Event Report : The Eyes of Women Photo Exhibition Opening with MiracleAesthetic Clinic

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Hello hello....

How's everybody doin'.... I'm good but tired, insomnia strikes again *sigh*, been having trouble sleeping for the past week (right after i'm finally free of the flu which gotten me taking flu med for 10 days and made me sleepy all the time), sometimes i'd be wide awake until 4.30 AM even after taking some (herbal) sleeping pills :(... I don't know what's going on but i hope it's gonna get better soon! Btw i've been obsessed with stories revolving Mt. Everest and the tragedies happening at that place after reading the movie Everest, wonder if that contributes to the insomnia. When i'm having a fixation over something my brain tend to keep on going to that direction and won't stop whirling *sigh*.

Anyway, i am not here to complain or tell you about my latest obsession (at least not today :p), but i want to share this event that i attended last week!
Miracle Photo Exhibition : The Eyes of Women
As usual i got an invitation from the lovely Jennie (of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic) weeks before and i asked her if i can bring a friend (that's also as usual haha, hate being alone during events T.T)-she said yes so i dragged my MUA friend Shelley along (thank you for accompanying me, Shelley!) and we met Trixie (who's a Vlogger/Youtuber) at the venue.
Yes, it's an Opening Ceremony for a photo exhibition, that's something new and different ^^. Love how Miracle always comes up with different events with different  themes (that still link to their expertise : beauty), making their events always fresh and interesting.

I went to GM to meet up with Shelley beforehand then we came together to Miracle, for once we were super early (well, thanks to Shelley. If it's up to me i wouldn't be so early *LOL*) and one of the firsts on the venue :
Checking out their display. Seriously loving their lashes, i used the one they gave me a few times and they're still quite perfect! Love the adhesive as well, one of the best falsie glueS i've ever tried!

A bit of an explanation about this The Eyes of Women Photo Exhibition, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic is supported by 8 Surabaya female photographers with different backgrounds (one of which is Miracle's very own doctor!) for this exhibition and their theme is Beautiful Nature.

Like the philosophy "The Art behind the Science of Aesthetic", Miracle combines aesthetic knowledge with latest technology (science) and art in their services to create facial beauty holistically. The Eyes of Women exhibition is one form of application, its purpose to give highly artistic taste in the clinic, which can be enjoyed by the clients.
Since it was quite a while before the event started, selfie is in order :D
With a fellow blondie for once (actually we're not really blonde la, but it's hard to explain our hair colors hahaha)
The event was finally opened by a very familiar MC (seen her a few times already in a few Miracle events) and Jennie gave a little introduction and background of the photo exhibition (mostly i've explained above already). Jennie also stated that what the doctors are doing in Miracle is also a form of art, making someone's face prettier is an art in itself so their philosophy definitely cannot be separated from art. She also gave a few other example like how their clinics are always decorated with art to make their clients feel comfortable, relaxed and entertained.

Then the MC introduced the photographers one by one and they each shared a little bit about their photography passion and some also share their interesting experiences in the photography world.

The first photographer introduced is dr. Elly Chandra (Miracle's Aesthetic Consultant Doctor) whose favorite genre is landscape, she loves traveling (high five, doc!!!) so she loves to combine two of her hobbies : traveling and snapping beautiful pictures. Btw, my fave photos in the exhibition were snapped by her!
The second photographer is Mrs. Go Dewi Sonanta who also loves landscape and macro ^^. I also loveeee her photos! Show you later!
Third photographer is this stylish lady (love her boots) B.G. Fabiola Natasha who's a lecturer, graphic designer, photographer AND painter! WOW, that's a lot of profession! She already love photography since her childhood and her fave object is wild life. She loves taking pictures of insects and she's currently teaching herself something called... Antology? I don't remember what it's called actually sorry T.T, something to do with insects lah hehe. She said she's interested in wild life because in this genre, there are not many female photographer yet. Why? Well, because you need to go to the wild life to get the pictures and most females are afraid of so many things, getting dark (only Asian can understand *LOL*) for instant!
Next is Mrs. Tjia Michellia who loves landscape and macro. She's also working full time so she doesn't exactly have a lot of time to hunt for objects therefore she settles to take pictures of butterflies in her front yard, for instant.
Followed by Mrs. Nurita Jasmine, she's a housewife and her fave genre's macro. She said the furthest she went for object hunt so far is to Tasikmalaya and she also shares that one of the downside of the genre she's interested in is when it's the dry season there'd be no animal to shoot!
This is Mrs.Elisabeth whose fave genre is black and white.

I don't know what happened, but i don't have the last attending photographer's picture (there's another one, Mrs. Nani Wijaya who unfortunately couldn't come) while she was in front >.<.  Her name's Mrs. Adelce Limanu and she had some very interesting stories and i was listening to her, maybe that's why i forgot to take a pic? Anyway, you can see her photo below.

Mrs. Adel loves macro because it shows her a whole other world that cannot be seen with our naked eyes-but the camera lenses can. She said sometimes insects try to communicate with us and even warn us (like how an insect would get angry and point to us) but we couldn't see them (maybe ants got angry at us before they bite us??)-she saw it first hand behind her camera lenses.

She also shares how she went to a place for photo hunting, the same place for three straight days and on the third day the insects actually warmed up to her and became very friendly. They even posed for her! Sadly the next time she went there the place burnt down, she met a few insects that looked like the insects she met earlier and they all looked scared. How fascinating is that?

After all of the photographers are introduced, it was time to cut the ribbon to symbolize the opening of the exhibition :
Here are some of photos (they're also available to buy) in the exhibition (still going until the end of September, in case you're interested to see/purchase them). I must apologize in advance, i'm not a photographer (but i take nice pictures of people #defensive) and i'm not even remotely good with my camera (all i can do is point and shoot okay!) so i couldn't do any of the pictures justice!
One of my fave photos in the exhibition, Silent Morning by dr. Elly Chandra
This is so good it almost looked like animation.. Bee Family by Adelce Limanu
The Beauty of Bromo Scenery by Tjia Michellia
In Memoriam Kenjie by dr. Elly, the dragonfly photo on the top left also caught our eyes-it looks so cute and appropriately named Where Am I? (by Nurita Jasmine), speaking of dragonfly-i actually have a deep fear for them -___- i dunno why, i am scared by insects in general but dragonflies are definitely my biggest fear zzz
And how cute is these insects (not sure what they are), looks like they're smiling for the camera for reals! Relax Time by Adelce Limanu
Snap a pic with Jennie, Trixie and Shelley
Goodie bag from Miracle ^^
Thank you again Miracle (especially Jennie ^^) for having us! Congratulation once again for the exhibition!


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