Ladies Who Lunch

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Hellow hellow!

So i've decided if i want to post outfit posts more often (and not like, keep them forever then upload it a year later because i can't bear just ignoring those pics haha) then i should post them when they're still fairly recent. When it's posted in at least still the same month as when i took the pictures then i'd consider them recent okay hahaha... This is the outfit that i wore to one of my BFF's birthday a few weeks ago.
Yes, more outfit pics taken my Mr. Hunny *tearing* *touched* LOL
I named this look "Ladies Who Lunch" because W's birthday celebration's happened to be at lunch, it was at a hotel (hence, a bit "posh") and i dressed kinda *ahem* sophisticated for once (if i may say so myself) so i think the title's quite fitting hihihi.
Oh geez, i look so mean in this pic hahaha
Outfit details :

-Black Lace Sabrina Top : Rozz Shop (told ya i never stop ordering stuffs from them! I also have the same top in pink and i totally regret not getting one in white as well :p. I was worried the arms wouldn't fit *problem with huge arms* because most lace material don't stretch but thankfully this one does (but not like, very much). It's so versatile! I can totally foresee myself pairing it with endless possibilities!)

-Blue Tafetta (i spent 20 minutes googling for the material's name WTF) Midi Skirt : Michie House, MKG Jakarta (i am OBSESSED with these Valentino inspired skirt and been searching high and low for them! Sadly those that i've ordered online weren't made from stiff materials so they don't quite have the structure that i really wanted, too limp! For those which stated to be stiff usually the waist measurement's way too tiny or the price's outrageous! So when i found this skirt in Michie House with reasonable price (IDR 175.000), i kept on going back and bought more in different colors as well as other beautiful skirts! 60% of my last clothing haul in Jakarta must've been midi skirts haha. I have this skirt in four different colors now >.<)

-Vintage Style Clutch : Metro Department Store (i'm preparing a blog post about old old OLD hauls that i almost totally forgot about and this clutch would be featured haha)

- Silver Floral Jelly Shoes : Carrefour (It was IDR 20.000 or something hahaha). I'd normally wear heels with this kind of outfit, but i am the second tallest in our little group (after #Undecided) and the height difference's quite stark already when i wear flats, so when i heard that #Undecided couldn't come to the luncheon, i knew i'd be more comfortable taking pics with them in flats (i totally forgot that Av's quite tall and she likes to wear heels, LOL).
I honestly still feel more comfortable with mirror selcas, it's just more slimming hehe
Like Arum said, we should clean the mirror before taking mirror selcas, but it's so boring and tiring (actually i never even clean my mirrors myself coz i totally suck at being domisticated >.<) so i just don't bother majority of the time (coz they keep on getting dirty ASAP)
#FOTD, playing with my Sariayu eyeshadow trio, peachy cheeks and super cute shaped SilkyGirl lipgloss
That's the Silkygirl lipgloss i was talking about! Super cute no?? I wish all of their products are as cute as that instead of just one or two hahaha
I still got the minty nail polish from Au's birthday so i played with green and blue (to compliment the skirt) eyeshadows, and oh i also wore falsies again *pats self on the back for being diligent hahahaa*). The last two pics (and a few other below) are taken from my IG (Mgirl83)
Accessories of the day. I decided to not play it safe and "toughen it up" a bit with my accessories, opting for skull earrings, Middle East style slave bracelet (both are gifts from G) and leopard patterned necklace
I love the details of this double necklace, and i cannot remember where i bought it-just some random local accessories store i guess
I think all my accessories blended in nicely for the whole look :D
And these are the ladies who lunch :
At least on that day hahaha (see, i'm totally towering over them even on my flats T>T)
I will be blogging about the luncheon soon... And speaking of birthday, it was my Baby Boy's 7th birthday yesterday! He's obviously not a baby anymore, but he will always be my baby (and the nickname kinda stuck, lots of my readers refer to him as Baby Boy now haha) so i think i'm gonna keep the moniker here :D.

If you're Indonesian (or any other nations that are having a long Eid Al-Fitr), what do you do in this holiday? We've been staying at home, being a total couch potato and play with firecrackers every night *LOL*, no energy to dress up, put on make up or go out for some reason @_@...


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  1. Naksir rok birunya tapi ada ga yang lebih pendek? Nice outfit

    1. Byk kok yg lbh pendek malah lbh gampang nyarinya dmn2 :) yg midi lbh susah... Thank you :)

  2. Apa gak panas pake tangan panjang di Surabaya?

    Happy birthday ya buat baby boy...

    1. Sby skrg ga panas lo (ga tiap hari maksudnya), blkg an dingin banget apalagi kan lbh sering d ruangan ber AC gt.. And kalo lace gitu engga panas, kan bolong2 hehehe.

      Thank youu :D

  3. suka gelang itu... kayaknya pas banget deh sama warna kuku nya :)

    btw, aku follow kmu say :)

  4. OMG I so love your entire outfit including the makeup and your nail polish! :) I like the midi skirt as it's really trendy here as well. I've never tried to wear falsies but they look good.

    1. Thank you! I'm absolutely obsessed with flared midi skirts right now, i just cannot stop buying them! LOL. I don't wear falsies a lot but i like the effect it gives so i try to wear them for parties and special occasions :D