Japanese Marble Nail Art by Kiki Coroline (SPONSORED)

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Hey dears! 

Yes, it's time for another dose of awesome nail art courtesy of Kiki Coroline! If you've read my previous post for Kiki, you'd know that Kiki is a nail artist/nail designer that's massively, massively talented and i am more than happy to announce that she's now somewhat of a permanent nail sponsor for me *LOL*. So be prepared to see a post or two dedicated for her in this blog every month hahaha.

This is one of her creation for me (not even the latest one, which i will be blogging about next. If you want a more real-time update you can follow me on Instagram!), and one of the wildest so far :
Notice the dangling chain? Yeah, i had to live with it for two weeks *sigh*
This time round we'd also like to introduce to you nail junkies out there, the newest products sponsored by Me-Nail (Kiki is their resident nail artist, FYI)
Navi gel polish and Meidisi No Overflow
What's the Meidisi No Overflow thingy? Despite the statement "Water Base Nail Color", it is NOT a nail colors/polish hehe. It's actually a product to protect your cuticles and skin around your nails from getting painted on while doing some techniques of nail arts. It's very useful especially for those of you who are into nail arts, saves a lot of time and pain from cleaning the paints off your cuticle/skin! Will show you later on how it works!
Selfie first hehe :p (OMG those eye bags)
Kiki busy at work ^^
My friend Silvi was there that day to do her toe nails in preparation for her wedding day and she helped us take this pic, thank you Silvi!
As usual, Kiki started by giving me a mini manicure and took care of my nails and cuticles (although she refused wholeheartedly to cut my nails zzz)
Then she applied the base color, she combined this baby pink color gel polish (Harmony) with a turquoise one from Navi
Then because she wanted to try out this new technique called "Japanese Marble" nail art, she applied the Meidisi No Overflow thingy around my nails (yep, that's how you use it peeps!)
Although she's already really good, i really admire that Kiki is still very eager to learn more! She recently went to a nail course with a famous Japanese nail artist (not that i know her, i'm not exactly familiar with nail celebrities hahaha) and one of the technique she learned was this marble technique and i was obviously her willing victim...
Next she applied black and white messy dots with a nail brush
The next step was to dab the dots with tissue paper to create the marbling effect, i somehow lost the photo >.<. All of the pictures in this post are taken with my (and Kiki's) Iphone because the forgetful me actually forgot to bring my camera along #someblogger and what's worse my fave app (Camera 360 *LOL*, love the luminous, dreamy effect!) kept on crashing on me that day so i lost lots of pics zzz.

Anyway, that sounds very simple, yeah? Make dots (no need to even be neat) and then dab with tissue paper. Yeah, until you try it yourself *LOL*. That's what differentiate between nail artists and a mere mortal like me i guess hahaha.
Of course the dabbing part left mess on my cuticles, but we've already applied the Meidisi (available for purchase in Me-Nail!) protector so no worries! Kiki simply pluck them off easily with tweezers!
Another new(ish) product in Me-Nail is Nail Jewels!
Picked gorgeous crown designs for my thumbs. Kiki attached them with acrylic gel so they'd stick on better (yep, they stuck really well even though i kept on getting them stuck on stuffs)
The one on my ring fingers are not optional though, Kiki already announced she wanted to use the one with tassels!
Then everything was sealed with a clear top coat that made the marble pattern more pronounced!
Kiki also added rhinestones on the marble nails
Got loads of comments (and compliments) for this nail design, and they all marveled at how they really look like marbles!
Just some of the nail jewels available in Me-Nail
People also kept on asking me if the tassles are unconvenient, well... to a degree they were. They kept on getting stuck on my keyboard at first (which is bad since i need to type everyday!) but after a while i get used to it and can avoid getting stuck, they also got tangled on my shower puffs *sigh*, but surprisingly it's the big crown jewels on the thumb which were harder to maneuver around in! By the time Kiki took the design off, the tasseled nail jewels were still attached (despite losing 3 out of 4 tassels, i also didn't know when it happened hahaha) while the crowns on the thumbs got ripped of (rather painfully!) a few days before we took them off!

In summary, it's not as hard as i thought it would to wear, but i still find it mind-boggling on how those Japanese girls can survive with their crazy long nails and wild nail designs! Btw, the nail jewels lasted very long as well, it was almost 2 weeks for me, and for those of you who are not as clumsy/reckless as me, they'd last even longer!
Some of the nail polishes available in Me-Nail
And these are available for purchase
Some of the nail designs, i think they're all made by Me-Nail students
The fact that Kiki still goes to nail courses also something i'd like to point out because i know most people still feel reluctant to pay a lot for their nails. I can understand that you might not want to spend a fortune for your everyday nail, but for special occasion i'd strongly recommend using the services by prestigious nail artists like Kiki instead of getting the half-hearted attempt by just some nailist in random nail spa to save some money (and ended up being half disappointed with the result!), it's totally worth it!

Kiki's prices might seem steep, but in comparison with the result, the time she spent on meticulously perfecting each nail, the high quality (and super expensive) products she uses, not to mention the money she spent on nail courses (they're VERY expensive alright) to get to this point-it's totally worth it!

Even better news, i have a code for my readers!
Just quote "Pinkandundecided" upon making a booking with her to get 20% off, yay!!!

Kiki Coroline's Nail Corner
(Order / Pricelist / Appointments)
Phone / WA +6281 75077553
LINE : kikicoroline
Email : kiki.coroline@gmail.com

Okay, gotta run, i found a new toy (Smule, the karaoke app) and currently obsessing over it hahaha. TTYL!
Selfie with my dangling nail jewel ^^

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