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Hi mah dearest!

How's your weekend? Havin' a blast? We went to watch Lego Movie yesterday with Baby Boy and it was absolutely hilarious (and cute), it's not very kiddish as well so don't mistake it for a "baby" movie okay, in fact i think the adults were more entertained than the kids since most of the jokes were kinda adult-ish. Baby Boy enjoyed it to the max as well, he's a huge fan of Lego and seeing those Legos came to live must be really magical for him. I know i would love to see a Barbie movie where they make the actual Barbie dolls move (not in a cartoon ways like those actual Barbie movies they have now though!)!!! I still hope that day will come *LOL*.

Spent today at home, busy putting freshly (or not so fresh, since i tend to leave my laundered clothes on the baskets for weeks before i actually have to will to store them in the cupboard, i.e : when hunny's running out of undies. LOL) washed clothes inside the wardrobe, as well as stressing on not finding a lot of stuffs that were supposed to be there. We have a huge household, as you know we live in a huge house (lemme count, we have... 9 bedrooms) with my parents as well as my older bro (don't ask), two nephews and one niece. All the guys's clothes are so similar, even though we (reluctantly) scrawled the initial on the tags (like, seriously. My mum mistakenly wrote my hunny's initial in my new Zara top, arghhh!!!!) so they won't be mixed up, they still ALWAYS get mixed up without a fail. 

Latest missing piece : hunny's fave Superman (genuine Marvel one that glows in the dark. My hunny's absolutely obsessed with glows-in-the-dark stuffs) top that he only wore 3 times tops after purchasing it. Now, my hunny's not much of a fashionista and it's always been hard to make him shop for clothes, so it's saying a lot about this tee (it was probably his most expensive tee to date too) and he's super annoyed (me too, because i'm obsessive) that we couldn't find it. Most probably tucked in one of the other's wardrobe somewhere in this house. And there's also a slight possibility it might slipped into one of MY massive wardrobes, now that... i doubt it's gonna resurface for another year or so if that's the case so... ZZZ. Frustrating! Oh, i also finally packed for our trip to Hong Kong on Thursday, excited!

Anyway, that's a mile long rambling before even starting to the core of this entry #badhabit. Let's start now!

Have you ever heard of Fukubukuro? I've been a huge fan of Japanese culture for longer than i can even remember, and ever since i first heard of the word Fukubukuro, i've been intrigued by it. I'm pretty much given up on beauty boxes by now, but a yearly mystery bag that used to be too far out of reach now become readily available via an online shop called Miaw Lens and when she opened a PO for fukubukuros, i simply couldn't resist!

Package from Miaw Lens and a few other stuffs :p

There are two packages because, errrmmm... I couldn't resist it :p
Originally i only ordered one cosmetic fukubukuro. Since this is my first fukubukuro, i have no idea what i'm gonna get inside right, and i've been cosmetics-shopping a lot more than i should, so i decided to get the lowest-priced one. It was either Canmake or Dodo, Canmake is somewhat easy to access (not available in Indonesia yet but i travel at least twice a year now so i can get their stuffs anytime during my travels) while Dodo is slightly harder to get, that's why i decided on getting Dodo Fukubukuro.
This is Japanese stuffs, so i find even the paper bag to be very pretty!
What i got inside the Fukubukuro

I paid IDR 249.000 for this bag, that's considered very cheap for Japanese standard! And while initially i was a bit disappointed of the lack of make up (i have no idea why but it didn't even occur to me that they're going to feature skin cares inside the fukubukuro >.<) in this bag (i was hoping for an eye shadow or blusher, you see) i still think it's very worth it and after taking a second look i realized that everything inside this bag is so pretty!
Pore Tightening Clear Toner and Clear Emulsion. No indication on the size (but i'd describe it as a very generous travel size), but i am a bit disappointed to read that it's Made in Korea *LOL* (hey, i was hoping for Made in Japan stuffs, of course)
A closer look at the oh-so-pretty cap design. Really... Japanese seems to make sure everything around them to be feasts for the eyes, eh?
Pore Tightening Clear Mist
K-Palette Blue Glitter Nail Polish

This nail polish attracted my eyes the most since the first time i pried open the bag, it's just soooo pretty and sparkly! But! It's not Dodo's! According to the only writings i can read (the English ones lah) it's K-Palette (K-Palette makes nail polishes? I had no idea) in shade... errr.... either 21 or 900, i'm not sure. Question is : what's a K-Palette nail polish doing inside my Dodo fukubukuro? Not that i'm complaining, of course! Love the shade and the fact that it's Made in Japan.
Skinny Gloss, in shade SS09 (i guess)
All in all, i'm pretty happy with the fukubukuro! Please don't say "That's not enough stuffs for IDR 249.000!!!" or compare it with local beauty boxes, it was imported directly from JAPAN where everything's super expensive, so in my opinion five items (three travel size and two full size) for that price's pretty generous! I'm guessing you'd only be able to get one or two (tops!) items in Japan with that price.

Then i saw Miaw Lens posted accessories fukubukuro and seeing it was pretty cheap (IDR 168.800) i couldn't resist and placed an order as well >.<!
The paper bag was super heavy and when i spilled everything out...

It contained THAT much items!
Again, when i first opened the package i was a bit disappointed (seems to be the theme here, yes?) because i saw so many hair accessories (i wear headbands and clips, but that's about all) there, also most of the bracelet seems a bit old fashioned and the ones inside the plastic wrapping looked cheap. I was a bit like "This is from Japan? Looks very China to me". Until i handled them one by one, THEN i realized that all of them were made from high quality materials! Like the furry stuffs are super soft and fluffy, the beaded bracelets are not made of cheap, flimsy, plastic materials but mostly from heavy, good quality beads, and the necklaces that looked cheap in the packaging once taken out from the wrapper shone and showed the great material it was made by!
Four scrunchies. The brown one is super soft, the red one had beautiful roses embroidered on it, the white fluffy ball is super duper soft and the pastel rainbow colored one... Well, it's pastel rainbow colored, for goodness sake!!! I gotta tie my hair up sometimes now that i have so much scrunchies *LOL*

The only thing i won't be using from this fukubukuro : a super cute candy bun chopstick! I don't do bun and i have no interests in doing it (with my fat moon face? NO WAY!!!) so... i'm most probably gonna give it away. It's super cute though
Metallic pink thin head band. Even this little head band is not flimsy or feels cheap to touch! Only the best materials for Japanese, i guess!
LOL this rubberized headband... Not something i'd pick up for myself, it looks so...I dunno, native Indian maybe? I put it on and started doing some Indian dance hoo-hahh ing around the room, much to my hunny's annoyance. It's super soft btw! And usually rubberized head bands doesn't work on my super slippery hair, but this one actually stays on my head when i tried it on! I'm just gonna have to find the occasion to actually wear it...
Pink flower hair pin, super sweet and pretty when worn
Five rubberized bracelets. All the "crystal" ones are made from very sparkly, heavy errr crystal, not plastic okay! And the blue beaded one's actually made from glass beads! Only the green one is quite light.
Set of four golden bangles
Woven thread bracelet
Gray-Silver pearls ball, i think it's a bag charm? It's already dangling on my Fossil bag by now
Feather and tassled earrings. Not something i would've picked up for myself, it looks kinda "China" to me (again, not being racist here, i am Chinese myself...) but still made from a very good material. I think i'm gonna find a way to rock these anyway
Cross metal necklace that looked cheap and flimsy inside the wrapper, but once taken out it was actually really shiny and kinda heavy. Very nice indeed!
White beaded double necklace, idem!
Long metral balls and discs necklace, still idem!
I got 20 friggin pieces of accessories in one fukubukuro! All with good qualities as well! I think it's totally worth the price. So all in all, i am quite satisfied with both of the fukubukuro i got, the Dodo one more than the accessories because everything inside the Dodo bag was so pretty hahaha.

Will i get more fukubukuro? Of course! I'm already mentally reserving the Liz Liza luggage fukubukuro for 2015 new year (please please don't go out of business yet, Miaw Lens!!!) and i'd definitely get another cosmetic fukubukuro, the more expensive one! I probably wouldn't get the accessories one again because i find myself finding a lot more use in any cosmetics i get rather than the accessories, i'd rather choose and buy my own accessories (because i pretty much like ALL make up, but i cannot say i like all accessories). I have no regret though!
Other than fukubukuros i also ordered some stuffs from Rozz Shopp
Peach Clutch with Marc Jacob inspired Daisy clasp. I actually ordered the baby pink one but it was OOS :(... I don't have any peach party bags so i decided to go with peach (the only other choice was gold and i have too many gold clutches already)
And a yellow organdi skirt.
As you can see, i do love me some organdi clothes *LOL* (i wore a shorter, black version in the last entry) but i was actually obsessed with the new, Valentino inspired midi flared skirts. I want them in multiple colors with different materials, please!!! I actually ordered this skirt in Silver, but *again*, it was OOS and only the yellow one's available :(. 

I also got two new Revlon nail polish one random day in GM, i was checking out their new nail polishes but they were kinda pricey (IDR 75.000/each) so i think i'm gonna wait until they have promotions to get them, then i got attracted to the usual line with colors i've never seen before!
Revlon nail polishes, IDR 37.500 each
211 Charming, a very pale pastel lilac (i figured i had no super pale lilac nail polishes and been wanting to find one, so it's meant to be!)
430 Whimsical, i think this is called Jelly Sandwich nail polish? Baby Blue base with gold, blue and silver glitters, beyond pretty!
CL (and KC and Mt) came from Banjarmasin (they went back already) for Chinese New Year, and she came bearing gifts! Like Mrs. Sudden Santa!

Almost all of those stuffs in the picture (except for the Guinot mask and another thing that i do not remember) was given to her by her secret admirer *LOL*, no lah, from her online shop customer/virtual friend (she keeps on sending her gifts!). Since CL is not the type of person who likes to try new things, she gave everything to me! So happy!
A huge amount of sachet samples (more than 30 i guess!!!)
Guinot Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue Face Mask
Ciate Special Edition nail polish
Ciate is on the top of my most wanted to try nail polish and now i cannn :D
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. My hunny's facial skin only reacts (in a good way) to Korean skin cares &@#*$%&** so this definitely is very welcome!
Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm. Is this BB Cream that's acne-friendly? Wah, just after i told ya i wanted to try other acne-treating BB Cream on this review!
Tony Moly Instense Care Syn-ke (huh? Is this supposed to be a pun for Snake or something?) Gift Sets
Tony Moly Floria Whitening trial kit
So many, feels like Christmas! Hahahaha...

That's all for today folks! Have you ever get yourself some fukubukuro or are you interested to in the future?

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  1. Minddyyyy, sample2nya belif, naksir bangetttt :D

    1. Hihihihi bagus ya Belif, belom pernah nyobain nihhh :D

  2. ahhh clutchnya mauuuuu *rebut dr cece*

  3. ciateee XD bagus yaa cakep ak suka pgn coba jg ci XD

    1. Belum tau kalo d pake bagus ga Cell hehehe

  4. Ohhh, never heard of this fukubukuro...but thank you for this article, it gives a new knowledge for me. The product's stylish, cozy and handy.

    1. You're very welcome :), thx for dropping by :)

  5. I begin to wonder what the differences between Korean and Japan cosmetics are. Generally, Japan beauty products are better?

    1. I think so, personally i think Japanese make ups are of a higher quality, but also a lot more expensive :D, you know how perfectionist those Japanese people are, they'll accept nothing but the best haha