Nail Diary 04 : O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sand in Can't Let Go

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Heylloww Yellowwww, everybody!

How's everybody's Sunday? I went to TP with Oline mainly for a very kiasu reason, to join Kiehl's Wonderful of Giving (i know i know *LOL*) and get a very nice thank you gift hihihihi. Having lots of fun gossiping and a little bit of shopping with Oline :D... I will blog about it on another post (when two bloggers meet... We took narcissistic selfies of course, as well as forcing my hunny to snap some more :p).  

As for now... Yep, it's another nail polish review (but i just realized i posted the last nail polish review a month ago! Felt like just a few weeks ago :p), and yep-another PURPLE nail polish review (i realized that my last entry of the Nail Diary series was of a purple nail polish as well, but at least they came from different brands and with very different effect right! And this one's simply too backdated already, i actually worn it on June zzz, it's time to review it before i completely forgot the details. My review brainstorming note of this polish's long gone, it was on my old Blackberry that disappeared into thin air sometime ago zzzz).

I'm reviewing my second O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sand nail polish, and the last one that i own (check out my review of the shade The Impossible here) : Can't Let Go (props for O.P.I for always being so creative when it comes to naming their shades!).

In case you forgot, i bought two of the mini sized one from this set, splitsies with other customer hehe

Also available in full size, both pictures from Google
In short : I like this one better than the red one!

It's more opaque, denser and prettier-i think! This is the final result, btw!

O.P.I minis are so cute!
When i first applied it, again i was surprised at how wet and un-sand looking it was, of course that's when it wasn't fully dried yet. I can't believe how much i doubted these liquid sand nail polishes, they just looked so different wet and dried!

In comparison to The Impossible, Can't Let Go seems to be more gelly-like in texture (wet). It also has the same silver fine and chunky glitters, but the chunky ones were less obvious probably because it's a lot darker than The Impossible. As always, i used Revlon's Top Speed as a base coat (but no top coat).
This is how it looked like wet one coat

Completely dried
As you can see, it was pretty messy hehehe, the messiness fell off easily after i showered though. You can also see how the bigger chunks of glitter sometimes stuck on the tip of my nail (on the index finger on the picture above). That's quite annoying because they'd definitely fall off soon and makes my manicure looked chipped :(.

It was already opaque and dense (even though a bit messy) with one coat, i just applied the second one out of habit :p.

1 coat of Top Speed, 2 coats of Can't Let Go
This is how it looked like when it's completely dried. I took it at the function hall on Baby Boy's kindergarten's graduation and the lighting was quite yellow, refer to my first image up there for a more accurate color. 

I personally think that the shimmer and glitter blends better with the dark purple base (compared to the hot pink of The Impossible). It dries very quickly, just like all of my other liquid sand polishes.

It somehow looked "wetter" and not as dry looking as The Impossible for me-maybe i am just not a fan of silver glitters on a matte hot pink base? It also chips very easily (before i mused about how liquid sands polishes chips off FTL because of the matte and gritty texture, but i take that back! I since have used another liquid sand polish in Pussy Galore which didn't have chunks of glitters and it stayed perfect for almost a week! So it's definitely the big chunk of glitter's fault!), maybe a teeny tiny bit longer than The Impossible (i think The Impossible contained more bigger glitters than this one)-2 two days or so? But remember, liquid sands are super easy to patch up (but it'll come undone soon as well)! I filled in the chips and wore it again to my cousin's wedding a few days after. 

Like i said before, i liked Can't Let Go better than The Impossible, i found the shade easy to pull, sexy (maybe just because i'm impartial to dark, vampy nails) and pretty! I realized i actually love liquid sands polish that doesn't contain big chunks of glitters (Pussy Galore's my definite favorite out of the three), but this one's not too bad either.

Just like The Impossible, would recommend it for texture polish fans and non-fans alike (who wants to try out textured nail polishes that aren't too crazy or hard to handle and maintain), who like shimmer and glitter (on a matte base) and doesn't mind the sand-y feeling when you touch them. Also idiot proof, it's super easy to put on because it won't show any streakiness/unevenness no matter how hopeless you are when it comes to applying nail polishes (but be informed that you'd have to clean your cuticles afterward, or like me-take a shower once they're fully dried so the paints on your cuticle would peel off!)-and it's easy to fix as well.

Not recommended for people who hates sandy feeling on their nails (OBVIOUSLY, what are you doing with a liquid SAND nail polish anyway???), likes super glossy nails (but then again you can always put on top coats to glossify it-totally defeat the purpose of course. I haven't tried putting on top coats on top of both Mariah Carey's Liquid Sands but i tried on Pussy Galore and i HATED it!) and cannot stand their manicures to chip at the speed of lightning! 

Would i repurchase this? I'd buy more Liquid Sands with no glitters on it! Not really interested in any other shade from Mariah Carey's line though!

That's is for now! Toodles!

Old picture taken when i was using this nails polish

PS : I was actually requested for a review of Etude House's Limited Edition x Disney XOXO Minnie's Minnie in the Nails' glitter nail polishes by Lina, but being the extensively detailed person that i am, doing one polish review takes me more than a week to do (because i really want to test the endurance of the polish involved, and in this case obviously the staying power's pretty amazing because it's more than a week since i applied it and i still can't write the review yet because they haven't really chipped), so i decided to post this drafted one first. The Minnie's will be up soon though, maybe in a couple of days-so stay tuned!

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