Eye Stories 03 : Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies

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Hellow hellow, my dears :D!

It's time for another review (do you know that my extreme OCD makes me review decorative and non-decorative *as in skin care or bath products, etc* alternately? I find it physically painful to review similar products back to back!)! I don't really review a lot of mascaras, do i? In fact this is just the second mascara review from me ever (read my review on my HG mascara here), that's because i don't really try out different mascaras. They mostly disappoints me so i stick to my usual ones!

But every once in a while there are new mascaras with great promises tempting me to try them, especially when it's from Maybelline (the creator of my HG mascara so the other mascaras made by them should be as good, right? Well, not always...) with their super affordable prices and many promotions.

I actually picked this from my stash to use after my older mascara ran dry because i remember a long long time ago a reader asked me to review a Maybelline mascara and i thought she asked for this one, turned out she asked for another one (which i haven't use until now LOL i'm horrid!) but i already used this so i decided to review this one first.

It's Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies :
Picture courtesy of Mr. Google
Beside the pretty purple (i love my usual mascara more than anything but sometimes i do wish it comes in a prettier color than just boring black and silver!) tube, i was also very attracted to the name, i mean.. The Falsies??? It should be good, right? Especially for someone who loves her lashes to be as Va va voom as possible, the bigger the better?

The purple wand with metallic blue writings and accent
The tube itself is made from plastic, sturdy and not flimsy, quite chubby sized.

It has a long wand with weird curved brush, i am not used to this style (usually my mascaras come with straight brushes) but for me it doesn't make application awkward or uncomfortable, in fact i find the curved bristles makes me less prone to smudge the mascara to my lid, so shape wise it's all good.

The consistency of the mascara i find a little drier than what i am used to. When i read the word "falsies", i hoped for volume boosting (and i don't mind a little lengthening but that's not my main goal since my eyelashes are actually pretty long for a Chinese girl :p)  ability, but apparently the falsies in the name refers to the fibres (which in theory should add volume AND length on the original lashes) it has in its formula. I should've taken better pictures of the wand but i took the pictures long time ago before i get any good (not that i am good now, but i'm a lot better!) in product photographing and now the mascara's completely dried out ready to be chucked to the bin so there's nothing i can do about it.

Anyway, i apparently HATE fibres *LOL*. Fibre mascaras are nothing new to me(i mean.. I heard about it long time ago, but never tried them myself) my friend MM used DejaVu Fibrewig mascara years ago when they first came out and she told me that the fibres did lengthen her lashes but unfortunately weigh them down so instead of pretty ostrich-like lashes, she got floppy (but extra long) lashes. I naturally changed my mind about trying out that DejaVu mascara but ended up with this one *LOL*.

Fibres annoys the s*** out of me, they would sometime perch unnaturally on top of my lashes that i had to pluck them out *in anger* and they fall all over my face, sometimes gets into my eyes and irritate them. In short, a total pain in the eyes *sorry i can't help it :p* and i really don't need that!

Here's how it looks like with very minimal makeup

You can see in this pic how the mascara does make my lashes look very long (my lashes are pretty much invincible without mascaras. I forgot to take pics of my bare eyes but you can always click on my previous mascara review that i've already linked up there if you're curious. I post plenty of mascara-less pics scattered in this blog too) but curves awkwardly on the top from all the extra weight of the fibres
It can look pretty nice but i must work extra hard to achieve the look i aimed for, applying them over and over again and curling them like crazy (who has the time???)

The thin, dry consistency is very very nice for a subtle, natural look. I however, don't care about natural looking lashes, i hate being called fake and suspected of faking everything, but i don't mind when people think that my mascara-ed lashes are falsies! 

I mentioned this often, one of the beauty rules that i ALWAYS break is : i love spider lashes! I like to clump my lashes together to create a dollier look and more volumized lashes. With this mascara though, it's almost impossible to clump my lashes together *therefore actually a very good thing for most women!*, it has almost zero volumizing power. On a very good day it performs as i want it to be, but very very rarely.

With only eyeliners
This was obviously one of those rare good days, it actually gave my lashes volume for once haha

With slightly heavier eye makeup
Here are some more pictures to show you better the curving (downward) problem it causes

This is how it looks most of the time
Very thin
It does hold the curls though, at least

Sorry i snapped so many pictures on different occasions to emphasize my point
With full makeup
In short, this is actually not a bad mascara at all. It just doesn't work for me since it doesn't deliver the points that i am looking for in a mascara, namely extreme volume! Another good point is it doesn't really smudge, at least not as bad as my HG mascara does!

I would actually highly recommend this mascara for those who love natural looking lashes and who are looking for a lengthening ones!

Definitely not recommending this for who shares my philosophy in searching for the perfect mascaras! Not for those who wants very thick lashes, those who cannot stand fibres getting everywhere and who cannot stand their already teased to death lashes to curve slightly downward at the peak from the extra fibres!

Would i repurchase this? Hell, no. It's so not for me! I still LOVE Maybelline though, just not this particular product! Remember, my HG mascara's Maybelline's too (don't you ever dare discontinue it, Maybelline! Maybe perfect the formulation so it won't smudge as badly, but please keep the other qualities!). I also won't stop trying new mascaras that Maybelline comes up with in the future too!

Have you ever tried this The Falsies mascara or any other fibre mascaras? How do you like them?


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  1. I love Maybelline mascara they are amazing at the price.. nice review :)

    1. Yeah, i love Maybelline's mascara too, just not this one haha :D

  2. I also don't really like fiber mascara >_<
    skrg lg pengen coba yg model2 slimcara merk korea punya hehe

    1. Yeah, they're irritating!!!
      Apaan itu slimcara *ga update*? Haha. Aq cm pernah nyobain mascara Tony Moly e cc iparku and i hated it, sejak itu ga pernah coba2 mascara Korea haha

  3. I have this mascara and I really love it!

    1. That's good! I wish it'd worked on me too but it's just not for me haha