Black Swan

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How's your weekend? Rockin', i hope? I went out on a girly date with #Undecided yesterday afternoon at GM, grabbing coffee (remember to go to Starbucks every 22nd to get 50% off-you have to bring your own tumbler though! And i am not sponsored to say this hahaha)  and went on a shopping spree (i will show you what i got for myself soon!)-our main goal was to find a birthday gift for A (and we did find the perfect gift, or we hope so haha, really hope she'll like it as much as we do) whose birthday's coming up in a few days (OMG, we're safely in our early 30s now pffffttt) but we also ended up with  a lot of other stuffs (for once #Undecided bought more stuffs than i did #smug) for ourselves and became those girls who had so many paper bags on our hands and moaned because our husbands weren't around to carry them for us haha.

We also had our bangs trimmed by no other than Mr. Ndaru (it's time for the guys to have their haircuts *it's long overdue, they looked crazy already* including baby Luca! Unfortunately it's been a while since i saw baby Luca and now he seems to be a bit afraid of people he doesn't see daily :(... I need to be around him more!) just before we went on a double date with the hubbies for dinner in Domicile. We had so much fun (and so much good food! And one not so good one-all we'll tell you in a special post soon!)! 

And now moving on to the real point of this entry, one of hubby's cousins (who i don't really know and don't even remember ever meeting actually, i know... so bad right... But at least i recognized her daddy!!!) got married today, i planned to wear a dress that's "all business at the front and party at the back" LOL (it was a simple skater shaped dress but with crazy bling bling back!) but i didn't count in the account of getting my bangs trimmed a day before! The slightly sexy look, well... It doesn't work with full bangs (which always instantly makes me at least 5 years younger :p. One of the secret of looking years younger than your real age i just revealed right there for those who kept on asking hahaha)! So i scrambled around last night trying to find something that works with this headband that i already set my mind to wear!
That's the look that i came up with and since it reminded me of the Black Swan (the movie), i named this post accordingly! Tell me, does it look like i am wearing a dress? Because i BBM-ed a picture of myself wearing it last night to some friends to get their opinions (one of my biggest fear : to be over dressed!) and they all were like "Cute dress!!!". But it wasn't a dress though!!! It was a long top (a dress for someone really tiny and short, maybe G) that i combined with an organza skirt (that i wore for Etienne's birthday party to create the Mrs. Minnie Mouse look). I'm pretty pleased with how it ended up looking, pretty good, no? (if i may say so myself hahaha).

As always, i put on my own make up :
I even forced myself to be a little less lazy and put on falsies hahaha. Hey, i did a pretty good job! Maybe like, 5 minutes of sticking it on both eyes (more minutes trying to tame the free eyelash glue hahaha), yay me! Sometimes people (like CL) would offer if i'd like to have a professional make up artist to do my face, but honestly... I really hated the experiences (especially on my graduation day, when the MUA successfully made me look 10 years older) i had so far.

I also hate the thoughts of spending so much money for a make up that i'd have on 4-5 hours max (which i can spend on make up items instead! #addicted), but mainly i really hate it when people goes "OMG, i barely recognized you!" "You look so different!" or worse "OMG, so pretty! Doesn't look like you!". I hate backhanded compliments like that, makes me feel like boxing the person on the face *^&^$^()+_(@!!!! In short, i don't like to be made to look like anyone else but me. Why should i? I love my face (and so should you! I mean love your own face, not mine-even though i wouldn't mind if you do hahahaha) with their imperfections, they are what makes me ME. You know what i mean?
Plus most MUA i know always try to make me look "sexy and skinny" while in reality i really love my youthful looks and chubby cheeks! Why hide something that i really love? (but i don't love them enough to not cover them slightly with hair or when i smile too wide! LOL, humans...)
It's a very simple look using mostly my usual make up items :

Base :
1. Anna Sui Foundation Primer
2. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous
3. Collection Pressed Powder (10, Day Dream)
4. DHC Medicated Concealer+Clinique All About Eyes Concealer (01 Neutral)

Eyes :
1. E.l.f eye primer
2. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
3. NYX liquid eyeliner+Maybelline Hyper Gloss liquid eyeliner (Black)
4. Koji Eye Lashes (Impact Long)
5. NYX Candy Glitter Liner (18 Baby Pink)

Blush On & Highlighter :
1. Clinique Blushing Blush Powder (Smoldering Plum)
2. Collection Blush & Highlight Cream Duo (Peaches & Cream)

Lips :
1. Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment
2. Clinique Super Rouge a Levres
Long Embelished Top : Online, Organza Skirt : Kisu Boutique (P. Atum), Velvet and Bling Bow Obi : Magnolia, Heels : Everbest
I think full bangs goes well with princessy, prom-like style
I've been using NX 300 a lot lately but i miss cam-whoring with my beloved Pinko :D
Headband : New Look (i got it on sale for IDR 69.000!)
Small Silver Clutch : Online
NOTD : Elianto Sparkling Nail Diva (16 Persian Indigo)
I hope you like my look as much as i did :D!


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  1. Keren bajunya, kalo roknya selutut bisa banget jadi goth loli-look yaaa. Fufufufufu.... :)

    1. Hihihi makasih :). Waduh gothic lolita yah hhihihi, aq sbnrnya penggemar fairy kei :p...