MUC : Blooming Spring with Beauty Korea (2nd Look)

12:17:00 AM

Hi guys!

So... I don't know if recreating looks are addictive or i am simply OCD, but i decided to do another K-Pop inspired look *LOL*.

Bolder and edgier this time round
The focus of this look is obviously the eye makeup (Btw, did you notice my new colorful streaks? I had them done yesterday! It's not as noticeable as i hoped it would be :(... Tell ya more about it in another post okay!)

Of course, i made this look still for The Journey and Beauty Korea's Make Up Challenge!

Like i said, i have another look that i wanted to do and i actually like this look better than the first one (see my first look here) coz it's more ME haha, here's the inspiration :
Photo source :
Again, i have absolutely NO idea who this girl is, Katherine said it might be BoA (i actually know BoA! But i used to dislike her when she first appeared because i felt like she was trying to imitate Utada Hikaru, whom i really love! Sorry, BoA lovers!) but she wasn't sure. Please correct me if you know who this girl really is!

I don't think the end result looks exactly the same, but i think it looks closer than the first look i did *LOL*. This time round i even bothered to put on falsies you know...

Anyway, here's a little explanation about the makeup steps, i used mainly the same items i did for my first look *LOL*, but i will mention those different ones that i used.

As usual, start with clean, completely bare face :D (zombie alert...)
It's this time of the month again so i have two tiny little spots under my chin *sigh*, being the little miss paranoid that i am, i would only use Acne preventing/care base during these hormonal times! I wore Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB,  set with the same Essence powder (and the same Clinique and DHC concealers).
Then i applied e.l.f eye primer followed by the golden color in Collection Work the Color Trio (5, Champagne Fizz). I know the inspiration photo's eye shadow is browner (or is it a bit bronze?) but i was in a hurry and just grabbed the closest color i saw...I wanted the eye shadow color to be very neutral and not too bold anyway.
The most important part : BOLD eyeliner with long flick to the side. I do wear this kind of eye make up all the time so i had no problem with it. And please do excuse my crazy brow, i am growing them (because thin brows are so last decade) and plan to get then shaped again in Brow House next month! Oh yeah, i used Maybelline Eyestudio Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Black
Then i color my eyebrow with Face Shop's eyebrow mascara. Put on dramatic, super long falsies (because the inspiration photo also wear very dramatic lashes...) that i bought for IDR 6000 or something in Naughty hehe. Then lined my water line with the black eye shadow from Collection Work the Color Trio (3, Smoke Screen) add Collection Glam Crystal Eye Liner in Glitz underneath for the bling2 effect like the inspiration pic (it's not as bling and the glitter is not as chunky but it's the closest thing i have!)
I actually planned to even wear lower falsies but i was running really late so i have to skip it >.< (i know, i am always running late. Whatevs)
My silly fish face after finishing up the eye makeup :D

Added light blush to put some color on my face. The inspiration seems to be wearing a more neutral (brownish) blush on, but i find that kind of color to be very muddy and makes me look not refreshed >.< so i just wore my usual ZA blush on lightly

End result with light plummy lipstick (i wore a Revlon lipstick dabbed lightly and used as a lip tint). The inspiration's lip color seems to be brownish plummy to me, but i don't really have that kind of color in my collection... Is this a reason for me to lippie-shopping again???
As usual, i add Esprique Shine Face Powder's white part on my nose to create the illusion of a higher nose bridge...
Trying to pull a similar, sombre look like the inspiration pic!
I don't usually like to post two of exactly the same kind of posts back to back (coz i'm OCD, of course) but i have no choice because the MUC ends today (it's passed midnight so it's the 31st already. Last day! If you want to join, this is your last chance!)!

I know i said i don't think i could make another look in time, but i ended up going out for dinner with #Undecided and the hubbies earlier and the nanny's back so i have more time to do nonsense :D... I don't really want to make another post to show you my OOTD, so i'm just going to slip it here :D!

OOTD... Black Butterfly Mini Dress : Online, Bag : Bonia (hand-me-down from my momma), Hot Pink Velvet Jelly Shoes : Debenham (UGH that menstrual bump!)
This black butterfly mini dress is very comfy and pretty, but unfortunately the connecting ruffles at the sides made me look very wide! Zzzz... I'm going to wear an obi to give the dress some shape next time i'm wearing it!
But i still love it anyway...
The dress' even more special because of the brocade detailing on the back (and a little bit on the shoulders at the front)

NOTD (matches my shoes :D!) Ciate Mini in Candy Cane (expect a review in a... slightly distant future LOL, coz i have plenty of other nail polishes to review first!)

And vintage accessories to complete the look. Victorian Rose Ear Studs : Genting, Malaysia. Birdie Necklace : Warna (Jakarta). Snake Patterned Bangle : Naughty. Wooden bracelet : Gunung Kawi. Rings : part of a set (New Look)
If you're Indonesian, it's gotta be a weird week for you. Tuesday and Thursday were public holidays in Indonesia, so we went to school/work once every two days! LOL. And now it's weekend again! So anyway, have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Great Post. Lovely Blog. I am really loving your blog. Its just awesome.

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    1. Next time if you want me to comment back, please just say so. There's no need to call me a cheater, and read group rules carefully NOT all groups are for comment exchange and i very rarely join in such activities. I always comment back nicely if you're being a nice person and leave meaningful comments, but you should know that it's NOT an obligation.

  2. you look super cute... love your hair more !!


  3. Aw wow! You look like a KPop Girl talaga! :D


    1. Awww, thank you! What does talaga means, btw?

  4. The golden yellow shimmer is not too obvious from afar but it definitely adds glamor to the eye makeup overall. :)

    1. Ah yes, i was aiming for a soft eye color, as neutral as possible :D

  5. wow, cat eyes-nya maut banget hahahaa :)
    good luck ya Mindy, thank you udah join

    The Journey

    1. Hahahaha maut yaks... You're welcome Winda :) i had fun doing them