Europe Trip Diary : Day 6 part 1 (Paris)

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Hellow everybody...

I hope nobody's bored of my Europe trip posts yet because.. well, there're still a lot more to come! LOL. Haven't even reached half of the trip yet (OMG i really miss being there already zzz), i wish i could upload them faster but writing one entry takes a pretty long time (yeah, i got nagged by #Undecided, where's the next post bb??? Where is it??? The nerve! She haven't even written one entry for more than a month already zzz!). It's not even really the writing part that took a huge chunk of time to do, it's uploading the photos that's a total pain, and these posts relies mostly on photos right! also acts up from time to time that uploading one photo could be impossible sometimes, let alone a hundred.

So, i hope everybody don't mind that i focus mostly on my European trip posts for now (with scarce other types of posts inserted here and there), it's just that i want to finish writing them while everything's still so fresh on my mind that i wouldn't miss any detail. Plus my mind's also still occupied mostly by wonderful Europe *a disease suffered by any traveler i think* LOL.

Anyway, in reality those time running around in Europe couldn't be further than my current day, staying at home with my Baby Boy and trying endlessly to make him nap *took me one hour of ignoring him til he finally fell asleep*, my God he seriously inherited my insomniac side, he (like me) also finds it very hard to fall asleep. But unfortunately, he also inherited hunny's difficulty to wake up zzz. He got the worst sides of both worlds. Wouldn't it be great if he falls asleep as easy as his dad (anytime, anywhere) and wakes up as easily as me (instantly alert)? *sigh*.

Okay okay, enough rambling, back to the post. We're on Day 6 already. We're in Paris, woohooo!
Yep, that's Eiffel Tower behind :D
Of course, OOTD first. Sorry for the awkward angle, told you the hotel room's super small and cramped that's the only way i could take a head-to-toe picture!
Brown Wooly Long/Dress Coat : online shop, Grey Roses Tights : stocking/tights booth at Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung
And FOTD :
Told ya something, i don't suffer from bad hair days (except when they cut my bangs way too short, like right now!!! All #Undecided's fault! We simply can't trim our bangs just anywhere just because we're desperate! Need to go to a more trusted hair salon zzzz!) because, well.. i wake up with that kind of hairdo *LOL*, no need to even comb them. But i suffer from bad eye lashes day from time to time! That's when my stupid eyelashes refused to cooperate with me no matter how i curl and mascara-ed them they'd still be fugly and messy and haish... Far from how i'd want them to be!

I actually rarely wore mascara on that trip, maybe less than half the time we were in Europe lah haha, but i thought, wah we're in Paris, need to put some extra effort with my face! *LOL*. And that day was actually a very great eye lashes day! My lashes looked perfect, flirty and had volume (which is nowhere near existent without any mascara on haha), i remembered i was so happy and satisfied with the mascara i brought (Maybelline's The Falsies, i will do a review on them soon) :D.

Anyway, here's Day 6's breakfast :
I think it was one of those times when i was too lazy to get my own food that hunny was the one who took them all for me (that explains the number of hash browns and sausages he put on my plate, i wouldn't take so many for myself *LOL*) that totally prompted the aunties to tell hunny that they were jealous of him (but i'm sure they meant they were jealous of me, dunno why they said jealous of him), coz he treats me so well, even getting food for me. Back home their husbands would never serve them that way. WTF, don't be jealous, it's just shows how i picked the right guy to be my husband lah, of course i wouldn't pick someone who's a total douchebag as... well... someone else in this tour group *LOLOLOL*.

Anyway, it angered me that they would say such judgemental thing, they don't even know us! I mean, of course i know i am lucky that i married such a sweet guy, but i hate the way that they made it sounds like i didn't deserve him. Trust me, if you know the long history of our relationship you wouldn't be so quick to judge that i had it best, coz he is every bit as lucky to have me as a wife. And i am also used to people (okay guys) asking hunny how did he snare such a good catch *LOL*. Eh not only guys lah, some people like G's mum also kept on telling hunny he's so lucky to have me ahahahaha *G's mum's the best :p*.

Anyway, i can't remember if i had any scrambled egg too, but judging from this photo i probably did.
Hunny desperately seasoning his egg so it would taste better *LOL*
Meanwhile, this is what Eek had for breakfast :
Hahahaha he cooked instant noodle using two bowls of boiling hot water :p
Our first destination was Arc de Triomphe. Kikie let us off the bus and told us that he couldn't find the local tour guide yet (first mistake, never tell your guests that you couldn't find the driver/tour guide/anything!) and told us he was going to look for her first, we could get off the bus and cross the street (keep in mind that he said CROSS THE STREET, i will bitch very long about this later so it's important to pay attention to what he said first. You cannot escape whatever detail you said in cases like this because my mind works like a recording tape, i will remember everything-word by word! And it'd bite you in the ass!) to take pictures in Arc de Triomphe. 

He also said "20 minutes okay? About 20 minutes okay? Just come back here after 20 minutes ya." Second mistake, never let your guests roam around without telling them THE EXACT time to meet up. Seriously, i've had lessons about this (like, formally, in a classroom). You need to always point out the time we started off and the time to to be back. THE TIME. You can't say "20 minutes", "30 minutes" nonchalantly like that and expect your excited guests to keep track of time! Trust me, nobody would even notice what time it was (when they took off), let alone know when that 20 minutes should be up WTF. 

I will complain long-windedly later, for now you can enjoy the pictures first *LOL*.
Those first two above i took from inside the bus :p.
With the aunties *LOL*
Then of course, L dragged me to climb the chair.
Obvi, we got bored after less than five minutes *LOL*, there are only so many times you can snap a picture with the same background, right? L then started to fuss about wanting to cross to the Arc de Triomphe to take pictures up close and personal. I didn't think too much about it, after all Kikie DID tell us to cross the street to take pictures, and we were given 20 minutes then we couldn't be expected to stay at that spot for the whole time, right?

After some brief investigating we found out that we could take a underground passage to cross to Arc de Triomphe. (FYI, all the aunties joined us to cross the street, so everybody's at the same page on what we could and couldn't do, according to the instruction that was given)
Inside the tunnel
As we passed through the tunnel we realized there was a museum there too. Again, i wished we had time to enter the museum. It turned out this Paris city tour was very different than any city tours i've ever had before (and that's plenty), they focused solely on QUANTITY rather than QUALITY. Like, they crammed so many objects to show you (as in passing by, inside the bus)  rather than focus on some of the most important and interesting ones and let us spend some time exploring. Very disappointing. 

Anyway, we arrived at the Arc de Triomphe monument very shortly!
Arc de Triomphe's eternal flame to honor the unknown soldiers that lost their lives to defend France :
The dude in the middle's Napoleon Bonaparte
Honestly, none of us kept track of the time, we were too immersed in the moment, taking pictures and looking at the amazing monument. Not to mention, the aunties kept on asking us to help them take pictures of them. Since the aunties were around we totally thought it was not the time to go back yet. The aunties went back first while we made a round to take pictures of the eternal flame (less than 5 minutes passed after they left) and then we hurried to go back to the bus as well.

Hunny saw the iron bars in the tunnel and couldn't resist to take a picture with weird poses #typical.
Then we practically ran back to the bus. Trust me, we couldn't be more than five minutes behind the aunties. I know we were horribly late, but that would mean they were late too. I've been in tour groups before, and even though i've never been late before, when there were other people who were late it'd usually be the other members of the group that were pissed (if there were any. Usually Indonesian groups are generally more laid back and understanding, as long as you're late once, not repeatedly! The more vocal tour group members i've encountered were from a tour group that i went with from Singapore, that shouldn't come as a surprise, shouldn't it? No offence to my Singaporean readers, i'm just saying that Singaporean generally more vocal to let people know they're unhappy than Indonesian), so imagine my surprised when the aunties told us that the TOUR GUIDE (not tour leader, but local guide) was very angry!

Hmph, wow. Okay, we were actually horribly late, it was 45 minutes instead of 20 *LOL*, all of us completely lost track of time basically because nobody was checking the time when we first went off, that means... yeah, we didn't even know what time we should be back. What pisses me off was then the TL began preaching about how we were (4 of us) horribly late and we'd be counted to be punished (again, what are we, 5? If we were late 3x we'd be entitled to buy ice cream for the entire bus), but my question is... If we were 25 (really?) minutes late, wouldn't that make the aunties (that went back 5 minutes before us) at least 15 to 20 minutes late? Why weren't their "crime" be counted but ours did?

Not to mention when he began scolding us for crossing the street. Again he sang about the pickpockets (seriously, say it once and be done with it. Or maybe once every day, not 100x. Mr H said he was really pissed because he felt like he was being terrorized and threatened all the time *LOL* so it's not just us that were annoyed okay). Ehm, sorry, but weren't you the one who told us to CROSS the street in the first place? How was us, who's never been there before, to know that we should only be crossing the street to the first place and not the Arc de Triompe itself?

Come on, if you want to be unfairly blaming us (not for the late part, because we were late. But more to the fact that we were single handedly being pointed out when we were definitely not the only ones who were late) i can count every single mistake that YOU made throughout the trip. Afterall, i am a certified Tour Leader, and i did graduated with honor. Stop treating us like complete idiots. 

To be honest, i liked Kikie a lot, and i consider him a friend. And he can be a fun tour leader (maybe much more suitable to lead a group of youngsters because of his cowboy-ish style of leading that truthfully, pissed off lots of the old ones. Honestly, i'm not exaggerating, i heard them complained bitterly *LOL*) but at that exact moment i really wanted to box him in the face *violent*, and knowing me you should know i didn't stay quiet about it. Oh no, i complained at rapid fire and bitched like crazy for at least an hour. LOL. The fact is, if you just get to know me you'd think i'm this quiet, shy girl who prefers to stick to my own group, but once you pisses me off you'd see the real me really fast *LOL*. Yes, when i curse i put sailors to shame, and i will not curse silently. But only when i'm mad lah hahaha don't be scared of me now :D.

Not to mention the local guide WTF. What rights did she have to be mad at us, when she was the one who COULDN'T be found earlier??? Not to mention she totally sucked at being a tour guide anyway *LOL*. Best tour guide in France? My God, i wonder how the others were like then *LOL*. I felt like we were treated more like a stupid kindergarten students rather than a valued guests/customers. WTF, paid people like this tips *spit saliva*.

Anyway, i was really gruff and sulky (not in a quiet way, i made sure everybody knew i was MAD hahahahaha. Now i'm sure the cray aunty really thinks i'm bipolar and have anger management issues *LOLOL*). I just hate it when i'm being treated unfairly, and as if we're stupid people who 1000% relies on them and didn't treat us with a speck of respect. Seriously people! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I would only respect you if you respect me, screw you if you think i don't deserve any!

L was quite pissed as well, but she's so different to me. She's better at hiding her feelings and would make a bitter joke about it (that's when i'd know she's mad too). LOL. She kept on shouting about "Paid effing a quarter of 100 mill to be bitched at and being told HURRY HURRY HURRY, 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes!!!!! Be late and we'll cut cut cut cut cut your destinations!" LOL. And then one of the aunties began repeating her words! LOL! More unhappy people reunited! It was so funny, i burst out laughing when i heard her (and then she made a face at me LOL), i instantly felt better :p. 

Anyway, we (passed and) stopped by some places that i wasn't even aware of the names because i was too pissed so maybe i'd miss some of the places' names of the pictures below *please understand* for a "5 minutes photo stop" FOL. Oh, you should hear L bitching even more "5 minutes! HURRY HURRY HURRY!!! No more helping other people take pictures, screw everybody! HURRY HUN HURRY!!! NOW WE HAVE TO BE BAD PEOPLE WHO EFFING CARES, HURRY!". LOL. Trust me, she was every bit as mad as me :p.

First stop, Eiffel photo stop. We were given 10 minutes and we were still freshly angered *LOL*, and we were so trained to be paranoid that we totally refused to entertain anyone. There was this old, lone Russian lady who asked us to help take her pictures but we brushed her off because we were afraid she was a pickpocket *LOL*. In the end hunny helped her *because he's kind lah* and she wasn't a pickpocket lah, she really was just another tourist *muffled laughter*, sorry ya, lady! 

Tried to look friendly in the picture, but even when i'm not angry i don't look friendly in my pictures hahaha, so i hope it's at least not worse than usual lah :p.
Errr... that's all i've got in my camera *LOL*. More pictures in Eek's (as usual), but really, how many pictures can you get with one background anyway? LOL. I do have more pictures with Eiffel Tower in it later, be patient okay! Btw, souvenir for Rosemary who asked for a picture of Eiffel Tower :
I took it with my pocket camera *sorry ah, i'm very amateur, i cannot operate more complicated camera than a point and shoot one. Plus i love my camera pictures results okay :p*. Hunny also took one with his Samsung mobile phone, maybe his was better?
Hmph yah, color-wise it's prettier. LOL. We were done taking pictures less than 5 minutes (all the while shouting at each other to HURRY HURRY HURRY, 10 minutes 10 minutes, HURRY! LOL, totally became a private joke :p), and we saw a souvenir stall and well, i had a minute souvenir shopping spree *LOL*. Got super pretty Eiffel key rings (will show you later, one i sent to Rosemary)-really unlike the other generic souvenir key rings lah, these ones got bling blings some more hahaha, also this bracelet :
Neon green Eiffel tower bracelet!
I wore it everyday for the duration of the trip ever since, totally regretting not getting in more colors (it wasn't cheap though i cannot remember the exact price, EUR 4?), the band's super dirty already now zzzz wonder what did i do to it. Also got this :
Pink Blink Blink Eiffel Tower miniature
Hahaha, not bad amount of stuffs (got 4 key rings) in a minute, eh? I was born to shop *LOL*.

Anyway, like i said, we passed by many places but i can hardly remember the names, i just consulted our itinerary (yes, i still keep'em to help me write these entries haha) and we apparently went by Champs de Elysees  (i do remember this street's name very well because of Running Man's orchestra episode *LOL*), Place de la Concorde and Les Invalides, all we passed by in one go lah i'm a bit confused which one is which *LOL*, so the pictures i took below were from all those places/streets okay hehe. I'll try to categorized them as we go, with the help of wiki hahaha.

First, another photo stop (5 minutes, 5 minutes!). I believe it was at Les Invalides, where Napoleon Bonaparte's cemetery was located.
Then the pictures below i took from inside our bus around Champs de Elysees and Place de la Concorde.
That's the Obelisk of Luxor, this apparently inspired Indonesia's first president, President Soekarno, to build Monas up because he was so fascinated by this monument whenever he saw it outside his hotel's window during his stay in Paris.
And that's Fountaines de la Concorde..
La Madeleine
The next two photos i stole from hunny's phone, it was around Champ de Elysees, i believe.
This one was taken while we were rushingly crossing the street *LOL*, can't really remember where we were going though @___@
Then we passed by Louvre on the way to Montparnasse. L was going crazy "That's the upside down pyramid from Da Vinci code!!! What's the name, what's the name!!!" LOL. Yes, we're really into the whole Da Vinci code, me and #Undecided included.
We were so heart broken when we passed it by, lemme tell you! L began whining "We're not going there???? Can't we take pictures there??? Can't we go in????", fortunately yes, we're going there later, yay!!! At least we can really visit ONE place instead of passing them by *LOL*.

But first, we're going to Tour Montparnasse, one of the highest sky scrapers (second highest actually) in Paris with observation decks. We went there in place of Eiffel Tower because the line was super crazy in Eiffel Tower and it would probably take at least three hours of queuing to get in there. I'm not crazy about towers and stuffs (Macau Tower scared the hell outta me, i literally couldn't drag myself to step into the see-through glass floor overlooking the ground, hundreds of feet below) so i didn't mind lah *LOL*.

One incident while we were lining up to get into the observation deck, the tour guide was handing the passes to us while we were in line, and when she got to me.. she didn't recognize me!!! OMG! She was like "Are you in my group? You're not in my group. Are you from Indonesia?", while i starred at her with my mouth hanging open zzzz, until Kikie came over to assure her that yes, i'm with her group!

Kikie consoled me by saying that she probably thought i was a Korean tourist, at which i was so tempted to correct him "Japanese", LOLOL. Do i really don't look like an Indonesian? Or Chinese? LOL. I think i look very Chinese, but whenever we're overseas people keep on "Annyeonghaseyo"-ing  us LOL. It doesn't help that hunny and Baby Boy also looks Korean/Japanese *sigh*. Sometimes it's really hard to decide whether i'm offended or not :p.
Galeries La Fayette in the same building! It's the smaller one though
More queuing to get into the lift :p
There was this indoor observation deck (like the one on KL or Macau Tower) that was super crowded and full. They took our pictures (for souvenir) when we get there and you can buy it later (which i didn't because ours wasn't very nice *LOL*) if you want. Then we went upstairs to the open-aired observation deck.
There was this huge round carpet in the middle where people laid down and sun-bathed, so we also wanted to act like we were sunbathing hahaha.
I do realize that i look like a kukang (Sunda slow loris, a primate that likes to hold on to a branch-or you!-real tight), and no i dunno why i was like that. And weirdly i acted all kukang-ish towards L only, and not to hunny! LOL. One more please, this one was less kukang-ish i think:
Practicing our duck face
Can you spot Eek?
Then all three of them went gaga over the observation telescope, and forced me to take a peek too *i honestly am not interested in such thingy...*
Yeah i made hunny posed like this, then...
Us too hahaha
Not a very flattering angle for me, but i think the picture was too cute to scrap...

Views from up there :
Then hunny wanted to take a "Da Vinci" style picture and L forced Eek to join him...
Hehe, L snapped one with a better angle with Eek's camera :p. Then we went back to the indoor observation deck.
Snapped one more pic before going down
It was seriously super full and crowded that it was really hard to even walk zzzz.
The least crowded corner *LOL*
I was getting sleepy (yeah, i'm always sleepy during the day *LOL*, a total night owl), thankfully we tote a coffee that we bought in one of those Auto Grills :P.
Also planned to bring the glass home but hunny threw it out, after using it to wash his behind!!! LOL
If the line was pretty long going up, the line going down was 5x worse OMG. And i used to think that most Asian doesn't know how to queue (i'm not talking about Singaporean or Japanese, okay...), but apparently European also don't always know (or want) how to zzz. Some Caucasian kept on trying to cut the line, not once, not twice, maybe more like five times zzz WTF.

Hunny suddenly spotted another collectible souvenir coin's machine so of course he went to get one...
After some time we finally managed to go down! There were already some souvenir sellers waiting in front of our bus, and we got the cheapest souvenir we ever got in Europe *LOL :
EUR 1 for 6 Eiffel key rings! That's dirt cheap even for Indonesia standard! Dunno why we only bought EUR 1 worth, should've bought like EUR 5 and give everybody we know hahaha
Next, the tour guide took us to a self-service restaurant (that serves local food) for lunch. It has two different stations, one for snacks/lighter foods and dessert and the other one for main courses. It was super duper full and they had to queue forever to get the food (i went to guard the table *LOL*, that's like my eternal role *super spoilt*).
L went cray cray at the snack corner
Look at the line OMG
I wasn't hungry at all so i just had a little bit of what L and hunny ordered *LOL*. Of course Eek had to make an annoying comment "You're not eating? Eat something! I'm worried if you get skinny!" WTF. 
L ordered all of these from the snack corner OMG, told you she went nutz
This is pizza. Didn't look like pizza to me, didn't taste like one too *LOL*. I think it looked more like a toast with cheese on top, tasted like that as well. I annoyed L by asking repeatedly if it really was pizza
Nice salad
I took a bite and cringe *LOL*, i'm never into smoked beef :p
I believe this is called Beef Bourguignon
Kikie and the tour leader recommended it to us, she said if Indonesia has rendang then France have this *LOL*, it was quite similar to rendang without the spiciness, a blander version of rendang hahaha.
It's Eek's, i dunno what it was, looked a lot like Nasi Briyani to me *LOL*
L's pasta, it was nice too
Eek's fruit tart, it was very nice!
Did you count how many foods L and Eek got? LOL, total madness. I wasn't hungry so they shouldn't be THAT hungry, should they? I think Eek's very similar to #Undecided's hubby when it comes to food ordering, they always went NUTZ, but if they didn't think it was nice they'd leave it untouched *LOL*. A polar opposite of us, we prefer to order just enough for us, if we're still hungry we can always order some more food, right? I've just been raised to respect food and not waste them *i'm not preaching though, to each their own*. I think L left the pizza and sandwich almost untouched, i had to forced her to bag and bring them back, i'm not sure if they ate them though *LOL*.

From the first time we entered the restaurant hunny had been eyeing some eclairs, and he bought some to bring back to the hotel. We placed them in the same bag as the leftover and completely forgot about it until the next morning, they were almost left a the hotel *LOL*, had to go back to the room to get them *LOL*, it was almost as flat as sandals hahaha but it was still very good. Even i have to say so even though i'm not much of a pastry person! Didn't take any picture of them though, it was already so shapeless and messy haha. 

After lunch we walked to a discount store that sold branded stuffs (bags, watches, cosmetics). I wasn't interested at all zzz. The brands they carries wasn't interesting to me (Bally, Long Champ, those types. Found an interesting local brand, Lancel, but it was quite expensive and i wasn't going to pay a fortune for a brand i wasn't familiar with...) plus the atmosphere was like... those premium fake bag stores in Korea/China *LOL*.

I know they weren't selling fakes but the atmosphere was... very un-sophisticated lah hahaha, plus it was super crowded and people were talking loudly in Indonesian (yes, they have Indonesian staffs, actually that top floor was dedicated solely for Indonesian/Thai tourists, they have the weirdest system that tourists from different nationalities would only be served in their specific floors) I totally felt like i was in Mangga Dua or Pasar Atum WTF.

I was really lost lah while the aunties all went gaga over those Long Champ bags *i've never had any interest in them, i do own some inspired by items but i've never been even slightly interested to have the originals*, even L was busy getting a speedy Long Champ bag for her mum, while my mum... My mum would never wear a Long Champ bag in a million years lah, did i ever tell you my mum's a real snob? LOL. Her favorite brand (other than LV) is Bonia, even though it's actually a Malaysian brand but she only buys their limited edition bags, which is actually pricier than classic LV bags. She's such an aunty *LOL*.

I didn't want to hurt my own feelings by buying her low or mid branded stuffs that she would never wear (and would 100% re-gift to ME in a few months/years because she wouldn't remember that i bought it for her in the first place *LOL*) so i didn't bother. Instead, i wanted to buy her some Chanel lipstick, because THAT she'd 100% be happy to accept and wear!

So hunny and i wander to the lower level *where they have make up counters* to look for the lipstick  (my mum's lipstick's a specific shade, a darker and deeper kind of red-that's the only thing she'd wear, it's such a signature color for her that i only had to swipe a bit on my hand and showed L and she already said "Yes, that's exactly Auntie Shirley's color!" *LOL*) but the lady wouldn't serve us and made us went back upstairs *because we're Indonesian *LOL*, that 2nd floor was for China tourists*, tried to make the aunty check if they had the color that i wanted but mostly got ignored, maybe because we were just trying to buy a EUR 34 lipstick (hey, that's IDR 433.000!!! I could get like, 3-4 Etude house lipstick with that amount of money haha) :p.

So i just sulked and sat at some stairs leading to the cashier *LOL* while hunny still tried to get that lipstick, after waiting for so long they ended up telling us they didn't have that color in stock FOL. There were roadside shops along the way from the restaurant to that discount store, i really wished i went there instead! Saw some real cute and cheap stuffs, and i could buy souvenir for my friends and maybe clothes for Baby Boy! I remember i spotted a very cute bag i wanted to buy for #Undecided (a tote bag with Eiffel Tower print and cute little Eiffel Tower charm hanging from the handle!) but had no time to, we totally thought we'd be given time to shop there later :(. 

Really, i spent so long doing nothing at the discount store i should've just exited and start shopping outside, i was just worried we'd be left behind since we weren't informed on how long we'd be in that stupid store (or got lost, we'd be a target of more preachings if we got lost and late again WTF!) ZZZZ! I'm still sore and regretful whenever i think about it *sigh*. I ended up not getting anything for my Baby Boy from Paris (but i did manage to get him a snow globe-he loves snow globes!-at another Auto Grill the next day haha).

I was seriously super bored *a total waste of my time* *i hate such stores*, super relieved when Kikie finally noticed how bored i was and he was like "Okay so those who are done shopping can cross the street to Louvre, take pictures and enter the Louvre." OMG yay!!! Say it 30 minutes earlier please!
It was super duper bright in Paris, and quite warm too. Poor hunny with his high degree of myopia couldn't wear sunnies so he squinted so hard in the pictures. Plus he (and L) cannot stand heat, he seemed a lot more blur than usual (and he is already very blur in regular basis FML!), it was really hard to talk to him whenever that happens *LOL. Actually hunny and L already started sweating since morning, while i find the weather to be very cool (not cold) in the morning, i was so confused to see them wiped away sweat and complained about being hot hahaha.
Hunny and Eek chasing off doves, they kept on doing that everywhere zzz

L's finger should exactly be on top of the pyramid at the photo taken with Eek's camera, we'll see if he got it right hahaha
Grand and majestic surroundings! Well, it was a palace after all!
We wouldn't have enough time to get into the museum itself, but that didn't stop us from entering the building to have a look-see and cam-whore!
Inside the Louvre :
It was actually super HOT once you entered the building (well, it's practically a glass house), very humid as well *starting to sweat myself*, plus my feet was hurting already *stupid heeled booties!*, but i forced myself to walk, coz we're in Louvre, for goodness sake! Cannot waste a single second! It was much better once you walk further in because the air-conditioner was in full boost! One thing that cannot escape me even when i'm 14 hours of flight away from my country? People with BO. FML. Entered an Apple store and almost fainted straight away because my nostrils was immediately assaulted by super horrible BOs OMG FML.

Couldn't stay long inside, we really don't want to be late again (and trust me, we never did. We're always super early until the end of the tour *LOL*) so we went outside to the meet up point. Turned out we had to wait for a very long time because some of the aunties went missing! *LOL*.

Told you before that one of the tour member's a very important judge who handled famous cases in Indonesia (if you're Indonesian then you'd most likely be familiar with the Antasari case , yep he was the head judge in that case), we didn't have anything to do so we asked Mr. H to cam-who with us! LOL. He agreed happily :p.
Salute to the judge!
Campaign style pic, Choose no 10! HAHAHAHAHA
Kikie appeared and we moved further (to the way into the bus parking) but like i said, we had to wait for quite a long time for the missing members. The others were taking a shelter here :
But my feet hurt too much and there was no seat there, so i braved the sun to the bench that we took picture at earlier.
The others were like, why do you like to brave the sun??? Because everybody was hiding from the sun *LOL*. Told them i don't really care, i cannot seem to tan anyway *LOL*, you know Asians are so afraid of being tanned *LOL*. Not me, told ya i think slight tans are sexy :p, not that i can get my skin to tan anyway.

We had to wait for so long that we actually witnessed some Gypsy girls trying to scam some Caucasian girls. I believe they were asking for donations, they were holding some papers and all. Later hunny saw when the Caucasian girl gave the Gypsy EUR 5 , they asked some more and tried to snatch the money from her wallet! Fortunately the Caucasian was holding to the wallet very tightly. We were watching in astonishment until another Caucasian couple passed by and the woman actually tapped the earlier girl and gestured "No, no, don't give them money". The Caucasian girls seemed surprised and they walked away very quickly. I saw the man then scolded then Gypsy girls who ran away quickly.

Also saw another Caucasian girl arguing with some Black dudes, apparently the Black man put some bracelet in her arms even though she already said "No! No!" to him, and he was asking for money from her.

Pretty scary huh, seeing people being scammed from all directions *sigh* SMH, fortunately we didn't encounter anything like that ourselves, probably because we kept on running away from them right from the start *LOL*, i guess at times like this being overtly paranoid's not too bad, huh?

Anyway, i think i should stop now hahaha, i will be continuing in part 2 and i will show you some of the stuffs i bought in Paris! I know some readers had been waiting for my European hauls, i will show you a little bit in  the next post okay!



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  1. kepengen foto di menara Eiffel!!!
    someday dah someday... :)

    1. Yes, someday! I also want to go back there someday! Ganbatte!

  2. Looks fun!
    Becky xo