Revlon Colorful Affair Challenge

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Hey guyssss! 

Anyone missed me? I haven't really been present (both in my blog and social medias except for posting photos because... gotta be updated, no?)  this last month because as most of you might already know, i was in Singapore and Malaysia-holidaying with my fam bam! In fact, i literally just got back in Surabaya 2 hours or so ago and as soon as i get settled (as in feeding myself, get changed and other necessary steps) here i am, sitting in front of my computer to write this blog post! Why? Because this is the last day of this fun challenge held by Revlon and BBlog : Colorful Affair Challenge!
To be completely honest with you, as this challenge is to create an EOTD, i was quite apprehensive-you know i am not the most creative person out there when it comes to makeup (as much as i love makeups, i mostly stick to my signature look!) but with the spirit of putting myself out of my comfort zone (as #Undecided said, that's one one grows #LOL) as well as really wanting to try out Revlon's new eyeliners, i decided to take a leap of faith! Here's the look i come up with :
Eye makeup only using Revlon eyeliners!
 For this challenge, Revlon and BBlog kindly sent these dynamic duo :
Thank you!
I was very happy when they arrived just in time before i left to Singapore and saw that the colors they sent somehow really screams my name! I got a purple Colorstay pencil eyeliner (which is definitely one of my favorite colors) and silver Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner! I always love love love metallic liquid eyeliners and pretty much been searching high and low for the perfect one, now my search has come to an end : i am in love (dramatic, i know)!

I don't know about you, but eyeliner is definitely a staple product for me! I used to put blush on as the number one makeup that i can't live without, but ever since i discovered how a simple thick, dark liner can open up my eyes and make it so much bigger and livelier-eyeliner has definitely taken over the top spot for me! For everyday look i prefer to use black or brown liquid liner on my eyelid and brown or black pencil liner (but often substituted by dark eye shadows) on my waterline-but i really do love myself some brightly colored eyeliners too! They're great for a quick eyeshadow replacement and totally suit my colorful and bubbly personality as well!

Here's the step by step to achieve the look (which i call "Futuristic Geisha" hihihi), it is very easy (as usual), simple and quick! 

Step one :  

Line eyelid with Revlon Colorstay pencil liner in purple, make the line thick enough to cover half of your double eyelid (if you have double eyelid, of course. For monolids, line as thick as you comfortable with because i personally find very thin liners to make my eyes look smaller!), extend the line to create the longer eye illusion. I like to drag the wing down for a more innocent, sad puppy eyes.
 Step two :

Apply Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in silver on top of the purple liner, leaving only a thin line of purple beneath. I find lining over the colored pencil liner gives the silver liner more depth and definition that it can lack if applied on bare skin.
Step three :

Apply the purple pencil liner again on top of the silver and connect the edge to make a more mod, futuristic look.
Final step : 

Line half of your outer waterline with the purple pencil liner and continued with the purple on in the inner half.
Don't forget to do your eyebrow and viola! You're done! Took me less than 10 minutes for the whole look!
I completed the look with a soft pink blush on and sweet, bright pink lipstick for a toothache-inducingly sweet look hahaha!
This look really suits my personality well because nothing describes my style better than a youthful, bright, colorful and glitzy look (i would say that this look is perfect for a self-professed Gyaru Mama hahaha!)! Even though i am in my early 30s, i am forever 21 at heart *LOL* and i always have this innocent, naive part of myself that i don't ever want to let go. I love the girly, kiddie part of me (as much as i love the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age) and i don't ever want to let it go-this eyelook gives me an ever cuter (ahem!), more innocent and sweet looking eyes, which really shows the world how i really am inside : forever in awe of the big big world with its wonders, and always believe in the good of people (until proven otherwise!).

Even my hunny, who never really comment much on my makeup, told me i looked very "Japanese school girl" and cute that day, that's quite something alright!
Btw, i really really love these Revlon eyeliners, especially the skinny liquid one! I am not just saying it, but i really mean it! The silver one is just PERFECT. I will definitely review them in more detail (they deserve separate blog posts really!), are you looking forward to that?

In the meantime, always keep updated with the latest news, new releases, quizzes, promotions and events  from Revlon by following their social medias :

Thank you once again for Revlon and BBlog for the awesome eyeliners!


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  1. Suka eye makeupnya ce.. millenium banget. Ga kepikiran maduin ungu sama silver..

    1. Makasiii. Errrr, dapetnya iniii hahahaha

  2. the color looks just great =)