Foodgasm 12 : Historica at Society Complex

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Helloooo.... ^^

Happy Eid al-Adha for all of my Muslim friends and readers ^^! And happy holiday for the rest of Indonesians, some of you would have to go back to school/work after a day off in the middle of the week, hope you're not too blue! Today i am back with another very backdated culinary post hehehe.

It's all about one of the eateries in the hip and happening Society Complex : Historica!
Historica Coffee & Pastry
 Society Complex (Jl. Sumatera No. 40), Surabaya, East Java 60281, Indonesia
 (031) 5033003

As you might already know, in Society Complex there are currently three eateries available. Unlike 1903 in the same area (you can take a peek of 1903 here), Historica Coffee & Pastry doesn't serve heavy meals, you can already tell from its name right?
I have to warn ya, this is a picture heavy post! It's definitely an eatery review with the most photos yet, the place's really pleasing to the eyes and we went there during daylight with gorgeous natural lighting, i can't help myself and took loads of pics...
I actually went sometime last year >.< with my cousin L and Wynne (before the opening of Bangkok Beauty! We were having lunch while discussing about the grand opening events and sponsorship possibilities >.<) but don't worry, it's still totally relevant :p
Open kitchen concept
The place's totally gorgeous!
And they seem to take their coffee really seriously ^^
You can browse through the menu on an Ipad. Btw i haven't seen Wynne for the longest time and she lost a LOT of weight! So jelly haha
How tempting is that Mocha Frappe...
They also have hunny's fave Gryphon tea collection!
The menu, mostly serve snacks and light dishes. Prices range from IDR 20.000-55.000, super affordable!
Tres importante!
They also have various cakes and pastries available
For the sweet-tooths
Like i mentioned earlier, i snapped a TRUCKLOAD of pics :
Perfect spot for those on a date :D
For lazy bums like us, the sofa is the best choice!
I totally love all of the little touches of this place T.T. Yes, i really love simplicity too okay, not everything has to be pink and frilly for me to be able to appreciate it!
Just a little bit more, i promise!
Gorgeous patio for those of you who dares to face the sunshine hehe
That's 1903 next door!
There was quite a crowd when we were there but since the place's spacious enough, it wasn't cramped or noisy at all! So COZY!
Cousins. Before we ombre our hairs crazy colors hehe
Okay okay, time to show you the food and drink we ordered!
I'm pretty sure i ordered iced latte (hey, it's been so long!), but one thing i am definitely sure of : it was niceee ^^
L's Oreo Cheesecake. I am not a fan of cheesecakes (i don't really like rich cakes in general), but L seemed to enjoy it!
Chicken Parmigiana
Egg's Benedict. I don't remember which one's Wynne's and which one's L, but they were both satisfied with their meals!
While i had this Chicken Burritos!
I enjoyed the chicken burritos a lot! Honestly speaking, it's definitely more fusion than authentic (even when i'm just comparing it to Hacienda in 1918-which i will review too, hopefully sooner than later) and a teeny-tiny bit too oily for my liking, but it was still good! I also appreciate the side of salad to complement the meal, just what i need for some (somewhat) healthy crunch hehe. Portion's okay, it's just right for me but for guys it might be too small *LOL*. Overall i personally find the price value's pretty good!

I also definitely LOVE the ambience! It's one of my fave hip and happening place to hangout over coffee and light meal in Surabaya at the moment, i honestly don't know why i'm not back yet (maybe because i am too busy checking out other places popping out like mushroom on wet seasons!)
In Society Complex other than 1903 and Historica, there's also Buro Bar-which i haven't been yet!
The place was screaming for a photoshoot so i asked L to snap this OOTD pic even though i was dressing down for the day hehe. Animal prints can be soft and girly too you know ^^
Speaking of hip and happening foodie places, have you heard of Opensnap yet? It's a social dining guide that's super convenient and helpful! I just took a look and was floored of how specific and complete the guide is! We all have those moments when we want to have something but don't know where to go/too lazy to think *LOL*, while full reviews like the one i am doing right now is (ahem) nice to read, it's not always convenient and fast to google and sort through the review one by one (i prefer you to sit down nicely and read my reviews while relaxing anyway :p), you definitely don't have to worry anymore, just download the application and get your virtual culinary partner!

I also love how they have pages for your location, i'm in Surabaya and when i click the link, i was directed to Opensnap Surabaya directly. All you need to do is type the kind of food/location/whatever! For example, since i am such a meat mania, i would go to the editor pick's Sensational Steak (Surabaya) and i immediately got this :
Then after having meat, it's dessert time so i just go to the (still editor's pick, i'm lazy i know, no need to even type just click click click) The Sweetest Dessert (Surabaya) :
That dessert pizza looks cute *drool*...
They recently added some new features, my fave is definitely the "Map View" feature where they would tell you the closest eateries from where you are, very useful in that "want something now but i don't know what" situation we talked about earlier >.<! Love this application, definitely going to make hunny download it as well soon!

So let's join the community and maybe follow each other for food recommendations? The best of friends ruin each other's diet, after all! LOL!

Okay, that's all for today, gotta jet now! Errrr... Diner Dash 2016 is waiting for me haha!


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  1. Suka sama disain tempat ini. Enak untuk nongkrong dan foto OOTD.hehe...

  2. Whoaa, thanks for sharing! I think I have to visit then! :D