Unboxing : My 1st Vanity Trove

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Hello guys!!!

I'm on fire, huh? Yes, another entry already *LOL*! Not Day 2 for Europe trip, i'm still working on it! I want to show you my second beauty box, and my first box from Vanity Trove! I'm already behind (most bloggers blogged about this box 2 or 1 week ago i think!)!
But first i need to rant a little bit first!

Currently very annoyed with Indonesian's custom!!! OMG!!! You remember i bitched about them charging taxes to my box of samples??? I obviously need approvals (and money transfer) from my bosses to pay the taxes (foreigners aren't aware that you'd need to pay taxes to send stuffs into our beloved country!), and by the time i got them... Guess what... The custom told us that the parcel belongs to the country already!!! It cannot be retrieved and as good as being lost now!!! OMG!!! I already told them i'd need some time to get approvals and stuffs, but i guess they don't give a shit (obviously). Great, just great!!!

Oh, they also said there's a slight chance of getting it back but now they'd need BPOM letters  (again, after telling us we wouldn't need them as long as we pay the taxes! Why keep on changing the rules and information? OMG!!!) and we'd have to pay "rent" for storage, that's being count daily! WTF. It'll costs a LOT more than the goodies so it is much wiser to scrap it. HAISHHHH. Ok now i have to make a disclaimer in case the authority ever read this, i do not blame the system, but i definitely blame the individual running it for giving us mixed and confusing (not to mention incomplete) information, and keep on changing the regulations!!!!

Okay, hosh hosh *panting*, rant ended (today). Now let's talk about Vanity Trove. Unlike the other beauty boxes in Indonesia, Vanity Trove is not actually a new player, they already made a name for themselves in the beauty box world in Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesian can actually subscribe to their Singaporean box before but it'll costs a fortune! Thankfully now they already have a branch in Indonesia :).

I've contemplated to join the Singaporean box before but thankfully i stopped myself, only a few months later they announced their Indonesian boxes are avaiable! So of course i subscribed right away. Out of the three beauty boxes i've subscribed to so far, Vanity Trove is still the most expensive (IDR 180.000/month). Let's see if it's worth the price!

Oh yeah there were a little bit of drama regarding this box's arrival.. It arrived while i was in Europe and my blur employee sent it to my house (i always send things i purchase to my office's address) straightaway but when i was in Singapore (waiting for the flight back to Jakarta) i texted her asking if my VT arrived already and she said no, she didn't accept anything. So i panicked and tweeted+e-mailed VT straightaway, the customer service replied very fast promising to check the shipping for me. After much debate and confusion, my employee finally said yes, she received a box wrapped in brown paper, but she didn't read where it was from. ZZZZZ! WTF -____-, then why insisting that she didn't receive anything?? HAISH!!!! Once a blur forever a blur i guess.

I am quite satisfied with the CS then, even though it was a false alarm they worked fast, i later received an SMS from them, telling me the box arrived at my place on May 22nd and received by K (that's my blur employee's name). -___- She even signed the papers and still she insisted that no box arrived, haish!!!
The anticipated box
Inside there's a white box with the number 1 on it :
What's written on the side
Different from the Beauty Treats box, VT's came with a pulled drawer kind of box. There's a hot pink ribbon underneath to pull the drawer off.
Let's take a look what's inside the box!
First up, the not-so-interesting vouchers *LOL*, they are all very useless for me because they can only be used in Jakarta (not that i would if i could because the vouchers didn't interests me anyway), there was also a little guide book to see what items you might receive this month.
La Perla and Elise voucher and the guide book
The goodies :
At first glance i was already a bit disappointed, there seems to be less stuffs inside VT than BT's.. What's worse, there was items from the same brand that i got from BT (price wise that's dissapointing because VT's almost double BT's price). And again, there's no make up items in my box!
All the goodies in this month's box
First items, the one from the same brand with BT's : Orlane.
Not only the brand is the same, the variant's also exactly the same FML LOL! Now i have two sets of the same Orlane Whitening Serum and Whitening Cream (3 ml each), i sure hope it'd suit my skin or else i'd be really pissed LOL. So, no, i obviously wasn't very happy and not at all excited to receive this, as much as i like Orlane.
Makarizo Hair Repair Mask, 1 sachet. Another item that i'm not very happy with, i don't really care about hair products and i dislike sachet samples. 'Nuff said.
Laneige Water Bank Essence (15 ml), the only thing i am very happy with from this month's box *LOL*. Laneige's a prestigious brand and i wouldn't mind trying it, plus it came in a decent sized bottle, not tiny like the Orlane's, so thumbs up for this one!
Elise Eye Lashes #5121. Another false lashes *LOL*, i do read on some British blog that she have a drawer full of false lashes from beauty boxes and she doesn't even wear false lashes *LOLOL*, might i see that as my future? I don't really wear false lashes either! Maybe i should *LOL*, or start putting it into birthday presents in the future LOLOL. Will every box feature a false lashes now? *sigh*
Makarizo Hair Recovery. Another hair care products... -____-. I thought i'd at least receive one product from each category in the guide book, but i never receive anything from the "Quick Fix" category and instead got two (useless) things from the "Precious Crown" category. I am definitely not happy with this! Would've been happy to receive anything from the Quick Fix, be it Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm or Sampar Glamor Shot Eyes! Plus, i've got this exact sample long time ago as a freebie in some magazine -___-.
The last item :
Britney Spears Radiance perfume (1.2 ml), this is the second item that i'm at least a little happy about *LOL*. I love perfumes (and collects them), and i actually love Radiance and contemplating on buying it from long time ago but never did because when i wanted to in Singapore/Malaysia i'd be purchasing too much perfume at that trip already, so i always told myself "Next time lah". Almost bought it again on my last trip in some airport (probably in Frankfurt) but i didn't because i spent too much already, i told myself to pace myself. So, i already know i love this perfume so getting the sample's not bad, but it's so tiny i'd probably be able to use it once *LOLOL*.

In general, i think i am a bit underwhelmed by this box. I know other blogger said not to compare it with BT's first box since BT is a new name and the first box was meant to blow us away, BT's next box would probably less spectacular (that doesn't stop me from subscribing to both of their boxes, Gold and Platinum!) and VT sticks to the rules of 7-8 sample items in the box, but who can stop themselves from comparing??? Plus the brands they carry doesn't seem to be that different anyway (i notice they both works with L'Occitane, Lioele, Make Over and Orlane), so i cannot justify the almost double price difference based on the brands they are offering.

I'm looking at the guide book right now and i want to tell you what i'd love to receive from them from their list instead. On the  "Eyes On You" category, where i received the false lashes, i'd be happy with anything else on that category *LOL*. Make Over eye shadow or Silky Girl Gel eye liner would be much appreciated than the lashes *LOL*, especially the eye shadow. I am desperate to get any make up from my beauty boxes, anything!! LOL. I've ticked the "make up" on the form of what i want to receive on every form available in every box, still i got none from any of them so far :p.

I got nothing from the "Quick Fix" and "Cleanest Clinger" (with Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil), which i'd trade with a heartbeat with those two Makarizo samples *___*.

From the "Regenerating Miracles" i'd love to receive anything else than what i did (Orlane's, because i already got them), be it Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Photo Damage Corrector or L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream.
I am happy with what i got from "Quench Your Skin's Thirst", that is the Laneige essence, the other items are not as interesting as what i've got (there also were Lioele Vita Shake Pack and L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream).
As for the "Scents" category i am quite happy to get the Radiance, other option was Juicy Couture (which i wouldn't mind receiving) and Moschino Tojours Glamour (i don't usually like Moschino's fragrances though, they usually are too strong, musky or mumsy :p).
I've already subscribed to the their next (June) box (before i even receive this!), so we'll see if the second box would be better than this. I won't judge either box (too much) based on their first boxes, but the second should be enough to see which one's worth subscribing to. If the second box is no better than the first, and if the cheaper boxes keeps on offering the same kind of stuffs then i don't think i'd continue my VT subscription (i'd probably give it three chances max).

I hope y'all find this helpful (maybe to help you choose a beauty box to subsribe to?), toodles!




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