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Hey-lloow ^^!

I'm probably one of the slowest beauty blogger ever because it's only very recently that i jumped into the whole BB Cushion wagon! 

To be completely honest with you, i'm not too crazy about base makeup (BASE makeup, not makeup base. Please don't confuse the two ^^). I mean... What is there to rave about? They help to create an even canvas before i start painting my masterpiece, that is my face of course *LOL*, but as someone who is blessed with a fairly well-behaving skin, i admit i take base makeups for granted. I don't ask/need too much out of my base makeup so most of whatever's available in the market works for me, i tend to use whatever i have in stash (it's been steadily growing due to the fact that brands love to gift us base makeups on events, i hardly ever purchase base makeup nowadays!) and am always quite happy about them.

So whatever the latest fad around base makeups, i don't usually follow. BB Cushion included. I didn't understand what's the hype were all about and honestly didn't intend to find out either, until Laneige generously gifted us bloggers with their famous Snow BB Soothing Cushion during their counter opening event.
And so my relationship with cushion makeups begins *LOL*. FYI, since there are so many details with this particular product, this review hands down is THE (beauty related) review with the most  pictures i've ever done so far!

A bit about Laneige, surely beauty enthusiasts would already be very familiar with this top brand from South Korea! I heard of this brand for many many years, but since i rarely purchase anything but drugstore brand makeups (my skin spoils me...), i never purchased or tried anything from them yet-i heard people raved about their products all the time though so i am more than a little grateful that Laneige Indonesia gave me the chance to try some of their top products including this BB Cushion! 

As usual, i'm a detail oriented person so i gotta start with the packaging!
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion comes in a bulky cube metallic cardboard. I got the shade number 21 Natural Beige and i was delighted to see it contains such high SPF, no need to apply another layer of sun protection underneath!
The metallic packaging makes it a bit hard for me to snap a pic since it's so reflective, and this is the best shot i could get of the ingredient list >.<
Whitening+Suncreen+Sweat proof+Soothing+Makeup Effects all in one product
It retails for IDR 430.000 in their counters in Indonesia (at least a few months ago, i don't know if they have any price renewal since USD's been going crazy lately). That's very pricey but you actually got the pact (casing), the actual cushion and a refill so... That's still worth it i think!
There are four shades available for this BB Cushion :
They gave us number 21 mostly i'm sure because it's the most natural and should be suitable for most (not all!) medium skin tones. Actually it's a taddd too yellowish and dark for my skin, but that's not a problem at all! I personally think my skin would suit number 13 better since it's less yellow!
Like i already mentioned earlier, other than the pact, the refill is also included in the box (that's why it's so bulky!)

The pact is made of high quality, sturdy and very exclusive-to-the-touch kind of plastic material.
It's rounded and similar to most powder pacts, but bulkier. It opens with the push button mechanism
Made in Korea. You just need to push the inner circle to replace the cushion
With a generous sized mirror inside to help you retouch your makeup on the go
The special air cushion that has less pores than normal puff to ensure you'd get enough products to use on your face and not get absorbed into the puff instead
In the pact, there's a sturdy plastic separator that you need to close tightly whenever you're done using the pact to make sure the liquid inside won't leak or dry out (and stays fresh+hygienic of course!)
(Sorry for different lighting and background, i actually forgot to snap this and did it just now with my Iphone hahaha)
I always find BB/foundie cushion to be so curious looking... It reminds me of the water sponge my mum use to wet her finger when counting money hahahaha. Very porous and bouncy to the touch

This is how you use it, lightly press the center (not the side! I made a mistake of pressing the side later on and made a total mess of the puff >.<!) and the BB inside the sponge would be transferred into your air puff
And create this interesting pattern *LOL*
The texture of Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion is... a lot lighter and runnier than most BB Creams i used but not as runny as some foundie. It's so light that i thought it wouldn't be able to give decent coverage, but i was wrong!
My pale bare face (as you can see, my facial skin is a few shades lighter than my neck, it doesn't bother me but it might bother those who are very strict with face-neck skin tone hahaha)
I don't have a lot of things to cover other than redness (i just cleanse the blackheads on my nose prior to this photo taking, hence the extra redness on the tip of my nose hahaha) and yep, there's a permanent fresh wound on my mole because i can't stop picking at it >.<
After Snow BB Soothing Cushion
Instantly smoother, more even skin tone and although it's so light the BB Cushion manages to conceal my large pores and creates an air-brushed appearance for my skin!
When i first applied it, the first thing that i noticed was how cooling and soothing it feels against my skin! Seriously never experience something like this with my base makeups before hahaha. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion has a subtle scent that reminds me of most Korean skin care scent, nothing too strong or disturbing and the scent disappear after your apply it on.

Despite its light consistency, it's actually strong enough to even out the redness on my skin immediately as well as cover light marks (like the wound on my mole). It really is a pleasant surprise that this BB Cushion to me has a medium coverage. If you have major skin marks, concealer would still be needed of course and it doesn't have full coverage that foundations offers-but as far as BB/CC Cream goes, this one's pretty powerful!

Snow BB Soothing Cushion also goes on like a dream, don't forget you need to apply in a tapping motion (do not drag it all over your face!). It's surprisingly easy to use. I was quite apprehensive about cushion thingys since i am used to foundation brushes and never actually apply liquids with any kind of sponges before, but it's a real breeze and quite foolproof.

As most Korean BB cream, this one also gives a slightly dewier finish, but it's not sticky at all! I would say people with very dry skin can just use this BB cushion and no powder afterwards, no chance for someone with super oily skin like me of course! I like matte finishing for my makeup (because of my skin's nature, my makeup will turn dewy within an hour anyway), but although Laneige Snow BB doesn't give me a matte skin appearance even after setting it with powder, it gives a slight glow from within instead of greasiness so it makes my skin looks even better and healthier!
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion set with K-Palette Zero Teka Oil Matte Powder, notice how the finishing has a glow-from-within effect instead of a flat matt
Apply apply
Smile and apply!
I love my Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion!
With full makeuo
I'm thoroughly satisfied with this BB Cushion! It's lovely, a breeze and pleasure to apply, it lasts all day for me with minor cakey-ness (i actually wear it on my month-long Singapore/Malaysia trip and it survives the super hot and humid weather!), it doesn't break me out and it has superb sun protection!

The only thing that bothers me about cushions is the fact that their air puff gets so dirty super fast and it's not the easiest thing in the world to clean (when i wash mine, even though there are very minimal BB inside the pores, on the cracks between the puff and the cloth lining is another matter altogether! There were chunks of solidified BB cream keeps on coming out from those cracks until i got so tired zzzz) and even after washing it still looks pretty disgusting (primarily because i had accidentally pressed the edge of the cushion instead on the middle and cause a.... errrr... diarrhoea looking explosion to the air puff >.<), i know they also sell the air puff separately but that's not very economical, is it? That's the only qualm i have about this product though.
How the Snow BB Cushion looks after 6 hours without retouching/blotting. Dewy but not cakey or cracking (of course, it was supported by a good mattifying powder, but with the same powder some other base don't have the same result as this!)
It claims to has a whitening effect, something that i cannot comment on since i already have a pale complexion. For the instant effect, yeah i guess it does makes my skin looks brighter instantly, but for the permanent effect... I don't really know (i don't want my face to get even whiter anyway!). As for sweat proof... Yes, it is! I got super sweaty during my trip (later when i post my Singapore/Malaysia trip posts, you can see that i always use this BB Cushion and my makeup always look naturally perfect *ahem*!) and the BB Cushion totally stay put until i remove it (just need blotting, of course).It's definitely soothing and the makeup effect's totally there (but not full coverage ya!) so i'd say they do deliver what they claim to!

I'd say this product is also very travel friendly, with its compact packaging there's no need to worry about spillage or leakage (as long as you close the compartment tightly of course), it can be brought into the airplane cabin and it's light enough for your bag!

In short, Laneige Snow BB Cushion has successfully turn me into another cushion makeup lover haha! It's pretty darn awesomeeee... ^^ (and now i am also in love with Laneige as a brand! I also love their sleeping mask, which i'm going to review soon-and i am very highly tempted by their lippies and shimmering eyeshadow! If they ever have a big promo i'd definitely get them!)

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a nice, soothing, medium coverage (without the added thickness) BB cream that feels luxurious to use who has a pretty healthy budget (since it's not exactly cheap!), for all skin type! (Just use a corresponding powder as what your skin needs)

Not recommending it for... Hm... For those with very low budget i guess and those who hates having to wash the air puff all the time (honestly it's easier with brushes, you can always use the quick brush cleanser spray everyday and then wash it once or twice a week, no shortcuts for puffs!).

Would i purchase this with my own money? With the results i gave me, yes (and the fact that they come with a refill. One cushion last me about two months with everyday usage). Will i repurchase if this one runs out? As a beauty blogger, i would most definitely be trying out other brands/variants from Laneige instead, but if all else fails then yeah!

Follow Laneige's social medias for events, promos and contests (they seem to hold contests pretty frequently, you might get a chance to try out their products for free!) :

Facebook Page : Laneige Indonesia
Instagram : Laneigeid

Have you jumped into the cushion bandwagon? What's your fave cushion makeup brand?


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