Surabaya Beaute (Beauty Expo)

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Hey guys :D...

About two weeks ago i attended my first Beauty Expo (or Beauty Fair, same thing lah i suppose?) in Surabaya, it's called Surabaya Beaute!

The security guy who tries to look strict but actually not strict at all *LOL*
I'm so out of touch about what's happening in my own town *LOL* that i wouldn't really be paying any attention to this if not for invitation sent by Nail Art House's owner, Ms. Ramona, thank you for that ^^.
Also thanks to the invitation which has a registration form at the back, i already filled it in and can exchange it immediately for a visitor badge without having to queue up or get the form-fill it on the spot-go back to the registration booth. I was accompanied by my friend Sil (who's been accompanying me a lot lately, you'd bee seeing her a lot more from now on here hahaha) so i still had to wait for her to fill her own form though hahaha.

I read the rules and regulation and it seems to me that this event is actually catered for professional beauty entrepreneurs and workers. As i am a (beauty) blogger (and a lot more) and i report things, my attendance is not straying from the purpose of the expo, but i couldn't find the right occupation in the boxes that i needed to check hahaha. Still, this event is open for everybody so, no problem with that. I guess i'm just a bit jealous about how non-traditional medias gets treated overseas hahaha. I should stop complaining and move to another country which appreciates bloggers more i guess :p. It's just that at times like this, i am rudely reminded at how behind our people's receptions to bloggers are.

Anyway, it also states that no children under 16 is allowed. But i saw people bringing baby strollers in this expo, and my cousin L's little daughter (who's 3) also made it in-that shows that the security guy's not that strict, no? LOL.

As you exchange your registration form, you'd be handed a visitor's badge (made of thin carton. Mine ripped apart 5 minutes after i received it) and a tiny Viva Body Lotion Sample. I threw my sad-looking visitor pass before i even remember to snap a pic of it (there's also a pamphlet, if i remember correctly).
The cute, teeny tiny hand & body lotion. Good for one time usage, i suppose
We went on the last day of the expo, pretty early (11.30 AM or so) on a Monday, it wasn't very crowded at all.
First booth that we saw when we stepped into the venue. Ali Tattoo Sulam (eyebrow embroidery), Silv told me that they're famous for doing eyebrow embroidery on Indonesian celebrities...
Korean style hair tools
There are some alleys but i didn't snap pics of most of them because people were staring when i did T.T. This is why it'd be a lot more convenient if they actually have a badge for medias (and one that doesn't rip easily, please) so people would know i am taking photos for a reason T.T. It surprises me so much how local events still does not recognize the (positive) impact that they can receive by having bloggers covering their events. 

Also because lots of the booths were like... Vagina Spas and all, so i don't think i'd want to post it in my blog anyway @___@.
They actually have a little pop-up "cafe" area for visitors and booth owners to take a break
We're actually supposed to go in together with my cousin L (who's the lady boss of various beauty businesses) but as usual, she betrayed me and went in herself -___-. Thank God for Silv, i would probably turn around and go home if i was alone zzz. L was already at her mentor's (i think this Korean lady is one of her nail art mentor) booth :
Do you recognize L's ombre hair? Its turning mossy green now *LOL*. And wow, i just realize how sexy her mentor's getup was! The lady mentor was an elder woman i think (up close and personal you'd see how much work she's had on her face. I am not being a bitch or whatever, merely stating a fact. When i'm older i would definitely like to have procedures like botox done myself), but her body's sexier than most 20 something girls hahaha
L was attacked by her mentor *LOL*, she's ambushed into getting eyebrow embroidery
Still having her anesthesy cream applied by this stage, i forgot to snap her "after" pic, but her eyebrows look better now!
When we dropped by again later, she's already in this state *LOL*. The mentor suddenly applied anesthesy cream on her eyelid and embroidered eyeliners (very thin ones) on her hahahaha
When L intoduced me to her mentor (who doesn't speak English. They communicated in Mandarin!), she had no idea what cousin means. Not even in Mandarin. Wonder what cousin is called in Korean. L got exasperated after trying to explain for a while and settled for "jie jie". HEY! I'm only 2 months older!!! And that's also the first time i met someone who doesn't express her confusion when L says i'm older than her LOLOLOL, most probably because she doesn't know how to say it la hahahaha. But the fact that she doesn't really know who i am doesn't stop her from attacking ME and began shaping my eyebrows right there and then!
Yep, she even shaved my eyebrows a little be on the spot hahahaha. She said my eyebrows are uneven (they are) and a bit high (yes, especially if we compare them to those straight Korean eyebrows). She managed to make the shape nicer with just a few strokes, i wish we have eyebrow expert like her in Surabaya. I look less angry with my less arched (but not straight, my eyebrows are so thick i guess it'd require cutting off parts of them and redrawing them to achieve straight ones, which i am NOT doing!) brows hahaha.
Some of the products they have
Masks, super expensive hair extensions (IDR 50.000 per strand??? I think i might get a stroke...)
Do you know L can do eyelash extension too now? Yep, she learnt from this Korean mentor! Look at the unique eyelashes with tinted tips!!!
The fact that L is now a certified eyelash extension errr expert, of course that translates into her nagging me to let her do my eyelash. Which i might let her, in the future. In the meantime, let me enjoy my extension-less eyelashes. I just finally got rid of them. My last eyelash extension got super thin and only a few were left after 2.5 weeks, and i found a way to help them fall off faster (without ruining your natural lashes), just use oil based makeup remover and hold the cotton pad saturated with it on your eyelid for a while, i got most of them off!

Right next to the Korean lady's booth, is the booth that caught my eyes the most!
The hair tools booth that carries MiraCurl (it's Babyliss' booth)!!! And i didn't even realize that the mas was posing when i snapped this hahaha
I heard about MiraCurl awhile back and has been dying to try it ever since! I love curly hair, but i am way too lazy to curl my own hair (not even to parties. Sigh. Too messy, and sticky. Just too much work la. I prefer to go to a hair salon and pay go get them done or just go with straight hair hahaha). They introduced us to this type first :
This thing rotate by itself too and it's perfect for blowing your hair ends in
I made a video but stupid blogpost won't let me post it because it's too big zzz. Had to upload it via Youtube haish, so inconvenient. Speaking of Youtube, i was asked by some people to make my own You Tube channel-i mean an active one. I dunno if i'll ever do it, i won't even know what to upload *sigh* (or how to edit), but never say never!
My hair really looked like cotton candy there, no??
Finally, the MagiCurl!

It really is magical and all, but the price is also quite magical hahaha. Almost 3 mill, actually they have a very special price on the expo! For the same price you'd get three gadgets including MagiCurl-but... I don't need any of the other tools (hair iron seriously, why would i need a hair iron for) and i also doubt i will use the MagiCurl enough to justify the price (i know, i might be the laziest person on earth, whatevs). So i didn't get it zzzz, i guess i'm just too cheap hahaha. Btw, the sales man told me to use the MagiCurl twice on the same hair strand because my hair's too straight so it needs more heat to maintain the curl... It does last... for 5 minutes LOLOLOL. I'm guessing i'd have to click it three times at least then spray hairspray on liberally!.

Moving on now!

After going round for a bit, we finally found Nail Art House's booth and guess who i found :
My very own personal nail artist hahaha, who's being a resident nail artist for Nail Art House for this expo
They introduced this Korean gel polish brand they carry, Yumi! I sampled it and it's quite awesome!
Uber cute colored nail polishes ready to be brought home hehe
Nail Art House also stocks on a lot of super cuteeeee false nails

They also have the very pretty bling bling type, super kawaii! There are a lot of more options but i lost the pictures >.< only this one survives but it represents the genre well hehe
Silv is a nail enthusiast and she bought a lot of nail wraps, here she is asking for a sample so she'd know how to do them. I was quite helpless when it comes to nail wraps, tried to apply a set on BB and then making her bleed when i buff the edges too enthusiastically hahahaha. Turn out you need to cut the size close to your actual nail size before applying :p.
Hmph, they made it seem very easy. Silv helped me put on a set that i bought in Taiwan later that night, it's still not the easiest thing in the world to do, lots of crumpling and wrong sizing *sigh*. So much work, imma stick to regular nail polishes. Or keep making Kiki do my nails *LOL*
Silv's getting married soon so we thought it'd be a good idea to purchase one of those bling2 false nails to use or her wedding since she's not interested in splurging in nail arts (but in the end Kiki's doing her wedding nails *LOL* at least the fake nails can still be used for other events la) and they had a promo (IDR 200.000 off every IDR 500.000 purchase), here's Kiki adjusting the size of the fake nails so they'd match Silv' nails sizes exactly
Selfie with da talented nail designer :D. Have you checked out the latest nail art she did for me? It's crazy! With tassle and all. They keep on getting stuck in my keyboard as i type *sigh*
Lots of nail decos also available in their booth
SNapped one pic with the owner and Kiki, thanks for having me ^^
Continuing with the expo...
There are sadly not a lot of makeup brands joining :(, i only spotted Wet n' Wild and QL Cosmetics. There's also a main stage with continuous events going on. When we were there, i spotted an art makeup demo or competition supported by Viva.

A week or so before the expo, i received an invitation by Rever Academy to join their makeup class. I'm not really into beauty classes to be honest with you, i haven't attended any where i actually learn something new *LOL* (so smug eh. Well hello, i'm a beauty blogger leh, i should know the basics of make up application or i would not be competent in my field okay. I am not an expert or whatever, but i know the basics!) but since my friends are interested (LL, Silv and Nessya), i decided to attend with them.
Turned out to be a VERY basic makeup class  T.T where they teach you how to wear foundie, powder, eyeliner, falsies, blush on and lippies. Not to be arrogant, but i can do them in my sleep alright *LOL* (or conduct one myself. Should i? Haha). Dunno what i was expecting since it's a free class. The second time i attended makeup class bringing my own tools and didn't touch any of them hahaha (worse than the first, at least at the first i still put on eye makeup during the class although i wasn't listening to the lecturer at all hahahaha). Because i already put on all of the basic makeup la, you can't be expecting me loitering the expo bare-faced, no?

It's still at least beneficial for some of us, Silv didn't even know the difference between BB creams and foundies *sigh* let alone how to apply them. So she was being a good student. Nessya was also quite attentive. I went to sit with LL so we could gossip and bitch about whatever's going around us. I was so bored, i don't think i will ever attend another beauty class unless i am invited especially for my capacity as a blogger AND they provide (+give) us the tools. I'm not bringing my own ever again, it's just burdening my shoulder for nothing hahaha.

But i am a lucky charm for my friends i swear, the class was supported by Beauty Blender and guess who's the lucky B who won the lucky draw?
Yep, Silv it is . Just because #Undecided and Sabsab wasn't around hahaha. I told Nessya to pose liddat, she's not really that petty hahaha
Not gonna lie, i attended the class because of "the possibility of getting a beauty blender". I thought there'd be three or so. But yeah, just one. What a waste of my time hahahaha (sorry ah, i'm very honest and bitchy, if you're looking for a sweet, cloyingly fake blogger-you come to the wrong place. I guess i am PMSing too hahahaha). But i am genuinely happy that one of my friends is the one who won the prize, that's awesome. Honestly i am not that interested in trying out beauty blender anyway, i am just kiasu hahahaha.

Oh well, at least i got these :
Errr, yea, i finally purchased a folded photography base. Didn't even know such thing existed before Kiki whipped one out once *LOL*. I was so frustrated about finding a decent background for my products' photos. No more!
These two are the freebies
Thanks to Nessya, without whom we wouldn't even know about the freebies hahahah. Just need to snap a pic with Kay Collection's booth, upload it to IG and show it to them. Viola! You get to choose between Brigitte false lashes and KOJI nail stickers, of course we all opted for the falsies! Worth IDR 168.000! Wow! Thanks, Kay Collection!
Then Nessya dragged us to Vitacreme B12's booth for the same thing. There's a slight issue with this booth (which we realized latter) so first please take a look at their post that i screen-grabbed :
Did you read how we're supposed to receve gifts AND free samples if we take a pic with their booth?
We did
Then the staff asked us to choose our gift, it's between a spray bottle and jar containers (that i chose, look up) from Kay Collection (Vitacreme B12 is available in Kay Collection), i didn't really read about the instructions in their IG before so i happily left after they told us that they'd draw all the photos to win the full sized Vitacreme B12 but as soon as we left the booth, Nessya told me about the free samples. It'd be fine if they run out of the samples, but they never said anything AND Nessya spotted lots of samples in their booth. HMMM. Suspicious, suspicious.

Nessya and i ended up being one of the winners of the lucky draw (yay!) and got this :
While getting her pressie, Nessya asked about the samples-to which the staff answered that we're supposed to choose between the gift and the samples. But thing is, we NEVER got asked. We're just asked to choose our gift, that's all. As beauty bloggers, we'd definitely go for the samples instead of the jars/bottle sprays. I know it's a freebie and all so i should probably not make too much fuss about it, but i can't. It's just not right stating something then doing the other. They should never wrote free gift and SAMPLE if we can only get one, and even so-we're never given the option too.

I also didn't have the most pleasant encounter with the staffs when i went to get my gift, it was a bit... awkward and cold. Like i should be ashamed to only get a freebie and not purchase anything *LOL*. This is so why i prefer to shop online, i HATE Indonesian BAs with passion (not all of them, but 80% if not more). Why they need to be so snooty and bitchy i don't understand. Potential customer leh, they act like we owe them things instead *LOL* WTF's up with that attitude?

I also had to refuse repeatedly when they tried to push a sale on other products -___-. The pushy BA's actually quite nice, then she asked me if i already receive the other samples, i said nope! She went an got the small samples (dunno if she ever intended to give me or just showing me. Most of you should already know that in other countries, samples are give for FREE when you ask them, even if you don't purchase anything. But this is Indonesia #feelingbitter *LOL*), then she got scolded by the cashier hahahah. Something like "She's not buying anything, don't give her samples!". My dear God. 

Yep, i am pissed la hahaha, so pissed that i curse at Daiso's mbak who's being stupid next. LOL. Seriously, Indonesian companies. Please up you service standard. I am not the only one who hates Indonesian BAs okay, lots of others feel this way-you can ask in any local beauty bloggers forum/group, many would amen that hahahaha. 

Oh well, it's not Vitacreme's fault the staffs are so infuriating. Of course i am grateful for the generous gift, thank you. Just train your staffs better (yeah, it's hard for me to let it go hahaha).

Oh yeah, these are the only stuffs i purchased :
QL Cosmetic's lipstick and blush on. Never heard of this brand before, it's local! I love supporting local brands, especially ones i never heard of before. It was a case of love in the first swipe hahaha. It's probably the highlight of this visit (coz makeup junkie...), if not for this expo then i'd probably never get my hands on this brand since i never even saw them before
That's all! It's been a fun expo, mainly because of the companies (i'm talking about my friends, not brands haha). I'm not gonna lie to you, the expo itself's a bit boring for me (okay, very hahaha). Not many booths are interesting for me, maybe 5 booths? And not enough makeup brands joining. Hoping for a better and bigger beauty expo, dreaming of attending something like the... is it called Cosmoprof? Yeah that, one day. 

Leaving you with pic spam of us going crazy at the photobooth :
Selfie 1
Selfie 2
Using iphone is so annoying because of the mirror effect, ok la one with Marshmallow hehe
One with Nessya
And one with bride-to-be Silv. Excuse my footwear, i was in a hurry and i wanted to be comfortable. Heels is a no no because i knew i was going to be on my feet the whole day and i can't wear most of my normal shoes because by then i haven't cut my toe nails (the gel polish was still perfect hehe) so most shoes hurts like hell hence the childish footwear paired with the grown up attire hahahaa

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  1. Aaak aku juga dateng ce ke sini, tapi hari Minggunya :)

    Kurang greget yaa event-nya, nggak sehore yang di Jakarta keknya :/
    And yes, aku juga bingung nulis apa di formnya itu hahah Akhirnya aku tulis Beauty Blogger aja di kolom lain-lain ^^

    Aku beli bulu mata doang di situ yang Ardell look-like gitu deh, di stand yang jual peralatan wedding gitu. Lusinan murah dan gara2 hasutan Dyta jadi teracuni buat beli hahaha!

    1. Iya Nin kurang seru aja expo nya, byk booth2 yg errrr... gitu deh :p. Aq jg nulis beuty blogger koq hehehee.

      Ohh, aq males pake falsies sih, d rmh jg masih numpuk, ujung2nya ya beli lippen, blush on itu hahaha