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Hellow hellow ^^!

How's everybody doin'? Better than me, i hope! I'm still recovering from a very bad case of flu, so please excuse my tired face in this blog post! Anyway, even though i am suffering, at least my skin is doing great! All thanks to this very product that i am going to share with you today ^^!
Say hello to your skin's newest BFF, Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer!
Are you familiar with the brand Redwin yet? If anything like me, you'd most probably stumbled into it before but don't really know much about it (not yet anyway). I've seen this brand in local drugstores (mostly Guardian) all the time, so is this brand something worth to try? Let's talk about them a little bit first then!

Redwin is a prestigious body care brand from Australia, they're most well known for their Sorbolene products and is the number 1 Sorbolene moisturizer brand in Australia! What is sorbolene, you might ask? Sorbolene is a moisturizing cream with non-complex (as in simple) nature. It's non-complex as it doesn't contain fragrance, coloring, and paraben (preservative). Redwin's motto is "Nothing but Goodness for Sensitive Skin", Redwin is recommended by dermatologists to help maintain your skin's moisture level and overcome sensitive, dry, rough, cracked, scaly and peeling skin problem which are caused by the lost of skin's elasticity.

FYI, Redwin Sorbolene moisturizer CAN be used by the whole family (and can be used in all parts of your body!), including babies! How awesome is that? Anything that's good enough for babies' fragile, sensitive skin is more than good enough for me!

Not only that, our Moslem friends can use their products in peace since they already bagged the halal certification from AFIC (Australian Federation of Islamic Council) ^^!
I personally don't really have a lot of problem with my skin as my skin type is normal, but from time to time i would get scarily dry area around my elbows and even some eczema when i use the wrong kind of shower gel/cream, primarily if they contain a lot of detergent-i've been diagnosed with detergent allergy by a dermatologist before. When my elbows got super dry, i would be quite self-conscious and have to wear long-sleeved tops since my elbows would look quite disgusting! I was definitely quite excited to give Redwin Sorbolene a try in hope it'd help my skin to be even better!
Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer has two sizes available, the biggest one is 500ml and comes with a pump dispenser, while the one that i received is the smaller version containing 100g of products-it is encased in a squeeze tube container made of high quality plastic that feels sturdy and safe to hold (not like some other brands that can feel like it's going to explode if you squeeze too hard hahaha). The tube is cream colored and is very professional looking, totally like something your dermatologist would recommend!
All the information is listed at the back of the tube
The ingredient list
Made in Australia, can be stored for 24 months after opening
Extra information in Bahasa is available on a sticker stuck at the back of the tube
The tube version comes with the usual flip top. Stupid me tried to squeeze the tube right away and got super confused when nothing comes out *LOL*.
The opening as actually sealed! You need to remove the aluminum foil seal before usage, it's super thoughtful as it keeps the moisturizer inside fresh, uncontaminated and prevents spillage!
Let's try it out!
Be gentle when squeezing the tube! Redwin Sorbolene moisturizer is quite runny, i was quite surprised at the lotiony texture because for something that claims to be highly moisturizing, it doesn't seem thick enough. But i couldn't be more wrong! Although it's lighter and runnier than most heavy duty moisturizer (usually comes in a form of a thick body lotion or butter), once you spread it on your skin there's no mistaking the feeling of rich, highly moisturizing properties it contains!
As you can see from the photo above, when you spread the moisturizer, it'd leave a while trail of thick lotion which you need to massage in. Don't worry, it's not one of those hard to massage in lotions that takes forever to be absorbed, Redwin Sorbolene gets absorbed fairly quick, just a few extra seconds to lock those moisture in is worth it!

I'm gonna be honest with you, i am not a fan of the scent... It is fragrance free so it doesn't contain unnecessary fragrance that might cause allergies, all you'd smell is the ingredients' scent-it reminds me of the dentist... No worries, after a while i get used to the scent and no longer be bothered with it, and it doesn't last so you don't have to worry about smelling like a living, walking dentist office!

What i really love is the fact that although highly moisturizing (yes, it really is! Works really well on my hunny's dry, sensitive skin too!), it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all! After all the moisturizer got absorbed by my skin, it actually leaves a velvety, matte feeling while keeping our skin supple and moisturized all day long! How amazing!

The dry, scaly areas on my elbows disappeared almost as soon as i began using Redwin Sorbolene! I couldn't be happier and as you can see on my photos, began wearing short-sleeved (very short, as short as i can muster hahaha you know i don't like to expose my arms much) tops again and be totally confident because my skin is once again flawless, smooth, silky and simply beautiful thanks to Redwin Sorbolene!

If you have any skin woes, your search has come to an end, i strongly urge you to try out Redwin Sorbolene (they also have body wash that would be perfect to use together with the moisturizer for the ultimate skin care and protection!), it's also super convenient as it can be used by the whole family! I would so bring Redwin Sorbolene on my family trips so i no longer need to pack for multiple moisturizers, i can just use Redwin Sorbolene for myself, hunny and my Little O! 

Thank you Redwin Indonesia for giving me the opportunity to experience the power of Sorbolene! Now it's your turn to experience it too ^^!

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