unfortunately, it's kinda (VERY!) pricey so i'd still be looking out of a cheaper alternative. Oline told me online shops sells for a lot cheaper, but i really wanted to charm bracelet bonus so i forked out SGD 24.90 for the package hahaha
AND that's... finally, the end of my beauty haul! Still got other stuffs, of course...
Errr. And i was incredulous when my luggage's weighed (a lot more) more than i am. I totally unconsciously erased the memory of purchasing 8 pairs of shoes (i also bought one pair for L and a pair of slippers of #Undecided so i was lugging a total of 10 pairs of footwears!)
I was so devastated when i sort of ruined my Coach bag (just discolored the handle, i'll conceal it with a scarf. But it still breaks my heart. I will never wear colored branded bags to travel ever again HIKS. Dark colored ones only, or cheap ones that i can throw away at the end of the trip) that i didn't have the heart to buy another branded one yet. The most expensive item i purchased during the trip is this metallic pink Victoria Secret's bag and it's less than 1 mill!
I bought majority of the bags in this trip at H n M too. These were RM 40 each! They're still normal priced in Singapore!
H n M Malaysia and Spore totally got different items that were on sale! So i ended up buying more zzz. This yellow bag's bought in H n M Singapore for SGD 20
Also bought this baby blue jelly bag from eh... H n M's kids section. I bought bunch of accessories from H n M's kids section *LOL*, for myself yep, but if i ever have a daughter then she'd have a truckloads of stuffs ready for her. I saw some European and American bloggers sporting these kinds of jelly basket bags in their outfit posts and i always wanted one.. Just so happened that i stumbled into one in the kids section :p. Also got the the thin gold braided belt at H n M for RM 10
I just remembered, i actually bought another shoes (the most expensive one!) from Skechers (SGD 50 on promo) because the nonstop-all-day walking has taken its toll on my spoiled feet and New Look's hard-as-rock sneakers simply didn't cut for crazy amount of walking-these memory foam slip ons are a dream to walk on! It's official, i won't be wearing any other shoes for traveling (unless it's during cold seasons then i'd wear boots la) from now on! My feet wouldn't accept them! I also bought a yellow Forever New bag (v cheap, about SGD 27) after i ruined my Coach bag and didn't want to ruin it further. I never took pics of both items on their own because i used them right away, so here they are :

In one of my many OOTD pics
Got these shoes for SGD 25 for two, local online shops sell these types of shoes for over IDR 200.000 each! From Bugis Street
Glittery pink slip ons also from Bugis Street, it was SGD 23 or so, a bit expensive but i really couldn't stop thinking about it (i actually went back a few weeks later to buy them just before we went back to Indonesia)
Monster shoes, also from Bugis Street (SGD 22), immediately purchased a matching bag (i actually ordered the bag first months ago, but i was informed that it was OOS, so glad we stumbled into the bag while meeting up with Kathy, Sabsab and Nessya at GC later!) for it. Kathy has a pretty... eccentric taste too and she actually own the same shoes and bag hahaha
The most COMFORTABLE jelly shoes i ever had from Jelly Bunny (love the name too!), it's slightly branded lah and usually my jelly shoes are the cheap, no brand ones so i was amazed when i slipped them on. Very cheap too, they were on sale.. Can't remember how much, but less than SGD 20 each! I just browsed, apparently it's a Thai brand! I love it so much, they have super cute bags as well but kinda pricey haha so i didn't buy any
More slip ons (can you sense an obsession here?) from Rubi for SGD 10 each. I hunted up and down for the Hello Kitty ones because the ones left were 39-40, which were WAY TOO BIG for me. Thankfully i stumbled into this pair (the only one!) in the right size in some malls in Spore (can't remember which. Too many malls. Probably Toa Payoh. Or Ang Mo Kio. Dunno lah)
Eh... Yeah went cray for socks too. Mostly from Rubi (for SGD 1-2 tops), also from H n M, Forever 21 and Daiso
More socks from Factorie
Cute undies also from Factorie, SGD 2 each!
Unicorn plush toy, my little pony bag charm and another socks that i forgot to feat in the pic above
Went ga ga over floral crowns! I mean... Some of them are SGD 2!!! Branded too, can't even get the cheapo ones from Stroberi at that price here (btw, Stroberi opens a branch in 313 Somerset!!! I was in shock hahaha)
We went to Universal Studio Singapore and a new headband for the collection is a must! Chose this Princess Fiona one this time round!
Headbands from H n M kids section :D, i guess i should be grateful for having a smaller head because i can wear kids' headbands!
Foam floral wreath from Chameleon. Not cheap okay, but i really like them. I bought a pair in Singapore then found out that the exact same thing cost (significantly) less in Malaysia (yes, from the same store) zzzz so i bought two more!
Arghhh pastel flowersssss i loveeeeeeeee
But i also want a black one for a more goth look, it's one of the most expensive one (SGD 5.90?), the coral one's only SGD 2-both from Factorie
More pretty floral wreath from Factorie (still at SGD 2 each)
Isn't this one from Lovisa totally beautiful though? SGD 15 for 3
Cream floral wreath is from Rubi (for SGD 1! Insane!!!) and the lilac headband is from a small accessories store in Chua Chu Kang, it was v exp for me (SGD 6.90) but i couldn't stop thinking about it so i had to buy it the next time i was there (it's very far away okay, only went to Chua Chu Kang because my grandma lives there-and she don't even remember me anymore zzz)
Hehehe cute lah! Also from Chameleon Malaysia
The accessories i mentioned earlier from H n M kids, i mean... Unicorn is not just for kids alright! (And so is Hello Kitty!)
I am drawn to bag charms now, i used to not care at all about them but they're getting so cute! The fluffy balls are from Factorie (for SGD 2 or 3 each) and the panda is from H n M
My fave bracelet type : wrap leather! This one is not leather la, only SGD 9 from Mango
Dainty and pretty pastel floral necklace and bracelet from Accessories, even after 50% off they're still not that cheap but i really like'em!
Bun stopper that is so going to be worn as bracelet (because i don't do buns haha) for SGD 2 from Factorie and H n M X Coachella flower bracelet. It was SGD 12.90 so too expensive obvi, but i really wanted it >.< then i saw that it's slightly cheaper in Malaysia so i bought it, then when i returned to Sg... It was on sale for SGD 5 or something FML. So MAD!
Rose quarts ring and leather (genuine!) bracelets from Factorie, the bracelets were SGD 2 each!
Hair pins and ear studs from Cotton On (yeah, SGD 2 each hahaha)
The more... ethnic accessories, i suppose? Bangle and "ai" (love) necklace from Penang Peranakan Mansion and jade bracelet (that symbolizes money according to the seller hahaha) from Chinatown in Sg
Various earrings from a mall in Penang and bee earring from Bee Farm (Cameron Highland)
More leather bracelet for my collection *happy*, only from Charles & Keith lah, very cheap (on sale, paid only SGD 16!). Speaking of leather bracelet i am eyeing a black one from Versus...
Choker is cool again! So many options i went beserk! All SGD 15 for 3 from Lovisa
More madness from Lovisa... Beautiful head chains that i simply couldn't resist even though i dunno when (if ever) or where imma wear them *LOL*. I need to hold more themed parties. The unicorn bracelet's obvi from the kids sect, BB's as obsessed as me with unicorns so i bought her one so we can be unicorn buddies (is your aunt as cool as me?)
More tidbits : nail polish that i totally forgot about from Factorie, unique sunnies, charity bracelet and chain headband (SGD 1 dollar WTF! Actually SGD 5 for 5 lah, but that's essentially the same! The head chain only ya, not the sunnies and bracelet) and midi rings from H n M
More weird accessories hahaha. Rainbow spikey rubber bracelet and four clover bracelet from Bee Factory in Cameron Highland and colorful beaded bracelet (each with different wishes! I got the rainbow one just because i like the color though hahaha. The purple one is for "popularity"-for my blog! LOL. Can't remember what the others represent... Pretty sure the green one's for money hahaha) from Snake Temple
More ear studs from Rubi (yes, SGD 5 for 5)
Burmese jade accessories that wards of bad luck-wore it every day during the trip since i bought it hahaha
Manekineko bracelet (which color represents "love") from Chinatown and hematite bracelet from Penang Peranakan Mansion
Errrr, i also bought this Monster High magz for the necklace :p. I have a thing for Monster High and it was cheap....
Hair clips and jelly watch from Daiso (i bought the same watch for Nessya)
Lollipop pen just because it's so cute (and can be used as prop to take selfies hahaha) and Sailor Neptune's charm i got from a gachapon
Jelly pads from Daiso!
More tidbits from Daiso. I am actually pretty good at DIY, but i am lazy! LOL. Plan to turn the charms into necklaces or bracelet (dunno when). Daiso sell the prettiest foam flowers! I would love to DIY my own flower crowns but foam flowers are kinda fragile so i couldn't buy a lot since it's hard to transport them when i have so many things to bring :(
Cream containers (coz the ones available in Indonesia are so boring and generic) from Daiso and lace bra strap from Chameleon (most bra straps sold in Indonesia has plastic/very flimsy metal hook that would snap off in no time!)
Phew.... That's it! Plus the clothes (errr. Two dozens of them) that you'd eventually see in outfit posts (provided i am not too lazy to take pics when i wear them)... I am so tired, this post took so much longer to write than i expected. Must wake up super early tomorrow coz no nanny huhuhu, I NEED A MAID! Universe send me a new maid ASAP! Make her stay longer this time round too!

Burnt out
Hello old hair!

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  1. Whoaaa, you bought so, so many stuff! XD

    Anyway, I love Rubi's socks and footwears collection, too. I have the jelly sandal and one pair of socks (almost bought more than 3 at that time, but I was on tight budget, so...).


    1. Yesss, i always go nuts when they're on saleeee (kalo ga sale males ah hahaha)

  2. Wow you got sooo much stuff! Don't feel bad though, I'd probably buy just as much (it's an addiction I tell you)! I love everything you got, especially those socks and blue jelly purse.
    I love your blog. New follower via GFC. :)

    Paint It Rogue

    1. Yes, totally! Is there any Shopaholic Anonymous i can join??? Thank you so much for following!

  3. Daiso emang bikin khilaaaf. Kemaren pas ke Jepang masuk Daiso langsung kalap mata wtf, di sana cm 11ribu jatuhnya o_O Blush daiso yg multi cheek itu aku kmren coba langsung sukaa ♥︎
    H&M juga lagi diskon gila kemaren, harganya jadi cm 100yen - 700yen an sampe bolak balik 3x ke hnm -___-"
    Wiiih keren ya stroberi udah sampe punya cabang di Singapore o_o
    Always love your haul post ce :D

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAA LILYYYY *brb book tiket ke Jepang* hhahaha. Matik, aq perlu 100kg mgkn utk Daiso doank zzzz.

  4. What a very great haul! Btw how you know when is the sale for the stores (especially the branded one). I live in malaysia but never got the sale 😭

    1. I think it's because i tend to go overseas during holidays and that's when most of the sale season would be :D?