What We Did in Bandung

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No, i am not back in Surabaya yet and this is not my usual travel post either :p. I've been inspired by other bloggers' "Life Lately" kind of posts where they usually make a collage of their Instagram pictures to sum up what they've been up to and since i have an instagram now (i have one for less than 3 weeks but i've already posted more than 100 pictures WTH, i have officially become one of those annoying people who keeps on snapping pictures to upload to IG that those Youtubers love to make fun of LOLOLOL) i can also make one. But not with collages, i like big sized pictures (those tiny collages annoys me and the need to constantly scroll up to see the pictures when reading the captions  drives me nuts) so i'm gonna post normal sized pictures instead (besides, i am still blogging from my mini Ipad and what i can do with it is very limited!).

So, here's what i've been doing in Bandung...
Took lots of selfies with LL (who also went to Bandung with her family). So okay, that picture was actually taken in Surabaya's airport while waiting for our flight to Bandung, but it should totally counts... And yes, she's every bit as obsessed with My Little Pony as me! 
Of course, we also constantly took OOTD pictures :P. I looked like i was flying to some cold-weathered country instead of just Bandung, but i was actually still very sick that day (i couldn't leave my bed the whole day just the day before that i actually relented and got an injection because i was really worried that i wouldn't be able to fly otherwise zzz)...
Busting my diet by eating stuffs i shouldn't, no carbs diet's totally ruined >.< oh well, one shouldn't be too strict when they're on holiday right? That was a picture of Buffalo Wings Fiesta we had at Paris Van Java!
Having lots of fun with hunny and Baby Boy in Trans Studio, dressed up in pastel head to toe with unicorn themed outfit that earned me lots of stares (mainly because of the huge My Little Pony figurine necklace, obvi) but i'm used to it, so... whatever. We couldn't wear a more wrong outfit though, me in my furry sweater and Baby Boy in his long sleeved tee, Trans Studio was freezing the first time we went there (when it first opened) so we came prepared, but it turned out to be super HOT that day. I was sweating bullets WTF (Baby Boy was in a worse shape!).
Went to Kampung Gajah (which turned out to be pretty horrible LOLOLOL) and actually spent the whole day with LL and her family (we barely see them the previous days LOL, it's very hard to go on a holiday with two extended families!). Anyway, it was not a total loss because we took some real nice pictures there :P.
This is probably my favorite picture in this trip, it's just so... I dunno... Fun? LOL (and you can see that i actually have cheekbones here hahaha). Hey, if you're condemning us for using camera 360 (coz all the pictures in this blog post's taken with my mini Ipad, and no this is not a promotion), i gotta say we don't need it to blur out our (already clear) complexions *smug*, but i really really love the dreamy effect!
Went to Rumah Stroberi and couldn't pick the strawberries AGAIN (we were turned down last year because they were booked for a company outing WTF) because they've ran out of strawberries to pick that day zzzzz, but the day was saved because we ended up shopping for lots of (dirt cheap) strawberry accessories!
Yes, we're in our 30s, but as long as we can still pull it off, why not?
And bought some strawberries too to mend our broken hearts *dramatic* hehe.
Dusun Bambu was up next, a very nice place and i snapped lots of pictures in my camera (which you'll see in my actual travel post, please do look forward to it!) but forgot to snap pictures for my IG haha. I got a "souvenir" from that place, a very painful (that i actually yelped in pain) bug bite (possible a huge ant) on my palm (it was super painful, like being stabbed!) that is still very very very itchy until today zzzz.
Trying out food i've never tried before like this egg and oncom (no idea what oncom is, let alone try to explain this in English so i'm not even gonna try LOL) serabi (serabi is a traditional Indonesian cake, i'd say the texture is a bit similar to pancake?). And of course, i also shopped like mad... LOL..

So that's the summary of our 4 days in Bandung, and a little teaser on what to expect on my next travel post! All pictures were uploaded in my Instagram (My id is MGirl83, the same id i have for my twitter and Line-yes you can Line me too now haha).

Writing this post' kinda fun, i might make this type of post a permanent series in this blog so i really hope you all enjoy it too!



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  1. bandung is always fun ya... banyak tempat yang ok, makanan ok, dan harganya juga ok.. hehehe

    1. Iya nih, salah 1 fave local destination selain Bali :D

  2. Vow.. seems like u enjoyed a lot. loved the food and the pics.. awesome.. happy weekend xoxo

    1. Yes, had lots of fun! Thank you, dear :D!