Suroboyo Carnival Part 2

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Hey guys...

How'ya doin? Me, not so well T.T. I've been down with a bad case of flu for the past 5 days, spent my days mostly snoozing and sneezing OMG. I haven't been this sick since i took that magical red pine oil that we bought in South Korea last December. That's quite an achievement since usually i get bad flu every two months or something *LOL*, i guess the dose wore off after 9 months, that's not so bad. I highly recommend Red Pine Oil for your health! I'd love to get my hands on more of them but nobody's going to South Korea with all the MERS going on *sigh*. 

Anyway, feeling a little better today despite still feeling a bit woozy and still sounding like Fran Drescher. Got some time before i have to start getting ready (taking Little O for a little dinosaur adventure today woohoo. Dunno if taking pictures are allowed, if it is then i'd probably blog or at least update my IG) so i decided it's time to continue the Suroboyo Carnival post (you can read the first part here)!
Me with Little O, Au and Squidward
The next part of Suroboyo Carnival that we ventured to was the Kid's Kingdom. Really targeted for little kids la.
The owners of the group that owns Suroboyo Carnival seem to be very fond of Spongebob and his friends, i see their statues in most of the parks they have!

Little O and his wandering eyes. The outdoor section of the Kid's Kingdom housed some chill rides for the kids. If i remember things correctly, this is where most of the rides are free because they're already covered by your entrance ticket
To our surprise, Little O decided he wanted to ride this errrr... Butterfly ride which goes up and down slowly. He's usually ashamed to ride on "uncool" rides *LOL*. That's last year though, i don't think he'd ride it again now
I guess he thought it'd go a bit faster than this though hahahaha, he seemed to be so bored and the ride also went on exceptionally long....
Long enough to allow mummy some cam-whoring snaps :p
Then it's time to check out the huge indoor section :
The Barbie-looking shopping carts are so cute
Didn't expect Au to actually took one to shop with though -___-
Totally deserted hahaha
Little O went to much hardship again for this pic, please appreciate :p
I bet the creepy clown gives quite some kids nightmares
There are a few interesting experience-play available in this section. I actually like them, something i'd thoroughly enjoy if i were a kid. Educational and fun, God i am boring
This make believe farm is so cute
I'm an avid fan of dash games and my ultimate fave is farm related ones (i'm a master at Farm Mania you guys!) hehe, this place reminds me so much of those beloved games (i am not interested in the Harvest Moon/Farmville type though)
Found some gems, guys?
I like to see him peel his face away from his tablet and play with his hands instead ^^
Navy school? It was already closed though. Maybe i should take Little O back before he gets too old to play here anymore
The decors not too bad, eh? Look at that house from Up!
Some of the characters are really scary though, like this evil Mickey Mouse
Can i throw balls at those faces?
Cute cooking class, it's also closed though zzz. Mostly open for earlier hours only i think

Moving on now
Art & Wax House is next, note that you have to pay for the tickets to enter
I don't remember the ticket's price, was it IDR 20.000... 25.000? If you like taking silly pictures in 3D museums, it's totally worth it. But if you're there to see the wax statues... Save your money. LOL. They're more House of Wax (horror movie) type than Madam Tussaud's. This aging Elvis wannabe is one of the better ones, can you believe this. We've been to a few other trick art museums and we think they're all rather similar to each other so it's okay to go to any which (you can check out our other trick art experiences here and here. Will be adding more when i blog about our Penang trip)

My whole family's rather silly and we like to act silly too, so you should be prepared for these...
Practicing for when she's being assaulted
Eh, don't poke my nose la Elvis!

Hmph, when i saw this pic i actually think back whether her arms really stretched out *LOL* not bad la
LOL. And OMG that receeding hairline! This was before we discovered Mane n' Tail! He looks so much younger now that he has more hair again hahaha
Hunny's the expert in pervertic poses *sigh*. FYI his old friends accused ME of turning him into a pervert hahahahaha, they say he used to be such goody-goody back at school. Until he met me FML
Better put my pics here okay hehe
I like how they incorporate our Suroboyo-ness into everything including the paintings
Mommy panda looks so surprised, maybe she was thinking why my baby became so ugly LOLOLOL
Baby Boy is the master of posing hahaha
I mean, look at his expression!
Dunno why Au must pull that Sadako face though
Little O's faves, monsters and gigantic snakes zzz
Lead the way Little O!
This trick never fail to amuse me
OMG my derpy face!
HAHAHAHA! Now that's a picture you can't wipe from your memory!
Looks like Au has the biggest...
Love this shot
Hunny suddenly grew so much hair *LOL*. There are actually male and female side by side, but my blondish hair ruin the illusion
Sadako VS Au-ko
Errr. You can see the real version of this in real life plenty of times >.<
When a gorilla took your pic, no wonder it's blurry
Since we didn't ride a real gondola when we were in Venice, i guess this will do hahaha
Another pic which Little O had to work very hard for haha, he asked for it okay! Not child abuse :p
I guess this' suppose to be SNSD? They're practically in every trick art gallery we've been! But this one's the ugliest hahahaha. Indonesian artists that work on the paintings (and wax statues) are bad at doing famous people's figures
Ninja hunny
Look at the statue. Hunny pulled his face so he'd match the statue's ugliness?
Well, these three figures are the best looking wax statues in this place. That's Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Gandhi, but you should at least be able to tell who they are anyway
And a very drawn looking Einstein
Forget the weird-looking Chaplin, i love the lighting here! Or should i say the lighting loves me? LOL
Terminator that doesn't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (wonder when i can ever type his name without having to google the spelling)
Love this spot
I don't mean to be racist, but don't you think Mr. Bean looks very... Indian?
Just posing. But incidentally hunny is currently taking Thai Boxing classes at the moment. He's into his second month without skipping any classes (can't say the same with my yoga classes -___-) and he loves it!
LOL. He looks handsome here so i'll look past the limp right hand hahaha
Okay, here's where the wax statues gets REALLY ugly.
The scariest statue in the whole place
Look at that Marilyn Monroe!
To give you nightmares. Marilyn must be turning in her grave because of this statue WTF
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA UGLIEST Bruce Lee ever. And why he looks like he just got struck by a lighting. I wonder if they gave the wrong picture to the statue maker? Maybe they incidentally gave a picture of some mas-mas impersonating Bruce Lee instead?
Hunny and fugly versions of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
And for some reasons they think one pair of fugly Pitts are not enough!
Julia Roberts that looks more like a bloated Holly Marie Combs on a very bad day. What's with the showing tacky red bra anyway?
Seriously, the statues are so fugly and disturbing that they're funny! LOL. Anyway, it was a lot of fun still! I'd recommend y'all to visit Suroboyo Carnival at least once, it's not bad at all! 

That's all for now, will be back with a lot more adventure soon!

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