Bandung Trip 2014 : The Beginning

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Hellow hellow...

The internet is being a total bitch again, PMS is making me ultra sensitive and irritated, people around me are driving me insane, making me yearn to run far far away and hide so i guess it's easy to say that i am not in a good mood right now, yea? Worry not, my bad mood never lasts, and it usually only stems from very silly stuffs, but i just can't stay rational when whatever i say gets bounced off and rejected just because it's not reflecting what the other people wants to hear. I won't elaborate who or what makes me so annoyed because i will get judged (knowing people) and i am just not in the mood to pick a(nother) fight, alright?

So i thought to myself as soon as the internet's showing signs of slightly working again i should just blog since writing always calms me down and give me tranquility once i finish a blog post. No need a shrink with this blog around! Positive minds can change however crappy i might  be feeling, so... Happy thoughts, #Pink!!! Of course, nothing makes me happier than traveling, even locally so here i am, finally starting on my recent trip to Bandung and Jakarta.
I decided to write about our Bandung and Jakarta trip according to (interesting) places that we went to instead of per day since we didn't necessarily do anything special/go anywhere interesting everyday especially in Jakarta (where we mostly go to malls, watch movies and shop!) and i will start with the beginning of the trip.

This is going to be a fairly short travel post (you know, as short as i can possibly muster, coz i really don't do short posts, too much of a rambler and all. So i mean compared to my usual super long travel posts) because we didn't actually do anything much on the first day but i don't want to throw the pics to some other unrelated posts either so.... Bear with me!

LL and i, waiting for our flight at some cafe in Juanda's departing hall
Now, the flight itself's definitely nothing special, beside the fact that it got rescheduled THREE times before the actual date. It started off as a morning flight, then they kept on rescheduling it for later and later, and we ended up flying around 1 or something WTF.

Anyway, nothing much to tell about the flight and the arrival to Bandung (the only thing worth mentioning is our astonishment once we landed. It must've been the smallest, shortest runway we've ever been too. And the tarmac area was so... chaotic. People just crossing and swarming around, it was so confusing! And once we got our luggages *from the super small luggage retrieving area* and exit the door, we're immediately well... outdoor! Just a few steps from the street! LOL. It was hunny and i's first time in Bandung's airport and we're pretty shocked. No offence to Bandung people out there, but it's the... errr... least attractive airport we've ever been to) but more important things, #OOTD! LOL.

Airport couture is a really trending right now. so i make sure to always snap pics of MY version of airport couture too *LOL*.

No, this is not all that i was wearing *LOL*, i do not wear sleeveless out (except to Bali) okay! This is just the inner part
Peace *LOL*!
Loose Dotty Cat Tank Top : Matahari Department Store
Floral Legging : Magnolia
Purple socks :BSX

This is what i actually wear. I was very sick that day (i couldn't leave the bed the day before and had to go to the doctor to get an injection so i could be better, enough to at least fly out) so i dressed really warmly.
Cape Cardigan : Cotton On
Sling Bag : Christian Siriano for Payless
Denim Sneakers : New Look
Infinity Scarf : Payless

One thing about me when i travel is i always try to pack efficiently and lightly so i tend to bring pieces that i can mix and match to create different looks (yes, i don't wash my clothes after being used once except if i sweat when i wore them or go somewhere that involves dirt). 

I wore the cape several times and i actually liked it a lot (gained a lot of stares but whatever) even though it makes my ass looks massive (when in fact i have quite a flat behind) until one day when i was wearing a fitted minidress my mum commented "You look good wearing this. Much better than the huge cape thing, makes you looked HUGE!". Thanks a lot mum, you've ruined the cape for me now! (of course, i made sure i wore it again the next day just to prove my point that i dress for my pleasure, not to look skinny-and the clothes that i like to wear doesn't always have a slimming illusion and i don't care)

#FOTD wearing my new Ishine eyeshadow trio (yes, i only used the lightest color, told ya i am lazy when i travel) and Shiseido lipstick-both on my to-review-list :p
LL traveled with her family including her little daughter C and we traveled with my eldest brother (who's just dropping off) and his daughter G (coz he was going to Europe the next day), the one who lives in Papua with her mother. The two little girls get along pretty fast (and later with Baby Boy too).
Like i said, we arrived at Bandung with no hitch, get cabs to our hotel-Grand Setiabudi, which we chose because they have rented apartments and we need a hotel with multiple rooms since we're traveling with such big numbers of personnel. Sadly i didn't snap any picture of the serviced apartment because my 'rents, Baby Boy+nanny already arrived first and ransacked the place. I always feel too lazy to snap pictures of hotel rooms when it's already messy and crowded. The fact that i was still feeling very tired and sick didn't help.

Anyway, the hotel itself-although not horrible, didn't live up to our expectation. It's kinda old which would be fine if they upgraded the very jaded decor and furniture a little bit, i just wished it could be more clean and sparkly. It's not like, very dirty, but for IDR 1.500.000 per night, i was hoping for something slightly shinier *LOL*. I'd recommend this place if you're traveling in big numbers (so you can split up the room rate. The one we booked had 3 bedrooms and 1 maid room!), one positive thing about the place is the apartment's pretty spacey (oh and the breakfast's okay too)-but if you just need one room i suggest you try other hotels (preferably from famous hotel chains) because i don't think the single room's price's worth it.

It was already evening after we finished dropping off our stuffs in the hotel and lazed around for a bit so we decided to just go to Paris Van Java Mall for an early dinner (didn't have any lunch and all). Again, didn't do much there, just some minor shopping (yep, expect a haul post soon) and i only take pictures of the restaurant we went to so here's a little review :
Tried the Bull Wings Factory with KD's recommendation
PVJ has a mainly open space concept and this restaurant's located at a stretch of cafes and restaurants
Bandung is known to have a lower temperature than Surabaya or Jakarta, but the first two days were meltingly HOT  (and it rains and cooled down significantly on the third day, where we spent outdoor mainly WTH). I almost whined when i realized this place (at least the area where we were seating) was not air conditioned LOL... Gave up and took off the scarf after a while...
Since it's well, Bull Wing Factory, of course we ordered the buffalo wings. Tried the Buffalo Fiesta or something, with three different sauces. I didn't try them because i was not hungry (my will was so strong just a month ago, i need to get back to the horse now LOL holiday totally ruined my diet) but hunny said they were nice
KD's grilled chicken that seemed nice too (didn't try any)
Tuna Aglio Olio that was a bit weird for me. The pasta tasted more like a noodle than spagetti to me, you know the thickness and texture. Baby Boy ended up eating most of it but i wouldn't recommend this dish
Obligatory pic with the meal *LOL*
G's burger, pretty nice
Baby Boy's fried rice which turned out to be spicy so hunny and i ended up swapping our dish with him. Surprisingly nice actually, just a bit too oily
Mum's chicken fajita which she said just okay, she's totally not into Western food so it's probably better than she made it sounds to be
Hmmm... it seems like a pretty useless review from me since i just tasted two dishes (and my tastebud's all wrong from all those medications) but the ambience was pretty nice, the price's not outrageous and the dishes mostly are okay although nothing spectacular. I guess you should stick to the specialty (buffalo wings, of course). I'd actually go back there to give it a real try (you know, when i am actually all well and can taste properly).

We just roamed PVJ afterward and did a bit of shopping like i mentioned earlier, then decided to have an early night because we're going to have a long day the next day (going to Trans Studio!). Pretty unexciting day but i hope you enjoyed reading this nevertheless!

Until next post!


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  1. I loved your looks, Mindy! Specially the scarf :) xoxox

  2. The cardigan is very fitting to the outfit. It makes the casual outfit somehow look more classy. For the hotel, didn't you read reviews online before going there? I suggest you also try AirBNB which is a new app right now that lets you find people who rent out their place for tourists to stay for x number of days. The rooms also look presentable so it's good if you can check it out. :)

    1. Of course we did, we booked it via Agoda :). You know how sometimes they hotels provide old pictures when their place's still in tip top condition (and somehow the guest reviews are really2 good too! So maybe i have a higher standard?)? Well, by now it's pretty much worse for the wear :). Yeah, i've heard of AirBnB and would be interested in renting out people's place, i was traveling with my mum though and she's very very very fussy-it's just better that we stay in hotels when we're with her :)

  3. bandung kalo siang emang panas. kalo malem atau subuh tuh baru adem ya....

    1. Heeh, tp waktu hari 1-2 ksana tuh panas nya ga spt biasa, ujan2 tp humid and panas gitu... Pas hari k3-4 udah adem2 normal gt :)