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Anyone here like to pamper themselves with long warm baths?

Actually, i'm not the biggest fan of baths (i have a weird fear of bathtubs! But it's not as bad as my fear of stairs. Oh God, why do i have so many fears), i prefer a quick shower and be done with it-but once in a while, particularly when i'm over-tired, warm baths' totally enticing even for me! So when The Bomb ID (which is a local *based in Surabaya!* hand made luxury bath essentials store) kindly sent me these Sweet Rose Tea Baths before my trip to Singapore/Malaysia, i got very excited! FYI, i can actually sniff some of the sweet rose scent even from the sealed container!
Yep, for IDR 68.000/container you'd get two bath teas, very affordable-i would say!
I honestly never heard of bath teas before-but then again as you just read, i don't do a lot of baths (except when i was little and went through a phase of pretending that my parents' huge bathtub was a pool-and i was obsessed with bubble baths as well) so i'm not exactly familiar with bath products anyway-so i was very silly and didn't expect that bath teas would work similarly like... well... Teas. LOL. As in turning your bath into a tea-looking bath water!

But i'm jumping too much forwards here so lemme rewind to the very beginning : let's talk packaging first!
The bath tea duo comes in a cylinder mica container that is sturdy enough to survive being tossed in my super packed luggage to and fro (because i just managed to use one during my trip due to lack of time and definitely too kiasu to leave the other one behind!) Singapore and it's actually pretty enough to reuse as a container later (go green and all)!
I love the way the owner decorate the container with a semi transparent paper and soft, earthy colored images and wording-it's very fitting to the vintage-y, romantic nature of the brand and product itself. Kudos for the very thorough brand imaging, The Bomb ID! 

They printed the direction for this bath tea at the container but since the print's very soft, i'm going to write them here :
Place one bath tea bag into the bathtub, don't forget to cut the "Bath Tea" sign. Place in bath water and enjoy. The salts and powders will flow into the water but leave the botanicals inside so they won't clog the drain.

Easy as pea, right? Like usual, i don't really read instructions (silly me!) so i was a bit worried that the leaves would dirty the bathtub (i was borrowing my sis' bathtub in their lux condo in Singapore! She'd kill me if i clog the drain!) or worse (clog the drain is the worst case scenario lah!) so when i finally did read the instruction, i was totally relieved *LOL*.

Here are the ingredients (also printed on the container) : 
Magnesium Sulfate, Himalayan Salt, Dries Roses, Buttermilk Powder, Oats, Organic Black Tea, Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Fragrance Oil.

Yes, i just read the ingredients as i type this, and boy don't they contain some real awesome stuffs!!! I mean... Himalayan salt, buttermilk powder and organic black tea??? They sure don't skimp on the goodness!

Here's how the tea bath bag looks like upon closer inspection :
I love the bath tea tag, looks like a real tea bag string-it's in the details, peeps! The bag itself reminds me of a potpourri bag
I must apologize for the different lighting starting from the next picture. I took the earlier pictures during day time, with natural sunlight coming in from the window-but i only got the time to relax in a bath at a very late hour (in the last day in Singapore as well) so i had to rely on the not-so-bright artificial lighting!

Anyway, as the instruction stated, all you have to do is run you bath water and cut off the tea bath sign! The wonderful sweet rose scent is very strong on the bag, it emanates an intoxicating sweet aroma (just like a potpourri!) even being left as it is!
I did not take a picture of the stuffs inside the bag, but here's a pic taken from their Instagram :
Hmmm i have a thing for crystallized rocks. Even salts.

Then drop your tea bag into your bath :
To my (silly) amazement, the bag started to ooze brownish color into the water!
I even made a little video of it. I really don't know what i was expecting, maybe i thought the tea bath wouldn't change the bath's color and only makes it smells of roses???
Then gradually, the bath water turns light brown :
This is not the final color, just like a real tea (of course, it does contain organic black tea!), it'll deepen in color the longer you leave it. I ended up with brownish colored bath after a while
I had fun swirling the tea bag in the water, you don't actually need to do it but it was fun!
Excuse the pale face and oily, limp hair. I did not shower that morning *LOLOLOL* because we were going for a very smokey Korean BBQ, i expected to have my bath right after (because obviously i reeked of pork!!!)-but my mum forbade me to (coz she knows i'd be in the bath for a while, even when i do my "quick showers" it's not that super quick la especially when i wash my hair-which is everyday! Let alone having a warm bath hahaha) and forced me to go out straight after (yes, without showering first *LOLOLOL*, it was just a brief and casual trip to a neighborhood mall to get some last minute bakwa to bring back to Indonesia so i didn't mind)
Hunny came in to help me take those pictures, and then he started playing with the tea bag as well *LOL*. I don't even know if you're supposed to do this, but it looks even more mesmerizing when you squeeze the tea bags (people do this to their teas as well to squeeze out every aroma and taste left so i guess it should be okay to do this to the tea baths as well!) :
Even though the sweet rose scent's very strong in the pouch, once diluted in the water it becomes a lot subtler (so not assaulting to your nose at all, even if you're sensitive to strong scents-don't worry, your bath would smell light and sweet!) and i really felt super relaxed as soon as i took a dip! It's ah-may-zing!

Other than the relaxing part (i felt immediately energized and not so tired anymore right after!), the bath also left my skin subtly scented and silky smooth!

So.... their claim?

Herbal Bath Tea is a perfect way to relax, relieve tension, soothe aching muscles and joints, stimulate circulation, or help to chase away a cold. Each unique blend of organic botanicals enhances the natural healing and soothing effects of a warm bath.

My verdict? JUSTIFIED! 

It really turns a normal hot bath into one luxurious bath experience and i totally love it! I would definitely make more time to do long hot baths from now own, it's so good for my always-wandering-and-obsessing brain (i drive myself crazy most of the time, and yes-i'm aware of that!) and my stiff muscles!

Did i manage tempt you to try tea baths for yourselves? Contact The Bomb ID now and get yours! Also available in Lavender!

The Bomb Indonesia
Luxury Bath Essentials
Phone. +628175077553
LINE : kikicoroline
LINE : sakura_wind
Admin LINE : noviyanagst
PHONE. 081398285667 

Thank you The Bomb ID for these bath teas, they really are da bomb!

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