Indonesia Beauty Box MUC : Doll Look (with Tutorial)

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Hellowww everybody!

Enjoying your weekend, i bet? Well, i certainly am enjoying mine (PMS anger flashes getting rarer because i'm having lots of fun lately teehee :p)! Anyway, you know how much i love beauty boxes, right? There's actually another *kinda new* beauty box that is now available in the market, it's called Beauty Box Indonesia.

Now, i personally had never subscribed to it yet, but i read wonderful reviews about this box! This box' slightly different than other beauty boxes, for instant : it has 7 different type of boxes, starting from IDR 150.000 up to IDR 800.000 and if i'm not mistaken, every box will have full sized items (the more expensive the box you subscribed to, the more full sized products you can expect, and from higher end brands as well) so it's very good value for money! Here's the list of box types they have :
It also carries nice brands like Etude House, i actually saw a review from one of their subscriber, her November Limited Box contained 6 (!!!) full sized items from Etude House (including CC Cream!!!) and two sheet masks! All for IDR 350.000, which you'll never get if you buy all of the products inside individually! I'd say you'd have to pay at least double of their box price. Amazing right???

Right now Indonesia Beauty Box' having both a Give Away and Make Up Challenge (which i scrambled to do today because i misread the deadline, i thought it's on 15th December-which is today *i feel like it's tomorrow because even though it's now passed midnight i haven't slept yet, so for me the day has not ended yet :p*, but actually it's on the 15th of JANUARY T.T stupid me. I could've time to do it more carefully, but alas... I think the result's quite acceptable :p. You know i don't really join MUC with prizes at stakes (because i have very low confidence in my make up technique), but since Indonesia Beauty Box' MUC theme's so close to my heart (Doll Look), i decided to join it for fun! Here's the result!
Hehe, of course i'd always associate Doll Look with pink :P, but at least i wasn't decked head to toe in pink for once! And what's an MUC without a proper tutorial, right??? Let's do it!!!

Use your foundie/BB Cream of choice (i'm using Skin Food Lemon Foundation because i am trying to finish it up ASAP zzz) and set it with your powder of choice (using Essence Mattifying Compact Powder, which i quite love. Review sometime in the future okay hehe)
Also under eye concealer if you have panda eyes like me (mine's the usual Clinique All About Eyes that also never run out, it feels like i've been using it forever zzzz)

I forgot to take picture but i used my usual e.l.f eye primer followed by a shimmery peachy eyeshadow as base color all over my lid. I actually applied the primer only halfway under my brow bone but applied the eyeshadow until brow bone, the primer and primer-less parts actually created a gradual two tone color :D

Then i used a matte Barbie pink eye shadow on my lids, starting from the center to the outer V of my eyes. Only used the leftover shadow on my brush on the inner lid so it gradually became softer

Then i used shimmery pale pink on the middle of the lid, spreading it lightly

Followed by a glittery pearly white pigment in the middle of the eyes, blend it softly
VIP (Very Important Poin, LOL) : Eye liner! I always extend my liner as far as i'm comfortable with, and as usual, draw it downwards for a dolly eyes! And be generous with the eye liner, thin, natural eyeliner will not result in kawaii, dolly look!
Then i suddenly felt like i need more definition to my double eyelids (which tends to disappear on pictures when i open my eyes as wide as possible, which is a must for taking pictures!!!) so i put on dark purple eyeshadow on my crease

Falsies are a must for doll look! I curled and put on mascara first before putting on my falsies (using my Koji falsies in 08 again that i've used once on my birthday dinner). Again i managed to mess up putting on falsies, i even managed to glue my own lashes so when i tried to remove it later (i remove it by pressing cotton pads soaked with eye make up remover for a few seconds until the glue dissolve, not by plucking it off!), a few of my own lashes were took off. HUHUHUHU! I don't have enough to begin with! Going to ease up on falsies *but i really need to practice more! Such a dilemma zzzz* for a while now, i don't want to be eyelashes-less!

Because of my sucky application, my eyes were heavy and itchy the whole time i wore it :(. I know it wasn't the lashes because it was really light and comfortable when i used it on my birthday dinner! I am convinced i will never master falsies application!
Finished off the eye make up with the same pale shimmery baby pink eye shadow i mentioned on step 4 under my eyes, lined half of my outer waterline with black eyeliner and the other inner half with pearly white one. Also draw in my inner V with the same white eyeliner for bigger eyes effect. Followed by soft baby pink blush on (a must for dolly look!) for my cheeks

Then i used a Barbie pink color on my lips, i used Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 015 Cherish Devotion. The close up picture of my lips was taken 2.5 hours after application with no lip balm underneath. I find it a bit hard for the color to show up if i wear it on top of a lip balm, but i should've slicked some lip moisturizer on top because it kinda looked dry hehehe
Ta-dahhh! What do you think? Dolly or not?

I was so worried that the eye make up didn't show because of my bangs, so after we got home i pinned my fringe *it's getting long again zzz* up and took more pictures.

How about this? Can see the eye make up better, right?
 But of course i didn't pin my fringe like that when we went to the mall earlier in the evening hehehe. I wore the faux pearl headband with the cute tiny pink strawberry, which i think totally appropriate for the dolly theme.
Pearl and Strawberry headband : Warna (Jakarta)
And the arm swag hehehe
The dress that i wore
Of course, i have to cover my huge arms up hehehe. Cotton Tribal Inspired Sun Dress : random FO in P. Atum, Pink Cardigan : bought from LL
Sorry for inconsistent pictures hahahah, i forgot to snap one with my BOTD (Bag of the Day, dunno if there's such thing or not hahaha) before :P. A hand-me-down Toscano bag from my momma
And that's it! I hope it's Doll enough? Come and join this MUC, there're apparently still loads of time *LOL*. Drop me a link if you decided to join, i want to see your version of Doll Look :D!


PS : Shout out to Shasha and LL who are celebrating their birthdays today *or yesterday, the 14th la!*! One is finally in her mid 20s and the other almost in her mid 30s, both gorgeous as ever! Wish you both a wonderful birthday!!! Love ya bothhh!

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  1. your eyeliner is so smooth!!gurlll you're a pro! :D

    1. Awww, you flattered me, gurl! Hahaha. Thank u!

  2. Cuteee banget cee <3 naksir bandonya juga *lho* semoga menang MUC nya~
    thank you for the shout-out *and also the gift <3*

    1. Thank u Shashaaa hehehe... Errr, aq ga berharap menang sih kyknya krg maximal hahahah but thank uuu... And you're very welcome *hug*!